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How to Delete a footnote in Word

For some reason, you may want to delete a footnote in Word. It is very simple to perform this task and I’ll show you how.

Follow the steps below if you want to delete some but not all footnotes in MS Word.

How to Remove footnotes in Word

To delete a footnote in Word, select and delete the Footnote mark in the main text of the document. As soon as you delete this mark, that particular footnote it is referring to will also disappear.

Select and delete the footnote mark in the main body text

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How to delete all footnotes in Word

The previous section explained how you may delete some but not all footnotes in your Word document.

If you are dealing with 10s or 100s of footnotes, imagine how tedious it’ll be to delete them one after the other.

What if I tell you there’s a way you can delete all footnotes in MS Word?

Well, there is.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  • Press Ctrl+H to display the Find and Replace dialog box
Using Find and Replace to delete all footnotes in Word
  • In the Find what box, type ^f
  • Leave the Replace what box empty
  • Click on the Replace All button to replace all the footnotes with nothing
Replace ^f with nothing to remove all footnotes

As soon as you click the Replace All button, All the footnotes in the document will be deleted.

How to remove a footnote line in word

You can get rid of the horizontal line that separates the footnote from the main body text.

To do so, please obey the following instructions:

  • Go to the View tab
  • In the Views group, click on Draft
Go to View>Draft
  • Double-click any footnote or endnote in the main body of your document.
Double click on any footnote mark in the body text

The footnote pane appears.

  • In the Footnotes list, select Footnote Separator.
Select foot note seperator in the footnote list
  • Select and delete the footnote line
Select and delete the footnote line
  • Go back to the Print Layout view.

To return to the print layout view, under the View tab, in the Views group, click on Print Layout.

Go to View>Views>Print Layout

You’ll see that everything is back to normal and that the footnote line is now deleted from your Word document.

Footnote is now deleted