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Top 10 Google Sheets Invoice Template & How to Create One – [Ultimate Guide  2024]

A super cool invoice is the ultimate need of every business.

Imagine you have done an incredible job for your clients, and they are happy. The next step is to get paid, and this is where the invoice template steps in.

Invoices are not just pieces of paper or digital notes; they are the secret behind making the business run smoothly.

Let us discuss top free Google Sheets Invoice Templates that are both easy to use and highly customizable. We will also learn the steps to create a professional invoice from scratch in Google Sheets.

Yes, of course, there are multiple third-party apps to generate an invoice at a considerable monthly fee. Google Sheets offers an easy way to create invoices, and that too for free, with the same amount of effort.

Benefits of Google Sheets Invoice Templates

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet program that stores files across the cloud.

It is one of the best tools to organize datasets in tabular form. Many small and large-scale businesses use Google Sheets to manage massive datasets and optimize day-to-day workflows.

Compared to other apps, including Google Docs or Microsoft Word, where you have to do the calculations manually, Google Sheets uses formulas to do the same heavy lifting.

Let us discuss a few more benefits of using Google Sheets Invoice templates:

  • Ease of Use – Google Sheets boasts an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for both beginners and advanced users. It comes with a short learning curve. You will learn to add and edit information within a couple of hours.
  • Extensive Customization -Invoice templates created using Google Sheets are highly customizable. You can easily add company information like name and logo. Moreover, formatting the template to add a personal touch is a breeze.
  • Security – All your data is stored across Google Cloud. Users don’t need to worry about losing their invoices. Only you will have access to these invoices through your Google account.
  • Seamless Collaboration – Google Sheets can be shared with clients and colleagues. You can assign specific roles to each shared user. They will be able to view, comment, or edit the invoice based on their role.
  • Automation – Users can leverage hundreds of Google Sheets tools and functions to fetch data and calculate total price automatically. You can also use features such as conditional formatting to highlight specific entries from the invoice template.

These are just a few of the benefits. Google Sheets allows you to export an invoice in PDF file format, which is the most common way of sharing invoices with clients.

Top 10 FREE Google Sheets Invoice Templates

There are numerous invoice templates available online for free. However, not all of them are professional-looking and include formulas to automate repetitive tasks.

It will be a daunting task for you to try each one of them to find the perfect fit.

So, we have done the heavy lifting for you in the following section. Our team has carefully selected the invoice templates that will convey your professionalism to clients.

Here are our top picks:

1. Freelance Invoice Template by SoftwareAccountant

FREE Google Sheets Invoice Template [SoftwareAccountant]

Click Here To Use This Template!

It is one of the simplest invoice templates on this list. The professional-looking design and ease of use let this template dominate the rivals.

You need to start by selecting the invoice generation and payment due date at the top.

Then, add your client details on the left side and your contact information on the right side, as shown in the above image.

You can enter the task description, date of completion, total working hours for each task, and rate as decided with the client. The template automatically calculates the total amount using built-in formulas.

Also, the total billed amount is auto-calculated at the end of the template.

2. Sales Invoice Template by SmartSheet

Click Here To Use This Template!

This sales invoice template is a perfect fit for e-commerce businesses to provide a formal record of the transaction to the customer.

It can be used by B2C companies selling goods and services to customers.

This template includes separate fields for billing and delivery addresses. You can also add details such as due date, invoice number, and customer number.

By entering the salesperson details responsible for the sales and shipping details, you can efficiently track the package throughout its delivery.

The template is available for free; you can customize it as needed.

Make sure to replace the logo and company name. You can also adjust the color scheme for this template.

3. School Invoice Template by

Click Here To Use This Template!

Are you a teacher looking for an invoice to accept payment?

Educational institutions can use this simple school invoice template to send bills to students or parents for tuition fees, educational materials, or other related things.

This template is fully customizable. You need to start by adding your institution details along with the invoice date and number.

Then, add the student or parent details and make sure to mention the payment details such as due date, mode of payment, etc.

Note that the template uses formulas to calculate the total amount. You must not edit those cells; otherwise, the template won’t work as expected.

4. Contract Labor Invoice Template by Waveapps

Click Here To Use This Template!

This template is mainly valuable for individuals or business owners that hire contract labor, including independent contractors and consultants.

You can use this invoice template as a formal document outlining the agreed-upon terms, services provided, hours worked, and the amount owed.

It will help both parties maintain a clear record of the transaction and ensure smooth cash flow without any delays.

You need to enter your company details in the header, followed by the invoice and client details.

5. Consulting Invoice Template by Waveapps

Click Here To Use This Template!

Yet another nicely designed invoice template by Waveapps experts.

It is helpful to individuals offering consulting services to clients. However, this template is not just for consultants; it is useful to freelancers and HR professionals as well.

The overall look and feel of the template remains identical to the previous one. Also, it uses formulas to calculate the total amount automatically using the provided information.

6. Commercial Shipping Invoice Template by

Click Here To Use This Template!

This is one of the top professional-grade invoice templates for commercial people. It can be used by any business that sells goods or services to the customer.

The template is intuitive and easy to get started. A few essential things like calculating total price, subtotal, and cost after tax deduction are done automatically.

In contrast to other templates on this list, you need to manually enter the complete date as per the format.

Everything else, including company details, client details, terms and conditions, and more, remains the same. It contains example data like company or client name, logo, address, etc. Make sure to remove that information.

7. Construction Design Services Sheet Invoice Template by GooDocs

Click Here To Use This Template!

Are you a real estate architect looking for a simple but fully automated invoice template?

If yes, then your search ends here.

This template by TheGooDocs is pretty straightforward. You need to enter your company details at the top, including your name, logo, and contact details, to get started.

Then, followed by your company details, make sure you enter client and invoice details such as due date, number, and more. The template automatically calculates the total billing amount. You can also define the tax rate to get the total price after adding taxes.

Note that even if you are not an expert at Google Sheets, the template can be mastered within no time.

It may hardly take a few minutes to send invoices to your clients in the future.

8. Medical Billing Invoice by GooDocs

Click Here To Use This Template!

If you are in the healthcare business, then this template will help you a lot to maintain clear communication with the patients.

Healthcare providers and medical practitioners are using such templates to bill patients for the services offered.

With this template, you can specify the patient’s details and the description of services provided by you with the fees. All of the calculations are automated using built-in Google Sheets formulas.

It will surely be a time-saving invoice template for your staff. They can edit it by adding your hospital logo and changing the color scheme.

9. Restaurant Invoice Template by

Click Here To Use This Template!

Running a huge restaurant business is not just about cooking delicious food but focusing on carefully maintaining standards and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Let us introduce you to this free invoice template by

It lets you stay on top of your income and profits by precisely recording each transaction. You can print the template and use it offline.

Changing colors and adding your restaurant information is a breeze.

Similar to other templates on this list, you don’t need to worry about calculating the total price of each dish, the overall bill, and the amount after adding taxes because it is taken care of by the template using in-built formulas.

So what are you waiting for? Download this template and streamline your billing process now!

10. Rent Invoice Template by

Click Here To Use This Template!

This rent invoice template is used by landlords or real estate property holding companies to bill tenants on a monthly basis.

Owners have the option to enter tenant and invoice details below the template header.

Make sure to add maintenance, parking, and other fees which are supposed to be paid by your tenant. Note that the template automatically calculates the total amount that needs to be paid by your tenants at the end of the template using formulas in Google Sheets.

Add your details, including your company or property name, at the top.

How to create an Invoice Template using Google Sheets

If you are not impressed by the top ready-to-use Invoice templates discussed above, here is the step-by-step process to create a brand new template in Google Sheets from scratch.

Creating a template in Google Sheets requires knowledge of various tools and functions, which can be mastered after several days of learning.

But don’t worry because we have got your back.

The following section includes detailed steps to create a fully automated invoice from the ground up.

Here is the screenshot of the invoice template we are about to create.

Now, without any further ado, let’s begin.

STEP #1 – Creating the Header

The header section will include the title of the document.

Particularly while sharing our invoice with the clients, the header will let them quickly identify the document type.

Here are the steps to create a header:

  • Open a new Google Sheet by clicking here
  • Select the entire first row
  • Increase the height of the first row
  • Select all the cells from A1 to F1
  • Hover to the toolbar section and click the “Merge Cells” icon
  • Type “Invoice Template
  • Increase the font size to 23
  • Adjust the font alignment to the middle
  • Make the font bold
  • Change the cell background color to dark blue (Hex Code – #001149)
  • Change the font color to white

With the above steps, the header should look as follows.

STEP #2 – Add the Invoice Details

In this step, we will add a small table to enter the invoice details like invoice number, date, and due date.

Let’s begin,

  • Select the cell “D4
  • Type “Invoice Number :
  • Select the cell “D5” and type “Invoice date :
  • Finally, select cell “D6” and type “Due date :

The fields are ready, but let’s make sure whenever we try to enter the date in the cells E5 and E6, a calendar popup will appear to pick up the date.

Here are the steps:

  • Select both the cells “E5” and “E6
  • Hover to the main menu and click on the “Data” tab
  • Choose the “Data validation” option from the popup
  • A new dialog box will appear on the right side of the screen
  • Click on the “Add rule” button
  • Next, click the dropdown below the “Criteria” option
  • Select the “Is valid date” option from the list
  • Press the “Done” button

It is a part of automation. If you don’t want a calendar popup, then you can skip the above steps to enable the calendar popup to pick up the date.

STEP #3 – Add the ‘From’ and ‘To’ Address Fields

An invoice generally contains two addresses to identify the sender and receiver.

They are named as a “From” address to represent who is sending the invoice and a “To” address to represent to whom the invoice is being sent.

So, let’s add them.

  • Select cell “A9” and type “FROM :
  • In the cell “A10” type “[Your Company Name]
  • In the cell “A11” type “[Your Company Address]
  • In the cell “A12” type “[Your Contact Information]

The table should look as follows,

You can repeat the above steps to create the second table to include the receiver’s address, as shown in the following image.

STEP #4 – Create a table to record the Item details

This is a crucial step. We will add the main table to include our billing items. Each one of them will have a description, unit price, quantity, and total price.

In short, the table contains records of the goods or services sold to the customer or client.

  • Select the cell “A15” and type “Sr. No.
  • Select cell “B15” and “C15
  • Hover to the toolbar section and click the “Merge cells” icon
  • Type “Item Description
  • Next, click on the cell “D15” and type “Quantity
  • Similarly, follow the last step and complete the table header as shown below,
  • Make the font bold
  • Select the cell range “A15:F15
  • Change the cell background color to dark blue (Hex Code – #001149)
  • Change the font color to white
  • Adjust the font alignment to the middle

Now, the template looks like this,

You can enter the example information as shown below. It will help us validate our formulas to auto-calculate the total amount in the upcoming sections.

STEP #5 – Calculate the Total Price Per Item 

Let us use the simple multiplication rule in Google Sheets to find the total price of each item.

The steps are pretty simple and don’t include any complex formulas.

Here is the formula:


You can copy and paste the above formula in cell F16 to find the total price for the first item.

Applying this formula to the rest of the items is easy. Once you add the formula in F16 and hit “Enter” on your keyboard, the following popup will appear.

All you need to do is click the Yes icon, as shown below.

If you don’t see the above popup, then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Select the cell “F16
  • Go to the lower-rightmost corner of the cell
  • You will see a Fill Handle icon
  • Click on it and drag the formula to the end of the table

Our table is ready, and it should look as follows.

STEP #6 – Calculate Total Billing Price

Note that first, we need to find the subtotal, and then, if there will be any taxes, those also need to be included in the formula.

Before we jump into the actual process, let us quickly understand the SUM function in Google Sheets.

Explained: The SUM function in Google Sheets

The SUM function is used to add multiple values from different cells. The general syntax for the formula is as follows:

The arguments of this function are pretty straightforward. You need to replace them with the values or cell references holding the values.

You can include up to 255 values manually. In the case of large datasets, you need to use cell references.

Now, let’s start using this formula to find the subtotal of the items added to our invoice.

Here are the steps:

  • Select the cell “E21” 
  • Type “SUBTOTAL :” 
  • Make the font bold
  • Next, click on the cell “F21
  • Type “=sum
  • Choose the first option from the popup or press “Tab” on your keyboard
  • Provide the cell reference as “F16:F20
  • Complete the bracket using “)
  • Press the “Enter” key

Our final formula will be,


STEP #7 – Calculate Taxes

In this step, we will add the taxes to our subtotal from the last step.

Let us add a field where we can enter the tax rate and use that value to find the final amount.

  • Select the cell “E22
  • Type “Tax Rate
  • Now, click on the cell “F22
  • Enter the value “12%” as an example value
    (You can change this later as per your country’s taxation rules)
  • Hover to the Main menu and click the “Format” tab
  • Choose the “Number” option from the popup
  • Next, select “Percent“, as shown below

Now, let us find the Total Billing Price by adding taxes to the subtotal we obtained in the previous step.

Let’s begin,

  • Select the cell “E23
  • Type “TOTAL AMOUNT :
  • Next, select the cell “F23
  • Put the “=” symbol to enter the formula in the cell
  • Type “F21*F22
    (Note that the “*” symbol is used to multiple values between two cells)
  • Press “Enter” on your keyboard

The final formula to calculate the total amount is as follows,


STEP #8 – Adding Terms and Conditions, Payment Instructions, and Thank You Note

Last but not least, this step provides some crucial information about your business to your clients or customers.

For the Terms and Conditions, make use of the cells A26, A27, and A28, as shown in the following image.

Similarly, add the payment or bank details between the cells D26 and D29. Refer to the following image.

Stay calm about the content being very close to each other. We will correct that in a moment.

For adding a thank you note,

  • Select the cell range “B33:E35“, as shown below
  • Hover to the toolbar section and click on the “Merge cells” icon
  • Type “Thank you for your prompt payment. If you have any questions regarding this invoice or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Next, go to the toolbar section again and click on the “Text wrapping” icon
  • Choose the second option as shown in the above image
  • Adjust the font alignment to the middle
  • Now, select the cell range “A33:F35
  • Change the cell background color to dark blue (Hex Code – #001149)
  • Change the text color to white

Here’s how the template looks after following the above steps.

STEP #9 – Formatting the Template

To take the aesthetics of our template to the next level, we need to use the formatting options from the toolbar section.

Also, make sure to adjust the row heights and column widths wherever necessary.

We have come up with the following,

To download the above template created by us, click the following link.

Click Here to Download!

Yes, of course. The template is free and can be customized as per your needs.