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Best Software For Whiteboard Animation (Listed & Reviewed)

Whiteboard animations have remarkably transformed how businesses market their products and services. From YouTube marketers to online content creators to online course creators and more, millions of people are increasingly turning their attention to whiteboard animations and what they bring to the table. 

Today, we will review the best software for whiteboard animation. Our list will feature both free and paid whiteboard animation software. Hopefully, you’ll find one of these tools worth trying. Let’s cut to the chase and bring you all the juicy details. 

List of the best software for whiteboard animations 

Whiteboard Animation SoftwareSoftware Link
DoodlyGo to Software
VideoScribeGo to Software
Doodle makerGo to Software
VyondGo to Software
Animation StudioGo to Software
Animaker Go to Software
ExplaindioGo to Software
TTS Sketch MakerGo to Software
TruScribeGo to Software
Adobe Animate CCGo to Software
PowtoonGo to Software
Moovly Go to Software
VideoMakerFXGo to Software
RenderforestGo to Software


Doodly is one of our favorite software for creating stunning whiteboard animations. We particularly love Doodly because it is easy to use. 

What’s incredibly special about Doodly is the variety of options it offers users. While Doodly is a brilliant tool for creating whiteboard animations, it can also be used to create greenboard and glassboard animations. 

Doodly has a variety of hand styles you can pick from. Surprisingly, these hand styles include both male and female hands, expanding your options further. 

One area where Doodly stands out from its competitor is its Smart Draw feature, which allows for seamless customization. Thanks to Doodly’s Smart Draw feature, users can upload their images and tell the software how they want them to be drawn. Although completing this can take some time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the final product.

How much does Doodly cost?

Doodly is a tad more affordable than many whiteboard animation software. In terms of pricing, Doodly has two pricing models. Their cheapest plan, Standard, is $39 per month. 

Their most expensive package, Enterprise, costs $69 per month. 

To get the best deal on Doodly, we strongly recommend signing up for the annual package of either the Standard or Enterprise package, as they are more affordable. 

Pros and cons of Doodly

Doodly has lived up to its promises. It has a robust library of hand styles and characters to choose from. Plus, it is sleek and easy to use. Nonetheless, the software still needs some fine-tuning to compete with the best software for whiteboard animation. Here are some pros and cons of Doodly. 


  • Doodly has a neat interface, making the software easy to use. 
  • Doodly has a massive library with over 2,500 pre-made Doodles
  • They have a large Facebook community where you get to connect with other Doodly users
  • Doodly has a highly responsive customer support team. 


  • Doodly users have to pay extra fees to access colored Doodles. 
  • You have to download and install Doodly on your laptop before you can start using it. 


VideoScribe has earned its place on our list of the best software for whiteboard animation because of its exceptional features and ease of use. This software is used by some of the biggest corporations, including the BBC. 

This software immediately catches our attention because of its extensive library of free images. With over 11,000 images available for you to use, you have more than enough resources to make your whiteboard animations stand out. In addition to having a massive library of images, Videoscribe also supports custom image imports. 

The only caveat with VideoScribe’s custom draw path is that you cannot edit directly in VideoScribe. 

It’s also refreshing to know that you can either download VideoScribe and use it on your computer or access the software via its web-based version. 

How much does VideoScribe cost?

VideoScribe is arguably one of the most pocket-friendly whiteboard animation software we have been fortunate to use. In addition to being affordable, the VideoScribe team also offers a 7-day free trial option, allowing users to test the software before committing to a paid plan. The only issue with the free trial option is that all your videos will come with the VideoScribe watermark. 

Also, the free trial option doesn’t support high-definition videos. 

As per pricing, VideoScribe has two pricing options. First, there is the monthly package that costs $39 per month. 

But if you want to lower this significantly, you can opt for the annual package, which costs $14 per month. 

Pros and cons of VideoScribe

VideoScribe is a force to contend with in the whiteboard animation field. The software has a massive library of unique images you can use for your whiteboard animations. But while there are tons of things to love about the software, VideoScribe has a few limitations you should know. So here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of this software. 


  • We love VideoScribe because of its unique pricing plans. 
  • VideoScribe is accessible to all users, regardless of their technical knowledge. 
  • This software has a massive library of images, so you have everything you need for your project. 
  • VideoScribe has a sophisticated voiceover feature. 
  • This whiteboard animation software is available for personal and commercial use.


  • Even though VideoScribe allows users to upload custom images, they can’t edit these images directly from VideoScribe. 
  • The free version of this software comes with VideoScribe’s signature watermark. 


DoodleMaker features an insane technology that feels like something from the future. This unique software allows you to seamlessly convert your plain or complicated text into stunning, colorful, doodle videos. 

The cool thing about using whiteboard animation software like DoodleMaker is that it allows you to create videos in any language of your choice. 

DoodleMaker appeals to many users because of its state-of-the-art technologies, including language translation, unlimited text to speech and a massive library of pre-made templates you can deploy for your whiteboard animation project. With DoodleMaker at your disposal, creating stunning whiteboard animations is a stroll in the park. 

Thanks to its impeccable artificial intelligence technology, this software saves you a ton of hours that would have been dedicated to manually creating your whiteboard animation videos. 

Besides its exceptional AI technology, which can generate stunning doodle videos in over 30 languages, users can also access a massive library with over 300 templates. 

The icing on the cake is that DoodleMaker allows you to convert any image into high-quality hand-drawn sketches. 

How much does DoodleMaker cost?

DoodleMaker has a single pricing model, so you won’t have to look at different pricing plans before making up your mind. The exciting thing about DoodleMaker’s pricing is that you don’t have to make recurring monthly payments, as the software is available for a one-time purchase. 

To get instant access to this software, you only need to make a $69 payment, which is fair, especially considering that you don’t have to keep paying recurring monthly fees. 

Pros and cons

DoodleMaker has so many things going for it. Its user-friendly interface has made the software appealing to experienced whiteboard animation creators and amateurs. Nevertheless, DoodleMaker needs to be improved to deliver the best user experience. Read on for some pros and cons of DoodleMaker.


  • This software is on our list of the best software for whiteboard animation because of its sophisticated artificial intelligence. 
  • DoodleMaker provides access to various backgrounds you can use for your whiteboard animation project. 
  • Its text-to-speech feature is one-of-a-kind and top-notch
  • DoodleMaker has a massive library of pre-made templates you can use to customize your whiteboard animations. 
  • You also have the option to explore multiple soundtracks. 


  • You’ll need to upgrade the software whenever you get a prompt from the server. 
  • Since the software is cloud-based, you’ll need an active internet connection before using it. 
  • At the moment, DoodleMaker only has the option to generate 720p and 1080p videos. Hopefully, the team behind this software is working on launching new formats. 


Formerly known as GoAnimate, Vyond has continued to unveil exciting features that are giving other competitors a run for their money. While Vyond is a fully web-based software, we love that the software is easily accessible. With a decent internet connection, you should be able to access this software without any issues. 

What makes Vyond truly special is the freedom it offers users. With Vyond, you can customize your whiteboard animations however you want. From changing facial expressions to exploring different doodle styles, there is no limit to the level of customization you can do with Vyond. 

If you’re interested in whiteboard animation software with all the features and functionalities needed to create awesome whiteboard animations, you won’t be disappointed to try Vyond. 

Another thing you’ll instantly love about Vyond is its neat user interface, which makes it easy to use. 

By taking advantage of Vyond’s design wizard, you can create your own doodle characters from scratch. 

Besides its brilliant resources and assets, Vyond has remarkable voiceover features, which allow you to either record directly with the software or upload audio files from somewhere else. 

How much does Vyond Cost?

Vyond is one of the most pocket-friendly whiteboard animation software we have explored. Plus, they have a 14-day free trial option you can take advantage of to gauge the performance of the software. 

Vyond has four unique pricing plans you can choose from. Their cheapest plan, Essential, starts from $25 per month. 

Their Premium plan, which comes with more features you won’t find on the Essential plan, costs $54 per month. 

If you’re looking for a plan with everything you need for your whiteboard animation project, you’ll be better off with the Professional plan, which costs $83 per month. 

We strongly recommend opting for the Enterprise package if you plan to use Vyond with your team. Feel free to reach out to the Vyond team to get a quote for this package. 

Pros and cons of Vyond

If you’re looking for an affordable whiteboard animation tool that does the job, you will be satisfied to use Vyond. However, while Vyond sits up there among the best software for whiteboard animation, the tool needs to be revamped to meet changing requirements in the video animation space. Read about the pros and cons of the software below.


  • With Vyond, you can create stunning whiteboard animations without a lot of a learning curve. 
  • Thanks to Vyond, you can seamlessly sync different characters’ voices with pre-recorded ones. 
  • Vyond has a massive library of characters and props you can use for your project. 
  • This software allows users to add and manage background music easily. 


  • One thing many users don’t particularly fancy about Vyond is that it is cloud-based. Furthermore, because of its cloud-based nature, the software tends to be sometimes slow/clunky. 
  • If you intend to use multiple characters in your videos, you’ll need to do extra work, especially if you want the studio to sync nicely with their mouths. 
  • Since characters can execute different expressions and actions, you’ll need multiple scenes in your video, which might be a little too challenging to manage. 

Animation Studio

Animation Studio is a remarkable whiteboard animation software that allows users to convert their boring slideshows into mind-blowing whiteboard animations seamlessly. With Animation Studio, you can kiss goodbye to using boring slideshows and embrace entertaining whiteboard animations that will help you sell your products. 

Animation Studio stands tall from many other whiteboard animation software thanks to its robust features and easy-to-use interface. What’s unique about this whiteboard tool is its brilliant custom story interface, making it super easy for users to create their videos from scratch. 

What blows our minds away about this software is that you don’t need any technical skills to create and edit your videos. And yes, Animation Studio provides access to various pre-designed animations you can use for your project. On top of that, users also have access to various themes, animated characters and backgrounds they can use for their projects. 

And to make things even more interesting, the templates provided by Animation Studio come with professionally pre-recorded voiceovers. 

How much does Animation Studio cost?

Animation Studio will be a good option if you’re in the market for pocket-friendly whiteboard animation software that doesn’t cost a fortune. Compared to other software costing hundreds to thousands of dollars, Animation Studio is available for a few bucks monthly. 

While it isn’t the cheapest whiteboard video animation software on our list, we are excited to let you know that you won’t break the bank to afford this software. 

In terms of pricing, Animation Studio is available for only $67 per month. And if you’re interested in lifetime access, you can pay a one-time fee of $47, which is perhaps the best deal you’ll ever get. 

Pros and cons of Animation Studio

Animation Studio has won a lot of users over, especially because of its unique proposition. The software has many fantastic features that allow users to create pretty decent videos. Sure, the software can be improved on, but if all you want is a tool that delivers on its promises, then Animation Studio is just what you’re looking for and more. Here are a few pros and cons of Animation Studio that you should know. 


  • Whether a beginner or an expert, you’ll love some of the excellent tools Animation Studio provides. 
  • If you want animation software that is free to use, you’ll be hard-picked to find a tool that’s better than Animation Studio right now. 
  • You don’t need to have any technical skills to be able to create or edit videos with Animation Studio. 


  • Animation Studio doesn’t currently have many of the top features available on other whiteboard animation software. 


Animaker is a popular online resource for whiteboard animations. The software appeals to tons of content creators because of its unique propositions. Whether you’re just starting with whiteboard animation or have a ton of skills up your sleeves, you’ll love everything that Animaker offers.

If there is one thing that we find appealing about Animaker is its user-friendly interface, making the software great for all users, regardless of their experience. 

Even though Animaker has a rich library of pre-made designs you can use for your whiteboard animation projects, the platform also allows users to import their own media to create stunning custom whiteboard animations. 

To give users more control during the creative process, Animaker allows users to upload their own images, something you won’t get with other whiteboard animation resources. And yes, the software also has an option that lets you preview your whiteboard animation before rendering. How cool can that be?

How much does Animaker cost?

Animaker provides three unique pricing plans users can choose from. But before we break down the different pricing plans offered by Animaker, we want to add that Animaker is an affordable whiteboard animation resource. 

If you’re on a budget and want an affordable plan, you’ll love the Basic plan offered by Animaker. This package costs only $10 per month. 

The Starter plan offered by Animaker has more features. In terms of pricing, this package costs $19 per month. 

For more experienced whiteboard animators who want to get more out of Animaker, you’ll fancy the Pro plan. This is the most popular plan offered by the Animaker team. Signing up for this package will cost you $49 per month. 

Pros and cons of Animaker 

Animaker is a heavyweight in the whiteboard animation studio, no wonder it made it to our list of the best software for whiteboard animation. Its many exceptional features and functionality make it a force to contend with. However, Animaker has a few letdowns worth highlighting. Read on as we look at some of the pros and cons of this software. 


  • Animaker has a library with many exciting infographics you can use for your project. 
  • It has many customizable options to make your whiteboard animations stand out. 
  • Animaker is affordable. Plus, there are several pricing plans you can choose from. 
  • With Animaker, users have a rich library of pre-made templates they can easily deploy for their whiteboard animation projects. 


  • There have been reported cases of the software lagging, especially when previewing a video animation. 


Explaindio is the finest software for 2D/3D whiteboard animation. The software features many powerful resources you’ll fancy the minute you start exploring it. 

If you have always wanted a software that delivers more than just whiteboard animation,  you’ll love Explaindio as it expands your options significantly. 

Besides providing users access to valuable resources to create fantastic whiteboard animations, the software provides access to advanced editing tools to create various animated videos. This makes the software perfect for all types of internet marketers. 

What makes Explaindio pretty different from many other whiteboard animation resources is that it has hundreds of assets users can deploy for their projects. Simply put, Explaindio has over 800 doodle images in color and black and white. In addition, users can upload their own images or search through the integrated Pixabay library to find something that works for them. 

And just so you know, imported bitmap images have a unique draw path automatically embedded. With this, you don’t have to do anything special for your photos to be animated.

How much does Explaindio cost?

What we still find surprising about Explaindio is how affordable it is. Despite being loaded with many brilliant features and functionalities, the Explaindio team has kept their pricing low. 

Subscribing for Explaindio on a monthly basis will cost you $5.58 per month. If you opt for the annual package, which is cheaper, by the way, you’ll end up paying $67 per year. 

Even though Expliandio doesn’t offer a free trial option, Expliandio has made up for this lapse by throwing in a 14-day money-back guarantee option. With this option in place, you are confident that you’ll get a full refund with no questions asked if the software doesn’t meet your expectations. 

Pros and cons of Explaindio 

Explaindio is a leading whiteboard animation resource, complete with everything you need to create unique and custom whiteboard animation resources. But despite all its amazing features, Explaindio has a few areas that need to be improved. Read the pros and cons of this software to learn more. 


  • Explaindio has a neat and easy-to-navigate interface. 
  • Users can choose from different resources available on the Explaindio library to customize their videos. 
  • This whiteboard animation software features eye-catching custom transitions and on-screen effects. 
  • Compared to other whiteboard animation software, Explaindio is affordable.
  • Explaindio is not a cloud-based software. This means you don’t have to be connected to the internet before using the software. 


  • Explaindio has limited tutorials and FAQ resources available. Plus, these limited resources can only be accessed by paid users. 
  • Explaindio only offers a 14-day free trial, slightly lower than what you get with other software. 
  • Most of the tutorials offered by Explaindio are unlisted. What this means is that their tutorials are unsearchable on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. 
  • Explaindio’s user interface is too crowded, with important tools and functionalities hidden behind others. 

TTS Sketch Maker 

TTS Sketch Maker is a brilliant software with many exceptional tools for whiteboard animations. In addition to its robust whiteboard animation resources, TTS Sketch Maker has one of the most advanced text-to-speech functions you’ll ever find in any whiteboard animation software. Thanks to its impeccable voiceover technology, TTS Sketch Maker perfectly handles all your voiceovers. Plus, you have access to tons of outstanding voice options you can use for your voiceovers. 

Another notable thing about TTS Sketch Maker is its simple interface. Thanks to its insanely clean user interface, you won’t need to repeatedly hit the “Help” button for assistance. 

With TTS Sketch Maker, you can export the final product in HD quality. And yes, you don’t have to deal with the software’s signature watermark. 

Whether you’re just starting with whiteboard animation or you’re an avid whiteboard expert, you’ll be excited to learn that TTS Sketch Maker doesn’t require any technical skills to navigate the software. 

How much does TTS Sketch Maker?

TTS Sketch Maker has to be one of the most affordable whiteboard animation software on the market. The cool thing about this software is that you only get to pay a one-time fee to enjoy lifetime access. 

While the regular pricing for this tool is $97, the TTS Sketch Maker team is currently running a promo, so you can get the software for only $37, and we aren’t bluffing. 

Pros and cons of TTS Sketch Maker

TTS Sketch Maker gets a lot of accolades because of its unique offerings. For starters, this software is insanely easy to use, thanks to its very attractive interface. Nevertheless, while the software appeals to many users, TTS Sketch Maker has some areas that need to be improved. Here, check out some pros and cons of this software. 


  • This whiteboard animation software is easy to use, thanks to its neat and intuitive interface. 
  • The software provides unfettered access to hundreds of images and videos you can deploy to create attractive videos. 
  • TTS Sketch Maker delivers quick results, so you won’t spend hours trying to get your project done. 
  • The software is affordable, so you won’t spend a fortune purchasing it. 


  • This software is only currently available for Windows. 
  • TTS Sketch Maker has limited characters and drawings you can use for your project. To compensate for this, the TTS Sketch Maker team allows users to create their own characters and illustrations from scratch. 


While the whiteboard animation space is saturated with hundreds of software that promise to meet users’ needs and expectations, TruScribe goes above and beyond to deliver on its promises. 

Besides providing access to many unique features and functionalities that makes creating whiteboard animations a stroll in the park, TruScribe also allows users to create high-quality digital graphic recordings and infographics. 

This whiteboard animation software comes with all advanced tools for whiteboard animations, including pre-made designs, royalty-free images, modern machine voice and more. 

And guess what? You don’t have to be tech-savvy to navigate this software, as it has an intuitive interface. 

Besides providing users with exceptional tools for whiteboard animations, we love that TruScribe has a remarkable voiceover feature. Thanks to this feature, you’ll be able to generate high-quality voiceovers for your whiteboard animations. 

What’s extra special about TruScribe is its excellent theme options. Regardless of what industry you work in, TruScribe has you covered. Plus, you have the opportunity to select from 5 high-contrast color schemes for your project. 

How much does TruScribe cost?

When we kicked off today’s review of the best software for whiteboard animation, we particularly mentioned that we would feature both free and paid whiteboard animation software. As part of that commitment, we have decided to feature TruScribe, which is 100% free to use. 

Despite being free, TruScribe features incredible tools and resources you won’t find on top whiteboard animation software.  

Pros and cons of TruScribe

TruScribe deserves its spot on our list of the best software for whiteboard animation. The software is insanely easy to use, making it a perfect tool for amateurs and professionals. But like every other whiteboard animation software out there, TruScribe could be better. Read the pros and cons of this software for more insight. 


  • TruScribe is available free of charge and comes loaded with many brilliant resources you’ll find helpful for your whiteboard animation project. 
  • The software isn’t intimidating for newbies, as it has an easy learning curve. 
  • This whiteboard animation has a brilliant text-to-speech technology you can deploy to create high-quality voiceovers for your projects. 
  • The TruScribe template library has everything you’ll need for your project. 


  • There is a lot going on on the software’s home page, which makes things confusing for amateur users. 

Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC has made its mark in the whiteboard animation industry. For people looking for a professional whiteboard animation resource that gets the job done, you’ll love everything that Adobe Animate CC offers. 

To start with, this software is incredibly versatile and delivers exactly as promised. And because Adobe Animate CC has everything you’ll ever need for your project, you won’t need any third-party software for post-production edits. 

With Adobe Animate CC, you can create high-quality whiteboard animations from scratch without any hassles. 

Our only issue with this software is that it is somewhat complicated, so you’ll need some technical skills and patience to navigate it. To make things easy for users, there are hundreds of video tutorials online to help you get the hang of this software. 

How much does Adobe Animate CC cost?

Adobe Animate CC is arguably one of the most affordable whiteboard animation software in the market currently. Plans for this software start for as low as $24.14 per month. Plus, you get an even better deal when you subscribe to the annual package. 

Another cool thing about this whiteboard animation software is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So in case you don’t find it worth the hype, you can always request a full refund with no questions asked. 

Pros and cons of Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC has continued to appeal to different users thanks to its versatility. The software is a decent tool for whiteboard animations and comes with fantastic features and functionalities to back it up. However, the software has some minor upsets you should be aware of. See our outlined pros and cons for Adobe Animate CC to learn more. 


  • Adobe Animate CC is a superb software for Audio Scripting, raster graphics, video and audio embedding, and more. 
  • With Adobe Animate, users have access to professional-level drawing and animation resources. These tools will remarkably transform your whiteboard animations. 


  • Adobe Animate CC doesn’t currently support auto-motion capture, so you’ll need to do that manually. 
  • The software doesn’t allow users to directly upload their videos to social media. We hope they include this feature in future updates. 
  • Adobe Animate has a steep learning curve. 


If you’re interested in a whiteboard animation software that provides access to advanced features you can leverage for your whiteboard animation project, you’ll find Powtoon worth checking out. 

When it comes to creating whiteboard animations, Powtoon does a decent job, even better than some of the most expensive whiteboard animation resources out there. What makes Powtoon a really remarkable software is its cartoon-like features, which, when used for whiteboard animations, make the project all shades of amazing. 

If you have always wanted to create brilliant explainer videos without breaking the bank, you won’t go wrong with Powtoon. And guess what? The software is straightforward to use. 

The only problem we have with Powtoon is its limited design elements, which seem to limit users’ creativity. Despite this shortcoming, we love that the software allows for seamless customization, so you can always upload your own images. 

How much does Powtoon cost? 

Powtoon offers its users a variety of different pricing plans. But before we look closely at its various pricing plans, we want to mention right away that Powtoon has a free plan. The free plan is a good option for people who would love to test the software before committing to a paid plan. 

Powtoon’s Pro plan, the cheapest plan offered by the Powtoon team, costs $89 per month. But you can push this down a bit when you sign up for the annual package that costs $228. 

Their Pro Plus plan costs $197 per month. And you can get it even cheaper if you opt for the yearly package. 

To get the best out of this software, you won’t go wrong subscribing to the Agency plan, which costs $1188 annually. 

Pros and cons of Powtoon

Even though Powtoon is a big name in the whiteboard animation industry, it has a few shortcomings you should know before purchasing the software. Here, check out a few pros and cons of this whiteboard animation software. 


  • Due to its user-friendly design, anyone, regardless of their technical skills, will be able to navigate the software without any issues. 
  • Besides being great for whiteboard video animation, Powtoon can be used for various video projects. 
  • The software has different pricing plans you can choose from. 
  • Powtoon provides access to top-notch tools and features users can use to enhance their whiteboard video animations. 


The free version of this software is limited. If you want to access more advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to one of Powtoon’s paid plans. 


Are you looking for a web-based whiteboard animation software that allows you to create mind-blowing videos and presentations in a matter of minutes? Then say hello to Moovly, the all-in-one whiteboard animation solution. 

With Moovly, you have access to an extensive collection of resources required to create your dream videos. Thanks to its drag-and-drop tools, anyone can use Moovly to create brilliant whiteboard animations, regardless of their experience level. 

Its visual and audio elements give users many options when creating their whiteboard animations. 

Moovly also provides access to tons of pre-made templates and designs you can use to enhance your whiteboard animations. 

How much does Moovly cost?

Even though Moovly is somewhat pricey, it’s exciting to know that the software has everything you’ll need for your whiteboard animation project. What’s even more exciting about this software’s pricing is that you get to choose from different pricing plans according to your budget. 

To start with, Moovly’s Pro plan costs $99 per month. While this may appear too high for some users, there is the option to subscribe to the yearly package, which is much more affordable. 

The Maximum plan from Moovly allows for unlimited creativity. This package costs $199 per month. With the option to subscribe to the yearly package, you’ll end up only paying  $49.99 per month for the annual package. 

Besides the first two plans, Moovly also has an Enterprise, which is great for teams and collaboration. Reach out to the Moovly team to get a quote for his package. 

Pros and cons of Moovly

If what you want is a premium software for whiteboard animations, you’ll be pleased to explore Moovly, especially because of its exceptional features and advanced editing resources. Notwithstanding, Moovly has some technical glitches you should be aware of before subscribing to the tool. Here, check out a few pros and cons of this software. 


  • Moovly wins a lot of users over because of how remarkably easy it is to use. Plus, the software offers some exceptional value propositions you won’t get with other alternatives. 
  • We love that the Moovly team is constantly updating visual and audio elements, effectively increasing users’ creative options. 
  • Though the software is somewhat pricey, users have the option to choose from different pricing plans. 


  • Moovly’s interface is a bit clunky, so it’s easy for first-time users to find the software intimidating and overwhelming. 
  • To explore this animation software to its full potential, you’d have to purchase multi-licensed business packages, which can be a bit pricey. 


VideoMakerFX has made its mark in the whiteboard animation industry. The software features on our list of the best software for whiteboard animation because of the unique proposition it offers. If you’re thinking about using whiteboard animations for your marketing campaign, VideoMakerFX will make a fine choice. 

This whiteboard animation tool features many pre-made templates, characters, royalty-free images and copyright-free audio files. 

Newbies will be absolutely blown away by this software, thanks to its neat user interface, which makes the software easy to navigate. 

VideoMakerFX, offers incredible customization options, including allowing users to upload their own pre-recorded voiceovers and music files. On top of that, users can also preview their videos before exporting or rendering them. 

How much does VideoMakerFX cost?

VideoMakerFX is a budget-friendly whiteboard animation software loaded with many brilliant features, including advanced video editing tools. While its many fantastic features make VideoMakerFX stand tall from other whiteboard animation resources, what makes the software extra special is its pocket-friendly price. 

If you’re interested in a whiteboard animation software that has everything you want but is still affordable at the same time, you won’t be disappointed to check VideoMakerFX. In terms of pricing, this software costs between $37 to $47, which is super affordable, especially compared to the pricing of other similar tools. 

Pros and cons of VideoMakerFX

VideoMakerFX has continued to appeal to users who want a whiteboard animation software that makes their job easy. The software has everything you’d ever need to create outstanding whiteboard animations and explainer videos. Nevertheless, VideoMakerFX isn’t the poster boy of the whiteboard animation industry, as it has a few downsides you should know. Read on as we highlight some of the pros and cons of this software. 


  • VideoMakerFX has a neat user interface, so it doesn’t have a steep learning curve.
  • The software is affordable, making it a brilliant option for users on a budget. 
  • VideoMakerFX is compatible with many third-party resources
  • There are hundreds of tutorials available online to help you navigate this software with ease. 


  • Many users have complained of the software being slow and laggy. Hope the VideoMakerFX team works to correct this in future updates. 


Renderforest takes whiteboard animations to the next level, and that’s because of all of the advanced tools and assets it comes with. Because of its versatile capabilities, including support for whiteboard and cartoon creations, it’s easy to see why Renderforest is dubbed the Swiss Army Knife of online video creation. The exciting part is that Renderforest has a free plan. So you can test the software to see if it lives up to all the hype and lofty promises before committing to a paid plan.

Unlike many of the whiteboard animation tools featured in today’s post, Renderforest is browser-based. This simply means you won’t need to download and install anything before using the software for your projects. 

What’s unique about Renderforest is its extensive library of resources. For instance, the software features over 1000 whiteboard animation scenes; you can seamlessly customize and deploy for your projects. 

Unfortunately, Renderforest users have to deal with the limited customization options offered by Renderforest. For instance, the editing capabilities of scenes are somewhat limited, meaning you can only edit specific areas on the canvas. 

Using the free plan, Renderforest users can create up to 3 minutes of whiteboard animation videos. Plus, they have the option to use a limited number of assets to fine-tune their videos. However, video exports are restricted to only 720p quality, plus your videos will feature the Renderforest signature watermark. 

If you are not satisfied with all of these restrictions, you can subscribe to one of Renderforest’s premium plans. 

How much does Renderforest cost?

As we mentioned above, Renderforest has a free plan, a brilliant option for those who want to gauge the performance of the software. 

But if you don’t want to deal with the many limitations of the free plan, you can subscribe to the Lite plan offered by Renderforest. This package costs $9.99 and features many unique features and functionalities. 

For a more robust experience with Renderforest, you’ll fancy the Pro package available on the Renderforest platform. This package starts at $15.99 per month. 

For businesses looking to maximize all of the potentials of Renderforest, subscribing for the Business package won’t be a bad idea. This plan costs $23.99 and comes loaded with many amazing features. 

Pros and cons of Renderforest

Rendeforest is a household name in the whiteboard animation space. The software is all shades of amazing and features many exciting assets to make your job easy. But like every other whiteboard animation software, Renderforest has a few areas that need tweaking and improvement. Read the pros and cons of this whiteboard animation tool to learn more. 


  • Renderforest is easy to use
  • It has limitless features and potential
  • Its user-friendly design makes the software attractive to users. 
  • The software has an extensive library of pre-made templates, complete with everything you need. 
  • Fast, sleek and hassle-free user interface
  • With Renderforest, you can export up to 30 minutes of videos. 


  • The free version of Renderforest has limited features. For instance, the free version of this software only allows users to export 360p quality videos. Plus, you’d have to deal with the Renderforest watermark. 
  • The pay-by-product option offered by Renderforest is insanely high. 
  • Its logo maker feature isn’t all that great.
  • Video rendering using Renderforest is a bit slow and laggy
  • The final product isn’t all that convincing. 

Factors to consider when shopping for the best software for whiteboard animation

With the insane demand for whiteboard animations and explainer videos, it is no surprise to see the industry saturated with tons of whiteboard animation resources. But before you subscribe to any whiteboard animation software, here are a few factors you want to consider: 

  • Pricing
  • Voiceover functionality 
  • Custom drawing 
  • Free trial option. 


Before subscribing to any whiteboard animation software, you’ll need to decide whether you want a premium tool or a free resource. 

Remember that the amount you pay determines the features you’ll be able to access. Typically, the premium software provides exciting features and functionalities for creating flawless animations. On the flip side, when using free whiteboard animation tools, you’ll have to deal with many limitations. 

If you’re on a shoestring budget and need a free whiteboard resource, you’ll definitely find a free software that works for you. The only caveat with this option is the limitations that come with free whiteboard resources. These limitations include limited recording time, watermarks and low-quality export options. 

Voiceover support

Most whiteboard animation tools featured in today’s guide have a voiceover feature, allowing users to record their voiceovers directly from the software. 

Nevertheless, while some of these whiteboard animation resources support voiceover recording, others only allow users to upload their audio files. 

If you plan to have a voiceover in your whiteboard animations, we suggest opting for whiteboard animation tools that support this feature. Having a software with this feature will make your job a lot easier. 

Custom drawing 

The majority of whiteboard animation tools highlighted in today’s guide have an extensive library of doodle characters users can deploy for their projects. What this simply means is that users won’t have to do anything special as the doodles have a draw path attached to them, making their jobs a whole lot easier. 

Unfortunately, some of the libraries offered by these tools are limited. Although this may sound a bit disappointing, we like that some of the whiteboard animation software allows users to upload their own images. 

So if you want to be able to upload your own images with custom draw paths, we recommend going for a whiteboard animation software with this option. 

By opting for a software that supports custom draw paths, you can choose how the images are drawn. With this in place, your doodle animation will look a lot more natural than what you’ll get with pre-made doodles. 

Free trial 

When you’re searching for a decent whiteboard animation software, there is this instinct to opt for a software that allows users to try it before buying. If this is what you want, then it’s okay to opt for a whiteboard animation tool with a free plan or free trial option. By opting for a software with this option, you’ll be able to test out the functionality of the software before committing to a paid plan. 

If there is no free trial option, you should only opt for a software with a money-back guarantee policy. 

Frequently asked questions 

What’s the best whiteboard animation tool?

Honestly, it’s pretty hard to expressly state which whiteboard animation stands out for us. However, after testing a couple of tools, we can say for sure that Doodly does a remarkable job. What’s unique about Doodly is that it allows users, regardless of their technical abilities, to seamlessly create whiteboard animation videos without sweating. 

We particularly love that Doodly has an extensive library of elements, so there is no shortage of resources you’ll need to create stunning whiteboard animations. Also, its drag-and-drop function ensures that you can do complex stuff without having a comprehensive experience. 

Should I purchase premium software or use a free resource?

To put it nicely, it all depends on your budget. If you have enough cash to spare and want a whiteboard animation software that delivers the best experience, then opting for paid software is a good option. Plus, we have featured some of the best premium whiteboard animation resources in today’s guide. So feel free to peruse our list for the best software for whiteboard animation. 

However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can choose a free whiteboard animation software. While a free whiteboard animation will still get the job done, prepare to deal with some limitations, such as limited doodle characters to use and watermarks.

Which is the best free whiteboard animation software?

This is a hard one, as many fantastic free whiteboard animation resources exist. But after trying a couple of free resources for whiteboard animation, the software that came top for us is Moovly. To start with, the software was straightforward to use, so our team didn’t need to spend hours understanding how to use the software. 

After a few minutes of exploring the software, we created a stunning 5 minutes whiteboard animation. More so, we had access to many advanced tools, ultimately making our job easy. 

Do I need to have extensive skills to use whiteboard animation software?

While there are tons of whiteboard animation resources out there, one thing most of these tools have in common is how easy they are to use. Most of the whiteboard animation tools featured in today’s guide have an easy learning curve, so you won’t need an extensive skill set to fully maximize their potential. 

Moreover, hundreds of tutorials are available online to help you navigate these tools without sweating it. 

Why should anyone use a whiteboard animation software?

Many exceptional benefits come with using whiteboard animations. In fact, it has a lot more benefits than traditional videos. Here are some benefits of using whiteboard animation for your projects. 

  • Whiteboard delivers exceptional results, especially if you’re looking to get your audience’s attention. 
  • With whiteboard animation, it’s easy to remember things. 
  • If you’re looking to pass a lot of information without boring your target audience, you’ll be happy to learn that whiteboard animation does a remarkable job.
  • Whiteboard animation delivers the versatility you won’t get with traditional videos. 
  • With whiteboard animation, you’ll enjoy a higher conversion rate. 
  • Whiteboard animation videos are mobile-friendly. 
  • For businesses looking for a brilliant way to market their products and services to their target market, opting for whiteboard animation videos will be an amazing option. 

In a nutshell

Whiteboard animations have stood out from traditional video options because it helps grab viewers’ attention. And guess what? Regardless of technical skills and experience, anyone can create stunning whiteboard animations by leveraging the myriad of whiteboard animation resources scattered over the internet. 

If you want a software that gives you all the bells and whistles, you won’t be disappointed to check out Doodly. Even though the software is a paid resource, it delivers the best user experience. We particularly love this software because of its extensive doodles library, royalty-free images and background music. Plus, the software offers users seamless customization options. 

For those who are cash-strapped and have no money, you can leverage whiteboard animation software like Renderforest and Animaker with flexible and attractive payment plans. Besides being insanely affordable, these whiteboard animation solutions have robust features and functionalities that will make your job super easy. 

Have you created any whiteboard animations before? What software did you use, and how did you find it? Feel free to share your experience with us. We would love to hear it. 

Also, if you’re interested in the best software for explainer videos, you’re welcome to read about it by following the link below. We did a detailed guide about it. Hopefully, you find that post worth your time. 

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