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Add or Remove dots in Table of Content in Word

Do you want to add or remove the leading dots in your Table of Content in Word?

When you generate a TOC in word, there always are leading dots (AKA dots or dotted lines) between the end of the entry text and the page numbers.

These dotted lines are default and will always appear when you generate TOC in word without any settings to exclude it.

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To remove these leading dots:

  • Highlight the entire Table of content starting from the first entry to the last.
Highlight Table of content
  • Right-click in the selection and select Paragraph from the shortcut menu.
Remove leading dots in Table of Contnet in Word
  • Click Tabs at the bottom of the Paragraph dialog that appears.
Remove leading dots in Table of Contnet in Word

This will display the Tabs dialog where you can choose to remove the dots from the table of content.

  • Alternatively, double-click the Right tab stop at the right paragraph margin to display the Tabs window.

At times, double-clicking the Right tab may show a different dialog (the Page Setup Dialog) instead of the Tabs dialog. If that happens, it means you missed the target. In that case, you should close the Page Setup dialog and try again.

Tabs dialog
  • Under the “Leader” section near the button of the dialog, click to select option 1 None then press OK.
Select None

After successfully performing this step, all the leading dots (or dotted lines) should disappear from the Table of Content.

If you want to add these dots to your table of content, just follow the same steps above and click on the type of leading dots you like to apply it to your ToC.

NOTE: To display the leading dots (or Dotted lines) again, just follow the same procedure above and when you reach the last step, select option two. You can also change the style of leading dots you like by considering option 3 or 4.


These is the easiest way to add and remove leading dots from Table of Content in Microsoft Word.

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