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Best Text-to-Speech Software (The Ultimate List)

Text-to-speech solutions are remarkably transforming how people generate voiceovers these days. And guess what? The industry is saturated with lots of fantastic text-to-speech software you’ll love.

Today’s guide will highlight the best text-to-speech software that is great for both professional and educational use cases. We will also use the opportunity to highlight some core features of these solutions, what makes them stand out, and some pros and cons. 

But before we give you all the juicy details, let’s quickly give you an overview of text-to-speech software. 

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Overview of text-to-speech software

A lot of people prefer listening to reading. This explains why text-to-speech solutions continue to appeal to many people. Even though creating speech content can be pretty expensive and time-consuming, text-to-speech resources are changing how people create speech content these days. Here are some reasons why text-to-speech solutions are becoming a game changer in content creation. 

Usage: Before text-to-speech software became a thing, creating voiceovers and speech content was expensive and time-consuming. But not anymore. With the myriad of text-to-speech software out there, you no longer need to invest in expensive equipment to generate quality voiceovers. Instead, all you need to do is create a script and leverage a text to speech software to convert it to voice. 

While you may need to tweak some finer points when leveraging a TTS solution, we love that it is still easier and faster to create speech content using TTS. 

Using voice computing offers remarkable benefits, especially for e-learning and online business, as it makes text-based content accessible via voice. 

Accessibility: In a world where millions of people struggle with reading and learning difficulties, the need for audio and speech-based content is more important than ever. Thankfully, text-to-speech resources are providing a valuable solution as they continue to make knowledge and data seamlessly accessible for millions of users worldwide. 

Businesses: With the insane competition in the business world, businesses, more than ever before, are continuing to leverage anything that makes it easy to reach potential customers. With many customers too busy to read ads, businesses are now letting their ads speak to potential customers. This use case for text-to-speech solutions is becoming even more relevant as the industry advances. 

Having furnished you with an overview of text-to-speech software, it’s time to take you through our list of best text-to-speech software. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Top picks: Best text-to-speech software

As we mentioned right from the get-go, the text-to-speech software industry is saturated with lots of exciting text-to-speech resources. Here are some of our top picks.

1. Speechelo

Speechelo ranks as one of the best TTS software for the right reasons. For starters, this software is super easy to use. So you don’t need to have any technical know-how to be able to use the software for your voiceover projects. 

We love that you can use Speechelo to generate high-quality voiceovers, thanks to the sheer number of human voices the platform supports. You can create quality voiceovers using Speechelo in a few minutes. Plus, it only takes a couple of clicks to finish the entire process. 

Speechelo can convert any text into 100% human-sounding voices with only 3 clicks. Simple right? We thought so too. 

With Speechelo, you can kiss goodbye to paying exorbitant fees for professional voiceover artists. Not just that, you can also forget about tacky robotic voices that make your voiceovers sound unappealing. 

Besides supporting over 23 languages, Speechelo supports hundreds of male and female voices. All these superb features ensure that your voiceovers appeal to your target audience. 

How much does Speechelo cost?

Different from the other text-to-speech resources we have highlighted so far, Speechelo doesn’t offer different pricing plans you can choose from. While Speechelo has a standard version with some obvious limitations, Speechelo has a Pro version with many exciting features. 

The Pro version of Speechelo is affordable, so it won’t cost you a fortune to subscribe to it. Ordinarily, Speechelo Pro costs $47 per month, but the company behind this software currently has a special promotion called Founders Special offer. With this offer, you only pay $27 per month for Speechelo Pro. 

Signing up for Speechelo has many incredible benefits, including support for myriads of human-sounding voices, commercial use license, access to a community of professionals, and more. 

Note: Speechelo doesn’t offer a free trial option. So you’d have to sign up for one of their versions before you can access the fantastic perks of this software. 

2. Murf

Call it the best text-to-speech software, and you won’t be wrong. This robust TTS software is trusted by thousands of users who deploy it for creating high-quality speech content. For those just learning about Murf, it is a powerful AI-powered text-to-speech software that can be deployed for creating high-quality voiceovers for presentation videos and text-based e-learning content. 

Asides from that, Murf also provides users access to valuable tools they can use to convert blog posts into a podcast. With Murf, users have unfettered access to over 100 human-sounding AI voices and different accents in 15 languages.

What makes Murf truly special is that it provides you with options you’ll not get with other text-to-speech resources. For instance, Murf lets you record your voice, upload it to the interface and convert it into a high-quality, human-sounding AI voiceover for your content. 

Let us also add that Murf helps convert voiceovers into editable text, making your job easier. 

Murf Studio has an easy-to-use editor and adjustable templates, making it easy for users to get started with the software. All you ever need to do is paste your script into the text editor, choose your preferred voice, select a voice style, and hit the generate button. It’s that easy. Plus, you can also deploy royalty-free background music provided by Murf to give a definitive edge to your content. 

While Murf is a tad affordable, especially compared to other text-to-speech solutions, we love that they provide three pricing plans you can choose from, depending on what you’re looking for and your budget. These pricing plans include Free, Basic, and Enterprise solutions. 

Keep in mind that these plans are priced differently and differ in terms of supported users, the number of voices, and the number of hours of voice generation. Additionally, subscribing to the Enterprise plan offers terrific perks such as unlimited downloads, commercial usage, and chat support. 

How much does it cost?

As we reiterated earlier, Murf is affordable, especially considering pricing for other similar tools. And yes, they have different pricing plans you can choose from. Here, check out their different plans along with their pricing. 

Free plan: Murf’s free plan is exactly what it is. It doesn’t cost anything to signup for this plan. The only caveat with this option is that it has limited features, so you may need more than this for your voiceover projects. 

Basic plan: The Basic plan from Murf costs $13 per month. And if you were to signup for the annual package, you’ll pay $156. This plan has many remarkable features you can leverage for creating high-quality voiceovers. 

Pro plan: Murf’s Pro plan has many fantastic features you’ll love. It is the most popular plan currently offered by the company. In terms of pricing, Murf’s Pro plan costs $26 per month. You can sign up for the yearly package for only $312. 

Enterprise solution: The Enterprise plan from Murf is the most expensive plan from the company. So it doesn’t surprise us that it has more features than all the other plans. Signing up for this package costs $167 monthly. Similarly, opting for the annual package will cost $1999.

3. Synthesys

If you’re out for affordable and easy-to-use text-to-speech software, you’ll be hard-picked to find any software better than Synthesys at the moment, and we aren’t bluffing. It is among the leading text-to-speech software out there. 

Synthesys is unique because it can be deployed to generate professional audio and video content for business, marketing, and educational purposes. Thanks to being cloud-based, you won’t need to download or install the software on your system before you can start using it. And before we forget to mention, Synthesys offers two different versions. 

Using Synthesys to create high-quality voiceovers is easy. With just three clicks, you can leverage this text-to-speech software to create top-notch voiceovers. What’s unique about this AI text-to-speech software is that users have the option to choose between different voiceover artists. This is a brilliant option for people who want to create speech content with specific intonations for different use cases, such as radio ads, commercials, podcasts, storytelling, audiobooks, trailers, and more. 

Synthesys also has AI text-to-video software. Using this software, you can easily convert scripts to real videos. The exciting thing about Synthesys text-to-video software is that you don’t need a camera, microphone, or third-party software to do this. And you can choose a spokesperson, one that fits your business needs for your video content. Converting text to video using Synthesys is super easy. All you need to do is choose a spokesperson for your video, select a voice and tone, paste your script, choose background music and create the video. The entire process only takes a couple of minutes. 

With Synthesys, users have access to many AI avatars they can use as spokespersons for their AI-generated videos. Using this software, you can create high-quality commercials, explainer videos, educational videos, podcasts, tutorials, online courses, and more.

For people looking to create marketing content without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on an in-house marketing team, you won’t go wrong in giving Synthesys a try. 

How much does it cost?

Synthesys is arguably one of the most affordable text-to-speech solutions on the market. But don’t just take our word for it. Here is everything you need to know about Synthesys pricing and plans. 

Human Studio Synthesys: This is the cheapest plan from Synthesys. The plan costs $39 per month. And if you have enough money to spare, you can opt for the yearly plan, which comes with some discounts. By signing up for this package, you can generate unlimited videos. You’ll also have access to 73 Humatars. Other features include uploading your voice, access to 66 languages, and 254 general voices. In addition to that, you get to customize your videos. 

Audio Synthesys: This plan from Synthesys costs $29. It is more affordable than the plan we highlighted above. What’s unique about this plan is the insane number of features available to users. This plan supports unlimited voiceover downloads and grants access to 30 authentic human voices. It is entirely web-based, meaning you don’t have to download or install the software before you can start using it. 

Audio and Human Studio Synthesys: This plan is quite expensive, especially compared to the previous plans we explored. Nonetheless, it packs many exciting features users are sure to love. Signing up for this package costs $59 per month. With this package from Synthesys, you’ll get to generate unlimited videos and voiceovers. You’ll also enjoy access to both versions of Synthesys. 

Let us also quickly add that you’ll get a 20% discount when you sign up for the annual package. 

4. Notevibes

Converting text to speech is now easier, especially with robust software like Notevibes. Unlike other text-to-speech tools we have highlighted, Notevibes offers some unique propositions you’ll not enjoy with other text-to-speech resources. 

For instance, Notevibes supports over 18 languages. This means you can create voiceovers in many top languages. And as if that’s not enough, the software lets users generate high-quality voiceovers in over 170 natural-sounding voices. More importantly, you get to download generated voiceovers free of charge. 

Notevibes has a free plan, which you can leverage to test the performance of the software. Unfortunately, because of its 5000-character limit, you won’t be able to do much with the free version. To take things up a notch, you can take advantage of the two pricing plans to generate high-quality voiceovers. 

How much does it cost?

Notevibes is super affordable. It is giving other text-to-speech solutions a run for their money. Here is how much their plans cost. 

Personal plan: This plan from Notevibes is excellent for casual usage and provides one license. Users who opt for this plan can generate voiceovers with up to 1,200,000 characters. In addition, voiceovers generated via Notevibes can be downloaded in Mp3 format. And you don’t have to pay a fortune to subscribe to this plan as it costs only $7 per month. Compared to other text-to-speech tools we have highlighted so far, you’ll agree that Notevibes has the cheapest plans. 

Commercial plan: This plan starts from $70 per month. Subscribing to this plan comes with many exciting perks. To start with, this plan supports 12,000,000 characters per month. This means you can generate tons of voiceovers for your projects. More importantly, users on this plan get access to multiple advanced features to make their tasks easy. 

Subscribing for this package from Notevibes means you’ll get unfettered access to the team license. This feature makes it possible for multiple users to use Notevibes. Other unique features that come with this plan include an advanced voice editor, WAV/mp3 file download, SSML support, audio files history, and more. 

5. Lovo

Are you interested in text-to-speech software for e-learning platforms, audiobooks, podcasts, and voice ads? Then you’ll be satisfied to try Lovo. Since the software launched a few years ago, it has continued to appeal to many content creators. 

What’s incredibly unique about this text-to-speech solution is its simplicity. Whether you have prior experience with text-to-speech solutions or you’re a newbie just getting started, rest assured that you’ll be able to navigate the Lovo interface without hassle. 

With Lovo, you can generate high-quality voiceovers in 33 languages. Plus, you have over 150 voices you can leverage for your voiceover projects. 

While the voices available on the Lovo software are natural sounding, what’s more exciting is that these voices have an emotional touch to them. 

Those who sign up for the premium plan have access to an advanced feature called custom voices. Thanks to Lovo’s top-notch cloning technology, the software only takes a couple of minutes to create a customized voice skin. You can use Lovo’s customized voices to appeal to your target audience. If you don’t want to use the over 150 voices supported by Lovo but prefer your voice, you’ll love the personalized touch that Lovo’s customized voices offer. 

How much does Lovo cost?

Lovo has different pricing plans. So depending on what you want or your budget, we are sure you’ll find one of their pricing plans worth checking out. Like many of the text-to-speech solutions out there, Lovo has a free plan, which is great for personal use. While it offers unlimited text-to-voice conversions, there are some limitations to the download option. Other pricing plans offered by Lovo include personal and freelancer. 

Personal plan: Signing up for this brilliant plan from Lovo has many exciting benefits. And yes, you get a whopping 50% discount. How cool can that be? As per pricing, this plan costs only $17.49 per month. And yes, it unlocks access to powerful features such as unlimited conversion, listening, and sharing, commercial rights, up to 30 downloads per month, and unlimited access to all voices. Plus, users can convert up to 15,000 characters for every download. 

Freelancer plan: The Freelancer plan from Lovo unlocks access to many superb features. While it comes with all the features available in the Personal plan, this plan stretches the download limit to up to 100 per month. And since there is a 50% discount for this plan, you won’t have to pay an exorbitant fee to enjoy all its superb features. 

The most exciting part is that Lovo has a free trial version. So you can test the waters before committing to a plan. 


If your goal is to get sophisticated text-to-speech software that ticks all your boxes, you won’t be disappointed to check out This superb text-to-speech software provides seamless access to up to 260 realistic AI voices from IBM, Google, Microsoft, and even Amazon. Using these voices, you’re sure to generate quality voiceovers that appeal to your target audience. is miles apart from other text-to-speech resources, and that’s because it has some remarkable features you won’t find with many text-to-speech tools. For instance, provides speech synthesis and SSML control. Not just that, users can seamlessly tweak voice pitch, add pauses, alter volume rate, and more to make their voiceovers sound more exceptional. And yes, the software lets you create an RSS feed for the converted audio file. 

To beat its competitor, Play. ht offers a unique listen button you can easily embed on your blogs. What this does is increase accessibility, ensuring that your voiceovers reach more audiences. Whether you’re a blogger or business owner, you’ll enjoy what brings to the table. 

With, users have the option to choose between a monthly or yearly subscription, depending on what works for them. That said, we always recommend the yearly package, and that’s because you get two months free. And just so you know, has been featured on the AppSumo platform, so you’re sure to get an even better deal when you signup via AppSumo. 

How much does it cost?

Wondering what cost? Well, read on as we take a look at the different plans offered by the company. currently has three distinct pricing plans you can choose from. Each plan costs differently. Here is a brief overview of each plan offered by 

Personal plan: This is the basic plan offered by It is affordable, especially when you compare it to other plans offered by the company. As per pricing, this plan costs only $14.25 monthly. 

Subscribing to this plan unlocks access to many wonderful features, including the ability to generate voiceovers with a combined word count of up to 240,000 words. More importantly, the package also supports standard voices, so you’re sure going to create 100% human-sounding voiceovers. 

In addition to all these, you’ll enjoy unlimited downloads and unlimited previews with this package.

Professional plan: This plan from has everything you’re looking for and more. It is the most popular package on the platform. Subscribing for this package will cost you $29.25 per month. On an annual basis, you’ll end up paying $351, which is fair. 

Being the most popular plan on the platform, the Professional package has many exciting features. While it has all of the features in the personal package, opting for this plan means you’ll be able to generate speech content with a combined word count of 600,000 words per month. 

You also get to generate voiceovers with 100% realistic voices. Other brilliant features include free audio previews, unlimited projects, and a commercial use license. 

Premium plan: The premium plan from is great for those who want to access advanced features not available on the Personal or Professional plan. And as you’d guess, this plan costs way more than other plans. 

Signing up for the premium package will cost you $74.25 per month. And opting for the yearly package costs you $891 annually. 

By signing up for this package, you’ll enjoy unlimited voice generation, ultra-realistic voices, white-label audio players, and a pronunciation library. And yes, it has all the other features on the Professional plan. 

7. NaturalReader

Are you on the lookout for the best text-to-speech software that gets the job done without requiring too much input from you? Then say hello to NaturalReader from NaturalSoft Ltd. This superb speech content generation tool is excellent for personal and professional use. 

Even though NaturalReader allows users to explore a range of their text-to-speech program via a free edition, especially for reading text aloud, there are two paid versions of this software that provides seamless access to premium voices and tools. In addition, the paid version is excellent for advanced processing and customization. 

With the free version of NaturalReader, you have access to unlimited voices. But, unfortunately, you only get 20 minutes of premium voices. 

We love that using NaturalReader to generate voiceovers is super easy. All you are required to do is copy and paste your script to the text editor and hit the listen button to hear how it sounds. That said, if you’d love to convert your text into downloaded Mp3 format, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan. 

NaturalReader currently offers monthly subscription options for their pro versions. Subscribing to any of these packages will unlock access to premium voices and the ability to convert text into downloadable Mp3 files. Thanks to its powerful OCR technology, you can deploy NaturalReader to read text from images. 

NaturalReaders supports over 16 languages and hundreds of natural-sounding voices. With these options, you’re sure to generate high-quality voiceovers that appeal to your target audience.

Unlike the other TTS software we have reviewed so far, NaturalReader is unique in the sense that it is available in different options, including a Chrome extension, desktop software, and a mobile app. 

How much does NaturalReader cost?

NaturalReader has different pricing plans you can choose from. Here, check them out. 

Free plan: Just as its name suggests, this package is offered free of charge. Meaning you won’t pay anything. Unfortunately, it is only great for people testing the software to see if it lives up to its hype. 

Some of the features of this plan include access to a pronunciation editor, a unique mini board that allows it to read texts in other applications, unlimited use with Free Voices, and support for different document formats, including TXT, PDF,  Docx, and ePub. 

Personal plan: If you want a rich experience from using this powerful text-to-speech resource, you won’t be disappointed to opt for the Personal plan. With this plan, you’ll be able to access 2 natural voices you can leverage for your voiceovers. And while you also get to enjoy all of the features that come with the Free Version, you also get to convert text to MP3 seamlessly. 

This plan is available as a one-time payment and costs $99.50. What this means is that you won’t need to worry about recurring monthly fees. 

Professional plan: Sometimes, the features available on the Personal plan may not suffice for your voiceover projects. In that case, you can opt for the Professional package, which has extra superb features. 

In terms of pricing, this package costs $129.50. And the cool part is that it is available as a one-time payment. So there will be no need for recurring payments. 

Subscribing for this plan will grant you access to all the features available on the Personal plan. In addition to that, this plan supports 4 natural voices, giving you more options when generating voiceovers. 

The Ultimate plan: This plan is perfect for those looking to make the most of this superb text-to-speech resource. 

Besides supporting all the features available on the Professional plan, subscribing to this plan unlocks access to more advanced features, including 6 natural voices and support for 5000 images per year for its unique OCR technology to read text on images and PDF documents. 

Unfortunately, this package is a tad more expensive than other plans we have highlighted so far, as it costs $199.50. The cool thing is that you only get to pay a one-time fee for this package. So there won’t be any need for recurring monthly payments.

8. Kukarella

Kukarella has established its place as the most powerful text-to-speech software out there. And besides its insane text-to-speech functionality, this TTS software also processes voice-to-text. How cool can that be?  

If you’re looking for a powerful tool that lets you seamlessly transcribe audio and convert voice to text, you’ll fancy everything that Kurella offers. While Kukaralle currently supports 60 languages, making it super easy for users to generate speech content in many languages, it also offers 390 realistic voices you can use to enrich your voiceovers. 

Kukarella lets you experiment with different effects and accents. The goal is to give your voiceovers a definitive edge that is sure to convert. 

Kukarella offers different subscription options, which we will explore in detail shortly. That said, keep in mind that Kukarella has a free plan. So if you’re looking to test the performance of the software before you sign up for their paid plans, you are free to explore the free plan. 

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the free plan has some limitations. For instance, with the free plan, the text-to-voice feature only supports 2000 characters per month. This means if you exceed this character limit, you’d have to opt for a paid plan, which unlocks access to more advanced features. 

How much does Kukarella cost?

Even though Kukarella has a free plan, which we have briefly talked about above, you’ll get the most out of this software if you opt for one of its paid plans. Let’s look closely at each of these plans and how much they cost. 

Pro plan: This package from Kukarrela will suffice for your voiceover needs. It comes with several exciting features that are guaranteed to give your voiceovers an edge. As per pricing, this package costs $15 per month and is perfect for creatives. 

Some of the top features of this plan include support for 100,000 characters per month, 7 voice effects, 60 realistic voices, 60 minutes per month of audio transcription, commercial use license, unlimited projects, and files. 

Premium plan: This plan from Kukarella is uniquely designed for film professionals. Subscribing to this plan is sure to take your voiceover projects to the next level. For starters, this package costs only $35 per month. 

The premium plan from Kukarella unlocks access to many superb features, including 300,000 character support per month, 180 minutes of monthly audio transcription, access to over 752 human-sounding voices, commercial use license, premium support, a 20% discount, and more. 

The studio plan: Do you own a business that requires generating high-quality voiceovers regularly? Then you’re welcome to explore the Studio plan from Kukarella. This awesome plan comes with many robust features you can leverage to churn out quality voiceovers. 

Signing up for this package will cost you $99 per month. With this package, you’ll enjoy access to remarkable features, including commercial use license, 752 human-sounding voice options, 1,500,000 character support monthly, 30% discounts, premium customer support, all effect, 900 minutes of audio transcription, access to project files, and more. 

9. Talkia

Talkia is a fantastic text-to-speech software engineered to help people generate 100% human-sounding voices. Because of how easy it is to use this software, you can use it to generate high-quality voiceovers for video sales letters, training videos, educational videos, audiobooks, sales scripts, and more. 

Talkia stands out from other text-to-speech solutions because of its many remarkable features. The most exciting feature of this software is that it supports over 102 voices. And you can extend this significantly to 404 voices when you subscribe to the Enterprise plan. 

Talkia has a clean and intuitive interface. This makes it easy to navigate. So whether you’re tech-savvy or not, you’ll still be able to pretty much find your way around the platform without any assistance. 

In addition to supporting hundreds of human-sounding voices, Talkia also supports multiple languages. Thanks to supporting a variety of languages, you can create voiceovers in different languages without engaging the services of a translator. 

Being a cloud-based software, you won’t need to download and install the software on your laptop or desktop device before you can start using the software. All you need to do is access the Talkia platform via its official website to explore all its functionalities. 

How much does Talkia cost?

Talkia is an intelligent software you can always trust to generate quality human-sounding voiceovers. We love this TTS software because it is affordable, especially compared to other text-to-speech tools on the market. Talkia has two pricing plans you can choose from. Here is all you need to know about these pricing plans. 

Standard plan: Talkia’s Standard plan is great for people who create video content now and then. This package goes for $39 per month and comes with many superb functionalities you’ll love. 

Some of the most exciting features of this plan include support for 102 human-sounding voices, 1000 words per voiceover, 59 female voices, 43 male voices, 30 background music, commercial use license, and 4 youth voices. 

Enterprise plan: The Enterprise plan from Takia has everything you’ll need to generate quality voiceovers. Although it is way more expensive than the Standard plan, when you compare it to the pricing of other software, you’ll agree that it is super affordable. 

As per pricing, this plan costs $69 per month. The cool thing about signing up for this package is that it unlocks access to robust features you won’t find on the Standard package. Some unique features you get with this plan include support for over 5000 words for each voiceover, 150 background music, commercial use license, 404 voices, 23 youth voices, 166 male voices, and 238 female voices. 

For people looking to create voiceovers with a touch of professionalism, you won’t go wrong opting for this package. 

10. Wideo

Wideo is a household name in the text-to-speech industry and that’s because of its popularity and ease of use. The platform boasts of having up to 2.5 million active users. If you want software that makes generating voiceovers a stroll in the park, you won’t be disappointed to explore Wideo. While Wideo lets users create videos with voiceovers, what stands out for us is its text-to-speech software program. 

What makes Wideo such a brilliant tool is the flexibility it offers. While users have the option to integrate Google’s text-to-speech API for seamless conversion of text-to-speech, they can also leverage the many exciting voices supported by the platform for their voiceover projects. 

Using Wideo to convert text to speech has to be the easiest thing to do. All you ever have to do is enter your text in the text editor field, choose your preferred voice and hit the generate button. The entire process only takes a couple of minutes so you won’t spend hours converting your text to high-quality voiceovers.  

How much is Wideo?

Besides its free option, which you can explore if you’re looking to test the performance of this software, whether it lives up to the hype or not, Wideo has three distinct pricing plans you can choose from. Read on for all the details of these pricing plans. 

Basic plan: Wideo basic plan costs $19 per month. This plan supports 10 downloads per month. Besides providing access to 33 video templates for converting text to speech, the Basic plan only allows users to create speech content that is 1.5 minutes long. 

Pro plan: If you’re looking to get more out of this software, we highly recommend opting for the Pro plan. And you don’t have to dig too deep into your pocket to pay for this package as it only costs $39 per month. 

Some of the perks of signing up for this package is that it supports unlimited downloads per month. Plus, users get to create longer voiceovers, thanks to supporting 10 minutes of videos. On top of that, users get to access its full templates gallery. 

Pro Plus plan: If you’re like us and want to explore text to speech software to the fullest, you’ll love everything that the Pro Plus plan offers. Signing up for this package will cost you $79 per month. And if you opt for the yearly package, you’ll end up paying $948 annually. 

While this package supports unlimited downloads, users get to generate voiceovers with videos that are 30 minutes long. And unlike other plans, this plan makes room for one additional account, so two people can use the software simultaneously. 

Note: Wideo has a free trial option. So feel free to test the waters before committing to a plan. 

11. WellSaid 

WellSaid is a powerful text-to-speech software created by WellSaidLabs. The software is a game changer in the TTS space as it comes loaded with powerful features you can deploy for your voiceover projects. If your goal is to create interactive content, you’ll love every bit of what WellSaid offers. 

Though its voice library is a bit laid back, as it only supports fifteen voiceover talents, you can always expect to create high-quality voiceovers despite the lack of variety, especially when you consider that other TTS solutions have hundreds of voice options. 

The cool thing about using a tool like WellSaid is that you can customize the voice option. What we mean is that you can customize your voice and deploy it for your various projects. The icing on the cake is that you can also connect the WellSaidLabs API to your in-house services. 

Although we agree that the languages and voices available on the WellSaid platform are pretty basic, there is so much you can achieve with the myriad of male and female voices supported by the platform. 

What stands out for us is the natural-sounding voices you get with WellSaid. And yes, the software is super easy to use. 

Before signing up for their paid plans, we strongly encourage exploring the platform by taking advantage of their one-week free trial option. The free trial option lets users access up to 4 AI voices, and 50 audio files, in addition to creating one project. 

And to sweeten their deal, WellSaid offers a 10% discount on all annual packages. 

How much does it cost?

Overall, WellSaid is a bit affordable, especially compared to other TTS software on the market. And yes, they also have a free trial option to get you started. Here are the different plans offered by WellSaid, along with how much it would cost to subscribe to each package. 

Trial options: Opting for the WellSaid free trial option is a brilliant thing to do, especially if you want to gauge the performance of the software before you sign up for a paid plan. The free trial option grants you one week of free access to all of WellSaid’s fantastic features. You can also access 50 voice avatars, 50 audio clips, and more you can deploy for your project. 

Maker plan: If you’re interested in a plan that doesn’t cost too much and unlocks access to fantastic tools you can leverage for your voiceover projects, we recommend checking out the Maker plan from WellSaid. This plan starts from $49 per month.

Subscribing for this plan will unlock access to fantastic features, including commercial use license, 1000 chars/clip, 250 downloads, unlimited retakes, 5 projects, and 4 voice avatars. 

Creative plan: The Creative plan is the most popular plan offered by WellSaid. Besides being affordable, which is why many people opt for it, it also unlocks access to many brilliant features. Signing up for this plan will cost you $99 per month. 

The Creative plan has many fantastic features, including granting commercial use license, access to robust customer support, 53 voice avatars, 750 downloads, Unlimited retakes, 50 projects, and 1000 chars/clips.

Producer plan: If you produce voiceovers very often, then this package from WellSaid is right for you. With this plan, you get to execute unlimited projects and enjoy access to live chat support. It also supports 2500 downloads, 53 voice avatars, unlimited retakes, OGG and WAV file support, and 1000 chars/clips. 

When it comes to pricing, this package costs $99 per month. And when you choose the yearly package, you get to enjoy discounts of up to 10%. 

Team plan: Do you often have to work as a team and looking for TTS software that supports multiple users at a time? Then you’ll love the Team plan option offered by WellSaid. 

WellSaid hasn’t provided definite pricing for this plan on their platform, so you would have to reach out to the company to find out how much it would cost to sign up for this plan. 

The exciting thing about this plan is that it comes loaded with impeccable features that will give your voiceover projects the edge they need. Some of the top features you’ll get with this plan include support for multiple team members, commercial use license, a dedicated account manager, unlimited retakes, volume licensing, team projects, creative training kickoff, live chat support, and more. 

12. Descript

This powerful software has earned a name for itself thanks to its unique proposition. And it’s exciting to know that this software is more than just a text-to-speech converter. Thanks to its collaborative audio and video editing features, you can leverage this powerful tool for editing, transcription, and recording. 

Because Descript has many fantastic features you won’t find on other TTS software, it’s easy to see why it is a tad better than other TTS solutions. 

Whether you’re a small business or podcaster, you’ll love the robust features that Descript offers. And on top of that, the software is affordable, so you won’t spend a fortune to signup for one of its packages. 

While Descript has a free version, which is excellent for those who want to gauge the tool’s performance, they also offer numerous paid options, which we will be looking at shortly. Although users have the option to choose between monthly or annual subscriptions, it’s best to go for the annual option as it saves you nearly 20%. 

How much does it cost?

Besides the free plan, which is 100% free, Descript offers three paid plans you can choose from. Read on as we provide you with all the details for each plan, along with their features and how much they cost. 

Free plan: As the name suggests, the free plan from Descript is 100% free. It is excellent for people who want to gauge the performance of the software. This plan includes unlimited screen recording, 3 hours of transcription, overdub trail, studio sound effects, full audio, and video editing

Creator: This is an affordable plan offered by Descript. We strongly recommend opting for this package if you don’t create speech content often. While this plan includes all the features available on the free plan, it comes with extra benefits, including watermark-free video export and 10 hours of transcription per month. 

When it comes to pricing, this package costs $30 per month. And you can get it even cheaper when you sign up for the yearly package.

Pro plan: Although the Creator plan provides access to many wonderful features, it has some limitations. Good for you; the Pro package has everything you want and more. Besides including all the features on the Creator plan, the Pro package takes things up a notch. To start with, this package offers unlimited overdub, access to filler words pro, 30 hours of transcription per month, audio grams pro, custom drive and page branding, publishing pro, back file export, and more. 

Custom plan: If you’re looking for a better experience with a TTS solution, we suggest opting for the Custom plan. This package has more spectacular features than all other plans put together. By signing up for this package, you’ll get access to a dedicated account rep, overdub enterprise, single sign-on, Descript service agreement, invoicing, security review, onboarding, and training. 

Unfortunately, you’d have to discuss with their marketing team to get an idea of the pricing for this plan, as there isn’t any info on pricing on the company’s official website. 

13. iSpeech

iSpeech is a leading text-to-speech software out there. We love that the software has a brilliant UI, which makes it easy to navigate and use. iSpeech is loved by many creators because of its robust selling point. And yes, the free version of this software offers a lot of unique perks you won’t get with many TTS software. 

Using this software is super easy, so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to be able to use this software for your voiceover projects. All you need to do is paste your text in the editor field, hit the convert button, and download the generated voiceover in your preferred format. The entire process takes only a few minutes to complete. More so, you can download the output in various formats. 

iSpeech currently supports over 30 languages. With this insane option, you can create voiceovers in many languages. Plus, you won’t need to hire the services of a translator to convert your voiceovers to other languages. When creating speech content using this software, you have the option to select different speed options, including slow, regular and fast. 

Some of the top features of this software include eLearning, IVR, voice cloning, publishers, and web readers. 

How much does iSpeech cost?

Compared to other TTS software we reviewed in today’s guide, iSpeech is a tad expensive and you’ll see why soon. For instance, if you want to convert 900 words of text to speech using this software, you’d spend a whopping $100, and it doesn’t end there. Converting 10,000 words of text to speech will cost you $500. 

Additionally, converting 50,000 words of text to audio will cost you an extra $1500, which is way too expensive when you consider that you could do the same with other TTS software for way cheaper. 

If you’re looking for cheap TTS software, we recommend checking out other options, as this one is a tad expensive.

How can I choose the best Text to Speech software?

With the myriad of options on the market, you’ll agree that choosing a text-to-speech resource for your voiceover projects is quite challenging. The reality is that one software may not be great for everyone. While pricing is a big deal when shopping for TTS software, that isn’t the only thing people consider when they shop for reliable text-to-speech software. Other factors to consider include the sound of voices, download options, supported users, and limitations in data usage. 

With text-to-speech solutions evolving quickly, you want to opt for a TTS solution with everything you’ll need to generate quality voiceovers. We recommend robust text-to-speech solutions like Talkia, Speechelo, Descript, and more for podcasters and bloggers, as they make your job super easy. 

For small businesses, we strongly recommend powerful TTS software like NaturalReader, Notevibes, and Murf. We recommend these tools because of the unique edge they provide. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the best text-to-speech solution?

This is a challenging answer as the text-to-speech industry is saturated with many brilliant text-to-speech software. To allow you to make an informed decision, we have gone above and beyond to provide you with a list of the best text-to-speech software on the market. Feel free to go through each software we have highlighted. Pay special attention to their pricing and features. This should help you make an informed decision. 

Are text-to-speech solutions expensive?

With the insane competition in the text-to-speech industry, many text to speech solutions are cutting down their pricing to attract more patronage. Some of the teams behind this software are constantly rolling out massive deals to attract more customers. So, on the contrary, most text-to-speech solutions we have highlighted are super affordable. This isn’t to say there aren’t expensive text-to-speech resources out there. What we are simply trying to say is that you’ll always get a text-to-speech solution that is within your budget. And in case you are confused, today’s guide has provided you with several options you can choose from. 

Is there a realistic TTS software?

Suppose you’re looking for realistic text-to-speech software that delivers 100% human-sounding voices. In that case, you’ll be happy to learn that software like Speechelo, Talkia, and Speechify delivers 100% human-sounding voices. Moreover, while these TTS tools provide access to tons of voice and accent options, they are also super easy to use. So you won’t need any learning curve to navigate these tools. 


Converting text to speech is now easier than ever, thanks to the advancement in text-to-speech technology. Without mincing words, text-to-speech technologies are changing how people create content today. With the advancement in the tech space, computers can now recite texts in voices that mimic humans. Today, you can’t even guess whether a voiceover was generated by machines or humans. 

Sure, voice computing has a pretty long way to go to attain perfection, but with deep fakes advancing at an incredible pace, it is only a matter of time before TTS technologies get the attention they deserve. 

If you are interested in a powerful text-to-speech solution that gets the job done, you won’t be disappointed to explore our list of best TTS solutions. We are sure you’ll find one software that ticks all your boxes, including your budget. Nevertheless, before you opt for any TTS software, we strongly recommend weighing the pros and cons, features, and some limitations of the tool. This would help you make an informed decision. 

We hope today’s post on the best text-to-speech software has been helpful. Feel free to leave us a comment, and we will be happy to respond to your questions. 

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