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20+ FREE Google Sheets Empty / Blank Spreadsheet Template [2024]

A spreadsheet is an excellent tool to organize data.

You can manage employee details, guest lists, weekly or monthly budgets, inventory items, grocery lists, and more.

The good news is,

The Internet is full of printable spreadsheet templates for various purposes. Users can customize them as per their requirements without any limitations.

In this article, we have compiled a huge list of 20 Blank Spreadsheet Templates. Anyone can download and print them for free. These templates are designed to help users execute specific tasks, such as organizing expenses and creating guest lists.

Read the article until the end unless you find the perfect template that fits your requirements.

20 Best FREE Blank / Empty Printable Spreadsheet Templates [Google Sheets]

Blank spreadsheet templates created using Google Sheets are easily edited and accessible.

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet software available for free to everyone using a Google account.

The following spreadsheet templates are professionally formatted, including most standard columns related to specific topics. You can further improve the aesthetics and add more information per your requirements.

Now, without any further ado, let’s start discussing the list.

1. 10×10 Blank Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template

This is the simplest of all the templates on this list. It comes with a 10×10 grid where you can enter the desired information.

The template can be printed and used.

The grid’s top row and leftmost column are highlighted using light green color. You can use them as the header for rows and columns.

Note that it is a versatile template that can be used for various purposes.

2. 5×10 Blank Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

In contrast to the last one, this template uses a 5×10 grid. The top row is highlighted in light green and used as the header for the table.

The table is divided into three sections.

At the top, you can specify information related to the table. The header row runs across the middle; below that, you will find a 5×10 grid.

The template is pretty straightforward to use.

3. Attendance Chart Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

Are you looking for a printable attendance sheet?

Here is the right choice for you. It comes with a huge table to let you mark the monthly attendance.

You can enter the details of your students or employees on the left side of the table.

Start by entering the date in the header row of the table.

4. Weekly Schedule Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

This template helps users effectively manage their time. It comes with a vast table divided into weekdays.

The leftmost column of the table includes time intervals divided into half hours. You can easily edit the template to adjust the time interval as needed.

Specifying activities or plans for each day is a breeze with this weekly schedule or planner template.

If you are ready to save time and increase productivity, then look no further than downloading the above template.

5. Appointment Book Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

This template is for you if your job includes meeting many clients or customers.

It helps you stay organized and keep track of the meetings throughout the day.

The template includes a huge table divided into weekdays. The time is mentioned in the first column.

You can easily print this template to use while on the go.

It will surely help you improve your time management efficiently.

6. Printable Checklist Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

It is another simple-to-use spreadsheet template on this list. You can use it to note down and manage several daily activities.

The table is divided into two columns. You can specify the activity number and mark the status as done in the first column. Meanwhile, in the second column, you can describe the activity or plan in detail.

Using this template to plan your trip or holiday vacation activities is a breeze.

7. Teacher Gradebook Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

This printable grade book offers easy and quick tracking of student progress. It can also be used for marking their weekly or monthly attendance.

Know how your students are performing and keep up with their grades.

The template will surely help you during parent meetings. You can present a child’s progress to everyone using this letter-size template designed using Google Sheets.

8. Contact List Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

Managing contacts becomes a daunting task without proper tools at your disposal.

This template is designed to offer the quickest way to organize your contacts. You can print and share it with your loved ones to ensure safety.

You can start by entering the name in the leftmost column, then add contact details such as phone, email, and address in the remaining columns.

It can be used as a mailing list with all the necessary information. 

Don’t be totally dependent upon gadgets to keep track of your acquaintances. Use this template and ensure you retain a printed record of contact details as a backup.

9. Emergency Contact List Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

Safety should be the top priority while traveling to new places. In the case of your little ones who are going on a school trip, it becomes the utmost priority.

The above template is designed to keep track of emergency phone numbers of family members and others such as doctors, hospitals, local police, etc.

Make sure to enter the necessary details and share this template with your family members and friends.

The template includes three columns. You can enter the contact type in the first column. Similarly, you can mention the name and emergency phone number in the second and third columns.

10. Monthly Expenses Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

Tracking expenses using spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets helps you save money and effectively manage your income.

The above template includes several tables to keep track of income, fixed and other expenses, and bills.

At the bottom, you can summarize expenses at the end of the month.

Each table has three columns to let users specify a date, transaction description, and amount. You can also mention the total amount at the end of each table.

11. Employee Attendance Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

Compared to the attendance templates discussed previously, this one focuses on marking employee attendance throughout the week.

It includes a table with eight different columns. You need to start by entering the employees’ names in the first column.

It can be easily printed and allows you to track up to 30 employees by default.

12. Printable Invoice Spreadsheet Template in Google Sheets

Click Here To Use This Template!

This template is designed for service providers, small businesses, landlords, etc.

It’s a simple and cost-effective solution. You can easily print and use this template for free without any limitations.

Moreover, you can customize the template as you wish using Google Sheets.

Add the service details and contact information at the top, and also make sure to specify terms and conditions or essential notes at the bottom of the invoice template.

13. Grocery List Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

Are you always lost while grocery shopping?

If yes, then use this ultimate printable grocery list spreadsheet template. Anyone can use it without any prior experience.

The template is divided into various tables for listing items related to dairy, cleaning, frozen food, vegetables, meat, spices, and more.

You can mention the item name and quantity in each table.

Additionally, at the end of the template, you can note down essential instructions.

14. Inventory Audit Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

Tracking inventory takes both time and effort. We have designed a simple template to help you with inventory audits.

It includes a table with several columns for recording the available quantity and total inventory cost.

You can specify the item ID and name along with a required description.

For advanced Inventory Tracking Spreadsheet Templates, make sure to read our blog by clicking here.

15. Vehicle Mileage Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

This template is handy for vehicle business owners.

It allows them to track the total miles traveled by each vehicle and the total fuel spent.

The template uses a huge table where drivers can mention the date, initial reading, total miles traveled, the purpose of travel, etc.

Owners can easily print this template and share it with their co-workers.

16. Monthly Ledger Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

This template helps business owners and small service providers stay on top of their profits.

They can track their income, cost of goods sold (COGS), and operating expenses in a single template.

Start by entering your details, including the current month. It includes plenty of standard expense types, but feel free to edit this Google Sheets template per your requirements.

You can add more fields to cover your expenses and remove the unnecessary ones before printing.

It also lets you mention total income, expenses, and service costs.

17. Payment Log Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

Does your job include processing payments on behalf of your organization?

Here is the template to keep track of upcoming payments. It helps you ensure you do not miss any payments and get penalized.

The template is pretty straightforward. You must enter the bill details, the total amount, and the due date. Once the payment is processed, you can mark the status as done in the final column.

18. Homecare Worker Daily Sign-in Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

This template is for tracking the attendance of your homecare employees.

It is pretty straightforward to use. You just need to enter the date and name along with the sign-in and sign-out time.

The template can be easily customized and printed for further use.

It is designed to help homeowners track total working days to process the required payments quickly.

19. Guest List Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

The above template is useful while organizing weddings, parties, corporate meetings, and more.

You can keep track of upcoming guests and send the invitations. Once the invitation is accepted, the template allows you to confirm their seats in the RSVP column.

It also allows you to add guest addresses for added convenience.

Printing this spreadsheet template is pretty straightforward using Google Sheets.

20. Password Log Spreadsheet Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

This is our last pick on this list focused on individuals who often forget credentials for essential websites.

It allows you to keep track of websites and login credentials along with the hints that will be helpful while recovering the passwords.

Plenty of password managers are available online, but most ask for monthly subscriptions. So, the above template is a cost-effective solution for people on a budget.

You can print this template as an offline backup of essential passwords.

It eliminates dependencies on third-party tools and saves you from data breaches, which are becoming common nowadays.

Benefits of using Blank / Empty Printable Spreadsheet Templates

Spreadsheet software such as Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are becoming the go-to tools for organizing and managing day-to-day tasks.

There are numerous benefits of using ready-made spreadsheet templates:

  • Structured Framework – Such templates offer a professionally designed structure to streamline tasks. They include all the standard fields to get the job done.
  • Time-saving – Choosing a pre-designed template will save all the time required to develop a template from scratch.
  • Affordable – All of the spreadsheet templates discussed above are free to download. You can customize them as per your preference without any limitations.
  • Ease of Use – Google Sheets templates are thoughtfully designed and easy for beginners. They include easy-to-understand headers and clear instructions.

Besides the above, Google Sheets users can change the formatting and include more features in their templates using built-in tools.

Spreadsheet templates are an excellent way to get started with actual work quickly.

Final Words

There are numerous spreadsheet templates available online. You can explore our blog section for more templates to streamline tasks and improve productivity.

We tried our best to compile a comprehensive list of blank spreadsheet templates for various purposes, including,

  • Attendance Tracking
  • Budget Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Grocery List Preparation
  • Invoicing
  • Guest List Management
  • So on…

Feel free to comment below if you don’t find the required template.

To print the Google Sheets spreadsheet templates discussed above, go to the “File” tab of the main menu and choose the “Print” option from the list. Make sure to refer to our following article for more detailed instructions.

How to Print Spreadsheet in Google Sheets [2024]