• Merge tables in word

How to merge tables in word

In my previous post, I explained how to split a table into multiple tables. In this lesson you’ll learn how to merge tables in word. Without further ado, below are [...]

  • How to split a table in word

How to split a table in word

You can split a table in word into two or more tables. The reason might be to have smaller tables or to add some text between two or more tables. [...]

  • How to Edit Table of Content in Word

How to edit Table of Contents in word

Here’s the situation: You’ve spent hours working on this project. Finally, you’ve finished compiling your project in a Microsoft Word document. You realized that the document was too long not [...]

  • Excel Rows to Columns transpose

Excel rows to columns: How to Transpose

What is Transpose in Excel? Transpose is a special pasting option that changes Excel rows to columns and vice versa. In other words, it inverts the copied range before pasting [...]

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