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How to Add Emoji for Word (+ Keyboard Shortcuts)

By default, MS Word doesn’t include the Emoji library where you can go to insert the emoji into your document.

However, you can leverage the free emoji keyboard shortcut add-in to add emojis into your Word document.

To add the emoji keyboard in Word:

  • Connect your PC to the Internet.
  • Sign in to MS Word.
  • Go to Insert>Get Add-ins.
Emoji for Word - Go to Insert>Get Add-ins

The Office Add-ins windows should appear.

  • In the search box, type Emoji Keyboard.
Add Emoji in Word - Click on the Add button

The Emoji keyboard shortcut add-in should appear.

  • Click on the Add button to add Emoji addin

As soon as you click on the Add button, this plugin will get installed into MS Word.

After installing this Emoji Keyboard for Word, obey the instructions below on how to use it.

To add Emojis into your Work in MS Word:

  • First, add the Emoji keyboard add-in as we’ve done already.
  • Now go to the Insert Tab.
  • In the Emoji group, click on the Emoji Keyboard command.
  • The Emoji task pane will appear, click on the Emoji you want to insert it into your Word document.
emoji keyboard in word

Emoji Keyboard shortcut in Word

You can also use some keyboard shortctus to type Emojis in Word.

However, this option only allows for a few emojis.

Use the table below to use the Emoji shortcut to type the few available emojis into your Word document.

Type thisTo get this emoji
: – ) or : ) 🙂
: – | or : |😐
: – ( or : (☹️
: – D or : D😀
; – ) or ; )😉

If you want to understand the meaning or message behind these emojis, go to emojipidia.

But to copy and paste emojis, I recomend EmojiCopy.