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Best 9 Online Paraphrasing Tools To Avoid Plagiarism (Free & Paid)

This is a complete list of the best 9 Online Paraphrasing Tools that will help you rewrite content to improve its vocabulary and, at the same time, avoid plagiarism.

If you are one of those people who write at work regularly, you must have had times when you ran out of words and despised your job.

Similarly, if you work as a full-time blogger, you’ve probably considered quitting out of frustration.

But don’t worry, after reading this article, you might not find yourself in any of these situations anymore.

We’ve reviewed the best online fluent paraphrasing tools in-depth to help you avoid plagiarism and give your writing a fresh structure.

What can You do with Online Paraphrasing Tools?

Regardless of how good a writer you are, there is a good chance that mirrored information will appear in your work at some point.

When you read other people’s content, your brains generate ideas, but copying and pasting the same words is never a noble practice if you need to use the relevant information.

However, expressing those words in various forms and sentence structures is acceptable if you add value to them.

The issue arises when you attempt to paraphrase ideas but cannot come up with a vocabulary appropriate for your content style and structure. That’s when you employ these tools to address this issue.

This article will discuss the top eight online paraphrasing tools that can help you rewrite content for clarity, improve vocabulary, and avoid plagiarism.

We’ve gone over each tool’s features, highlights, pros, and cons so you can decide which one best meets your needs.

Let’s dive right into it.

Our Top 2 Online Paraphrasing tools (QuillBot and WordAi)

There are so many online paraphrasing tools that it can be difficult to tell the good from the bad. Especially since many of them aren’t so great.

However, QuillBot and WordAi are good online paraphrasing tools that can allow you to explain or interpret another person’s ideas in your own words while also adding credibility to your argument or analysis.

Consider one of the above if you don’t want to spend much time looking for the best online paraphrasing tools.

Read our detailed comparison between Quillbot and WordAi.

However, you can try both tools for free to see how useful they can be.

Check the links below for a more in-depth review of these two amazing online paraphrasing software:

Now let’s dive into the list.

1. QuillBot Online Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBot Online Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBot is software that can be used online (via a web browser) or in text editors such as Microsoft Word to rewrite, paraphrase, summarize, and change sentence structure.

It uses optimal paraphrasing methods rather than just replacing words with synonyms, which degrades the sentence quality.

With its state-of-the-art AI-enabled technology, it works to extract the most significant information using unique words and sentence structure while keeping the content’s original context and meaning.

QuillBot Features

  • This Online Paraphrasing Tool assists you in selecting the best words for your context. It is one of the most widely used features because it is AI-powered and very efficient.
  • It also includes a Grammar checker similar to Grammarly. It is not as efficient as Grammarly though, but it is adequate for daily tasks. It enables you to write high-quality articles without having to double-check on your grammar.
  • QuillBot Online Paraphrasing Tool has the best summarizer, which allows you to shorten your paragraph by extracting the most important information and squeezing it into a very precise piece of writing. This feature removes all irrelevant and redundant information from the text.
  • Although it is well-known for its paraphrasing and plagiarism-removal capabilities, QuillBot is not limited to these tasks. The citation generator, which allows you to cite your work with proper resources and structure, is an excellent feature a paraphraser can have.
  • QuillBot also provides a variety of extensions for various text editors. You don’t have to switch between the web interface and the text editor. You can simply integrate the program into your text editor.
  • This is the only Online Paraphrasing Tool that has 7 writing modes and takes into account your preferred writing style. Be it formal or informal, QuillBot has AI after all.

Why we think QuillBot is the best Online Paraphrasing Tool

  • While QuillBot is known for its unique paraphrasing features, it offers plenty of other options and is a complete writing tool for everyone.
  • It offers the best pricing considering the features offered by the premium version.
  • The free version has a lot of features and you’re provided with plenty of options.
  • QuillBot offers APIs and Extensions to make your life easier.
  • This tool can be your all-in-one writing aid software.

Pros of QuillBot

  • The interface is straightforward and easy to use
  • The premium plan is quite affordable
  • The free plan offers plenty of features and has no limitation
  • QuillBot comes with a developer’s API
  • It is not just limited to a web-based interface. It has extensions for major text editors.
  • It offers an excellent Grammar checker feature
  • Word flipper and word freezing functionality is very useful
  • Reduces the writing time by 50%

Cons of QuillBot

  • The character limit in the premium plan is the only feature that causes a little inconvenience.

QuillBot Pricing

Who can use this Online Paraphrasing Tool?

Since this software has no limitations, it can aid anyone who has a writing task due on their to-do list. Whether you’re a student, professional writer, businessman, freelance writer, or just simply likes writing, this software will play a very crucial role in your life.

2. WordAi

WordAi is a free online rewriter that uses artificial intelligence to spin pre-written text into high-quality content that both readers and search engines will value.

This tool uses advanced machine learning models to rewrite text with entirely new vocabulary and structure while optimizing for readability, uniqueness, and overall meaning.

WordAi excels at what it does. This software’s ability to rewrite text into high-quality content is impressive. The only disadvantage is that it costs more than most other paraphrasing tools. Although WordAi is somewhat pricey, the quality of the content it produces makes it worthwhile.

Pros of WordAi

  • WordAi’s user interface is particularly appealing.
  • WordAi does more than just replace words with synonyms. For the best results, it uses artificial intelligence to understand the context and meaning of your text before rewriting it.
  • As of this writing, WordAi is the only rewriting tool that preserves text formatting even when it is paraphrased. That’s an exciting feature to have in a Rewriter tool.
  • WordAi’s uniqueness score is impressive. This tool will calculate a percentage score based on how much the article differs from the original text after you rewrite it. It also has a setting that allows you to control how unique your article will be. This is also an excellent feature.
  • The bulk article rewrites feature in this spinner tool is also helpful because it eliminates the need to rewrite several articles repeatedly.
  • Giving developers API access to WordAi is a good thing.

Cons of WordAi

The fact that WordAi has so many features may lead you to believe that it is faultless. However, perfect software does not exist.

And this WordAi Review would be incomplete if we did not mention its drawbacks.

These are the few flaws we discovered during our testing:

  • WordAi lacks add-ins or extensions for popular word processors such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, as well as content management systems such as WordPress. There should have also been a Chrome extension.
  • It’s bad news for developers and businesses when it comes to the 3-million-word monthly limit. If you build a program that allows users to rewrite 5000 articles per day, it is reasonable to assume that only 600 users will be able to use the 3 million words in a single day. And paying for extra words will be outrageously costly.
  • When compared to other tools like Quillbot that provide a comparable level of quality rewrites, this tool is a little pricey.

3. Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is one of the few Online paraphrasing tools that fully understands your content before converting it using Emulated Natural Language Technology (ENL).

With the assistance of Spin Rewriter, a user is bound to save not only money but also valuable time.

Features of Spin Rewriter

  • This tool’s one-of-a-kind feature is that it provides you with a variety of passages to choose from for each and every spin. Each article or passage is transformed into multiple new pieces of text, each of which is completely unique but contains the same content. This allows you to select from a variety of options. This is a useful feature to have in an online paraphrasing tool.
  • Spin Rewriter has added a new feature called Stock photo integration, which provides you with relevant copyright-free images to include in your articles. This is a useful feature for users who want to include graphic content alongside their articles.
  • Users can generate up to 1000 articles of the same context in seconds using the software’s Mass export features.

Why Spin Rewriter may be worth it

  • It’s fast. You can create brand new articles in just three simple steps. Simply paste your text into the provided textbox and press the “One Click Rewrite” button. Within seconds, you will have a regenerated unique article.
  • This tool is best if you want to create multiple versions of the same passage in order to select the best one. You can get over 1000 versions of the same article, each of which is completely unique.

Pros of Spin Rewriter

  • Spin Rewriter gives its users the option of generating one new passage from their pasted content or several simultaneously if they want to choose the best one out, leaving no room for dissatisfaction.
  • This tool does not have any limitation on the number of words or characters you wish to spin in one go.
  • Spin Rewriter completely masks your old content into something completely new with its ability to auto-generate paragraphs and provide 5 different writing styles.
  • Because of its detailed features, the website also provides video tutorials to ensure that users can fully utilize the provided features.
  • To top it all off, there are no ads or captchas on this website.

Cons of Spin Rewriter

  • Because of the list of ongoing features provided by Spin Rewriter, it comes with a pricing plan that only offers a 5-day free trial.

Who can use this Online paraphrasing tool?

This tool appears to be designed specifically for those who work in the field of SEO. Spin Rewriter creates unique content that is more human than robotic, giving your content a natural feel and helping it rank higher on search engines like Google.

4. SpinBot Online Paraphrasing Tool

As a popular online paraphrasing tool, SpinBot is used to transform the simple human-written text into intelligent and readable text with a large vocabulary. The entire procedure is automated and simple to use.

There are just two simple steps to use this tool:

  • Copy and paste the passage you want to rewrite into a blank text box. And
  • Simply hit the “Go” button. SpinBot does the rest for you.

The most effective way for your site or blog to gain web index openness is to have a consistent progression of new and understandable content. As a result, SpinBot can be an invaluable tool for any individual or organization looking to promote their website or products through rich and meaningful content.

SpinBot is a freemium software. It accepts two types of payments. You can either pay a monthly or yearly fee for unlimited spins or pay per spin, which is preferable if you only need to rewrite a small number of articles or passages. Or you can use it free for limited features.

Features of SpinBot

  • SpinBot limits you to 10,000 characters at a time, which is approximately 1000 words, with the click of a button.
  • SpinBot gives you the ability to control the words that you do not want to change. Titles and proper nouns that begin with a capital letter, for example, are ignored during the spin. Not only that, but you can choose to ignore basic words that you do not want to change by entering them in the ignore field with comma separations.
  • SpinBot is accessible through an API, which allows users to easily connect to any internet presence, such as a website, an app, or any other software running on the web. This feature is extremely useful for developers.

Why SpinBot maybe worth it

  • SpinBot is an excellent tool for relieving the need to constantly brainstorm new vocabulary or come up with new expressions to explain the same subject.
  • This tool is recommended for bloggers and tweeters who want to re-post old, hard-written content with a new twist.
  • This single-click article rewriter is completely free and does not require a user to sign up unless they wish to purchase a paid version.

Pros of SpinBot

  • This tool has no limitations because it allows users to generate an infinite amount of web content.
  • SpinBot can easily rewrite content for blogs, tweets, and websites by transforming old posts into new ones with a fresh feel.

Cons of SpinBot

  • The SpinBot website is littered with advertisements and captchas that can only be removed after purchasing a specific subscription method. This is likely to be frustrating for users of the free tool.

Who can use this Online Paraphrasing Tool?

SpinBot is a tool that almost anyone can use. It can be used for simple tasks like rewriting a simple tweet or for more complex tasks like managing daily website content or rewriting detailed research papers. SpinBot, as you can see, is applicable in all fields. Bloggers and students are the most likely to benefit from it.

5. Paraphrase Online Tool

Another well-known rephrasing tool on the market is Rephrase Online.

It claims to have an in-built reword generator that not only assists in automatically rephrasing textual passages, but also ensures that the rephrased passage is accurate and meaningful.

This platform ensures the highest quality of repurposed content and prioritizes the preservation of the original idea and meaning of the text.

Paraphrase Online is a completely free service that guarantees synonym accuracy while also providing speed, as your content is converted in seconds with the click of a button.

Features of Paraphrase Online

  • You can use Paraphrasing Online to replace words by clicking on them and selecting a better synonym. You can always carry out this procedure manually. This is an extremely useful feature to have in an online rephrasing tool.
  • It focuses on understanding your passage before rephrasing it to ensure a high-quality result whilst retaining its original meaning.

Why “Paraphrase Online” may be worth it

  • Paraphrasing Online is a powerful sentence restructuring and rephrasing tool that is completely free.
  • There is no limit to the number of words that can be pasted into the converter at one time.
  • Paraphrase Online saves time and money because the user does not have to pay for any special features and can convert large articles or essays in one go rather than breaking them down into pieces.

Pros of Paraphrase Online

  • This intelligent tool makes it a priority to avoid repetition of the synonyms it employs in order to provide fresh text each time you generate a passage.
  • The intelligent rewriter built into this tool avoids incomprehensible abbreviations.
  • This useful tool can save you more time and money than you can imagine. Passages that previously took hours or even days to rewrite and make human-readable can now be done in seconds or minutes, for free.
  • One of the most significant benefits of using this free rephrasing tool is that, unlike other free rephrasing tools, it has no word or character limit. Your passage can be any length.
  • This tool is especially useful for users who have poor grammar and English writing skills. An unstructured and weak paragraph or phrase can be easily transformed into a structured and readable paragraph with extensive vocabulary.

Cons of Paraphrase Online

  • The synonyms used by this paraphrasing software are so powerful that average readers have a difficult time interpreting them and understanding the text.

Who can use this online paraphrasing tool?

This tool is recommended for users of all types. Anyone looking to rewrite their essays, articles, or even simple sentences and words will be more than satisfied with the results. However, it is very popular among students who are constantly on the lookout for free online paraphrasing tools.

6. Article Rewriter Online Paraphrasing Tool

The Article Rewriter Tool is a completely free piece of software that can be used to rephrase paragraphs, sentences, and even entire articles.

This tool makes life easy by helping a user create a new version of their previous articles, and doing it fast.

This helps in delivering the same message and content but through a refined new article.

Features of Article Rewriter Tool

  • Article Rewriter is a spinning tool for rewriting blog posts, passages, or any other type of text.
  • The only feature this tool has is an option to regenerate capitalized words or leave them as they are which you can turn on or off.

Why “Article Rewriter Tool” may be worth it

  • As the name suggests, “Article Rewriter” is mostly used to regenerate old content in a new form without the article losing its original meaning. However, this tool may also be used to restructure and rephrase small phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and even words.
  • This service is totally free, meaning that an unlimited number of passages and articles can be regenerated and rephrased.

Pros of Article Rewriter Tool

  • Because this tool is completely free with no paid features, a user can use all of its features.
  • There is no limit to the number of spins that a user can generate within a day to rephrase their text which is a huge benefit for people who regularly use this service.

Cons of Article Rewriter Tool

  • It may be extremely unpleasant to view this site with ads throughout the page. You can go to a separate website with a wrong click.
  • The tool requires its users to fill out a captcha whenever they want to spin and generate a new version, which can be a little upsetting if you use the tool often.
  • No paid version of this tool is available, so you cannot get rid of ads, videos or popups.

Who can use this online paraphrasing tool?

The features offered by the Article Rewriter tool can be utilized by a large circle. It is particularly useful to users who use blogs and websites that require daily newly refined content. Users who post daily tweets or update news feeds regularly also cab benefit from this service.

7. Dupli Checker Online Paraphrasing Tool

As the name implies, Dupli Checker is meant to detect duplicate content.

Like Copyscape, it works as a plagiarism checker.

However, it has a unique feature that allows you to remove plagiarism from your content, which distinguishes it from other plagiarism checkers. It is one of the most effective paraphrasing tools for avoiding plagiarism.

Rewriting a plagiarized article entails taking existing material and presenting it in a new way. Manually doing this necessitates a large vocabulary, extensive research, time, and effort.

We, on the other hand, don’t have the luxury of the time these days. That’s why you may need a free online paraphrasing tool like DupliChecker.

DupliChecker has a web interface that is accessible through any browser. Simply copy and paste your content, and the new, plagiarism-free sentences will appear in seconds.

Features of Duplichecker

  • DupliChecker is more than just a plagiarism and paraphrasing checker; it is a complete package for writers.
  • Its paraphrasing feature can help you create new content in minutes.
  • Its Spelling checker feature allows you to save a lot of time.
  • Another useful feature is its plagiarism checker, which is useful for writers who want to rank their site but do not want duplicate content.

Why DupliChecker may be worth it

  • It’s a great tool for SEO
  • Checks your SEO scores and finds the sources where the content is copied from.
  • Saves plenty of time by letting you change your duplicate content in just a few clicks.

Pros of DupliChecker

  • You can upload files with all these extensions .tex .txt .doc .docx .odt .pdf .rtf
  • A good alternative for Turnitin
  • It’s trusted by millions of students
  • Functionalities like paraphrasing, grammar, and spelling checker work great
  • Serves as your all-in-one free writing kit

Cons of DupliChecker

  • It doesn’t have any APIs
  • It can’t be integrated with your text editor
  • There are a lot of limitations in the free version like the character limit
  • Pro features are not very impressive
  • The plagiarism detector is not as accurate as Turn-it-in.

Who can use this online paraphrasing tool?

It’s mostly suitable for students who are trying to work on their assignments or small business owners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on their SEO. However, if you’re submitting your thesis or other serious work, we do not recommend this tool.

8. Grammarly Online Paraphrasing Tool

Grammarly logo

Grammarly as the name suggests is a writing assistant that tests for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and engagement across a variety of platforms.

It makes use of artificial intelligence to identify errors and find a suitable substitute. I

n addition to these features, it has a paraphrasing tool that works great.

Grammarly saves tens of thousands of hours of proofreading time by highlighting grammatical problems and suggesting ways to fix them.

It improves your writing by utilizing cutting-edge AI technology.

To use Grammarly successfully, you must have a solid understanding of grammar. It isn’t a replacement for someone with poor grammar; rather, it’s a tool that assists you with your writing.

Features of Grammarly

  • Grammarly’s grammar checker is excellent, and it is the software’s most useful feature. This software thoroughly checks the clarity, sentence structure, and punctuation of your content.
  • Grammarly has a fantastic paraphrasing tool. It will recommend the use of synonyms or alternative language after or during the writing of an article to improve the context. While you’re writing, it paraphrases and corrects your sentence structure.
  • Grammarly provides proofreading which is powered by AI.
  • It is known for its excellent customer support. The agents are extremely engaged and helpful.
  • Grammarly offers a lot of these features for free but their premium membership is remarkable and worth a try.
  • Grammarly offers browser and Microsoft Word extensions.

Why Grammarly may be worth it

  • Paid membership has over 400+ types of checks
  • Excellent for Grammar and proofreading.
  • Makes your writing professional with its paraphrasing tool
  • Keeps giving suggestions on improving your sentence structure while you are writing.
  • Has extensions for all major browsers and MS Office applications.

Pros of Grammarly

  • Correct grammar of your sentences on the go
  • Gives synonym suggestions
  • Makes you text readable, precise, concise and readable
  • Makes your messages, documents, and social media posts clear, mistake-free, and impactful
  • Highest standard is maintained in your writings
  • Provides plenty of extensions to make writing easier

Cons of Grammarly

  • The paraphrasing tool is very limited without a lot of options.

Who can use this Online Paraphrasing tool?

Grammarly is a fantastic tool for all types of professionals. It is a must-have tool for any writer, whether a student or a professional. You won’t be able to function without it once you’ve gotten used to it.

9. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is a godsend for many marketers and writers, especially those who are new to the digital world. It provides a premium SEO tools experience, including a paraphrasing tool, that anyone can use for free!

Creating a great website requires collaboration. To make a website successful, you need a website developer, a website designer, a content writer, a research expert, a video editor, and other professionals.

Small SEO Tools can help you feel more confident about your work. It will monitor and retrieve all relevant SEO information and structure your content accordingly.

Features of Small SEO Tools

  • Small SEO Tools’ article rewriter tool is one of its most prominent and effective features.
  • It has a Grammar check utility that assists you in detecting errors in grammar or sentence structure.
  • Backlink generators and keyword research tools aid in the SEO of your content.
  • Another useful feature is reverse image search, which allows you to find high-resolution images by submitting the image to the tool, which then retrieves all of the related sizes available on the web.

Why Small SEO Tools may be worth it

  • Small SEO Tools has developed a tool that is simple to use. It’s possibly the most basic online paraphrasing tool you’ll ever come across.
  • You don’t need many inputs other than your written content to use it. It is not even necessary to register in order to use it.
  • This tool does not necessitate any prior knowledge. Because it is so simple, anyone with a basic understanding of technology can use it.
  • No complicated features to confuse you.

Pros of Small SEO Tools

  • It will save you a significant amount of time: Manually producing human-readable content can take hours or even days. You can, however, use this online rewriting tool to rewrite an article in a matter of minutes.
  • It increases productivity: You can produce a large number of articles in a short period of time, resulting in increased output.
  • It allows you to access material at any time.
  • It allows you to improve your SEO: By using material generated by a third-party web service to fuel your campaigns, you can improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

Cons of Small SEO Tools

  • Not efficient in creating multiple copies of the same write up
  • No extensions or APIs are offered

Who can use this Online Paraphrasing Tool?

This tool serves SEO Experts, Bloggers, and Content Marketers


In this article, we conducted an in-depth examination of the majority of the online paraphrasing tools for avoiding plagiarism.

As you can see, each software has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so we can’t say which is the best paraphrasing software.

However, QuillBot is appropriate for all types of people performing a variety of tasks; however, if you run a small business, you do not need to pay for a premium membership.

If all you want to do is improve your site’s SEO without spending a dime, you can always use free software like SEO Wagon or Duplichecker.

We hope our review assists you in selecting the best software to paraphrase based on your requirements.

Disclosure: This page may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you buy something through them, we may get a commission (without any extra cost to you).

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