April 2019

How to use VLOOKUP wildcard in Excel (partial text match)

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If you are reading this, I guess you already know how the VLOOKUP function works. This function is so sensitive that it can detect even trailing and leading spaces in a cell – something the human eye can barely see. What if you are [...]

VLOOKUP to the left – (Using INDEX-MATCH)

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Before we begin, make sure to download the left lookup example file below: Download Example File VLOOKUP is very useful for finding and retrieving related information in a table (or dataset). This function isn’t perfect though. It suffers from certain limitations. One [...]

How to do a Double lookup in Excel (Two-way lookup)

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What is a double lookup in Excel? Two-way lookup or double lookup is simply a formula that looks in both vertical and horizontal directions simultaneously, in order to find a cell where a specific column and a row intersect. If only VLOOKUP() and HLOOKUP() [...]