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Doodly Review 2023: Is it the Best Whiteboard Animation Software?

Whiteboard animations are becoming increasingly appealing, especially to people who have always wanted to create attention-grabbing explainer videos. Check out Doodly’s review if you want to give your presentations the extra flair that whiteboard animations provide. 

Our Doodly 2023 review will teach you everything you need to know about this powerful whiteboard animation software and why it is a game changer.

Our guide will include features of Doodly, its pros and cons, and some of its alternatives. We will also give you a glimpse of what customers say about the software.

Let’s jump right into the juicy details, shall we?

What is Doodly?

Using Doodly, anyone can create stunning whiteboard animations, as the software is insanely easy to use.

For those new to all of this and who are hearing about whiteboard animations for the first time, whiteboard animations are quirky videos that typically involve artists drawing doodles while a narrator comments. That’s as simple as we can put it. 

Whiteboard animations are used for various things, including internet marketing, promotional videos, educational content, and more. From experience, whiteboard animations have proven to capture viewers’ attention more than any type of promotional content. This explains why there is an insane demand for Doodly.

Thanks to Doodly, many businesses have been able to drive more traffic and conversion to their business. 

Top features of Doodly

Doodly has been able to win over a lot of users thanks to its impeccable features. And because we don’t want you to imagine these features, we have gone the extra mile to detail some of these exceptional features that make Doodly such a special software for whiteboard animations and explainer videos.

Read all the details below. 

Impressive board styles

When it comes to board styles, no whiteboard animation software has the incredible number of board styles you’ll find on the Doodly platform. Even though Doodly is primarily a whiteboard animation software, we love that the team behind this software gives users more options as they provide access to 5 animation board styles you can choose from. 

On the Doodly platform, users can access many different types of boards, such as chalkboard, glass board, whiteboard, green board, and even a custom board. 

The custom board option is a brilliant option for users who would like to tweak the background of their whiteboard. So if you want to add some unique customization to your whiteboard animations, this feature should suffice. 

Exceptional hand styles

Besides its incredible library of different board styles, which allows for seamless customization of your explainer videos and whiteboard animations, each board option selected comes with an option that allows users to choose a variety of hand styles. 

With Doodly, users have over 59 different real-hand styles to choose from. On top of that, the software also has 59 2D cartoons, and 12 3D cartoon hand styles that users can leverage to customize their whiteboard animations and explainer videos. 

Unfortunately, Doodly doesn’t currently have an option that allows users to upload their own hand styles. We sincerely hope they can do something about that in future updates.

We know from experience that many people find it distracting when whiteboard animations use fake hand styles. Thankfully, Doodly has an option that allows users to disable this feature. 

A massive library 

Like other animation software available on the market, Doodly has an impressive library of pre-made doodles for your whiteboard animations and explainer videos. And since all pre-made doodles featured on the Doodly software have draw paths attached, they will automatically be drawn without requiring effort from you. 

Even though all the doodles featured on the Doodly app are in black and white, users can access the colored version when they sign up for the Doodly Rainbow add-on. Adding this add-on to your existing package will cost you an extra $67. Thankfully, you only get to pay a one-time fee. 

On the Doodly standard plan, users get access to a library with over 1,164 character images and 1,620 different props. 

To expand your options, you can subscribe to Doodly’s Enterprise package, which has a much more extensive library. By subscribing to this plan, you’ll be able to access a library with over 7,000 doodles. More so, you also get exclusive access to the Doodly Club. Being a member of the Doodly Club comes with extra perks, including being able to access extra doodles every other month. 

On top of its impeccable library, Doodly also allows users to upload their own images, which is a huge flex. With this option, Doodly users can upload colored images, saving them the extra cost of subscribing to the Doodly Rainbow add-on. 

Let us also quickly add that Doodly supports several niche-based doodles you can purchase in bundles. Visit the Doodly marketplace if this is something you are interested in.

Create stunning custom draw paths

One thing that fascinates us about Doodly is the ability to create stunning custom draw paths. And guess what? You can do this for any image you upload into the software. 

With this option, Doodly users can easily state the exact sequence they want the image to be drawn. So instead of just having the image wipe into view, this option allows users to achieve a more natural effect. 

When creating custom draw paths, all you ever need to do is go around the images uploaded and include new markers in a sequence that appears logical. Plus, you can edit the path size and animation duration. Tweaking this option will help you achieve a more realistic drawing look. 

Another exciting thing about taking advantage of Doodly’s custom draw path is that you have the option to import SVG paths. So if, for instance, you imported an image in SVG format, you can go ahead and add the attached paths with just a click of a button. This saves you a lot of time. 

Impressive voiceover recording 

One area where Doodly outperforms its many competitors is its seamless voiceover option. Using the software’s robust voiceover option, Doodly users can record a voiceover directly inside Doodly. Thanks to this option, users can now add narration to their videos. 

What’s even more exciting is that users are able to preview the whiteboard animation during audio recordings, making it easy for them to get the timings right. 

Also, users have the option to tweak the audio on the timeline, including removing parts of the beginning or the end. To give your animations even more exciting effects, users can experiment with fade-in and fade-out effects. 

Again, Doodly allows users to import audio files. So if you don’t like the option for recording your voiceover using Doodly, you can use third-party software like Audacity, which gives you more options for audio editing. 

Outstanding export options

Doodly is giving its competitors a run for their money thanks to supporting several outstanding export options. For example, Doodly allows users to choose between different file types and resolutions when exporting their whiteboard animations. 

To start with, whiteboard animations created using Doodly can be saved in MP4, OGG, MKV, and WebM file types. Nonetheless, most Doodly users will only need the MP4 format, especially if they plan on uploading the finished whiteboard animation to YouTube. 

In terms of resolution, Doodly supports different resolution ranges, including 360p to full 1080p high definition. Also, users can choose their own resolution without an aspect ratio. This is a brilliant option for users who plan to upload their content to social media.

Even though most Doodly users prefer 60 frames per second (FPS), which is obvious because of the smoothness it offers, other frames-per-second options supported by Doodly include 24, 25, 30, 48 and 50. 

Keep in mind that these setting options affect how long it takes for your final animation video to render. 

Highly responsive customer support

Doodly has one of the most responsive customer support features we have come across. Just recently, the Doodly team revamped its YouTube channel content, uploading new tutorials to help users get started with the software. 

Besides its refreshing YouTube page, where you get exclusive access to everything you need to navigate the Doodly software, it also has a large customer support desk, complete with all relevant frequently asked questions carefully answered to allow users to navigate the software without any hassle. On top of that, users also have the option to submit tickets. 

Once you sign up for one of Doodly’s paid packages, you’ll get an invitation to join their Facebook community. The community is large and has about 90,000 members. And since Doodly’s Facebook community is pretty active, you’ll always find valuable information on how to make the most of the software.

Another helpful customer support that Doodly offers is the request feature. Here, customers can suggest features they would love to see the Doodly team introduce. And it will interest you to know that the Doodly team has taken customers’ suggestions seriously and implemented many of their requests.

Doodly pricing

Doodly has one of the most unique pricing models we have seen of any whiteboard animation software. And yes, we love that they make their pricing flexible as they have several options you can choose from depending on their budget. In terms of plans, Doody has two unique plans: Standard and Enterprise. 

The Standard package offered by Doodly costs $39 per month. But you can lower this significantly to $20 per month when you subscribe to the annual package. 

The Enterprise package is the most expensive plan offered by Doodly. Subscribing for this package will cost you $69 per month. If you want a better deal, we strongly recommend signing up for the annual package, which costs $40 per month. 

The cool thing about subscribing to Doodly’s monthly package is that you have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. Unfortunately, signing up for the monthly package is more expensive than the annual one. 

By signing up for Doodly’s annual packages, you stand a chance to get these packages at cheaper rates, so if your goal is to save more on your Doodly plans, you’re welcome to explore Doodly’s annual packages. 

If you opt for Doodly’s Standard plan and sign up for the annual package, you’ll save a staggering $228, which you can channel to other aspects of your business. Signing up for Doodly’s Enterprise annual package will save you $349. 

Does Doodly offer a free trial option?

Unfortunately, Doodly doesn’t offer a free trial option, which is a shame, especially since many of its competitors have this option. But to make up for that, Doodly has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you don’t find the software worth it after subscribing, you can cancel your plan and request a refund. 

Note: You can only get a refund provided it is within 30 days of purchasing the software. 

What are the major differences between Doodly’s plans?

Doodly plans have some pretty noticeable differences. Look at the table below for a breakdown of the differences between Doodly’s plans. 

FeaturesStandard planEnterprise plan
Create unlimited videosYesYes
Scenes templates$84$84
Royalty-free background music$150$250
Video templates $20$40 
Doodles (Prop images) $1,620$3,341
Private Facebook CommunityYesYes
Support YesYes
Doodles (characters)$1,164$3,959
Use Doodly on multiple computers YesYes

While both Doodly plans allow users to create unlimited doodle videos, one of the main differences between both plans offered by Doodly is that the Enterprise plan comes with a larger library of doodle images and royalty-free audio music tracks than the Standard plan. 

Additionally, Doodle Enterprise subscribers enjoy access to new doodle characters and images every month at no extra cost. 

Pros and cons of Doodly

Having used Doodly, we can honestly say that the software lives up to its lofty promises and hype. What’s even more exciting about the software is how easy it is to use. 

Even though there are tons of tutorials online on how to use the software, we didn’t need to explore any of those tutorials as Doodly’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive for most users to navigate. 

However, while Doodly has its many upsides, it also has a few downsides worth highlighting. Read on as we list out some pros and cons of this software. 

Doodly Pros 

Creating whiteboard animations is easy

If you’re looking for a tool that provides you with all the necessary resources needed to create eye-catching whiteboard animations, then you’ll love Doodly. The software’s interface is nicely laid out, making it great for anyone, regardless of their technical skills. 

Doodly is perfect for people just getting started and people with some experience up their sleeves. We tried creating whiteboard animations using Doodly, and we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use the software. 

Insane doodle library

If you’re not a big fan of drawing, you’ll love the massive doodle library offered by Doodly. Thanks to its enormous doodle library, you can quickly scan the library for appropriate images for your project. We also like that Doodly allows Enterprise subscribers to expand their doodle library. 

Custom images support

If your niche website isn’t trendy and you need to create unique animations relating to your niche, you may not find the images in the doodle library sufficient for your project. Good enough, Doodly allows users to import their own images to the doodle library. 

Doodly Cons

As we reiterated earlier, Doodly has a few things that could be improved. So before you subscribe to any of their packages, here are some of the areas we think that Doodly is lacking. 

Lack of colored images 

The basic version of this software only supports black-and-white doodles. Nevertheless, if you want the colored options, you’d have to subscribe to Doodly’s Rainbow add-on. The extra cost charged by Doodly is usually to cover the cost of developing this feature. While many users may not want to pay the additional cost, remember that you only have to pay a one-time fee for the Doodly Rainbow add-on, which should be fine. 

Also, if you don’t mind creating whiteboard videos using black and white doodles, this shouldn’t be an issue. 

Let us also quickly add that even though Doodly doesn’t currently support colored doodles in its basic version, you can import your own images, so feel free to import colored images if that’s what you want. 

Needs a fast internet connection

One of the caveats with Doodly is that it requires a fast internet connection for a hassle-free experience. 

Thankfully, this isn’t such a big issue if you reside in an area with a decent internet connection. Unfortunately, if you live in an area with a poor internet connection, you might have a hard time using this software smoothly. 

Limited audio features

Many people tend to add voiceovers to their whiteboard animations, so we were pleasantly surprised to see Doodly include a voiceover feature. Unfortunately, after using it a couple of times in our whiteboard animations, we can say that it is pretty basic. 

So if you’re looking for something more advanced and sophisticated, we suggest using third-party voiceover solutions like Audacity and Camtasia, as they give you better audio controls. 

We hope the Doodly team can revamp their voiceover feature in future updates to meet changing requirements. 

Who is Doodly for?

Even though Doodly is designed for a plethora of users, here are some people that will find Doodly incredibly perfect. 

YouTube Marketers 

Some of the most significant ranking factors on YouTube are engagement signals like shares, comments, likes and time spent by users watching a video. Since doodle sketch videos have proven to be 20X more engaging than regular videos, it’s easy to see why Doodly is such a remarkable software for YouTube content creators and more. 

With Doodly, you don’t need any cheat code to increase your engagement across YouTube. 

Teaching and training

Adding visual presentations to your teaching and presentation will indeed make your courses more engaging to your students. And with Doodly, you have tons of visually pleasing images and doodles that will improve your teaching processes. More so, it will help your students retain more of what you’re teaching. 

If you haven’t been using visual presentation in your teachings and training, now is an excellent time to experiment with Doodly. You’ll be amazed at how well things will play out. 

Facebook Advertising

If you want to create Facebook ads that will draw your target audience’s attention while scrolling through the platform, you can use a doodle video as it has that type of effect. Doodle videos have proven to be pretty engaging, so using them in your Facebook ads will be a huge plus, especially if you’re looking for something that delivers quick results. 

And since Doodly provides many exceptional doodles, you can always choose images that captivate your target audience when they stumble on your ads. 

Sales videos (VSLs)

When it comes to driving engagement and increasing conversion, no other type of video does a better job than doodle videos. This explains why many professional doodle video creators demand as much as $1000 for a single doodle video. 

If you sell digital products like online courses, ebooks, membership websites or more and looking to increase sales, you’ll get fantastic results with doodle videos. 

And instead of spending thousands of dollars to create doodle sales videos, you can use Doodly, a more affordable option. And since the software is easy to use, you won’t need a professional to create a video for you. 

Creating fun and inspiring videos

Are you looking to create fun and inspiring videos that will inspire your target audience to donate to a cause, or need a captivating video to celebrate the birthday of a special one? Then, Doodly is all you need. With Doodly, you can seamlessly create hand-drawn doodle sketch videos that will mesmerize your friends. And guess what? You don’t need to have any drawing skills to use Doodly. 

And plenty of other uses…

Doodly has more exceptional use cases than we can afford to mention in today’s guide. Since Doodly allows you to explore your creativity, the only limitation with maximizing this software is your imagination. 

Doodly features impeccable technology and advanced tools that turn simple ideas into professional, top-notch doodle sketches. From glassboard videos to blackboard animations to greenboard videos and whiteboard animations, there is so much you can do with Doodly. So feel free to explore your creativity when using this software. 

Alternatives to Doodly

While Doodly is in a league of its own, owing to its robust features and exceptional functionalities, there are other whiteboard animation solutions on the market that are doing a great job too. As a matter of fact, there are many popular whiteboard animation solutions on the market that are giving Doodly a run for their money. Read on for some of the popular alternatives to Doodly. 


VideoScribe is a leading software for whiteboard animations. This remarkable software has a clean and intuitive interface and provides you with everything you’ll ever need to create stunning whiteboard video animations

Like Doodly, VideoScribe is easy to use, making it a brilliant option for newbies and professionals looking for a whiteboard animation solution that delivers on its promises. 

Surprisingly, VideoScribe is also quite affordable and costs only $12 per month. From a personal point of view, we honestly think that VideoScribe offers a more extensive program than Doodly. And the cool part is that VideoScribe is cheaper than Doodly. So if you’re looking for a worthy alternative to Doodly, you might want to check out VideoScribe. 

Easy Sketch Pro

Since Easy Sketch Pro launched a few years ago, it has continued to roll out many exceptional features you’ll not find on popular whiteboard animation software. Where Easy Sketch Pro outperforms its competitors is its business marketing features which support branding, analytics, interactivity and more. 

While this whiteboard animation software may come off as amateur, given its unattractive interface, especially when compared to the big guns, it delivers exceptional results. Just so you know, Easy Sketch Pro has many brilliant features and functionalities that will remarkably transform how you create whiteboard animations. 

In terms of pricing, we like to think of Easy Sketch Pro as affordable. While Easy Sketch Pro pricing starts at $37 for branded videos, if you need to add your logo, you’ll be required to pay at least $67. 

Also, the app is incredibly easy to use, so you won’t need any technical skills to navigate the software. 


Explaindio deserves its spot among the best whiteboard animation software owing to its brilliant features and functionalities. In terms of ease of use and performance, only a few whiteboard animation resources can put up a challenge with Explaindio. 

What catches our attention right away is its clean user interface. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, anyone can use this powerful software to create eye-catching whiteboard animations and explainer videos. 

Unlike other Doodly alternatives, Explaindio offers access to a massive library of predesigned images and extra features like 3D animations. 

Though Explaindio is a little pricey, we love that it delivers on all its promises. In terms of pricing, Explaindio currently charges $59 annually for a personal license. Additionally, if you want to be able to sell the videos you create, you’ll need to subscribe to the $69 plan. This package grants you a commercial-use license. 

Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts has won many users thanks to delivering amazing whiteboard animation videos. The software features a neat user interface, making it an awesome choice for users with limited technical skills. 

While Raw Shorts has limited hand-drawn features, when it comes to animations, Raw Shorts delivers results you won’t get with Doodly. 

We highly recommend this software for anyone interested in a sleek and easy-to-use whiteboard animation resource that offers access to advanced tools needed to create top-notch video animations and explainer videos. 

Another thing that fascinates us about Raw Shorts is its attractive price points. For example, in terms of pricing Raw Shorts charges users $20 per export of unbranded videos. 

Let us quickly add that Raw Shorts allow for seamless customization, making it a fantastic whiteboard animation solution for all users. 

Doodly Review: Conclusion

Having taken the time to read our extensive Doodly review, we are sure you now have a better understanding of what it is and whether it is the perfect choice for you. 

If you have always wanted a whiteboard animation solution that’s sleek, easy to use and affordable, you’ll find Doodly worthwhile. We have tested the software and confirmed it to live up to its hype. 

For those still yet to make up their mind, we strongly recommend subscribing to Doodly’s Standard package. Since Doodly doesn’t have a free trial option or package, signing up for the Standard package is the only way to test the software to see if it meets its lofty promises.

Thankfully, Doodly has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, so you can always get a refund if you think the software isn’t worth it. 

Have you tried other whiteboard animation software in the past? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section. We and other readers would be happy to learn about your experience. 

For those already using Doodly, also let us know how you find the software. 

Doodly Review: Frequently asked questions 

Is Doodly worth getting?

After testing the software and watching many Doodly review videos, we can say for certain that the software is worth getting. We particularly love how easy it is to use the software. Plus, the software provides access to all the resources you’ll need to create impressive whiteboard animations in the shortest possible time. 

Are doodle videos still effective?

If you have been looking for an effective way to capture your target audience’s attention, you won’t be disappointed to explore doodle videos for your campaigns. Stats have shown that doodle videos drive more conversion compared to regular videos. 

What is the best whiteboard animation software? 

With the sheer number of whiteboard animation software on the market, choosing the best one can be pretty challenging. That said, we particularly fancy Doodly because of its unique propositions. And in today’s Doodly review guide, we have given you a million and one reasons why the software is a must-have. 

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