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5 Free Google Sheets Attendance Templates (Easy to Use)

Keeping track of attendance is an important task for many organizations and groups. From schools to clubs to businesses, knowing who showed up is vital information. 

Thankfully, Google Sheets attendance templates make this process easy and efficient. With Google Sheets attendance templates, you can quickly set up a spreadsheet to log attendance data for any event or meeting. 

What’s incredibly cool about using Google Sheets attendance templates is that they are customizable, user-friendly, and integrate seamlessly with other Google services.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using Google Sheets attendance templates and provide you with a list of the best free Google Sheets attendance templates you can start using to track attendance for your employees and students. 

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of today’s guide, let’s quickly understand what an attendance tracker is. 

Google Sheets Attendance Templates: What Are They?

In today’s digitized world, paper sign-in sheets and manual attendance logs are a thing of the past. For a simpler and more efficient system, turn to Google Sheets. With Google Sheets, you can create customized digital attendance trackers for everything from business meetings to classroom rosters.

An attendance tracking spreadsheet functions similarly to the good ol’ pen and paper attendance sheet. But rather than wasting time and resources on printing, passing around, and filing papers, your attendance records are neatly organized in an online spreadsheet. 

By leveraging Google Sheets attendance templates, you can seamlessly track names, dates, times, and any other details you want to monitor for student, staff, or event attendance. 

Before we review the best free Google Sheets attendance templates, let’s quickly explore some benefits of using Google Sheets attendance templates.

Why Google Sheets is the Best Option for Online Attendance Tracking

Google Sheets offers many advantages that make it the top choice for creating digital attendance sheets. Here are some of the key reasons Google Sheets stands out:

Extreme Flexibility

Google Sheets allows you to customize your attendance sheet however you like. Easily add or remove columns to fit your needs. Since Sheets is a spreadsheet program, it’s more flexible than other attendance software.

Access Anywhere

Your attendance data is stored securely in the cloud. That means you can access your Sheets from any device, anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection. No need to worry about lost devices or files.

Seamless Integration

Google Sheets fits neatly into your existing workflow. It integrates easily with Google Classroom and other Google services. You can even set up automatic student attendance marking.

Simple and Intuitive

Since many teachers already use Sheets or Excel for their daily activities, they will find it easy to use Google Sheets attendance templates to track students’ attendance. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, you should be able to find your way around these templates thanks to their intuitive and user-friendly design. 

Built for Sharing

Sheets make collaboration seamless. Thanks to being connected to Google Cloud storage, you can easily share your sheet with other teachers to edit or view. With this, there will be no more emailing files back and forth.

In summary, Google Sheets is the optimal choice for managing attendance records digitally. The flexibility, accessibility, integration, ease of use, and sharing capabilities you get with Google Sheets attendance templates are unbeatable. Switch to Sheets for smooth, streamlined attendance tracking.

Top Free Google Sheets Attendance Templates 

Now that you’re familiar with Google Sheets attendance templates and how they work, let’s quickly review some of the best Google Sheets attendance templates you can start using right away to track student and employee attendance. 

The Ultimate Employee Attendance Tracker

Don’t spend another minute manually tracking employee attendance. This Ultimate Employee Attendance Tracker takes the hassle out of managing attendance records.

The Employee Information section allows you to list details like name, email, phone number, position, department, and hire date for each employee in individual columns. This provides a centralized place to store relevant employee data and attendance records.

The Monthly Attendance Calendar section contains 31 columns representing each day of the month. This allows you to mark attendance, absences, tardiness, and time off daily for the entire month. No detail is missed with the expansive calendar.

For classifying absences, the Code Directory section features a customizable drop-down list. Users can select the reason for missing work.

Finally, the Absence Summary section tallies monthly absence hours and categorizes them by type based on the selections from the Code Directory. This provides managers with a big-picture overview of lost work time.

Without mincing words, the template equips managers with the tools to gain visibility into employee attendance trends. Click the link below to access this template right away. 

Monthly Student Attendance Sheet

Say goodbye to disorganized paper attendance records. This Monthly Student Attendance Sheet simplifies taking attendance for the entire class. We love that this attendance template has several sections that make tracking student attendance a breeze. 

The Student Names section allows you to list each pupil in a dedicated column. This keeps all students’ records in one centralized sheet.

The Select Month drop-down field enables choosing the relevant month to populate the calendar days. This means you won’t need to recreate the sheet each month.

The Calendar Days columns provide a slot to enter attendance details for each day, numbered 1-31. With this expansive calendar, you can track daily attendance without missing details.

For classifying absences, you can utilize customized attendance codes. Thanks to this, you can easily indicate excused versus unexcused absences.

At a glance, this Google Sheets attendance template allows users to view patterns for individual students or the whole class. This allows you to identify attendance issues early and take appropriate measures.

Ready to put this student attendance tracker to work? Click the link below to access it for free. 

The Simple 10-Day Attendance Sheet Templates 

This easy-to-use template is ideal for teachers who want a straightforward way to take attendance daily. No more keeping track of scrap papers, which you have to update every day. 

What’s cool about this attendance template is that it comes pre-built with several sections that make tracking student attendance a walk in the park. 

For instance, the Student Names section lists each student in individual columns, allowing you to keep all records together.

There is also the Weekday column that provides a spot to enter attendance details for each day. 

Using this attendance tracker template gives you access to a 10-day spread, providing ample space to record at least 2 weeks of student attendance.

For status markings, the Legend section includes clear attendance codes:

  • P – Present
  • A – Absent
  • L – Late
  • EX – Excused Absence

Simply put, this attendance tracker allows users to check attendance for the whole class or individual students. Plus, you can easily spot patterns and take appropriate measures.

If your goal is to simplify daily attendance routines for your students, you’re welcome to access this sheet right away. Click the link below to copy this template. 

The Employee Yearly Attendance Sheet

Managing attendance over a year can be challenging without a comprehensive tracking system. This handy template gives managers an aerial view of employee attendance patterns across 12 months.

The template includes dedicated columns for employee names, weekdays, and an abundance of tracking features. Each day is color-coded to represent attendance status:

  • Yellow: Attended
  • Blue: Sick Leave
  • Orange: Personal Leave
  • Light Orange: Vacation
  • Light Red: Holiday

With color coding, managers can analyze absence trends at a glance. The visual overview makes it easy to spot high absenteeism rates or patterns for individuals.

Additionally, the Employee Summary column tallies vacation days, sick time, and other details for each staff member. The yearly summary provides clarity into attendance habits.

Key Benefits

  • Yearly overview to identify long-term attendance issues
  • Color coding for fast visual analysis
  • Summarized tracking by leave type
  • Exportable data for reporting
  • Shareable with HR and leadership

The employee yearly attendance sheet is ideal for organizations with generous vacation and sick days. With 12 months on one spreadsheet, managers optimize absence tracking on both a micro and macro level.

Say goodbye to attendance headaches. Click below to copy this convenient template into Google Sheets and streamline your tracking.

Attendance Sign-In Sheets

For companies with on-site employees, tracking who is in the office daily is critical. This handy Attendance Sign-In Sheet eliminates old-school paper logs to streamline the process digitally.

The template contains dedicated sections for employee details, time tracking, and signatures.

The Employee Details section has columns for name, department, position, and company. This ensures all necessary identification information is recorded.

For time tracking, columns are provided for date, time in, lunch start/end, time out, and total hours. 

By leveraging this template, employers can ensure employees quickly enter their work hours for payroll and attendance purposes.

Lastly, the template includes a signature column. Employees can insert an image of their signature to verify their attendance for the day.


  • Digital alternative to paper sign-in sheets
  • Tracks employee work hours and attendance simultaneously
  • Insertable signature column for attendance verification
  • Exportable data for payroll and reporting
  • Easy to customize and share with managers

With streamlined time-tracking features, this sign-in sheet kills two birds with one stone. 

If you have been looking for a template that lets you seamlessly track employee work hours, this template is just what you need. Click the link below to copy this template right away. 

Getting Started with Google Sheets Attendance Templates

The best part about these Google Sheets attendance templates is that there is no need to visit an external template library – you can access them instantly with a simple click.

Each template overview contains a direct link to copy the template for seamless access. Just click the link, and the attendance sheet will be launched and ready to customize.

When the template loads, you can modify the template to suit your specific tracking needs. Most templates have guided sections with placeholder cells to input your data. For example, replace the “Student Name” columns with your actual class roster.

What’s unique about these Google Sheets attendance templates is that they allow for hassle-free collaboration. This means you can easily share, view, or edit access to the templates with other teachers, managers, and staff as required.

Another thing we love about these templates is that attendance data is stored securely in the cloud, so you can update records from anywhere.

The icing on the cake is that no special software is required – the built-in tools in Sheets provide everything needed to customize, analyze, and share the attendance templates.

With intuitive pre-made templates and cloud-based access, getting started takes just a click on the links embedded within each template overview.

Whether for schools, offices, or events, attendance tracking has never been faster or easier. Instant template access makes streamlined record-keeping achievable in minutes.

Final Thoughts

Google Sheets provides a simple yet powerful solution for tracking attendance records. With customizable templates available online, streamlining attendance procedures has never been easier. 

In today’s guide, we reviewed some of the most accessible Google Sheets attendance templates you can start using to track attendance across the board, whether it’s for your students, employees, or events. 

These templates remove the hassle of manually creating spreadsheets from scratch. Just click to copy a template and start entering your data. It’s honestly that easy.

Whether you need to track daily student attendance, monthly employee records, or events – these tailored Google Sheets attendance templates provide everything you need to make the entire process smooth and hassle-free.

Key Takeaways

  • Instant access to ready-made templates
  • Customizable format and sections
  • Secure cloud-based storage
  • Easy to share and collaborate
  • Works on all devices using the Google Sheets app

Attendance tracking doesn’t have to be a tedious chore. Implement a Google Sheets template today to save time and effort while keeping organized records. With user-friendly templates optimized for your use case, you’ll gain all the benefits of digitized systems – no technical expertise required.

The bottom line is that Google Sheets attendance templates provide the simplest way to streamline critical tracking activities. Reduce paperwork clutter and administrative hassle with efficient, digital record-keeping.

Ebony Nicole

Friday 2nd of February 2024

What a find! I was at a total loss on how to keep track of the attendance for my youth group of over 150 boys. I am the Recruitment and Retention Coordinator for a boy's mentorship program and needed an easier way to track attendance. When I searched Google for help, this was the third website on the list. The attendance sheet I chose for my tracking was the monthly attendance tracking sheet for students. It was easy to add the youth's names and to fill in the tracking for each program day. Since the boys have to attend 90% of our program to be eligible for our monthly trips, this tracker helps me out in a huge way. Now, since I have more than 35 names to add, I would need help adding the formulas to additional rows. Could someone help me with that? I'm not very well-versed in Google Sheets.