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How To Add the Developer tab in Word

When you begin to need some advanced features in Word, you’ll have to work with the developer tab. It contains many advanced features made for advanced users (such as checkbox, radio button, scroll bars, etc.). With the developer tab, you can also record or write macro code to automate tasks.

In order to use this tab, you first of all have to add it to the ribbon.

How to add Word Developer tab

By default, the Developer tab is hidden. So, in this article, I explained how to show it in your Word document.

Obey the steps below to perform this task:

  • Right-click on one of the already existing tabs on the Word ribbon.
  • Select “Customize the Ribbon”.
Righ-Click one of the Tabs and select Customize the Ribbon from the shortcut menu
  • At the right side of the Word Options dialog box, click to place a checkmark by the Developer checkbox. If this is checked, it means the Developer tab will become visible.
Check the Developer checkbox - This will show the Developer Tab in Word
  • Click the OK button.

Now you should see the Developer tab added to your Word ribbon. This will show on every Word document you open.

The developer tab will now be added in all your Word documents.

Once you make the Developer tab visible, you can use all the advanced features it contains.

An alternative way to show the Developer tab in Word

There’s a slightly different way you can also add the developer tab in your Word ribbon.

Here’s how:

  • Click the File tab to switch to the document’s back view.
Click on the File tab to switch to the back view.
  • At the left side of the ribbon, scroll down until you see Options at the bottom, then click on it.
In the File tab, scroll down and click on Options.
  • The Word Options dialog box will appear. Select the Customize Ribbon option and place a checkmark by the Developer checkbox.
Click the customize ribbon option and check the Developer checkbox to add the Developer tab.
  • Click the OK button to show the developer in your Word document.

This step will also make the developer tab visible.

This tab is a very powerful tab as it contains commands for automating Word documents. It has several categories which all contribute to automating Word and adding other features into your Word document.

To hide the Developer tab, repeat the same steps and uncheck the Developer checkbox.

Things you can do with the Developer Tab

Below is just a summary of what the developer tab can do.

  1. The Code category of the developer tab holds the Macro tools. Word macros are written code to automate tasks you do in Word. Macros help to automate repetitive tasks.
  2. Controls Category of the developer tab offers the tools you can use to add different types of controls into your Word document. Some of the controls include a checkbox, combo box, drop-down list, and the date picker control. Each control has properties that you can tweak around to control its appearance and how it works.
  3. The Add-Ins category of the developer tab gives you access to view and control all the available add-ins for your copy of Microsoft Word.
  4. The Protect group of the developer tab also allows you to protect your Word document so that unauthorized users cannot edit your work. It restricts editing of the document.

This mark the end of this tutorial on how to add the developer tab in Word.

For any more questions, you can mention it in the comments below.

Thanks very much for reading this blog.