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Best 15 Google Sheets Calendar Templates of 2023 (FREE Download & Edit)

Google Sheets is a powerful tool to organize and analyze data.

You can create a daily, weekly, and monthly calendar to organize and track tasks, events, meetings, and more.

If you are the one who is looking for the best Google Sheets calendar templates to improve efficiency and productivity, then you have come to the right place.

Why are calendars created in Google Sheets a must-try?

Google Sheets calendar templates offer numerous benefits over Google and Apple Calendar.

Here are a few of them:

  • Ease of use – Most Google Sheets calendars allow users to input specific years or months and automatically update entire spreadsheets. Users don’t have to adjust the week dates manually. This automatic update feature puts them in the Google and Apple Calendar league.
  • Team collaboration – You can share the Google Sheets calendar link with unlimited users. It comes with real-time collaboration capabilities. All the changes are saved; you can review them any time using the “Version history” feature in Google Sheets. You can choose to offer various levels of control to each user. They can either edit, comment, or view the spreadsheet based on their assigned roles.
  • Online editor – In contrast to other spreadsheet programs, Google Sheets is a completely online program that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It is supported by both desktop and mobile devices. Though managing a calendar can sometimes be overwhelming on a mobile device, we will discuss a few optimized calendar templates for mobile users.
  • Extensive formatting – Unlike Google and Apple calendars, the built-in formatting capabilities empower the Google Sheets calendars. You can choose to highlight certain dates or weekdays that satisfy specific criteria. You can change the font or cell background colors. Moreover, the pre-built calendar template by Google Sheets supports various Themes available.
  • Unlimited tasks – You can add thousands of rows and columns in Google Sheets. The possibilities are endless; it allows you to add tens and hundreds of tasks per day. While customizing the tracker templates, you can add rows and columns to fulfill your specific requirements.
  • Seamless tracking – Calendar is the best way to keep track of your day, week, month, and year. But Google Sheets takes it beyond that with its data analysis and organization capabilities. You can use built-in functions and features like Conditional Formatting to enhance your performance over time.

Top 15 Customizable Calendar Templates for Google Sheets

Hundreds of free templates are available online, but not all are useful. We understand that you cannot try them one by one to figure out if one of them meets your requirements.

So, we assigned this task to spreadsheet pros at SoftwareAccountant to test a set of templates from various resources by organizing their day-to-day household and office tasks.

You might be curious now!

Let us discuss the best customizable Google Sheets calendar templates you can use to set goals, define deadlines, track milestones, and achieve success.

The list includes various templates that you can organize on a daily and monthly basis.

1. Simple Monthly Calendar Template

Click Here To Open

It is the simple Google Sheets monthly calendar that you will find very identical to the Google and Apple Calendar. You can print and use it to schedule daily tasks, mark important milestones, and track deadlines.

The customizable template is available for 2023 and 2024. Each day has four cells to accept multiple entries seamlessly. In other words, you can add multiple tasks, meetings, events, and more.

It also contains public holidays to avoid scheduling errors. Make sure to check these holidays before you set deadlines and mark important events.

At the end of the calendar, you will find the notes section. You can add monthly reminders for yourself and your team.

2. Mini Full Year Google Sheets Calendar

Click Here To Open

Do you wish to have a bird’s-eye view of the 2023 calendar?

This is one of the perfect Google Sheets calendar templates for you.

In contrast to the previous calendar template, the entire year is arranged in one spreadsheet.

Note that you cannot write anything or add notes to this calendar. However, you will be able to mark important dates of the month.

Simply put, the main focus of this type of calendar is not adding events, tasks, milestones, etc., but instead highlighting the important days of the month using the power of Google Sheets formatting options.

You can highlight deadlines, holidays, and birthdays using this calendar.

3. List-view Monthly Calendar

Click Here To Open

This one is particularly focused on mobile users. It is the best fit for people who are always on the go.

The previous templates discussed above are useful for desktop users where the days and months are arranged horizontally.

In this template, the days are arranged vertically, and you can add tasks, milestones, and important events in the cell next to the Day column. Refer to the above image.

It contains each month in a separate spreadsheet to improve accessibility.

Note that you cannot add multiple tasks and events for each day. As mentioned earlier, the design focuses on mobile users who wish to track a single activity or task per day.

4. Weekly Schedule Calendar

Click Here To Open

This template is the right choice for those who plan to schedule things on a weekly basis.

You can seamlessly track milestones, add tasks, mark events, and more by each day of the week.

It contains the time of the day arranged vertically, allowing you to manage meetings and track things daily.

It is a comprehensive template best fit for managing multiple daily tasks.

To use this template, you need to start by selecting the start day of the week and then choose the day start time. It automatically populates the dates in the main table, where you can add the tasks for that week.

5. Daily Schedule Calendar

Click Here To Open

This template is similar to the one discussed before. However, instead of a week, it allows you to add and track tasks on a daily basis.

You can print this template and use it as a daily planner.

All you need to do is select the day and start time to get started. You can also choose the time interval between time, which is arranged vertically.

It allows you to add tasks and notes for each task.

Note that this template is less comprehensive than others on this list, but it comes with smart features like selecting the date and deciding the time of the day.

6. Fully Automatic Yearly Calendar by SpreadsheetClass

Click Here To Open

It is a fully automatic mini calendar where you can select a start and end date.

You can choose the beginning and end date on the far right side of the spreadsheet.

All dates are populated automatically once you select the start and end date. You will be able to see an entire year on a single spreadsheet.

Another impressive feature of this calendar is that it will highlight the dates within the selected date range.

Note that this is a mini calendar that offers limited flexibility. You cannot add tasks or events. However, you can use it to highlight important dates such as birthdays, event start dates, holidays, etc.

7. Fully Automatic Monthly Calendar by SpreadsheetClass

Click Here To Open

This is another impressive calendar by SpreadsheetClass. In contrast to the yearly calendar discussed above, the monthly calendar has added flexibility.

You can add tasks, milestones, and events to each day of the month.

It is very similar to the Google and Apple Calendar when it comes to looks and functionality.

The calendar has options to choose the start and end date of the month. You will find these options at the far right side of the spreadsheet.

All the dates that fall within the selected date range are highlighted using the light yellow color.

Note that it is a yearly calendar, where all the months are arranged in separate spreadsheets.

8. Monthly To-do List Calendar

Click Here

Do you love checklists?

Check out this masterpiece by SpreadsheetClass. It is available on Etsy for the price of $3 only.

You will find this to-do list calendar as feature-rich as task-scheduling software at the same price. It comes with a checkbox for each task.

Once the task is completed and you check the box, the Google Sheet will instantly cross out that task.

With this template, you can easily add and track tasks. It gives you a comprehensive view of scheduled and pending tasks today.

The template is available in different colors, including purple. Ensure to check them as well.

9. Social Media Monthly Calendar

Click Here To Open

Scheduling and managing social media posts is one of the hardest tasks for online marketers.

This social media calendar by SpreadsheetPoints allows you to schedule and track posts with all the required details.

You can add time, topic, ad copy, images, and hashtags for each post. Once they are posted, you can tick the box for particular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Edit or add the platform of your choice, such as LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

If you want to deliver all your posts on time and improve social media campaign performance, look no further because this is the perfect solution out there.

10. Social Media Monthly Mini Calendar

Click Here To Open

This is another social media calendar on this list. In contrast to the previous one, it allows you to add important events that must be promoted throughout the month.

You can use the color code described at the top of the calendar to differentiate different events in the calendar. It will help you organize and analyze events in that particular month.

You can add up to 5 daily campaigns with multiple cells per day.

It is a simple mini calendar that can be shared with your colleagues and freelancers for collaborating and achieving monthly marketing goals.

11. Monthly Content Calendar

Click Here To Open

Are you a content manager?

Now is the time to plan and ensure the success of your marketing strategies and objectives.

Use this calendar to schedule your upcoming posts and track the progress daily and monthly.

You can share this Google Sheets calendar with your colleagues and collaborate seamlessly to ensure you publish articles on time.

This template is perfect for bloggers, freelancers, website owners, and almost all digital content creators.

As you can see in the above image, the spreadsheet is divided into two parts. The first one contains the monthly calendar, and the second includes a table where you can add the post details and their status.

12. Habit Tracker Calendar Template

Click Here To Open

This calendar template is excellent for tracking fitness, health, and office goals.

It is divided into two sections: Habit List and Monthly Calendar.

You can list all the habits in the template’s right section and track them daily. Additionally, it gives you a weekly and monthly track of habits.

The template allows you to add up to 7 habits. But you can add more rows if necessary.

At a single glance, you can have a bird’s eye view of the habits and tasks over the month.

Apart from your habits, you can also track your business goals and milestones by knowing that you are consistently trying to achieve them.

13. Mini Annual Calendar by Google Sheets Template Library

Click Here To Open

Check out this free-to-use annual calendar template by Google Sheets. It is a highly customizable template when it comes to adjusting the formatting.

It automatically adjusted to the current year. But if you wish to change to a future year (2024), you can simply adjust the year as shown in the following image.

As it is a dynamic calendar that depends upon various functions, to avoid errors, make sure to use the following formula while changing the error.


The date needs to be put in double quotation marks to avoid errors.

The Google Sheet template contains a mini calendar in one spreadsheet and months of the year in the rest of the spreadsheets. All of them calculate automatically based on the year you select, as discussed above.

14. Weekly Attendance Google Sheets Calendar

Click Here To Open

This one is pretty specific but a really useful tool for online teachers.

It is simple to use. All you need to do is enter the student names once, and the remaining Google Sheet spreadsheets are adjusted automatically.

You can track the attendance daily and analyze them every week.

Another great feature of this template is automatic weekdays and dates.

At the top of each spreadsheet, you can select the week’s start date. Once you choose the date, all days and dates for that week are automatically populated in the table.

You can change the headers and use this template to track employee attendance.

15. Create Your Own Google Sheets Calendar Template with Addon

It is an official addon from Google Workspace Marketplace that lets you create a simple annual calendar.

As of August 2023, the calendar is available for 2022, 2023, and 2024.

You can install this addon for Google Sheets by clicking here.

Follow the steps below to use this addon,

  • Open a new Google Sheet. Click here
  • Hover to the main menu and click on “Extensions” tab
  • Choose “Calendar templates” from the popup
  • Next, click on “Start
  • A new popup will appear on the left side of the screen, as shown below
  • Click on the dropdown beside the “Year” option and choose “2023”
  • Select the start day for the week by clicking on the dropdown beside the “First week day” option
  • Press the “Create Calendar” button

It is a mini calendar for quick analysis. You can use Google Sheets formatting options to highlight the specific dates that mark important events such as birthdays.

Note that the “CW” column represents the week number with respect to the selected year.


Q. Can I design a calendar in Google Sheets?

Yes. You can create a full-fledged calendar using Google Sheets.

You can create an advanced calendar if you have the right knowledge of Google Sheets functions.

Make sure to refer to our blog, which is full of Google Sheets tips and tricks.

You need to play around with the DATE formulas when I say Google Sheets functions.

Q. How to create a Google Sheets Calendar?

It all boils down to your specific requirements, including whether you need a mini yearly calendar, automatic monthly calendar, or weekly planner calendar.

If you have a basic knowledge of spreadsheet software, you can play around with formatting options to create a beautiful-looking calendar using Google Sheets. Note that such calendars may not support automatic updates but will get the job done for most people.

Such calendars are mostly used as printables.

That being said,

We have an in-depth guide on creating a Google Sheets Weekly calendar. Don’t forget to check it by clicking here.

You can create almost anything from fully automatic annual calendars to the Moon phase calendar using Google Sheets.

However, as discussed above, the knowledge of Google Sheets functions is crucial. You can check our blog section, which contains lots of useful information about using Google Sheets DATE functions.

Q. Why are Google Sheets Calendar templates best?

The first benefit is that these calendars created using Google Sheets can be shared with colleagues and clients for collaboration.

Additionally, you can access them from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Google Sheets is an incredible spreadsheet software with an excellent user interface for both desktop and mobile users.

Apart from the above, the Calendars designed using Google Sheets offer advanced functionalities. They are updated automatically based on the inputs provided by the users.

Q. Is there any built-in calendar template by Google Sheets?

Yes. We already have discussed an impressive template by Google Sheets in the above section.

You can click here and start customizing that pre-built template.

It is a really easy-to-use and fully automatic calendar by Google Sheets.

Note that the calendar is adjusted to the current year using a built-in function in Google Sheets. You can change the current year to whatever year you wish, and the calendar will be updated automatically.

It is one of the best Google Sheets calendar templates out there, which is worth trying.

Click here!

Q. Where can I find the best Google Sheets templates?

You can explore marketplaces like Etsy to find advanced, professional-looking Google Sheets calendar templates.

We also loved the collection of Google Sheets Calendar templates available on The GooDocs. It is a decent selection of templates with colorful designs.

For highly customizable and latest Google Sheets Calendar templates, you can explore third-party websites like,, and

Q. What is the best Google Sheets Calendar Template to track daily tasks?

We found that the To-do List Calendar Template by SpreadsheetClass is the right choice for tracking daily tasks.

It comes with a daily checklist, which is arranged for a month. You can add tasks, and once they are completed, simply tick the box before them.

On the other hand, if you plan to schedule meetings or track the daily tasks hourly, check out this Weekly Calendar Template.

It comes with an intuitive design. All you need to do is put the week’s start date and choose your day’s start time. The table will be updated automatically.

Q. Can I print a Google Sheets Calendar?

Yes, of course. You can customize a Google Sheets calendar to your needs and then print it.

You need to go to the main menu and click the “File” button. Then, choose the “Print” option from the popup.

A new display will pop up where you can select the print settings as per your preference. Once done, click on the “Next” button from the upper-rightmost corner of the screen.

Note that mainly the mini annual and monthly Google Sheets calendar templates discussed above can be printed. You may be unable to efficiently use the daily and monthly tracker Google Sheets template after printing.

Q. What to do when we don’t have edit access to the template?

It is due to the fact that the owner has allowed “View Only” access to general users/visitors.

For example, refer to the following image.

Every Google Sheets template you see online is not directly editable; you need to make a copy and save it to your Google Drive.

Here are the steps:

  • Open the Google Sheets template
  • Hover to the main menu and click on “File” button
  • Select the “Make a copy” option from the popup
  • A new dialog box will open asking you the new name and location for your Google Sheet
  • Finally, click on the “Make a copy” button

By following the steps above, you simply create a new Google Sheet which will be stored in your Google Drive. You can share this file with unlimited users and assign specific rules to them. They will be able to view, edit, and comment. 

Q. How do you type a new line within the cell? Is it possible?

While reading the best Google Sheets Calendar Templates of 2023 section, you might have noticed a few calendars with single cells for adding a task.

You might wonder if you can add multiple tasks or activities within one cell.

It is possible in Google Sheets. Follow the steps below,

  • Select the cell
  • Double-click on it to start editing
  • Press and hold the “ALT” key on your keyboard
  • Then, simultaneously press “Enter” key

It is nothing but the shortcut on your keyboard as “ALT + ENTER” which will move the cursor to the new line within the same cell.


All of the above templates are supposed to help professionals such as freelancers, employees, entrepreneurs, and more.

Make sure to copy them to your drive and assign specific roles to everyone.

Google Sheets is a powerful tool to create reports, track deadlines, manage time, and nearly anything that improves efficiency and productivity.

If you are a content or social media manager, the Google Sheets Calendar is the best free alternative to paid apps. Give them a try because they will ensure the timely delivery of your content. 

I hope you have found the perfect template for your needs. In case you have any specific requirements, our team at SoftwareAccount can help. Feel free to comment below.

Also, let us know if we still need to add any awesome Google Sheets Calendar templates useful to the community.