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Fonts in MS Word – Adding new font styles to your list

In MS Word, an entire family of fonts is usually called a typeface (like Times New Roman). People also prefer using the terms ‘font-style’ or ‘font type.’

On the other hand, “font,” as a word, is reserved for a combination of different features such as font style, size, color, and weight (like Arial, 12 pt, red, and bold).

Therefore, the term “font” in Microsoft Word often means a whole family of display features such as the typeface, color, weight, and/or size.

If this distinction makes sense to you, let’s now see how we can explore the list of font styles in MS Word as well as how to add new font types or typefaces.

Enhancing Document Aesthetics with the Right Font Choices in MS Word

Choosing the right font is not just about making a document look good; it’s about enhancing readability, conveying the right message, and ensuring your document stands out for all the right reasons.

With the evolution of digital media, the significance of typography has only grown, making the choice of font more crucial than ever.

This guide will walk you through the latest features in MS Word, introduce you to new fonts, and provide tips on making your documents both beautiful and accessible.

Updated List of fonts in MS Word

MS Word’s font library is ever-expanding, with new additions that cater to a wide range of styles and preferences.

From classic serifs like Times New Roman to modern sans-serifs like Arial, the choices are vast.

We’ve updated our list to include the latest fonts, providing examples and use cases to help you select the perfect font for any project.

Whether you’re creating a professional report, designing an invitation, or drafting a newsletter, the right font can make all the difference.

Below is an illustration of the various fonts and how they look when applied.

Font styles in Word
Fonts in Word
Font types in Word

Below is the list of All fonts in MS Word. The above pictures are illustrations of how these fonts look like.

Abadi MT Condensed LightImpact
Albertus Extra BoldIncised901 Bd BT
Albertus MediumIncised901 BT
AllegroIncised901 Lt BT
Amazone BTInformal011 BT
AmerType Md BTJester
Antique OliveKabel Bk BT
ArialKabel Ult BT
Arial BlackKaufmann Bd BT
Arial MTKaufmann BT
Arial NarrowKorinna BT
Arrus BTLetter Gothic
Aurora Cn BTLithograph
AvantGarde Bk BTLithograph Light
AvantGarde Md BTLong Island
BankGothic Md BTLucida Console
BazookaLucida Handwriting
Benguiat Bk BTLucida Sans
BernhardFashion BTLucida Sans Unicode
BernhardMod BTLydian BT
Book AntiquaMarket
Bookman Old StyleMatisse ITC
BoulderMonotype Corsiva
Bremen Bd BTMS LineDraw
Calisto MTNews GothicMT
CalligrapherNewsGoth BT
CaslonOpnface BTOCR A Extended
Century GothicOld Century
Century SchoolbookOnyx BT
CezanneOzHandicraft BT
CG OmegaPegasus
CG TimesPickwick
Charter Bd BTPosterBodoni BT
Charter BTPTBarnum BT
ChelthmITC Bk BTRibbon131 Bd BT
Clarendon CondensedSceptre
CloisterBlack BTSerifa BT
Comic Sans MSSerifa Th BT
Copperplate Gothic BoldShelleyVolante BT
Copperplate Gothic LightSherwood
CopperplGoth Bd BTSignboard
CoronetSouvenir Lt BT
CourierStaccato222 BT
Courier NewSteamer
DenmarkSwis721 BlkEx BT
English 111 Vivace BTSwiss911 XCm BT
EngraversGothic BTTahoma
Exotc350 Bd BTTechnical
Freefrm721 Blk BTTempus Sans ITC
FrnkGothITC Bk BTTimes
Futura Bk BTTimes New Roman
Futura Lt BTTimes New Roman PS
Futura Md BTTrebuchet MS
Futura ZBlk BTTristan
FuturaBlack BTTubular
Galliard BTTypoUpright BT
Geometr231 BTUnivers Condensed
Geometr231 Hv BTVagabond
Geometr231 Lt BTVerdana
GeoSlab 703 Lt BTWestminster
GeoSlab 703 XBd BTZapfEllipt BT
GoudyHandtooled BTZapfHumnst BT
GoudyOLSt BTZapfHumnst Dm BT
HaettenschweilerZurich BlkEx BT
HeatherZurich Ex BT
Humanst 521 Cn BT 
Humanst521 BT 
Humanst521 Lt BT 

How to add new fonts to Word

Despite the fact that Microsoft Word and the other office apps have plenty of font styles, you may need to add new fancy fonts into your Word document.

You have no problem because, in this tutorial, I will show how to add any new font into MS Word and use it in your projects.

However, there are several ways you can add new fonts in MS Word. I’ll go through each option one after the other here in this article.

Option 1: Using the Microsoft Store

Using the Microsoft Store, you can add new fonts into your Word document or other office apps.

The steps are outlined below:

  • Go to Settings on your PC

To open settings on your PC, type settings in the search bar and press the Enter key.

Search for settings
  • Click on Fonts > Get more fonts in Microsoft Store
go to fonts > Get more Fonts in Microsoft Store

Upon clicking on Get more fonts, the Microsoft Store will open with a list of available fonts in the store.

  • If you find the font you want to add, click on it.
List of Fonts in Word
  • Then click on the Get button to download the font.
Click on Get to Download fonts for Word

Of course, some of the fonts aren’t free. Some of them require you to make a little contribution before you can download.

After completing the above steps, the downloaded font family will be available in Word and the other office apps like Excel or PowerPoint.

Option 2: Using the Font Installer

Microsoft Store doesn’t have lots of fonts. Therefore, you may not get the font you are looking for from there.

However, you can download whatever new font you want from other sources and install it into MS Word or other office apps.

Obey the steps below:

  • Download the font you wish to add to MS Word.

Download Fonts Here: AbstractFonts.Com

There are several places you can download awesome fonts from. The above link also has a lot of amazing free fonts for you to explore. Click here for more resources on free fonts.

  • After downloading the new font you want to add, browse to the folder that has the font file.

Note: The font may be in a zip file. If that’s the case, you should unzip the file first.

Go to the folder with the downloaded font file
  • Right-Click on the font file. A shortcut menu will appear, select Install or Install for all users.
Select install to install font for Word

After applying all the steps above, the installed font will now be available in your list of fonts in MS Word and the other office apps.

Fonts in Word

These are the various ways you may add new fonts into MS Word.

Understanding Font Licensing

The use of fonts, especially for commercial purposes, is subject to licensing.

Here we emphasize the importance of understanding font licenses to avoid legal pitfalls.

We provide resources for finding free and commercially licensed fonts, ensuring you can use your chosen fonts confidently in any project.