February 2020

How to indent in Word – The ultimate guide

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Indentation in Word refers to adding extra spaces between one or more lines of text and the left or right margins. In most cases, you use indentation for automatically indenting the first line of paragraphs, indenting quotes, and setting up hanging indents for list text. [...]

How to do hanging indent in Word – Second Line Indent

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What is a hanging indent in Word? A hanging indent, also known as second-line indent, is when all the lines in a paragraph are indented except for the first line. Hanging indents are normally used for numbered and bulleted lists, where the numbers or bullets [...]

How to Insert a Header Only on First Page in Word

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When you insert a header in Microsoft Word on one page, by default, the header you inserted will apply to all the pages in that document. This makes sense when you are adding page numbers, document titles or dates. However, there are instances where you [...]