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Best ThriveCart Review 2023: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

ThriveCart is one of the most popular online shopping cart solutions available, generating a lot of buzz, primarily because of its unique propositions and fantastic features.

With ThriveCart, creating high-converting checkout pages and payments for your business has never been easier.

If your business sells physical or digital products online, including e-Books and courses, you’ll fancy ThriveCart as it has everything you need to thrive and rake in sales.

Besides giving users an edge, ThriveCart provides you with all the tools and resources to collect leads, design checkout pages, offer promotions, and maximize sales.

Like many shopping cart tools on the market, ThriveCart supports subscription plans, which makes it excellent for businesses that offer subscription-based services.

Thrivecart Review: Landing Page Intro

Today’s ThriveCart review will take a detailed look at the unique features and functionalities of this online shopping cart software and why it is a must-have for people who sell online.

We will go over the potential of this tool, the integrations provided, support, and what users think about it. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

ThriveCart Review: A Brief Overview

Thrivecart Review: A Brief Overview

Do you own an online business selling physical or digital products like eBooks and courses? Then you’ll need to integrate a proven shopping cart solution to give your business an edge. One such solution that has continued to appeal to many business owners is ThriveCart.

What’s incredibly unique about this shopping cart solution is that it doesn’t require any technical knowledge, making it highly recommended for newbie entrepreneurs looking for an easy yet powerful shopping cart tool.

There are a lot of unique things to love about ThriveCart. To start with, ThriveCart offers reliable A/B testing. On top of that, users get access to tons of visually pleasing checkout pages, multiple autoresponders, and, of course, many powerful marketing tools.

Unlike other online shopping cart solutions, where you’d have to pay recurring monthly fees, ThriveCart is available for a one-time price. This means you only have to make a one-time fee to enjoy lifetime access to the tool. How cool can that be?

Though many online shopping cart tools are available, ThriveCart stands out from the pack for its unique selling points and affordability. Read on as we delve deeper into unraveling the ThriveCart platform.

In case you missed it, here’s the link for the ThriveCart Lifetime Offer.

ThriveCart Review: What Does It Do Best?

ThriveCart was designed to make it easy for entrepreneurs and business owners to run their businesses seamlessly. The tool was designed for two main goals:

  • Drastically reduce abandoned carts and checkout page bounce rate.
  • helps businesses maximize sales and increase revenue.

If you’re new to using shopping carts, it will interest you to know that ThriveCart was designed to help you sell your products and services directly from your website. With ThriveCart, customers don’t need to leave the page to check out their orders.

Besides helping users sell their products and services, ThriveCart provides you with all the resources to convert leads directly from the checkout page. And that’s because it offers a brilliant two-step checkout page, which records customers’ information like email addresses, which you can add to your mailing list.

While ThriveCart can be deployed as an online shopping cart tool, we have put together some areas where ThriveCart stands out. Here, check them out:

  • ThriveCart is great for creating high-converting checkout pages.
  • This tool makes lead capturing a stroll in the park.
  • Creating one-click bump offers and upsells is super easy using this resource.
  • It is excellent for managing recurrent subscriptions.
  • Provides practical tools for creating embeddable pop-up cart pages.

Who Should Use ThriveCart?

Are you wondering who ThriveCart is built for? Well, read on as we delve deeper into the details.

ThriveCart is excellent for businesses selling physical or digital products online. Whether you own an eCommerce store or you’re a small business marketing your products online, you’ll love the unique features provided by ThriveCart.

From businesses selling physical products online to companies offering services, ThriveCart provides all the necessary tools to push your business to the next level. The main goal of this shopping cart solution is to make the checkout process quick and hassle-free for business owners.

From experience, we have realized that the easier the checkout process is, the more revenue a business can generate.

With ThriveCart’s high-converting checkout pages, customers will have a seamless experience when completing transactions for their preferred products. While this will increase your revenue, it would also earn you repeat buyers.

Stats have shown that customers love to shop on platforms that make it easy for them to complete their orders, and with ThriveCart, you’ll enjoy this and more. While the tool helps businesses reduce the number of abandoned carts, we also love that it provides all the necessary tools to collect leads.

And yes, the checkout templates available on ThriveCart make it easy for businesses to set it up. Plus, users are allowed to make customization to their checkout pages, so it suits their brand and exactly what they are looking to achieve.

The only caveat is that ThriveCart only allows users to sell one product or service at a time, which is a shame especially compared to what you get with other top shopping cart solutions.

For business owners disappointed by this fact, you can leverage Shopify as it provides a more robust solution to selling multiple items simultaneously.

What Can You Sell With ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is excellent for online businesses selling both physical and digital products. So if your business entails offering products and services that fall into any of these categories, ThriveCart will go a long way to make your business thrive.

1. Online Courses And eBooks

Are you looking to start selling your courses and eBooks and wondering which platform you should use? ThriveCart has you covered as it has all the tools needed to run a successful eBook and course-selling business.

Even though ThriveCart is exceptional for offering other products and services, it shines the most when deployed for selling ebooks and courses. And because ThriveCart integrates seamlessly with online course platforms, it stands out as one of the best ways to sell courses and eBooks online.

We love that ThriveCart allows seamless customization of checkout pages, making it easy for businesses running online course platforms to collect information from customers. Also, there is an option to add a GDPR consent box to your online course selling page. This way, your customers can decide whether they want to share specific information or not.

And the most exciting part is that you can easily integrate ThriveCart with popular online course-selling platforms like Teachable and Kajabi.

Even if you’re running a subscription-based membership site, you can seamlessly integrate it with ThriveCart with just a few clicks.

2. Product/services with a regular payment structure

Does your business offer products or services that require customers to make recurring payments? If yes, then you’ll love what ThriveCart brings to the table. With ThriveCart, offering multiple payment structures, including split payments, one-time payments, recurring payments, and free trials, is super easy.

ThriveCart is designed to work seamlessly with auto-responding, making billing smooth and hassle-free. On top of that, it helps segment your customers according to their subscription plans.

What this does is that it helps separate one-time payment customers from monthly subscribers. Also, the software makes it easy for users to track recurrent income, thanks to its Dunning feature.

3. Physical Products

If you’re looking for a brilliant tool that allows you to sell your products online while increasing your revenue significantly, you’ll fall head over heels for ThriveCart. While your website provides you with everything you need to promote your products, ThriveCart gives you an extra edge, especially regarding the transaction aspect of running your business.

Using ThriveCart’s two-step checkout page, you can collect shipping information and email from your customers. This information can be used for email marketing and invoicing purposes.

Another unique thing about using ThriveCart for selling physical products is that it supports multiple accounts. Meaning you can use it for your various businesses.

Whether you’re selling self-published books and products on top platforms like Lulu or you’re selling dog treats and wellness products on eCommerce platforms like Shopify, you’re going to love the unique functionalities provided by ThriveCart.

4. Digital and consultation services

ThriveCart is a valuable tool for online consultants who often rely on direct payment via Stripe or Paypal for their services.

By leveraging ThriveCart for digital and consultation services, consultants can create professional checkout pages, which they can use to receive payments for their services.

If you own a business where you need to send invoices to customers, ThriveCart will be a handy tool, primarily because of the edge it offers in this regard. And because you can connect ThriveCart to your PayPal account, payments made via the checkout page on your website go directly to your account.

Another unique attribute of this tool is that it makes it possible for users to turn their services into billable products that show up on their checkout pages. More so, ThriveCart lets you brand your invoices, allowing you to win customers’ trust.

How well does ThriveCart convert prospects to paying customers?

The goal of every business is to convert visitors to paying clients. And until they do so, they haven’t converted yet. While getting customers to your checkout page is not all that hard, getting them to click the buy button isn’t as easy as you imagined it.

Here is the thing, a customer interested in your products and services can bail on you at the last minute, which may be due to how terrible your checkout page looks.

But good enough, ThriveCart offers high converting cart pages that make it easy for businesses to convert visitors to paying customers. Besides its claims of offering high-converting checkout pages, ThriveCart also provides access to some brilliant design templates that will help increase conversion.

Although the number of design templates provided by ThriveCart may not be as much as the ones you’ll get with other online shopping cart solutions, it’s good to know that these design templates offer something unique to users.

While some templates offer one-step checkout hosted by ThriveCart, others come with pop-up checkout. All these options allow you to test the waters and see how they convert.

And yes, ThriveCart allows users to customize these templates, which is a huge boost.

Why should anyone use ThriveCart?

ThriveCart offers many perks you don’t want to miss out on. And even though it has a lot of fierce rivals to contend with, one thing that sets it apart is that you only get to pay once for the tool.

More importantly, ThriveCart can be used for different businesses selling physical or digital products online.

Besides its incredible functionalities carefully designed to give businesses an edge, we love that ThriveCart is easy to use. So if you’re new to selling online and want a brilliant shopping cart tool that makes your job even easier, you won’t be disappointed to give ThriveCart a try.

That said, ThriveCart isn’t the only shopping cart tool helping businesses increase conversion and revenue. Shopify, one of the leading eCommerce platforms, also offers an advanced cart solution for companies offering their products and services online. Samcart is another online cart solution that appeals to many businesses because of its impeccable features.

Top features of ThriveCart

Thrivecart Review: Top Features of ThriveCart

There is so much we have come to love about ThriveCart. Sit tight as we delve deeper into some of the top features of this online shopping cart.

High-Converting Checkout Pages: The Best ThriveCart Feature

ThriveCart rose to fame on the back of offering high-converting checkout pages. As a matter of fact, the company says its checkout pages are uniquely designed to minimize abandonment rates. What this simply means to the average user is that ThriveCart’s checkout pages are optimized for conversion, which is something every business looks forward to.

Creating a checkout page on ThriveCart is a walk in the park as the entire process is straightforward. The platform also provides additional templates you can seamlessly customize. So if you’re looking to create high-converting checkout pages for your online business, you’ll fancy what ThriveCart brings to the table. The best part is that you don’t need to have any coding knowledge to create checkout pages.

ThriveCart’s checkout pages do pretty well because it comes with an embedded A/B testing feature, which allows you to simulate its performance before you deploy.

Thanks to the A/B testing feature provided by ThriveCart, you’ll be able to see the analytics of each checkout page. This way, you can pick the one that delivers the best result.

When creating a checkout page on ThriveCart, users can split test variations as they build. This seamless access provided by ThriveCart allows users to choose the best checkout page that drives conversion.

Why we love ThriveCart’s checkout pages

Although ThriveCart isn’t the only shopping cart solution providing customizable checkout pages to their users, what we like about their checkout pages is the modern appeal they offer.

While ThriveCart provides seamless access to four customizable templates with added support for contact information, payment information, and a what to get section, you can do so much using these templates.

Let us also quickly add that ThriveCart’s checkout pages have a special review section at the bottom. You can use this section to publish feedback from satisfied customers, which goes a long way to convince customers to do business with you. And just so you know, ThriveCart lets users fit multiple conversion tools into a single checkout page.

The reason why we keep calling them high-converting checkout pages is because of the insane results it delivers. More so, you get access to a robust toolkit that appeals to customers and builds their confidence.

Another feature we fancy with ThriveCart’s checkout pages is the countdown timer and limited stock posters option, which allows users to add scarcity elements to their website. The reality is that when you add these elements to your website, it makes customers act swiftly.

Here are some other cart elements you can take advantage of when using ThriveCart:

  • The Buy button
  • Bullet point options
  • Video carts
  • A section for coupon codes

Besides its impeccable customization option, we love that ThriveCart is highly configurable. This explains why this shopping cart tool fits different business models.

Even though we had scratched the surface when we talked about single-step and two-step checkout pages, along with A/B testing, we want to add that ThriveCart offers more when it comes to configurations. And here is how:

  • ThriveCart allows users to create custom domains, especially for checkout pages
  • You can receive payment via multiple methods, including PayPal and Stripe
  • You can include a sales tax option
  • Ability to customize monthly split pay schedules

ThriveCart’s checkout pages outperform those you get from other shopping cart tools, and that’s because they can be configured in several ways. And because their checkout pages are highly customizable, you can always tweak things to fit your brand.

ThriveCart Review: Two-Step Shopping Carts

ThriveCart completely transforms your website into a robust eCommerce website, complete with marketing tools and resources needed to capture leads and boost revenue.

Collecting valuable customer information and making sales simultaneously will add extra value to your business, and here is why. Assuming a customer doesn’t end up buying a product or abandons the cart, since you have been able to capture their information, you can simply retarget them by sending them a follow-up reminder or offer them mouthwatering deals directly via their email.

This is where ThriveCart’s multi-step checkout shines bright. Unlike a single-step shopping cart, where the customer buys a product and leaves, a two-step shopping cart, such as the one offered by ThriveCart, allows businesses to capture valuable customer information before they purchase.

This information may include actual names, phone numbers, email addresses, and even shipping addresses. Even when customers don’t buy, you can retarget them in the future by recommending some products or offering them new deals.

The two-step shopping cart offered by ThriveCart is a brilliant way for businesses to build a sizable subscriber list, even when the cart is abandoned.

Bump Offers And Upsells

Thrivecart Review: Bump Offers and Upsells

If you sell your products or services online, you’ll agree that bump offers and upsells have the potential to boost your revenue. Without mincing words, bump offers and upsells are the oldest tricks in the book.

If your business is already making sales, bump offers and upsells are a brilliant way to increase the value of the sale. And you can do this by simply recommending related or complementary products at a lower price.

With ThriveCart, offering bump offers and upsells is super easy. All you need to do is add a one-click bump offer or upsell at the final checkout page. Doing this will remarkably increase each sale value.

ThriveCart’s one-click bump offer and upsell are brilliant because clicking the offer simply adds it to the cart. This means customers won’t be redirected to a new page.

Suppose you’re looking for a smart way to promote complementary and related products after every sale. In that case, you’ll not go wrong in exploring the unique provisions of bump offers and upsells offered by ThriveCart. If done right, the chances of making more sales are pretty high.

Making the most of upsells and bump offers

Upselling is not a new strategy leveraged by businesses to boost sales and revenue. Many businesses are actively using upsells to market their products because of their effectiveness. Leveraging upsells can add 20% to 30% of revenue to your business.

This is a lot of income from doing something as minor as recommending similar products to your customers at the final checkout stage.

By leveraging ThriveCart’s upsells and bump offers, you’ll be able to get more out of each sale. ThriveCart’s bump offer appears very close to the checkout button and is integrated to allow customers to add related or complimentary items to their cart.

While ThriveCart has its signature cart upsell page you can leverage on your website, you also have the option to use your own upsell page if you think it works better. Nevertheless, we highly recommend using the one provided by ThriveCart, and that’s because you can easily tweak it to suit your brand.

And yes, you have complete control over the upsell page. Once you’re done setting up bump offers and upsells, you can A/B test each step to see how it performs before deploying it.

Embeddable Cart Pages And Pop-ups

One thing that makes ThriveCart stand out from other shopping cart tools is the accessibility it offers. To start with, the platform allows users to embed a checkout page wherever they want on their website. And all you need to do is paste the snippet code provided by ThriveCart exactly where you want the checkout to be.

More so, ThriveCart also allows you to have an ever-present checkout page button, which you can customize to hover over other pages. Also, you can customize it so it pops out of the shopping cart when customers click on it. With an embedded cart page, customers can add new items to their cart without exiting the page they are on.

Bloggers will love this feature, mainly because it keeps their viewers on the page while they continue to shop for products they like. Also, it allows digital entrepreneurs to market and sell their products without needing to redirect customers to another checkout page.

ThriveCart Recurrent Payments

What we have come to love most about ThriveCart is its recurrent payment feature. This option allows businesses to offer periodic membership plans to customers. Also, the feature will enable you to classify each plan.

With the recurrent payment feature offered by ThriveCart, users have the option to rebill daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. And yes, you can automate the entire process using email autoresponders.

Once you begin offering subscription-based products or services, ThriveCarts has a robust automated workflow complete with your preferred autoresponders. So the only thing you’ll need to do after that is label the workflow with relevant tags. This is important for better identification.

What’s unique about this feature is that it has a customer management section, which automatically divides customers into segments based on the plans they opt for. This makes it easy to identify customers according to their plans.

In addition to this brilliant feature, ThriveCart also has an impeccable Dunning feature, making it easy for users to track recurring payments and subscriptions. This powerful feature is great for managing, increasing, and retaining income for businesses offering subscription-based products and services. We will explain more about this feature later on.

ThriveCart Pricing Plans

Thrivecart Review: Pricing

One thing people look out for when looking for a shopping cart solution is the pricing they offer, and with ThriveCart, things are done pretty differently. While ThriveCart provides an array of fantastic features you’ll love, its pricing sets it apart from competitors.

Unlike other shopping cart solutions that are subscription based, with ThriveCart, you only have to pay once and enjoy lifetime access.

As of the time of writing this guide, ThriveCart costs a one-time fee of $495 or $690, if you opt for the Pro version.

Since ThriveCart offers users a lifetime license, you only need to pay once for the tool. Keep in mind that the lifetime license offered by ThriveCart is only for a limited time. So it’s best to jump on the offer while it lasts.

When the offer period elapses, you’d have to opt for the regular monthly subscription, which would cost you $97 per month.

Drag-And-Drop Template Builder

A few years ago, ThriveCart decided to add more value to their software by introducing a drag-and-drop builder for their checkout pages. As you’d agree, this tremendous change has made things easier for users on the platform.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop builder provided by ThriveCart, users can make swift and seamless changes. And the best part is that it eliminates the need for users to understand coding.

ThriveCart has secured its relevance by introducing a drag-and-drop builder, especially amid crazy competition. Regardless of your business, you’ll enjoy a full-page customization option for landing and checkout pages.

By leveraging the drag-and-drop builder provided by ThriveCart, you can kiss goodbye to using complex code to customize your pages. And you don’t need to be tech-savvy to create high-converting designs for your business.

A/B Testing

If you sell products and services online, you need to test things out to see how they perform. This explains why there is an eagle-eye focus on split testing sales pages. The reason for this is because that’s where all the convincing happens.

That said, have you taken a minute to consider how customers interact with your sales page? Well, to be honest, many online businesses don’t even think about this until they come across ThriveCart. People love ThriveCart because they make it seamless for users to set up A/B tests for their checkout pages.

After comparing the performance of two checkout page designs, you’ll immediately realize just how interesting it is to split test your checkout pages as it could be the difference between making a sale or not.

While A/B testing isn’t anything complex, keep in mind that this simple task has a significant impact on your bottom line.

If you haven’t started using A/B testing on your checkout pages, now is the perfect time to set things up and see the difference it makes. After a few tries, you’ll never launch a new checkout page without first testing it.

Modal And Embeddable Carts

Thrivecart Review: Modal and Embedable Carts

With ThriveCart, users have two types of carts they can use. And yes, these two options are useful in different contexts. Embeddable cart is super easy to use as you only need to paste a unique code from ThriveCart onto your website. With this option, users will be able to have their checkout page on their website.

It is a fantastic option for bloggers looking to make sales directly on their websites. It is also a brilliant option for businesses that want customers to buy their products directly from their websites.

On the flip side, the modal cart is excellent for all websites, especially platforms offering multiple products. This cart option sits inside a clickable hover button on almost all website pages.

From experience, the modal cart option delivers better results as it allows customers to add products to their shopping cart while still shopping.

Integration Support

Thrivecart Review: Integration Support

One of the reasons why ThriveCart has continued to stand out from the pack is that it supports multiple integrations.

We particularly love that it supports many of the popular email marketing tools on the market. In addition, ThriveCart allows users to integrate membership and webinar platforms. Here is a breakdown of integration support offered by ThriveCart:

Email marketer: Email marketing is an important strategy for marketing your products and services, and it’s exciting to know that ThriveCart supports multiple third-party email marketers, including Drip, AWeber, Sendy, ConvertKit, MailerLite, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and Moosend.

Membership platforms: ThriveCart integrates seamlessly with many membership platforms. Some popular membership platforms you can incorporate with ThriveCart include Thrive, Teachable, OptimizeMember, Apprentice, MemberPress, Digital Access Pass, WishList Member, and Member mouse.

Webinar platforms: ThriveCart supports popular webinar platforms like Demio and WebinarNinja.

Many content creators, such as bloggers and course authors, love ThriveCart because the platform supports multiple payment methods and fulfillment services.

  • Payment gateways: Some popular payment gateways supported by ThriveCart include Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and
  • Fulfillment services: When it comes to fulfillment services, there are tons of popular third-party fulfillment services supported by ThriveCart. Some top options include Printful, Lulu, Kinaki, Google Sheets, Zapier, ShipStation, Shopify,, Shippo, and Vervante.

We particularly love that ThriveCart keeps working behind the scenes and has continued to add new integration with every update. Without a doubt, ThriveCart is a brilliant cart solution, especially for online business owners using multiple email responders and fulfillment services.

Affiliate tracking

It’s a common practice for online vendors to deploy third-party cart solutions to track and manage their affiliate marketers. That said, most affiliate programs limit marketers to a single, universal URL, which cannot be appended with a custom tracking ID.

Suppose affiliate marketing is one of the many strategies you plan to use to sell your products. In that case, we strongly recommend using ThriveCart as the software allows marketers to create unique IDs for each affiliate.

With this option in place, affiliates have the freedom to market and sell their products on multiple platforms without needing a unique ID any time they use a new platform. Also, this makes it super easy to measure each user’s traffic.

Sales Tax calculation

Thrivecart Review: Sales Tax Calculator

It’s exciting to learn that ThriveCart provides an option that indicates sales tax along with your product’s price point. Also, this tool goes the extra mile to calculate the sales and tax amounts for each product or service. This saves you a ton of money and time that you’d have dedicated to paying tax calculation service providers.

ThriveCart designs this unique feature to calculate the correct tax amount on each sale. More interestingly, it factors in your business location and other metrics that affect tax rates. And since it does all this automatically, you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure it out. All you need to do is input your price point and watch the tool provide you with the right tax amounts.


One thing that makes ThriveCart a must-have for online business owners is the sheer number of automation available on the platform. With ThriveCart’s automation, marketers can automatically set up workflows to manage their customers and affiliates. For instance, you can set an automation that rewards your affiliates with a commission once they cross a specific sales threshold.

Another thing we love about ThriveCart’s automation is that it provides marketers with tools to set up automatic commission cuts based on the number of refunds coming from your affiliates’ traffic. And yes, you can use this automation along with ThriveCarts subscription plans.

With ThriveCart’s automation, you can set up a reminder to remind customers about payment delays. Automation is a brilliant way to get more done without spending many hours trying to figure things out yourself.

With all of the breathtaking automation tools available on ThriveCart, it’s easy to see why it is one of the most valuable resources and customer management tools.

ThriveCart supported payment methods

Thrivecart Supported Payment Methods

ThriveCart outshines many other shopping cart solutions because of the sheer number of payment methods it supports. With ThriveCart, you can receive different types of payment without needing to use third-party software or integration:

Besides offering one-time sales, ThriveCart users can also create:

Free trials: This brilliant option allows customers to test a product before buying or subscribing to it. It is a remarkable way for businesses to increase revenue.

Tripwires: This fantastic option makes it easy for businesses to maximize cold traffic into paying customers. How this works is that it lures customers with low-cost introductory offers. Later on, you can upsell other products to them.

Split payments: With split payments, your customers have a rare opportunity to create their own payment plan. This gives them the flexibility needed to complete payment for their preferred products.

Recurring sales: Recurring sales can be used for products or services that require upgrades or new versions now and then. Should that be the case, customers would need to buy such products every time there is a new version.

Pay what you want: This superb pricing model attracts more sales, and that’s because buyers have this feeling they are in control since they are allowed to choose the price they would like to pay. However, keep in mind that this doesn’t work for all products.

Discounts: Offering discounted prices is an awesome way to make more sales. This works even better when paired with scarcity elements such as countdown timers.

Flexible subscription: This option allows businesses to grow their subscription base. By leveraging this option, you’ll be able to increase your subscriber base daily, weekly, monthly, or hourly. The good thing about this option is that it also ensures that your subscribers continue to renew their subscriptions.

Built-In Dunning

Thrivecart Built-in Dunning

Chasing down your subscribers can be pretty challenging if you go at it manually. But not to worry, ThriveCart’s Dunning feature has now made everything easy. This feature, when activated, does the hard work of automatically reminding your customers when their payment is due. It is able to perform this task seamlessly, thanks to its automated coordination with your email autoresponders.

As if that’s not enough, this powerful feature also sends automatic notifications to users whose credit cards will soon expire or whose payments are overdue.

What we love most about ThriveCart’s Dunning feature is that it helps centralize all your recurrent incomes, providing you with enough insight to decrease or increase your rates.

The Dunning feature also provides comprehensive recurring revenue reports you can use to learn about revenue recovery and churn rate.

ThriveCart: Standard Vs. Pro

When subscribing to ThriveCart, there are two options you can choose. On the one hand, we have ThriveCart Standard, and on the flip side, we have ThriveCart Pro. And yes, users can buy lifetime licenses for any of these versions. However, you’ll need to pay more if you’re interested in the Pro version, as it would grant you access to more robust features.

While ThriveCart vs ThriveCart pro have many features in common, it only makes sense that ThriveCart Pro offers more advanced features, especially given its expensive price point.

Just so you know, some features, such as sales tax calculation and automated Dunning, aren’t available with ThriveCart Standard. Also, marketers will not be able to access affiliate tracking and customer domains for checkout pages if they opt for this option.

On the other hand, the Pro version of ThriveCart, which cost $195 offers advanced user management. This remarkable feature lets users grant administrative access to delegated users. Also, this feature allows you to grant rights to non-members of your company.

ThriveCart Pro also allows marketers to have JV contracts, allowing revenue from the business to be split amongst business partners. While the Standard version of this shopping cart solution grants access to almost all the features available on the Pro version, we highly recommend getting the Pro version, especially if you’re looking to do more with your business. The Pro version allows you to access exclusive features like JV contracts and sales tax calculations.

That said, both versions of this remarkable tool provide an excellent return for money spent. So it is an investment that will pay off once your business starts making sales.

ThriveCart Pros and Cons

ThriveCart has many outstanding benefits you don’t want to miss out on. That said, this tool also has many shortcomings. Read on as we take you through some pros and cons of ThriveCart.

ThriveCart Pros

  • ThriveCart has a clean and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, even for non-techies.
  • The platform integrates seamlessly with top payment gateways.
  • ThriveCart provides flexible payment models such as memberships, subscriptions, free trials, and plans.
  • This shopping cart solution has a powerful affiliate management system to help business owners increase sales.
  • ThriveCart gives users complete control over coupons and discounts
  • Besides offering detailed documentation, ThriveCart provides access to a robust Facebook community, where users can relate with other ThriveCart users and get practical help.
  • The platform provides users with easy-to-use reporting tools and advanced filters.
  • ThriveCart supports one-click upsells and bump offers.

ThriveCart Cons

  • The platform doesn’t currently support cryptocurrency payment
  • Not very great for selling services
  • ThriveCart has limited checkout templates you can use.
  • While they allow customization, users are still limited in what they can do.
  • They currently don’t offer emergency support via phone or live chat.

Can you use ThriveCart to sell services?

To be honest, it depends. Even though ThriveCart isn’t designed to offer services, some people have found a walk around which entails setting up service packages under products. More so, the shopping cart and checkout pages work just as they are designed.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how you name them.

Another way to offer services with ThriveCart is to set up a “pay what you want” checkout page. This way, clients can input the amount you quoted on the checkout page after picking their preferred product.

The cool thing about using ThriveCart to offer services is that you still enjoy many of the platform’s built-in features. These features include recurring billings, one-time billing, automatic sales tax calculations, upsells, access to marketing tools, and more.

While it can be a bit technical to use ThriveCart to sell services, you may have to be patient to get it right as there is so much involved.

ThriveCart Alternatives

While Thrive Cart has earned its place among the best eCommerce checkout funnel, it isn’t the only option on the market as there are several alternatives on the market that deliver better propositions and unique selling points. But before then, let’s give you a brief insight into why ThriveCart appeals to many marketers.

To start with, ThriveCart boasts of a number of outstanding features, including supporting multiple payment methods, affiliate marketing systems, autoresponder integration, and much more. Over the last couple of years, the team behind ThriveCart has continued to launch new and exciting features to boost their solution.

We particularly love that ThriveCart has a simple interface that is great for beginners. And yes, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to start using this fantastic tool. Some popular platforms that support ThriveCart include Active Campaign, Paypal, Ontraport, ConvertKit, AWeber, Android, iPhone, HubSpot, Leadpages, and more.

While this shopping cart platform continues to grow in prominence, it may not be the right fit for all businesses, especially considering its many limitations. That’s why we have put together some alternative options you should consider.


Samcart is among the best shopping cart solution we have come across, and that’s because of the impeccable performance and success rate it delivers. Samcart, a brainchild of Scott Moran and Brian Moran, was built to increase conversion and maximize profits.

This superb shopping cart solution offers access to many remarkable tools, including order bumps. This brilliant feature makes it seamless for customers to add complementary or related products to their cart at checkout. We love this feature because it helps businesses maximize profits.

Like ThriveCart, Samcart’s robust A/B testing feature saves marketers time as it helps them test profitable elements before deploying. Samcart’s 1-click upsell feature is designed to help businesses triple their profits on each sale. They also have a payment option that allows customers to pay over time. This payment option will allow you to convert at least 17.8% of your customers when deployed.

The most interesting part is that SamCart seamlessly integrates with nearly all tools. Popular email integrations include MailChimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, and more. Also, the platform integrates with popular membership platforms like OPMember, WishList Member, and MemberMouse.

Thanks to supporting Zapier, Samcart users can connect with Kajabi and other tools.

Samcart also supports popular payment options like PayPal and Stripe, which allows users to receive payment via major credit card providers.

As per marketing, SamCart allows users to integrate popular marketing automation tools such as HubSpot, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, and more.

As if that’s not enough, SamCart provides access to robust features like subscription saver, Coupons, subscriptions, trial offers, and more, designed to help businesses increase their revenue.

Setting up a checkout page with SamCart is a stroll in the park and will take you less than 3 minutes. The icing on the cake is that SamCart’s high-converting checkout templates allow users to convert more customers. Plus, you have the freedom to customize your checkout page to suit your brand.

Other essential features like photos and testimonials allow businesses to increase conversion. And yes, the checkout pop-ups on SamCart make it easy for customers to pay directly for products from the products page.

Other popular features on SamCart include an affiliate management center, highly responsive customer support, and tons of educational resources, including webinars, tutorials, training, and more.

In terms of pricing, SamCart offers two monthly payment plans you can choose from. These plans include the Pro plan, which costs $99 per month, and the Premium plan, which costs $199 per month. And yes, both of these plans come with a 14-day trial. If you’re looking to save more on your plans, we highly recommend opting for the annual payment, which helps you save up to 25%.

Both plans from SamCart also provide access to coupons, integration, checkout pop up, free SSL, checkout templates, integrations, and more.

While SamCart doesn’t have a money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied, you are free to cancel your plan anytime you want.

Another thing we feel compelled to add at this point is that SamCart charges users extra every month for digital sales collection using Taxamo. Plus, it doesn’t currently support popular payment methods like Skrill, Braintree,, and Apple Pay.

Read our in-depth SamCart Review for more infomation.


PayKickstart is a superb shopping cart solution that helps marketers and entrepreneurs automate their online businesses to boost sales and increase revenue. Like ThriveCart, PayKickstart supports one-click upsells.

There are lots of exciting perks that come with using PayKickstart. To start with, the platform allows users to create promotional coupons and codes at checkout seamlessly. And yes, the platform supports integration, making it easy for users to connect applications and third-party tools to optimize business performance. These include webinar integration, email marketing integrations, Zapier Integrations, payment integrations, etc.

PayKickstart has three unique plans you can choose from. To start with, their Basic plan is the cheapest and costs $29 per month. Their Professional plan cost $99 per month. Their Premium deal goes for $149 per month. And just like with most other shopping cart solutions, PayKickstart offers a free 12-day trial. More so, users can downgrade, upgrade or cancel their plan anytime they deem fit.

What we love most about PayKickstart is that it has a lot of brilliant features you need to boost your business and increase sales. Some powerful features on PayKickstart include high converting checkout pages, live chat support, and fast email support.

Our only complaint with PayKickstart is that it isn’t as user-friendly as other shopping cart platforms. More so, it lacks support for A/B testing and doesn’t currency support native digital sales tax. And yes, PayKickstart doesn’t currently support crypto or Apple Pay payment options. To integrate digital sales tax support, you may cough out an extra $99 per month.


WooCommerce has earned its place as one of the best e-commerce platforms. While the platform helps users set up an online store, it has emerged as one of the top ThriveCart alternatives, especially because of its unique propositions. Thanks to supporting tons of features, WooCommerce provides users access to everything they need to sell online.

WooCommerce is very different from other shopping cart tools like SamCart and PayKickstart we have highlighted so far because it doubles as an e-Commerce platform. And yes, this platform is hosted on WordPress. Once you have installed the WooCommerce plugging on your site, you are free to customize as much as you want.

When using WooCommerce, you’ll need to buy a domain and pay for hosting. And thankfully, WooCommerce provides access to over 400 extensions, including payment, shipping, accounting, and marketing extensions, which makes your job easy. Plus, you get access to many independent themes to customize your store exactly how you want it. Its accompanying blogging feature allows you to publish content. This is great for driving traffic and strengthening your online brand.

WooCommerce offers product reviews and ratings. These features will surely increase customers’ shopping experience while improving site SEO. The most striking thing about WooCommerce is that it provides you access to unique features and checkout pages you can always customize to meet your brand’s requirements.

Thanks to being powered by REST API, WooCommerce makes it easy for you to manage everything on your site. With WooCommerce, users have the option to use as many images as they want to showcase their products. Plus, WooCommerce provides a sorting and filtering feature, making it easy for customers to search for select products in your store.

The cool part is that WooCommerce allows third-party integrations, including membership sites, accounting solutions, Google Analytics, shipping carriers, payment gateways, and more.

In terms of pricing, setting up a WooCommerce site from beginning to end will cost between $400 and 700. These include the money spent on domain, plugins, hosting, designs and extensions.

While WooCommerce isn’t a shopping cart software per se, it is a remarkable tool, especially when you factor in its robust features, popularity, functions, tools, and size. This powerful platform has been around for nearly 10 years and powers nearly 28% of online stores.

Despite its many unique selling points, WooCommerce has its own shortcomings. While WooCommerce allows you to leverage an insane library of plugins, these plugins take up a sizeable chunk of memory. So using too many plugins will slow down site performance and downloading speed.

And yes, extensions aren’t free. While selling via WooCommerce may require using plugins, having plugins is essential for some functionalities to work correctly. For instance, some subscription services, payment gateways, inventory management tools, and more require users to use paid extensions.

ThriveCart Review: Our Verdict

If you’re in the market for a shopping cart tool with everything you need to increase sales and boost revenue, you’ll be hard-picked to find a shopping cart solution that is better than ThriveCart at the moment.

Even though it is one of the newcomers on the block, we are amazed at the insane features, and functionalities users have access to.

The icing on the cake is that ThriveCart is available for a one-time fee. This puts it ahead of other shopping cart tools that require users to make monthly subscriptions.

We love that ThriveCart allows seamless integrations with many third-party tools, which is a huge plus for users who want to integrate other applications to boost their business.

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