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List of Checkbox & Checkmark Keyboard Shortcuts in Word

In today’s digital era, symbols serve as a crucial means of communication, adding emphasis, clarity, and visual appeal to our written content. Among the plethora of symbols available, the checkmark and checkbox symbols hold a special place, signifying completion, affirmation, or correctness.

Microsoft Word provides a variety of checkmark symbols, each serving its own unique purpose and aesthetic.

In this guide, we will explore different checkmark symbols available in Microsoft Word for Windows, along with their corresponding shortcuts, enabling you to effortlessly type them using your keyboard.

Understanding Symbol Codes and Shortcuts

Before delving into typing the checkmark and checkbox symbols, it’s essential to understand the concept of symbol codes and shortcuts in Microsoft Word.

Symbol codes are numerical representations assigned to specific symbols, facilitating their insertion into documents. Shortcuts, on the other hand, are key combinations that, when pressed, convert symbol codes into their corresponding symbols.

In Microsoft Word for Windows, the shortcut to convert symbol codes into symbols is pressing “Alt + X” simultaneously after typing and selecting the code.

Exploring Checkmark Symbols and Their Keyboard Shortcuts

Let’s delve into the diverse array of checkmark and checkbox symbols available in Microsoft Word, along with their respective shortcuts.

Note: These shortcuts work specifically in Microsoft Word for Windows and may not be compatible with other applications or operating systems.

Checkbox & Checkmark SymbolsSymbol TypeShortcuts in Word
White Heavy Checkmark2705, Alt + X
Check Mark2713, Alt + X
Empty Checkbox2610, Alt + X
Ballot or Checkbox With Check2611, Alt + X

How to Type Checkmark Symbols in Word using Keyboard Shortcuts

Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves with the various checkmark symbols and their shortcuts, let’s explore how to seamlessly integrate them into our documents.

  • Open Microsoft Word for Windows and navigate to the desired document.
  • Position the cursor where you wish to insert the checkmark symbol.
  • Type or paste the corresponding symbol code provided in the table above.
  • Select the entered symbol code.
  • Press “Alt + X” simultaneously.

The symbol code will be converted into the respective checkmark symbol.

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Using The Checkbox & Checkmark Alt Code Method

Alt codes are designed for typing characters that have no dedicated key on the keyboard. You can type these characters by pressing and holding the Alt key while typing the character’s alt code using the numeric keypad.

The checkmark symbol Alt Code is 10003 (Works in MS Word only).

checkmark symbol alt code for Word

Using this code, you can type the checkmark symbol (✓) in Word using the keyboard.

Without any further ado, below are the instructions:

  1. Open your Word document. Place your insertion pointer where you need to type the ✓ symbol.
  2. Press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard.
  3. While holding the Alt key, using the numeric keypad, type the checkmark symbol’s alt code (10003).
  4. Release the Alt key after typing the Alt code.

NOTE: Using the alt code works only in Microsoft Word. To use it in other text editors or in your browser, first use this alt code to insert it into your Word document, then copy and paste it wherever you need it.

You must use the numeric keypad to type the alt code. You must also turn on your NumLock key to be able to use the numeric keypad. If you are using a Laptop that does not have the numeric keypad, you can press Fn+NmLk keys simultaneously to turn on the hidden numeric keypad for laptops with smaller keyboards.

This is how you may use the Alt Code method to type the checkmark symbol on your Word document.

Checkmark Symbol for Mac

The easiest way to get the checkmark symbol on Mac is to copy and paste it.

The alternative way is to use the character viewer. To do so, place the insertion pointer where you want to insert the checkmark, then go to Edit > Emoji & Symbols. The character viewer will appear, type “check” in the search box to display all symbols that begin with that name. Then click the checkbox symbol to insert it into your text.

Insert Checkmark Symbol in Excel:

There is a different method that also uses the alt code to get symbols in Excel. It involves the use of the CHAR() function.

  1. Click to activate the cell that will contain the ✓ symbol.
  2. Type =CHAR( and then add the symbol’s alt code. The complete formula should look like this: =CHAR(252).
  3. After typing this formula, press Enter for the results. You’ll get a u umlaut character (ü).
  4. Change the font of this cell to Wingdings to convert the ü into a checkmark symbol.

These are all the available ways to use the alt code for the checkmark symbol in Word and Excel.Top of Form


In today’s digital landscape, symbols are integral tools for effective communication, offering emphasis, clarity, and visual appeal to written content. Among the myriad of symbols, checkmarks and checkboxes hold a distinct significance, symbolizing completion, affirmation, and correctness.

Microsoft Word provides a diverse array of checkmark and checkbox symbols, each tailored for specific purposes and aesthetic preferences. Throughout this guide, we’ve explored these symbols along with their corresponding shortcuts, empowering users to seamlessly integrate them into their documents.

Understanding symbol codes and shortcuts in Microsoft Word is essential for efficient document creation. With shortcuts like “Alt + X,” users can effortlessly convert symbol codes into their respective symbols, enhancing the document’s clarity and readability.

Moreover, the Alt code method offers an alternative approach for typing symbols not readily available on the keyboard. By utilizing Alt codes and the numeric keypad, users can conveniently insert the checkmark symbol into their Word documents.

Additionally, we’ve explored methods for inserting checkmark symbols in other applications, such as Excel and Mac, ensuring compatibility across various platforms and enhancing productivity.

In summary, mastering these techniques equips users with the necessary tools to create professional and visually appealing documents. Whether drafting reports, designing checklists, or organizing data, the ability to seamlessly integrate checkmark symbols enhances communication and improves overall document quality.


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This is what comes up with the alt code 10003 : ‼ Obviously this code is incorrect.

Abarika Abdulai

Saturday 6th of November 2021

Please this Alt code works only in Microsoft Word. Open your Microsoft Word document and try it again. Thank you.