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How to Avoid Plagiarism with the Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool?

If paraphrasing is your regular thing, then you may have been aware of the AI-backed paraphrasing tool called Quillbot that helps users avoid plagiarism in no time.

It can manifest your content in a way that it can easily pass as an original creation.

However, to achieve the desired authenticity, you may have to do some manual edits and look for loopholes as closely as possible.

This guide will help you with the burning question on your mind – Does Quillbot avoid plagiarism, and how?

We see Quillbot as a full-sentence thesaurus that can help you write faster without hitting mind blocks. It assists you in paraphrasing synonym terms.

Sometimes the synonym term does not match the context, leaving readers puzzled. The ideal method is to review after Quillbot’s paraphrase; your opinion must be consistent.

Before we get into the details, check the link below to create a Quillbot Account for free.

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Does Quillbot Avoid Plagiarism?

Here’s one thing you should know about Quillbot (as emphasized by Quillbot creators) – the tool was not designed to dodge plagiarism.

If you go to the FAQ page of Quillbot, you will see how openly the creators vow not to promote plagiarism. Even on forums like Reddit, you will find Quillbot developers answering questions regarding plagiarism and the AI tool. 

how to avoid plagiarism with quillbot

But, as much as the creators diss the idea of plagiarism, Quillbot does help writers in paraphrasing the original content. And with some extra work and a clear mindset about content and grammar rules, writers can make Quillbot work for them seamlessly. 

To avoid plagiarism with Quillbot, you should always revise your content and making some manual edits. Alongside that, always have in mind the importance of citations.

An adequately cited content can go a long way, and it will also help to avoid plagiarism. You should always link back to the source and credit them clearly to add value to your content. 

For tools like Copyscape and Turnitin, plagiarism percentage looks different.

There are mixed opinions over what level of plagiarism percentage is okay, but with Copyscape, anything above 10% copied score is not okay to be taken live. Colleges usually use Turnitin to grade student submissions. Copy percentage over 25% is flagged red. 

Back to the primary question – does Quillbot avoids plagiarism?

To some extent. But if you do not manually edit and revise the rewritten text, your content will set off the plagiarism detector software. Proceed with caution! 

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How to reword to avoid plagiarism

Even if you use Quillbot as a paraphrasing tool, there are still steps you must follow while rewording a text.

However, if you use Quillbot to rewrite a sentence, please do not assume it is plagiarism-free. You will have to revise and modify a few sections.

Here are some methods you can apply to paraphrase a sentence using Quillbot. We suggest you treat these steps as your rite of passage to creating original content. 

  • Want to pass a plagiarism test? Change your content’s sentence structure and modify some parts of the speech. 
  • Varying your sentences from active to passive or passive to active can help 
  • Prefer using synonyms for words that are not ordinary. 
  • Use clauses 
  • Phrases and clauses are essential for sentences. Tweak them to avoid plagiarism 

All the points mentioned above can help you in steering clear of plagiarism issues. They can help you create quality content that does not look like it is copied from single or multiple sources. 

5 ways to create quality and plagiarism-free content with Quillbot 

Other than the quick checkpoints, we suggest some more methods that can come in handy for you. We will show you 7 ways to avoid plagiarism with Quillbot. 

  1. Keep it short and simple. 

Long sentences make it difficult for readers to comprehend.

The best way to keep your content effective and plagiarism-free are by simplifying it and using short sentences. 

  1. Enhance your vocabulary

Now, this is where Quillbot can help you the most. You can easily make your content look different from the copied source if you use better synonyms for the words that are not generic. 

In Quillbot, you can click on a single word and get a drop-down list of synonyms. There is also a slider on top of the Quillbot text box that can help you adjust the synonym level (low to high). The highest level is for the paid users. 

  1. Discover semantic keywords and don’t leave quotes intact

With the Quillbot tool, you can get the semantic keywords helpful in writing different words and phrases.

To make your content plagiarism-free, you can’t just leave out quotes.

There is no hard and fast rule on paraphrasing quotes as long as you deliver the same meaning. You can modify the language while maintaining the context.

  1. Practice manual paraphrasing

Using an AI tool to paraphrase a statement does not deliver error-free output. The tool will make some mistakes, and you can use alternatives to correct them.

However, be mindful of the synonyms because not all of them will deliver the same context as intended in the original text. Try using manual paraphrasing to improve your statement.

  1. Pay heed to translations 

Poor paraphrasing gets exposed to poor translations. It often shows up in the form of unusual word ordering and strange use of synonyms.

Constructing sentences with a paraphrasing tool will undoubtedly assist you in bringing the sentence structure, and word strings fall in line with the native language. 

How to reword your sentence using Quillbot

You might be wondering how to leverage Quillbot to rephrase or reword your sentence to avoid plagiarism. You can, however, use the Quillbot tool as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are some guidelines to help you get started with Quillbot:

How to reword your writing using QuillBot
  1. Open Quillbot website. Or install the browser/MS Word extension.
  1. You will notice an empty bar where you may paste your content. Paste your source content in the blank field and click on the “paraphrase” button
  1. Wait till you get the paraphrased content in the bar on the right side. 
  1. You can make some more adjustments in the paraphrased version by adjusting the synonym level from the slider option above the blank fields
  1. If you’re a free member, you can try paraphrasing using two modes – standard and fluency. Click on each mode and paraphrase to see which version suits you the best.
  1. Paid members get to use all the modes, including standard, fluency, creative, creative+, formal, shorten, and expand. These modes can deliver more professional paraphrasing
  1. Try different modes and tweak your content to get the best output that stands free from plagiarism

More QuillBot Modes allows Flexibility

QuillBot is simple and highly customizable. The tool enables you to rephrase the content in seven distinct modes, each of which produces a different version of your text, giving you the flexibility to create original content:

  • Standard mode: It is the regular rephrasing mode. It paraphrases only a few words from the original text. The context broadly remains the same. 
  • Fluency mode: With this mode, QuillBot improves the fluency of the context and paraphrases it more broadly. In the course, it also fixes grammatical errors. 
  • Creative mode: This mode is only available for the paid members. It rewrites the entire text with clear expressions that keep the context the same without plagiarizing the original source. Although it aims at producing unique content, we can’t vouch for accuracy. 
  • Creative+ mode: It is similar to the creative mode but changes higher sections of the original content and attempts to paraphrase it with more creativity. 
  • Formal mode: This mode is for those who want to paraphrase their content in a more formal tone. It rewrites most ordinary parts and turns it into a professionally written piece.
  • Shorten mode: This summarizes your sentences and turns them shorter that fetches a higher readability score. 
  • Expand mode: This mode elaborates your content and breaks down a few words into explanatory phrases to grow the word count. 

Except for the standard, fluency, and creative modes, the rest are limited to paid members.  


Quillbot is capable of defeating any plagiarism detection software, including Turnitin. It paraphrases content word for word and creates almost original content. 

As a result, plagiarism detector software like Turnitin cannot identify paraphrasing from Quillbot. But it will identify paraphrasing if Quillbot paraphrases numerous articles from a single online source.

As effective as the platform tries to be, we strongly suggest proofreading your work to make it appear more genuine; otherwise, your content may come under suspicion.  

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