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12 Best AI Content Generator & Writing Software (Free & Paid)

An AI content generator can help you speed up your content creation process.

In this era of the world wide web, content is king.

Every internet user consumes it, and for every website, the importance of written content cannot be discounted.

If you own a website, blog, or manage a social media page that needs regular content, you need to find the easiest ways to create the best content.

Written content is an essential part of your online presence and search engine ranking; so, getting it right is the most important aspect of your content management.

While writing content comes naturally to many people, it is not the same for others.

As we all know, the best content writing is the one done by the human mind based on research and the natural stringing of words.

However, getting high-quality human writing costs a lot of time and money, and this has necessitated some useful shortcuts based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), articles can be written more quickly without going through the hassle of writing from scratch.

With an AI content generator, you get everything done faster, so you have enough time to do other things.

To that effect, there are many AI article generators available today for website owners, content managers, and creators to use.

We know you can easily get inundated with the search for the right one; thus, we have curated a list with all the important information you should have.

Our Recommended AI Content Generator Software

Today, there are a plethora of tools for creating AI-generated content, both free and paid. It’s difficult to separate the good from the bad when there are so many of them.

Before we go on and on with the list, here are our top picks for the best Artificial Intelligence Content Generators.


  • Best for creating high-converting copies for blogs, emails, and social media posts and ads. This tool is available in a lot of tones & in different languages.


  • Best for creating long-form blog posts and social media or marketing copies. This tool has been rated 5/5 stars in 1,000+ reviews.

Most AI content generators struggle to come up with human-readable content.

However, the above tools operate in an intelligent way using their advanced AI technology.

  • First, they collect data from CRM, surveys, social media results, the behaviour of website visitors, and more advanced and quality sources all around the web.
  • Second, they analyse and interprets all the data for important trends and patterns.
  • Finally, using the trends and patterns, they come up with the most valuable information for your target audience.

For best results, use one of these tools, both of which come with free trials.

List of the Best AI Content Generators

We’ve already given our top tools when it comes to generating AI content.

We recomend Rytr (which is super affordable and produces quality content at the same time), or Jarvis (which is very expensive but is worth the money).

However, before we dive deep into each tool and its features, the table below summarizes all the tools and their pricing links.



Check Price


Check Price


Check Price

Article Forge

Check Price


Check Price

AI Writer

Check Price


Check Price


Check Price

Now, check out our roundup of the best AI content generators or writing software (free & paid).

1. Rytr AI Content Generator

Rytr AI Content Generator Tool

Rytr is a suitable AI content writing software for all types of content. It is a free article writing and content generator software that produces text at a human-quality level.

This tool is great for writing various types of content ranging from captions to full blog posts, product descriptions, emails, etc. If you cannot create any of these content types by yourself, Rytr is the perfect software to use. Its core value offerings are speed and affordability.

Rytr uses Artificial Intelligence in GPT-3 technology, developed by OpenAI, which comes with features like deep learning and multiple language models to automate the writing process. It also connects with multiple online databases to provide text prediction to make texts flow better.

Features of Rytr

  1. Rytr features 23 use cases for which it produces text for users. Depending on the option you choose, each use case produces fitting texts. Some of those use cases include blog ideas, Facebook ads, Landing page descriptions, etc.
  2. It features text editing use cases that include Append, Expand, Reword or Shorten text. For example, the Expand tool helps you elaborate your text from a phrase or sentence to create a paragraph.
  3. It features writing tones to suit various audiences. Rytr can be used to create casual, humorous, enthusiastic, or formal articles.
  4. It supports 15 languages which include Chinese, Dutch, English, French and a host of others.
  5. It produces content in three variations, all well-written and plagiarism—free.

Pros of Rytr

  • It is used to generate high-quality plagiarism-free content.
  • It has a lot of use cases.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • It is straightforward to use.
  • It is set to have SEO features soon.

Cons of Rytr

  • The free version of the software only produces 700 to 1,000 words a month.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr is a free content generator, but its free version offers only 5,000 credits which allow only 5,000 characters monthly. However, if you change your plan to the premium version, you get to enjoy unlimited texts, no matter how long your texts are.

  • Free Plan: $0
  • Premium Plan: $29 per month or $290 per year with two free months.
Rytr AI content Generator Tool Pricing

Rytr Premium offers unlimited characters, 30+ use cases, 30+ languages, 20+ tones access to the premium community, and a dedicated account manager.

2. Jarvis AI Content Generator

Jarvis is an AI content writing software that transforms text into unique, near-human personalized text.

The tool can be used to write articles, blog posts, or poems, and it promises unique automatic content that fits your writing style.

With the tool’s “Jarvis Command” feature, you simply have to start typing, and it will complete your sentences for you.

Writing with Jarvis is completely automated, and it ensures your articles have proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.

Features of Jarvis

  1. Lookup feature to identify key elements of your text such as places, people’s names, verbs, adjectives, etc.
  2. Find/Replace feature to search for specific words in your text using some general keywords.
  3. It comes with the punctuation feature that helps add symbols like periods, commas, exclamation marks, etc., to ensure your content has everything it needs to read smoothly.
  4. It features more than 11,000 free fonts and 2,500 writing style categories. The fonts also come in different text colors.

Jarvis Pricing

  • Starter Plan: $29/month for 20,000 words
  • Pro Plan: $109/month for unlimited words
  • Boss Plan: $119/month for unlimited words

Pros of Jarvis

  • Jarvis produces highly diverse and quality content.
  • The developers are accessible and responsive to users’ requests.
  • Jarvis is easy to use. It also offers tutorial videos to guide users.

Cons of Jarvis

  • Inability to roll over unused words into the next month.
  • It provides confusing and unrelated words in written content sometimes.
  • It shows unrelated information sometimes.

3. Writesonic AI Content Generator

Writesonic is formerly known as MagicFLow, and it has gained popularity with well-known companies and startups for generating marketing copies.

The tool uses the GPT-3 language model in its proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform that churns out good quality content for websites.

Writesonic operates from London and is registered as a business in England and Wales.

It focuses on creating outputs that appeal to audiences, and one of its most popular uses is in the generation of blog articles.

It also helps users come up with titles and bodies for ads, ideas for blogs, content for landing pages, and killer one-liners that convert into instant sales.

Writesonic analyses and matches patterns from what you input to create unique and interesting results.

It creates content with your audience type in mind; so, you are left with a copy that keeps your audience engaged and that they easily connect with and understand.

This tool is also a great Facebook ad generator that produces hundreds of Facebook Ads after one click.

Features of Writersonic

  • It can produce a diverse range of copies ranging from e-commerce, blog/article copy, digital and ads copy. It is suitable for bloggers, business owners or media marketers.
  • IT generates copies within seconds once you choose the template you want and you provide a short description.
  • It features other tools like product name generation, YouTube titles, startup ideas, growth ideas, analogies and keyword extractor.
  • It supports multiple languages, such as Dutch, English, German, Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Polish.

Writersonic Pricing

  • Writersonic comes with a free trial that gives users ten (10) free credits to generate product descriptions, ad copies, landing pages and others.
  • Starter Plan: $11.60 per month
  • 75 credits and basic features for ad copies, article summaries, product descriptions and landing pages. You also get extra 75 credits for advanced features for intros and blog outlines.
  • Professional Plan: $39 per month
  • Unlimited credits for basic features and an extra 150 credits for advanced features.
  • Business Plan: $199.60 per month
  • Up to 1200 credits for all basic features.
writesonic AI content Generator Tool Pricing

Pros of Writersonic

  1. It comes with five variations of your generated or rewritten content.
  2. It generates a relatively better-written text than other tools.

Cons of Writersonic

  1. It often requires additional editing.


Writersonic charges one credit for a Google ad or blog intro. A full blog post costs between one and seven credits, depending on how many sections the article contains.

4. Article Forge AI Content Generation Tool

Article Forge is another Artificial Intelligence-based tool that is used to create articles with a near-human-written quality.

It generates new content around your desired keywords to achieve better search engine rankings.

With its AI capability, it carries out research about your keyword, sources for related articles and creates a new article that is SEO-friendly and plagiarism-free.

Article Forge makes life easier with its scheduling feature that posts your content automatically to WordPress.

It automates your SEO functions and integrates seamlessly with other tools that allow you to run your website and content management on autopilot.

You can also generate bulk content if you have multiple articles about the same keywords that you would like to create as quickly as possible.

It also makes your articles stand out and more visually appealing by adding links, titles, and high-quality visuals.

Features of Article Forge

  • Article Forge supports seven languages, including English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Article Forge integrates seamlessly with third-party applications such as WordAI, SEO Pilot, RankerX, SEnuke, CyberSEO and many others.
  • It combines artificial intelligence and natural processing language to generate content.
  • It generates headlines, photos, videos, and relevant links to spice up your article. It also uses some LSI keywords to make your content valuable and fascinating to search engines.

Pros of Article Forge

  1. The articles produced with the tool come with images, videos and external links.
  2. It comes with a trial option.
  3. It can schedule articles and publish them on WordPress sites.
  4. It can create an unlimited number of articles.
  5. Article Forge is simple and straightforward to use. It also integrates seamlessly with WordAI.

Cons of Article Forge

  1. Article Forge allows only 750 words maximum.
  2. It generates overgeneralized and sometimes unrelated content.

Article Forge Pricing

  • Monthly Plan: $57 per month billed annually
  • Yearly Plan: $27 per month, billed annually
Article Forge AI content Generator Tool Pricing

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5. Kafkai AI Content Creation Software

Kafkai is one of the best AI-based content generation software that has been trained in up to 18 different niches to automatically generate high-quality articles for your blog or website.

This tool is designed for bulk content production. Unlike Jarvis, it’s not the kind of tool you can use for long-form blog posts. It’s best used to create a great number of supportive content you need to rank your best content in search engines.

Features of Kafkai

  • Kafkai is very good at bulk content production.
  • It produces articles fast.
  • This tool has one of the best user interfaces in the market.
  • Kafkai has a WordPress plugin to enable you generate and publish content easily on WordPress.
  • With AI, it has trained the tool to write content in up to 18 different niches.

Kafkai pricing

Kafkai offers up to four different subscription plans as follows:

PlansPriceMonthly Articles
Printing Press$129/month1000
Industrial Printer$199/month2500

All plans come with a 3-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Kafkai AI content Generator Tool Pricing

Pros of Kafkai

  • It can produce bulk content at the same time.
  • Kafkai is very fast.
  • Its ability to write in so many different niches is great.

Cons of Kafkai

  • The quality of content this tool produces is lacking a lot.

6. AI Writer Content Generator

AI Writer is one of the best raw marketing content generations, and its best use is for creating unique content that you can quickly use for a variety of purposes.

The tool can create articles from scratch or rewrite existing content.

One key feature of AI Writer is the auto writer tool that only requires a headline or a set of keywords to create a highly informative article.

It is an effective AI content generator for SEO-geared websites or blogs.

If you want to rewrite the article the software wrote for you, AI Writer can reproduce a single article into multiple articles by rewording and the same information in other ways.

The tool also offers the option to automate things with its API that allows you to set up your own automated article writing software.

AI Writer’s text generating ability can be used to set up auto-blogging projects quickly and easily.

AI Writer exports seamlessly to WordPress and Medium and can synchronize through Dropbox and iCloud.

It also has inbuilt tools to bolden and italicize texts and also informs you about the time it will take to read your content.

Features of AI Writer

  1. Automatically writes content from scratch based on headlines or keywords.
  2. Rewords or rewrites content effectively to achieve uniqueness of over 95%.
  3. It features an API for auto-blogging.

Pros of AI Writer

  • It comes with an auto-blogging feature
  • It is simple to use.

Cons of AI Writer

  • Readability is a little poor as you have to read rewritten content through and edit it.

AI Writer Pricing

  • Basic Plan: $29 per month for up to 40 articles per month
  • Standard Plan: $59 per month for up to 150 articles per month
  • Custom Plan: Users should contact the company.
  • Yearly subscriptions come with two free months.
AI-Writer AI content Generator Tool Pricing

7. Articoolo AI Article Generator Tool

Articoolo is one of the new AI content writing software making the rounds and gradually building a reputation in the content writing world.

It is one of the fastest, easiest to use, and cheapest content generator tools.

It operates by picking up the most suitable information from the database, extracts keywords, and finds related content to create new text content.

It also rewrites existing articles and checks their readability, all within a minute, to produce a unique output.

The tool is useful for a host of content writing activities ranging from article rewriting, essay writing, article summarization, introductory paragraph creation, and image searches.

It features an assistant named “Essaybuddy,” which essentially creates an essay from only your essay topic.

Articoolo has an algorithm that analyses the essay topic and pulls related resources to extract interesting and relevant ideas for your essay.

Features of Articoolo

  1. It can create articles from scratch within minutes and also write an engaging description from only two to five words.
  2. Rewrite feature to reword existing content into a brand-new original article.
  3. It features a title generator to help generate titles for articles.
  4. It has an image and quotes search feature.
  5. It features a WordPress plugin to help you create content for your blog.

Pros of Articoolo

  • Articoolo creates near-human-written articles within minutes.
  • The pricing plans are affordable.
  • It supports multiple languages.

Cons of Articoolo

  • The software needs some improvement.
  • It is a comparatively new tool that many people do not trust yet.

Articoolo Pricing Plans

Pay-Per-Use Plan – Fixed Plans, No Time Limit

  • 10 Articles: $19
  • 50 Articles: $75
  • 100 Articles: $99

Subscribe and Save Plan

  • 30 Articles/month: $29
  • 100 Articles/month: $49
  • 250 Articles/month: $99
Articoolo AI content Generator Tool Pricing

8. GrowthBar AI Content Generator

GrowthBar is well-known to be an article outline generator. It is useful for creating outlines for articles and blog posts while offering SEO tools and features like keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, etc.

To get the best out of GrowthBar, you have to enter a relevant keyword, after which the software will suggest the things to write to you so you can rank higher.

GrowthBar does not only give you an outline of what to write; it also helps you keep up with relevant SEO rules and monitoring the ranking after the article is published.

Features of GrowthBar

  • GrowthBAr uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology to ensure that all the texts the software generates are close to human-written. The goal is to create content that readers will find difficult to know was written by an AI content generator tool.
  • It features an intelligent AI machine that requires minimal effort from you. You simply need to add a relevant keyword to generate an outline.
  • It comes with SEO features like keyword research, competitor analysis, rank monitoring, keyword analysis and many more.
  • It features browser support through its Google Chrome extension.

Pros of GrowthBar

  • GrowthBar is easy to use, with an affordable entry-level plan.
  • It offers all the important data you need to execute an effective SEO campaign.
  • It has a Chrome extension to give you access to SEO data on the go.
  • It offers a 5-day free trial.
  • Unlimited keyword research and domain queries.

Cons of GrowthBar

  • It is more suited for basic SEO projects.
  • Keyword difficulty is not displayed in the keyword suggestions list.
  • Its backlink monitoring feature is basic.
  • The Pro and Agency pricing plans are a bit expensive.

GrowthBar Pricing

As a new user, GrowthBar welcomes you with a 5-day free trial period which gives you full access to the software with only a few restrictions.

After the free trial, you can then subscribe to any of its premium plans highlighted below;

  • Standard Plan: $29/month billed annually for 5 AI-created content outlines.
  • Pro Plan: $79/month billed annually for 20 AI-created content outlines.
  • Agency Pla: $129/month billed annually for 50 AI-created content outlines.
Growthbar AI content Generator Tool Pricing

9. WordAI Article Rewriter

WordAI is basically a content spinning tool that creates new content by rewriting the original article and changing the words.

The goal of using WordAI is to achieve uniqueness and beat plagiarism; so, for every article that passes through WordAI, it retains the meaning, but the wordings and sentence makeup are changed.

While WordAI replaces the words in each sentence, it retains the meaning, and it does this by understanding what each word means and stands for, and its relationship with the next word.

The tool reads the entire article and spins it according to how it understands the article.

WordAI attempts to create an article that reads as human-written as possible. It also generates captivating titles for the produced articles.

WordAI is a web-based AI content generation tool and has API integration capacity that allows you to access the tool whenever and on any device.

Another great feature of WordAI is the bulk spinning that allows you to spin multiple articles at once. Simply upload the articles in a zipped file, and it will send you the spun articles in another zip file.

In the process of spinning with Word AI, right after clicking on the spin button, you will get a Spintax that you can edit per word.

If any word needs to be changed, simply click on the word to see all the suggested synonyms and select the one you think is most appropriate.

Word AI Article Rewriter

Features of WordAI

  1. Bulk spinning, which allows you to spin content in bulk at a time.
  2. Multi-language support – English, French, Italian and Spanish.
  3. It integrates tenses perfectly and enables you to correct spelling and grammar errors in your text.
  4. It can be connected directly to CopyScape to ensure the uniqueness of your content.
  5. It reorders lists in your content to make it unique.

Pros of WordAi

  • It is user-friendly and is accessible from any device.
  • It offers a free trial.
  • It allows third-party installation.

Cons of WordAi

  • It is a little bit expensive.
  • It has a monthly word limit.

WordAI Pricing

  • Standard Plan: $20
  • Turing Plan: $347 yearly at $49.95 per month

10. WordTune Rewriter

WordTune is an AI content writing software that understands the context of a written article and uses it to rephrase the article.

Created by AI21 Labs, WordTune makes use of multiple language models to rephrase sentences.

The tool makes content more engaging, compelling, and more readable thanks to its in-built advanced neural-net-based NLP technology combined with standard Artificial Intelligence.

Features of WordTune

  1. WordTune is a cloud-based tool that gives you untethered access anytime and anywhere.
  2. It has a smart paste feature.
  3. It can be used with all email clients and editors.
  4. It offers thesaurus-based real-time suggestions.
  5. It features a multi-language word finder.
  6. It integrates seamlessly with social media platforms and various business tools.

Pros of WordTune

  • It is a perfect tool for rephrasing and rewording written content.
  • It has a vast vocabulary to make content readable.
  • It helps ensure a consistent tone in every written content.

Cons of WordTune

  • WordTune lacks some features.
  • It could use a few technical upgrades.
  • The user interface is not so friendly.

WordTune Pricing

  • Free Plan: Zero cost.
  • Premium Plan: $9.99/month Billed as $119.88/year
  • Premium Plan for Teams  Custom Pricing

11. Text Blaze

Some writing tasks are repetitive and monotonous for anyone to want to do every now and then.

Text Blaze is a tool that helps reduce the monotony of typing by helping users handle repetitive tasks.

With this writing tool, you can quickly create easy and quick text snippets that can be used anywhere, such as social media posts or website landing pages.

It also comes with numerous keyboard shortcuts to make the process easier for you.

Text Blaze in-app snippets allow you to streamline inter and intra-team collaboration and communication.

This is one of the reasons many users prefer to use Text Blaze, as it saves time and creates quality text output. Text Blaze is known for being easy to get started with and saving users’ time.

Features of Text Blaze

  1. It is available for Google Chrome browser, as well as ChromeOS devices.
  2. Text Blaze features customizable templates.
  3. It features quick keyboard shortcuts.
  4. It is available on many popular web applications.
  5. It features collaboration tools that make sharing and communication easier.
  6. It features dynamic formulas for business logic implementation.

Pros of Text Blaze

  • Text Blaze is available on any device that allows Google Chrome.
  • It is easy and simple to set up.

Cons of Text Blaze

  • It may not be the best for long-form content.

Text Blaze Pricing

The pricing plans for Text Blaze have been made quite affordable, with users having multiple choices. It has a basic free plan that works with the Chrome browser immediately after the extension is downloaded. However, the free plan has limited creation and sharing options, so professionals and teams must upgrade to the premium plans.

  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Pro Plan: $2.99 per month
  • Business Plan: $6.99 per user per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom price.
Text blaze pricing

12. Anyword

Anyword is the best tool for copywriters, and it has been used and trusted by many notable organizations like the NBA, New York Times, Red Bull, etc.

Anyword prevents content creators from having unnatural and awkward final texts.

Features of Anyword

  1. It provides high-quality content spanning multiple categories like ads, blogs, email, editorial promotion, landing pages and SMS.
  2. It features multiple tones ranging from formal to playful, confident and other modes depending on the content you want to write, although these are available for only pro users.
  3. It features the keyword adder that saves you the stress and work of manually adding keywords to your content.
  4. It generates bulk texts so you can choose the one that fits your needs best.
  5. It features a score histogram.

Pros of Anyword

  • Anyword is easy to use.
  • It comes with advanced AI language for effective content writing.
  • Anyword can be used to create all types of written content for a variety of purposes.
  • It creates high-quality copies and call-to-actions.
  • The free trial option does not require entering credit card details.
  • It generates content using provided keywords.

Cons of Anyword

  • Additional features cost significantly more.
  • The tool supports only the English language for now.

Anyword Pricing

Anyword comes with a 7-day free trial that allows you to enjoy all its premium features. It does not ask for your credit card information, and should you decide to pay for any of them, there are three pricing plans.

  • Starter: $19 per month
  • Pro: Custom pricing
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing
Anyword pricing

Choosing the Best AI Content Generator or Writing Software

Content creation, especially writing is one of the biggest challenges many businesses face today, even for content creation companies.

Writing can get expensive if an organization or firm has to hire a professional human writer, and these days, writing has evolved beyond stringing words together.

Right in the middle of making written pieces compelling are SEO techniques that can raise the price of the written piece.

This has necessitated creating tools and software to make writing possible, easier, faster, and more efficient.

Many software developers and companies have attempted to create solutions to make writing better, but they were met with tools that produced content that was not readable. In recent times, artificial intelligence has come in handy, and new tools have been created to focus on both volume and the quality of writing.

So, if you choose to sacrifice hiring a professional and skilled human writer, you might want to make sure you choose a content writing software tool that will deliver quality content and nothing less. Some of these tools have been put together in no particular order, and we expect you to take a look at them, their features, pricing, advantages, and disadvantages. Any of them will work for you, but you will eventually have to stick to the one that serves you best.

However, if you still don’t know which one of them to pick, we recommend you go for either Rytr or Jarvis for the best results.

Tips for Using AI Content Generator Tools (The Right Way)

Even though AI Content Generator software is now smarter than ever, you still should never use them unsupervised.

AI-generated content needs to be finetuned to be able to impact its readers well.

Thus, these are tips and suggestions you can use to create compelling content and make the most out of these tools.

Tip 1: Research The Topic And Keywords Yourself.

It’s true that these AI content generators are smart enough to do all the keyword research and analysis to suggest content ideas based on your competitor’s winning content.

If you want the best results, don’t just go ahead with any idea you generate out of these tools. Humanize them first.

Some topic ideas produce by these AI tools may require delicate framing before it can feel relatable to your target audience.

Tip 2: Use AI Content Generators To Create Your First Draft

Writing doesn’t come naturally for many which makes it very difficult for them to start from scratch.

The good news is that using AI Content Generators, you can craft your ugly first draft.

In most of the smart tools, you only need to enter your topic and set some preferences, and with a click, you’ll have your content ready for you.

If you are writing long content, break it down into sections and use the AI content generator to create drafts for each specific section by placing more specific keywords.

Tip 3: Personalize The Content

Once you have your first draft, turn on your editor mood and polish things up with your brand voice.

Even though these AI content generator tools allow you to predefine the tone you want, you should proofread and make any changes wherever possible to deliver as much personalized experience as possible.

Tip 4: Compliment These Tools With Other Tools

All the AI tools mentioned in this post have specializations.

And there are other writing tools that don’t fall in the category of content generation but can be used well together with these tools.

For instance, some tools are very good at checking grammar or editing, others are specifically good at paraphrasing, and some for checking plagiarism.

To come up with the best AI-generated content, you need to find the right tool for each step of the process.

Wrapping Up the Best AI Content Generator Tools

We have put together both free and paid AI content generators and writing software tools for you in no particular order of preference.

Some of them are free tools, while most of them have paid options.

Check them out and try them out to see how best they fit.

They all took intense research to make this list and have quite earned their mentions in this article.

Do you have an AI writing tool you have used that we did not mention? Kindly tell us in the comments, and we will check it out.

Disclosure: This page may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you buy something through them, we may get a commission (without any extra cost to you).

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