May 2019

How to keep a cell constant in a formula (lock cells)

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Here are some quick steps to lock cells using this formula: =C5*D5*E2. Say you want to lock cell E2 to remain constant as you copy the formula to adjacent cells. First write the formula. =C5*D5*E2Click E2 in the formula to place the curser between E [...]

April 2019

How to Apply Accounting Number Format in Excel

By |2019-04-30T00:32:37+00:00April 29th, 2019|

A quick Steps on how to apply accounting number format in Excel: Step #1: Highlight the cells you wish to formatStep #2: Go to Home→Number→AccountingBonus: Alternatively, just click the dollar sign in the number group See screenshot: Detailed steps and explanations If you need [...]

How to capitalize all letters in excel with functions or VBA

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If you haven’t yet, you’ll soon come across a situation through your journey with excel, where you’ll want to manipulate text by changing the case, I mean capitalization. In this tutorial, I want to focus on how to change the cases of text in [...]