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Top 6 FREE Google Sheets Address Book Template [2024] – Ultimate Guide

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet program with versatile functions and tools. You can create a robust address book to store contact details such as emails, phone numbers, and physical addresses.

Maintaining an address book doesn’t have to be a daunting task. At least for Google Sheets users!

It lets you organize contacts in one place like a pro.

Additionally, you may hardly take a few seconds to search the contact details of the desired person within Google Sheets.

In this quick guide, let us look at the top 6 FREE Google Sheets Address Book templates of 2024. We will also discuss creating an Address Booklet from scratch, so read the article until the end.

Why is an Address Book created using Google Sheets a must-try?

Google Sheets helps users store contact information in an extremely organized way.

It is the best online spreadsheet program of 2024.

Here are a few of the benefits of using Google Sheets to maintain an Address Book:

  • Collaboration – Users can share a Google Sheet with unlimited people, including friends, colleagues, and family members. Moreover, it allows you to assign specific roles to each user. Depending upon their roles, users can view, edit, or comment on your Address Book. Keeping track of all the edits is a breeze with the built-in Version history tool.
  • Accessibility – A Google Sheet is accessible from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. It is compatible with both mobile and desktop. All of the Address Book templates discussed in the following section of this article are mobile-optimized. You can easily edit and add the contact details on the go.
  • Ease of Use – Google Sheets is a well-developed spreadsheet program with an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. Anyone can learn basic editing and formatting within a few couple of hours. Built-in functions and tools are also easy to use. They can be quickly accessed from the main menu.
  • Budget-friendly – You can use Google Sheets for free of cost. All you need is a free Google account. If you wish to add more features to your Address Book template, it is simple with built-in functions and tools. In short, you can use Google Sheets for free without any limitations.

Google Sheets is one of the best spreadsheet programs to organize and analyze datasets.

You can easily filter contacts by their names, phone numbers, areas, states, etc.

Top 6 FREE Address Book Templates of 2024

Whether you are looking for a simple template to store the contact details of your family members or an advanced template to organize hundreds of contacts, we have got you covered.

Now, without further ado, let’s discuss each template in detail.

1. Address Book Template by SoftwareAccountant

Google Sheets Address Book Template - SoftwareAccountant

Click Here To Use The Template

It is a comprehensive address book template by SoftwareAccountant.

The template has an attractive design. You can download it for free and customize it as per your preference without any limitations. It offers a seamless experience to both desktop and mobile users.

Note that it uses formulas to allow users to find the contact details using names, locations, and more. You should avoid editing locked spreadsheets of this template.

There are three spreadsheets in this template:

  • Contact List – This spreadsheet is used to store the details of your contacts. It is pretty straightforward. You need to start by adding the name followed by email, phone, city, state, country, mailing address, etc. The spreadsheet is optimized for both mobile and desktop users. You must ensure to enter the proper information within all the columns of this spreadsheet as it serves as the database for the rest of the spreadsheet of the template.
  • Sorted Contact List – All the contacts added to the previous spreadsheet are automatically sorted in this spreadsheet to give you a quick overview of your Address Book. You can use this spreadsheet to find the contact details quickly. Note that the data in this spreadsheet is automatically updated using a formula within the cell “A2”. Do not edit or delete that formula.
  • Search List – As the name suggests, it allows you to search for contacts based on their names, location, etc. It is divided into two sections. At the top of the table, you will find the cells where you can enter the name, country, city, etc. to be searched. The main table is automatically updated as soon as you enter the information. Note that the cell “B8” holds a critical formula for searching the contact list. Avoid editing that cell; otherwise, you will break the spreadsheet.

You don’t need any prior experience to use this template. Start by adding the contact details in the Contact List spreadsheet, then use the remaining spreadsheets to quickly filter or search for the contact details of a person.

It includes sample data for your reference. You only need to clear the data from the Contact List spreadsheet. It will make the data from the other two spreadsheets disappear.

2. Address Book Template by Lido

Click Here To Use The Template

This is another mobile-optimized Address Booklet on this list. It aims at saving time and improving your productivity.

The template is pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is open it and enter the contact details. It contains lots of example contact details for your reference. Make sure to delete them.

The minimalist design made it our second choice on this list of best Google Sheets Address Book templates.

There is a separate spreadsheet which contains instructions to use this template. Apart from that, there are two main spreadsheets:

  • AddressList – The details of your contacts are stored in this spreadsheet. You can add your name, email, phone number, country, state/province, and address. It doesn’t include any formatting, so before making edits, make sure to get a quick idea of the table headers. Also, avoid using the “+” symbol for the phone numbers and try to put it in the simple format as “555-164-8276”.
  • SearchList – It contains a fully automated table which depends upon the inputs provided by the users. Here, you can enter the name, country, state, or address to find other details of the respective contacts. It uses a table similar to the one available in the AddressList spreadsheet. At the top, you can enter the name to be searched. You must avoid editing the formula in the cell “A9”, which searches the contacts based on the inputs provided.

Please note that the search functionality of the second spreadsheet is case-sensitive. You must input the name, country, state/province, and address in proper format.

Consider the following example where I typed the country UK in small letters.

The template didn’t return any results.

So, it also means you must follow consistent formatting while adding the contact details to this spreadsheet.

Feel free to add more columns to the template for storing additional contact details. It is effortless. But make sure to add the same column to both of the spreadsheets.

3. Address Book Template by Spreadsheetpoint

Click Here To Use The Template

If you are not impressed by the design of the above two Address Book templates, then here is one more with similar functionality.

It is an easy-to-use template with a striped table design. Anyone can use it to store contact details without any prior Google Sheets experience.

Spreadsheepoint has taken enough care to make this template mobile-friendly.

There are three main spreadsheets in this template:

  • Contact List – In this spreadsheet, you must enter the contact details in a predefined format. It allows you to record contact details such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. Note that it doesn’t use formulas, so you can edit and delete data as per your requirements.
  • Sorted Contact List – This spreadsheet sorts your contacts by name in ascending order using the built-in SORT function in Google Sheets. It uses the data from the Contact List spreadsheet. It is a locked spreadsheet, and you should strictly avoid editing any of the cells of this spreadsheet.
  • Search List – This is the last spreadsheet of the template with the search functionality. You can search for the contacts using their names and email addresses. Note that this search functionality is case-sensitive. Make sure to enter the keyword in the proper case. Cell A4 contains a crucial formula which lets you search contacts using their name and email address. Make sure to avoid editing or deleting the contents of this cell.

This Address Book template by Spreadsheetpoint offers a seamless experience on both mobile and desktop.

Feel free to add more columns if you wish to add additional details for your contacts. You are supposed to add columns in the Contact List spreadsheet only.

Then, all you need to do is adjust the formulas in the rest of the spreadsheet by replacing the existing table range with the new one.

In case something goes wrong while editing the formula. Simply press the “CTRL + Z” keyboard shortcut to undo the recent changes.

4. Contact List Template by SpreadsheetClass

Click Here To Use The Template

Yet another advanced Google Sheets Address Book on this list.

This template by SpreadsheetClass is similar to the ones discussed above except for the formatting and search functionality.

It is a free-to-download template that can be customized per user preference without any limitations. 

Make sure to replace the SpreadsheetClass logo with your personal name or an image to make it more personal.

There are a total of four spreadsheets in this template:

  • Add Contacts – As from the name itself, you are supposed to add details of your contacts in this spreadsheet. It comes with clear instructions. Using this template is pretty straightforward. Start by adding the name and then the primary phone number, secondary phone number, email, physical address, etc. You can add more columns to include further contact details in this template.
  • Auto Sort – This spreadsheet is designed to automatically sort all the contacts from the Add Contacts spreadsheet. It uses a built-in Google Sheets formula to sort the contacts alphabetically in ascending order. The columns are similar to the Add Contacts spreadsheet, and in case you add a new column, make sure to apply the same changes across the spreadsheet by adding the new column.
  • Search by Letter – A dedicated spreadsheet searches contacts by their name. It uses different logic to let users find the desired contact. You will see a cell highlighted by Cyan color at the top of the spreadsheet. Enter the person’s name, city, or email to find their contact details. The spreadsheet is pretty straightforward. But note that you are not supposed to edit any cell except the one that accepts the search query.
  • Search by Name – This is another spreadsheet that allows you to search contacts specifically by their names. It uses similar logic. There is a cell highlighted in Cyan color where you can enter the name of the contacts. You must also avoid editing cell B2, which holds the formula.

Note that the search is case-sensitive in both of the spreadsheets. You should use correct lower and upper case letters while adding the contacts to the Contact List spreadsheet to avoid errors while searching the contacts.

Consider the following example where I had typed the name in all lowercase. The search didn’t return any results.

But after typing the same name with the first letter in upper case, look at the results.

5. Contact List Template by Etsy (Paid)

Click Here To Buy The Template

This template comes with an excellent design. But note that you need to pay $7.61 to own it. The template is focused on both personal and business users.

It comes with clear instructions for managing your contacts. Once you purchase the template, you are free to customize it as per your preference.

Though it seems aesthetically superior and the right fit for desktop users, the template is also perfectly optimized for mobile users. They can easily view, edit, and add contact details on the go.

Additionally, the main spreadsheet uses dropdowns to make your life easier.

Here’s how you need to use the three main spreadsheets of this template:

  • Contacts – This spreadsheet lets you add the details of your contacts. It has a range of columns to include contact information such as last and first name, company, email, phone number, etc. You can assign a specific category to each contact. Feel free to play around with the header colors and your name or logo to make it more personal. At the top of the table, you will find the links to other spreadsheets of this template.
  • Search by Name – This spreadsheet includes a tool that lets you find the contact details of a person. All you need to do is enter the name of the person whose contact details need to be searched. Note that the search is case-sensitive, so make sure to enter the name in the proper case to get the results.
  • Search by Company – It is similar to the previous spreadsheet. The only difference is that it allows you to search by company name instead of the person’s name. Ensure defining the company name in the proper case while searching the contact details.

Note that the Search by Name and Search by Company spreadsheets use formulas to let users find the contact details. You should avoid editing them.

6. Simple Mailing List Template by Labelmaker

Click Here To Use The Template

This is our final pick on this list. It is a simple template which focuses on collecting the contact details for purposes like mail merge.

You will notice a simple table with minimal formatting.

It allows you to add first and last name, email, physical address, city, state, etc.

There are two spreadsheets in this template. The first one, Template, is the main spreadsheet you can use to store the contact details. In comparison, the second one is for reference only. It holds example contacts.

To find the contact details of a person, you can use Google Sheets’ built-in sorting and filtering tools.

Here are the steps to find the contact details of a person in this spreadsheet.

  • Click on any cell of the table
  • Hover to the toolbar section that sits below the main menu
  • Click on the Filter icon
  • A filter icon will appear in the header row of the table
  • Click on the filter icon of any column
  • A list of sorting and filtering options will appear as shown below
  • Click on the Clear button
  • Type the desired keyword in the search bar
  • Press the “OK” button

Your contacts list will be instantly filtered.

Thanks to its minimal design, users can add and manage contact details on the go.


Q. Does Google Sheets have an Address Book template?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official Address Book template by Google Sheets.

But don’t worry because all the templates discussed in this article are free to download. You can customize them as per your preference without any limitations.

An ideal Address Book should let you add contact details quickly to save time. Also, finding a contact should be done within a few seconds.

The templates discussed above withstand all of these requirements and offer a seamless experience to both desktop and mobile users.

Q. How do I create an Address Book spreadsheet in Google Sheets from scratch?

Yes, of course. It is pretty simple. Google Sheets has a short learning curve. You can design an introductory address booklet within a couple of minutes.

All you need to do is create a table and enter the contact details. You can enable the filters to find the contact details quickly.

To add advanced search functionalities to your Google Sheets address book, the knowledge of the built-in functions is necessary. Make sure to refer to our blog to learn about Google Sheets tools and functions.

Q. Can I use Google Sheets to manage a mailing list?

Google Sheets is the best spreadsheet tool to organize data. You can store and manage hundreds or thousands of emails.

Sending emails is a breeze. There are a range of add-ons, such as Mail Merge, for sending emails directly from Google Sheets.

Yes, you heard it right!

You can send bulk emails directly from Google Sheets with a few simple clicks using free add-ons.

Q. How can I share my Google Sheets Address Book with others?

It is pretty simple. Follow the steps below.

  • Open the Google Sheets Address Book
  • Go to the upper-rightmost corner of the screen
  • You will see a Share button, as shown in the following image
  • After clicking on it, a new dialog box will open
  • Enter the email addresses of the people with whom you wish to share the Address Book
  • You will be taken to the next screen
  • Add more people by entering the email address as shown below
  • Assign a specific role to each user
  • Click on the “Send” button

All of your contacts will be notified with an email. A link will be mentioned in the email through which they can access the Address Book.

You can also manually share the link to your Address Book.

  • Click on the Share button
  • A new dialog box will open
  • Click on the dropdown beside the Padlock icon
  • Select the option “Anyone with the link
  • Press the “Copy Link” button

To Sum Up: Google Sheets Address Book Template

Google Sheets is the right choice to improve your productivity by effectively managing day-to-day tasks. It offers a range of easy-to-use tools and functions for beginners.

A Google Sheets Address Book is designed to save time and improve your efficiency.

We have discussed the list of best Google Sheets Address Book templates with the instructions to make the most out of them.

Also, note that all of the above templates can be used to manage email lists. 

I hope you have found the best Address Book template for your needs through this article. Feel free to comment below if we still need to include any fantastic templates worth this list.