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Invoices state everything your customers need to know about what they purchased and what they owe. But creating and issuing invoices can be a boredom-inducing task if you’re not using a good accounting software for your business. However, with a good invoice template, you can automate this time-consuming task in an interesting way.

I want to share with you these well-designed templates that will help you generate invoices faster and better. Whether you want to create invoices for product sales or for services you render, you can get a customized template here to do the work for you.

Besides giving you the template for free download, I also include a step by step instructions on how to use these templates.

But what if you want to design and create your own invoice? There’s also a tutorial on how to design or create your own spreadsheet template from scratch in excel. This tutorial can help you a lot if you want to customize a template or need to design a different template for your business. (I will publish this guide next week)

Download your free invoice template

All businesses aren’t the same. Some are service base, some deals in products and some also combine the two. That’s why I created different types of invoice template to cater for all these needs.

Template for Product sales

Click here to Download the sales Invoice ( for products)

This is a two in one invoice because it can also serve as a receipt template (or paid invoice template). See screenshot below:

invoice template

After the invoice is paid, it is time to issue a receipt. This template can do that too: (see screenshot)

invoice template

Both the company and the customer details are entered in the Details sheet (see screenshot).

invoice template

This invoice is designed with two worksheets – the Details worksheet and the invoice worksheet. Both sheets are linked. So once you enter the company and customer details on the details sheet, they will automatically appear in the invoice template on the Invoice worksheet. So there’s no need to type all these details when you switch to the invoice worksheet. This is to make the template simple to use.

How to use this template

Here’s a step by step instructions on how to setup and start using any of these templates. Though, there are ToolTips instructions on each of these templates that can also help you to get started.

Setup the details sheet

Click on the DETAILS sheet and you’ll see a table of products alongside with their unit prices. Enter all your inventory and price them accordingly. (See screenshot)

invoice template

Customize your Company information

You should have your company name, address and other contact information on the invoice. With that in mind, the template includes a worksheet named Details that can help you with all your company information. It also includes where to type your customer details (such as Name and Address)

invoice template

On this Details worksheet, everything is pretty clear. Just enter your company information and that of your customer’s. As stated already, all the information you enter here will automatically show on the invoice.

After setting all these up, move on to the Invoice itself by clicking the invoice sheet.


I already told you that this is a two in one template. You can use it as an invoice at the same time a receipt. Do it yourself to see how it works:

  • Enter a couple of products and specify the quantity.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom part of the template and enter the TAX RATE.
  • Look at the Amount paid and Amount due and you’ll see that the Amount paid is $0 and the Amount Due contains the total amount the customer is paying for the products.
  • Now go to the top of the template and click on the INVOICE. Using the drop-down, select RECEIPT.
  • You’ll see a big stamp appear all of the sudden. It indicates that your customer has paid the AMOUNT DUE and is no longer owing.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the invoice and you’ll see also the Amount due appears to be $0. All these are automated with the use of formulas.

See screenshot

invoice template


You may not like some of the features of this template – such as the description drop-down, the unit price automation, colors and many more. It’s ok because you can always edit it to fit you. If you want to learn how to edit this template, go to this invoice tutorial page and you’ll see the step by step process.


This template is similar to the product sales template except that the Quantity column and the Unit Price column are changed to Hours Worked and Rate/Hour respectively. It is suitable for service businesses like freelancers who charge on an hourly basis.

Click here to Download this template

invoice template

Instructions to use this template

Just like the product sales template, you need to enter you and your customer’s information (name, address, and contact) in the DETAILS sheet. But this time, there is no need of product list because we are dealing with services here.

The template should be ready for use when you switch to the invoice on the INVOICE sheet. All you need to do now is to enter the invoice number, your work description, the hour worked, and the amount you charge for every hour. You’ll also need to enter the tax rate. That’s all the necessary input. The rest is calculated automatically.


Click here to Download this invoice template

invoice template

Let’s say you are a car-mechanic who also deals in car parts in order to serve your customers better. What happens when you serviced someone’s car? You probably changed some petty car parts and used some of your store materials for the job.

If that is the case, this Excel Invoice Template is for you. It provides you with two section; one for the work done and the other for the parts and materials you purchased to make the work a success.

The service section has four column such as description, the rate you charge, the time spent on the job and the Amount column. The Parts and Materials column too has four columns but with different column heads like the Quantity column and that of Unit Price.

Just like the Product sale template and the service template, this template is also programmed to include a receipt. This means that after the customer made all payments, you can just click a button and the invoice will now become a receipt.

How to use this invoice template

This is as simple as the previous templates.

  • Enter you and your customer’s details in the Details sheet.
  • Now switch to the invoice sheet and enter the invoice number.
  • Write your work described in the service column.
  • Enter the hours and rate/hour if you are charging on hourly bases.
  • Under the parts and materials section, list the materials you used for the job. Specify the quantity and the price per unit and the amount will be calculated automatically.

See screenshot:

invoice template

Thanks very much for downloading this beautiful template.

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