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Ultimate Guide to 120+ Google Sheets Keyboard Shortcuts (Updated 2024): Lifesaving Commands

Google Sheets is the best spreadsheet program to optimize workflows, improve productivity, save time, and boost your revenue. It boasts hundreds of keyboard shortcuts to take your computing and presentation skills to the next level.

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform various tasks quickly.

They are the best way to work smarter in Google Sheets.

Here is an ultimate guide to lifesaving Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts.

Let us discuss all Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts from various categories. Note that we will discuss keyboard shortcuts for Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. So, make sure to read the article till the end.

Now, without any further ado, let’s begin.

How can I view Keyboard Shortcuts compatible with Google Sheets?

Google Sheets uses hundreds of combinations of keys to perform various tasks. For example, the “CTRL + C” keyboard shortcut to copy the contents of a spreadsheet.

To view all of the compatible keyboard shortcuts in Google Sheets, here are the steps:

  • Open a new Google Sheet by clicking here
  • Hover to the main menu
  • Click on the “Help” button
  • Choose the last option, named “Keyboard shortcuts“, from the popup
  • A new dialog box will appear, as shown below

You will see a massive list of keyboard shortcuts divided into various categories. You will be taken to that list section when you click on any of the categories on the left side of the dialog box.

Additionally, make use of the search tool that appears at the top of the dialog box to find a keyboard shortcut to perform a specific task.

At the bottom, you will find the option to enable the compatible spreadsheet keyboard shortcuts (Read the following section to know more). Users can also view it separately by clicking the View Compatible Shortcuts button.

Note that you can also view all the keyboard shortcuts compatible with Google Sheets by pressing “CTRL + /”. 

In the following section of the article, we will discuss each category of Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts and learn to make the most out of them.

What are Compatible Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Sheets doesn’t allow users to create their unique combination of keyboard shortcuts to perform various tasks. The option for custom keyboard shortcuts has been discontinued in the last few years.

But don’t worry!

Compatible Keyboard Shortcuts are your way to go.

They are nothing but the keyboard shortcuts available within the popular spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel. There are a total of 134 of them.

Few of the compatible keyboard shortcuts are alternatives to standard ones.

Here are the steps to enable compatible keyboard shortcuts:

  • Open a new Google Sheet by clicking here
  • Hover to the main menu and click on the “Help” button
  • Select “Keyboard shortcuts” from the popup
  • A new dialog box will open
  • At the bottom, toggle the switch after the “Enable compatible spreadsheet shortcuts” option
  • Close the dialog box by pressing the “X” button on the upper-rightmost corner of the screen

That’s it. Now, you can use the compatible keyboard shortcuts (those are similar to Microsoft Excel) in Google Sheets.

All Google Sheets Keyboard Shortcuts of 2024

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts compatible with Google Sheets. There are a total of 122 keyboard shortcuts in this file.

Google Sheets Keyboard Shortcuts - Ultimate Guide - SoftwareAccoutant

Few of them are common, and most are specific to Google Sheets.

You can view the entire Google Sheets spreadsheet through the following link:

Click Here!

It is divided into three columns to display the keyboard shortcuts for Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS computers. While scrolling down, you will notice the light green color highlights the categories.

It is a printable Google Sheet which can be pinned to your office desk.

Let us discuss all the above shortcuts in detail in the following section of the article.

Common Action Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Sheets

The following list includes keyboard shortcuts for the most common actions in Google Sheets. For example, selecting an entire row or column, undoing the edits, finding and replacing the cell content, opening a new Google Sheet, etc.

Learning these shortcuts will surely boost your overall computing skills in Google Sheets.

Task DescriptionWindowsMacChrome OS
Select columnCtrl + SpaceCtrl + SpaceCtrl + Space
Select rowShift + SpaceShift + SpaceShift + Space
Select allCtrl + a
Ctrl + Shift + Space
⌘ + a
⌘ + Shift + Space
Ctrl + a
UndoCtrl + z⌘ + zCtrl + z
RedoCtrl + y
Ctrl + Shift + z
⌘ + y
⌘ + Shift + z
Fn + F4
Ctrl + y
Ctrl + Shift + z
FindCtrl + f⌘ + fCtrl + f
Find and replaceCtrl + h⌘ + Shift + hCtrl + h
Fill rangeCtrl + Enter⌘ + EnterCtrl + Enter
Fill downCtrl + d⌘ + dCtrl + d
Fill rightCtrl + r⌘ + rCtrl + r
Save(every change is saved automatically in Drive)Ctrl + s⌘ + sCtrl + s
OpenCtrl + o⌘ + oCtrl + o
PrintCtrl + p⌘ + pCtrl + p
CopyCtrl + c⌘ + cCtrl + c
CutCtrl + x⌘ + xCtrl + x
PasteCtrl + v⌘ + vCtrl + v
Paste values onlyCtrl + Shift + v⌘ + Shift + vCtrl + Shift + v
Show common keyboard shortcutsCtrl + /⌘ + /Ctrl + /
Insert new sheetShift + F11Shift + Fn + F11
Compact controlsCtrl + Shift + fCtrl + Shift + fCtrl + Shift + f
Input tools on/off(available in spreadsheets in non-Latin languages)Ctrl + Shift + k⌘ + Shift + kCtrl + Shift + k
Select input toolsCtrl + Alt + Shift + k⌘ + Option + Shift + kCtrl + Alt + Shift + k
Tool finder (formerly Search the menus)Alt + /Option + /Alt + /
Rename sheetAlt + 1
Select current region around selected cell⌘ + Shift + *
Ctrl + Shift + *
Displays or hides the menus⌘ + Option + R
Ctrl + Shift + F

The keyboard shortcuts above are helpful for day-to-day operations, copying and pasting values, and selecting the entire table.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Format Cells like a Pro

Preparing an excellent report in Google Sheets starts with correctly formatting the entire spreadsheet.

Though most of the formatting tools are directly accessible via the toolbar that sits below the main menu, knowing the following keyboard shortcuts will enhance your efficiency.

The following shortcuts allow users to change the font styles quickly.

Task DescriptionWindowsMacChrome OS
BoldCtrl + b⌘ + b
⌘ + 2
Ctrl + 2
Ctrl + b
UnderlineCtrl + u⌘ + u
⌘ + 4
Ctrl + 4
Ctrl + u
ItalicCtrl + i⌘ + i
⌘ + 3
Ctrl + 3
Ctrl + i
StrikethroughAlt + Shift + 5⌘ + Shift + x
⌘ + 5
Ctrl + 5
Alt + Shift + 5
Center alignCtrl + Shift + e⌘ + Shift + eCtrl + Shift + e
Left alignCtrl + Shift + l⌘ + Shift + lCtrl + Shift + l
Right alignCtrl + Shift + r⌘ + Shift + rCtrl + Shift + r
Apply top borderAlt + Shift + 1Option + Shift + 1Alt + Shift + 1
Apply right borderAlt + Shift + 2Option + Shift + 2Alt + Shift + 2
Apply bottom borderAlt + Shift + 3Option + Shift + 3Alt + Shift + 3
Apply left borderAlt + Shift + 4Option + Shift + 4Alt + Shift + 4
Remove bordersAlt + Shift + 6Option + Shift + 6Alt + Shift + 6
Apply outer borderAlt + Shift + 7
Ctrl + Shift + 7
Option + Shift + 7
⌘ + Shift + 7
Ctrl + Shift + 7
Alt + Shift + 7
Ctrl + Shift + 7
Insert linkCtrl + k⌘ + kCtrl + k
Insert timeCtrl + Shift + ;⌘ + Shift + ;Ctrl + Shift + ;
Insert dateCtrl + ;⌘ + ;Ctrl + ;
Insert date and timeCtrl + Alt + Shift + ;⌘ + Option + Shift + ;Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ;
Format as decimalCtrl + Shift + 1Ctrl + Shift + 1Ctrl + Shift + 1
Format as timeCtrl + Shift + 2Ctrl + Shift + 2Ctrl + Shift + 2
Format as dateCtrl + Shift + 3Ctrl + Shift + 3Ctrl + Shift + 3
Format as currencyCtrl + Shift + 4Ctrl + Shift + 4Ctrl + Shift + 4
Format as percentageCtrl + Shift + 5Ctrl + Shift + 5Ctrl + Shift + 5
Format as exponentCtrl + Shift + 6Ctrl + Shift + 6Ctrl + Shift + 6
Clear formattingCtrl + \⌘ + \Ctrl + \

Apart from changing the font styles, you can insert or remove borders and change the cell content formatting to time, date, currency, percentage, etc.

Note that the above keyboard shortcuts are lengthy but easy to remember.

If you are the one who is responsible for preparing the monthly and annual reports, the above shortcuts are for you.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating Swiftly through the Spreadsheet

Here is a list of shortcuts that help users improve their data analysis skills by quickly navigating through the datasets.

Suppose you are giving a presentation to your colleagues, and while explaining the annual sales report, you get into the middle of the table. Now, you need to return to the table’s first row.

Instead of scrolling to the top using your mouse, simply press the “CTRL + Home” on your keyboard to immediately return to the beginning of the table.

Task DescriptionWindowsMacChrome OS
Move to beginning of rowHomeFn + Left ArrowSearch + Left Arrow
Move to beginning of sheetCtrl + Home⌘ + Fn + Left ArrowCtrl + Search + Left Arrow
Move to end of rowEndFn + Right ArrowSearch + Right Arrow
Move to end of sheetCtrl + End⌘ + Fn + Right ArrowCtrl + Search + Right Arrow
Scroll to active cellCtrl + Backspace⌘ + BackspaceCtrl + Backspace
Move to next sheetAlt + Down ArrowOption + Down Arrow
Option + Right Arrow
Ctrl + Shift + Search + Down Arrow
Move to previous sheetAlt + Up ArrowOption + Up Arrow
Option + Left Arrow
Ctrl + Shift + Search + Up Arrow
Display list of sheetsAlt + Shift + kOption + Shift + kAlt + Shift + k
Open hyperlinkAlt + EnterOption + EnterAlt + Enter
Open ExploreCtrl + Alt + Shift + i⌘ + Option + Shift + iCtrl + Alt + Shift + i
Go to side panelCtrl + Alt + .
Ctrl + Alt + ,
⌘ + Option + .
⌘ + Option + ,
Alt + Shift + .
Alt + Shift + ,
Move focus out of spreadsheetCtrl + Alt + Shift + mCtrl + ⌘ + Shift + mCtrl + Alt + Shift + m
Move to quicksum(when a range of cells is selected)Alt + Shift + qOption + Shift + qAlt + Shift + q
Move focus to popup(for links, bookmarks, and images)holding Ctrl + Alt, press e then pholding Ctrl + ⌘, press e then pholding Ctrl + Alt, press e then p
Open drop-down menu on filtered cellCtrl + Alt + rCtrl + ⌘ + rCtrl + Alt + r
Open revision historyCtrl + Alt + Shift + h⌘ + Option + Shift + hCtrl + Alt + Shift + h
Close drawing editorShift + Esc⌘ + Esc
Shift + Esc
Ctrl + Esc
Shift + Esc
Show “Go to range” dialogCtrl + G
Find and replace with Find tab selectedCtrl + F

The above keyboard shortcuts allow you to move through the Google Sheets spreadsheets quickly. You can also open a hyperlink within a second.

Other useful keyboard shortcuts in the above table are “CTRL + ALT + R”, which lets you open sort and filter options on a filtered cell and “SHIFT + ESC” to close a popup or dialog box.

You will be able to master the above keyboard shortcuts with practice. They will surely be helpful in the long run.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Insert and Edit Comments

Google Sheets is the top spreadsheet program for team collaboration. It comes with various tools, such as live chat and comments, to allow users to collaborate in real-time.

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts to insert and edit comments in Google Sheets:

Task DescriptionWindowsMacChrome OS
Insert/edit noteShift + F2Shift + F2Shift + Search + 2
Insert/edit commentCtrl + Alt + m⌘ + Option + mCtrl + Alt + m
Open comment discussion threadCtrl + Alt + Shift + a⌘ + Option + Shift + aCtrl + Alt + Shift + a
Enter current commentholding Ctrl + Alt, press e then cholding Ctrl + ⌘, press e then cholding Ctrl + Alt, press e then c
Move to next commentholding Ctrl + Alt, press n then cholding Ctrl + ⌘, press n then cholding Ctrl + Alt, press n then c
Move to previous commentholding Ctrl + Alt, press p then cholding Ctrl + ⌘, press p then cholding Ctrl + Alt, press p then c
Reply to current selected commentRRR
Move to next selected commentJJJ
Move to previous selected commentKKK
Resolve current selected commentEEE
Exit current commentUUU

The above keyboard shortcuts aim to improve your communication speed. You can quickly reply, resolve or delete the selected comment.

To open the comment discussion thread, use the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + A”.

These handful of keyboard shortcuts are worth remembering if your team largely depends upon Google Sheets for the company data organization and analysis.

All of them are easy to remember and pretty straightforward.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate through the Main Menu

Google Sheets is an easy-to-use spreadsheet program. It has a short learning curve. Anyone can master this program within a few days.

Thanks to its super intuitive user interface. Almost all of the tools and functions can be accessed quickly using the main menu and toolbar section.

In other words, you will often use the main menu to access the tools and toolbar section to format the table.

We have compiled a list of keyboard shortcuts to access the main menu in Google Sheets quickly.

Note that the following shortcuts vary depending on the browser type. They mostly remain fully compatible with the Google Chrome browser. However, in the case of others, they may vary and sometimes won’t work as expected.

Task DescriptionWindowsMacChrome OS
File menuin Google Chrome:
Alt + f

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + f
Ctrl + Option + fAlt + f
Edit menuin Google Chrome:
Alt + e

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + e
Ctrl + Option + eAlt + e
View menuin Google Chrome:
Alt + v

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + v
Ctrl + Option + vAlt + v
Insert menuin Google Chrome:
Alt + i

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + i
Ctrl + Option + iAlt + i
Format menuin Google Chrome:
Alt + o

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + o
Ctrl + Option + oAlt + o
Data menuin Google Chrome:
Alt + d

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + d
Ctrl + Option + dAlt + d
Tools menuin Google Chrome:
Alt + t

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + t
Ctrl + Option + tAlt + t
Open insert menuCtrl + Alt + Shift + =

Ctrl + Alt + =

(with cells selected)
⌘ + Option + =

(with cells selected)
Ctrl + Alt + =

(with cells selected)
Open delete menuCtrl + Alt + –

(with cells selected)
⌘ + Option + –

(with cells selected)
Ctrl + Alt + –

(with cells selected)
Form menu(present when the spreadsheet is connected to a form)in Google Chrome:
Alt + m

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + m
Ctrl + Option + mAlt + m
Add-ons menuin Google Chrome:
Alt + n

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + n
Ctrl + Option + nAlt + n
Help menuin Google Chrome:
Alt + h

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + h
Ctrl + Option + hAlt + h
Accessibility menu(present when screen reader support is enabled)in Google Chrome:
Alt + a

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + a
Ctrl + Option + aAlt + a
Sheet menu(copy, delete, and other sheet actions)Alt + Shift + sOption + Shift + sCtrl + Shift + s
Context menuCtrl + Shift + \
Shift + F10
⌘ + Shift + \
Shift + F10
Ctrl + Shift + \
Shift + F10

With the above keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly access all the tabs from the main menu, including File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Data and Tools. In case you are stuck somewhere, simply press the “ALT + H” button to access the Help menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Manipulate Rows and Columns

These are yet another set of commands for pros at Google Sheets. They allow users to insert rows and columns at desired locations quickly.

You can also delete a row or column instantly using the following shortcuts.

Task DescriptionWindowsMacChrome OS
Insert rows aboveCtrl + Alt + Shift + =

Ctrl + Alt + =

(with rows selected)

in Google Chrome:
Alt + i, then r

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + i, then r
⌘ + Option + =

(with rows selected)

Ctrl + Option + i, press r then r
Ctrl + Alt + =

(with rows selected)

Alt + i, then r
Insert rows belowin Google Chrome:
Alt + i, then w

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + i, then w
Ctrl + Option + i, press r then bAlt + i, then w
Insert columns to the leftCtrl + Alt + Shift + =

Ctrl + Alt + =

(with columns selected)

in Google Chrome:
Alt + i, then c

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + i, then c
⌘ + Option + =

(with columns selected)

Ctrl + Option + i, press c then c
Ctrl + Alt + =

(with columns selected)

Alt + i, then c
Insert columns to the rightin Google Chrome:
Alt + i, then o

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + i, then o
Ctrl + Option + i, press c then oAlt + i, then o
Delete rowsCtrl + Alt + –

(with rows selected)

in Google Chrome:
Alt + e, then d

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + e, then d
⌘ + Option + –

(with rows selected)

Ctrl + Option + e, then d
Ctrl + Alt + –

(with rows selected)

Alt + e, then d
Delete columnsCtrl + Alt + –

(with columns selected)

in Google Chrome:
Alt + e, then e

other browsers:
Alt + Shift + e, then e
⌘ + Option + –

(with columns selected)

Ctrl + Option + e, then e
Ctrl + Alt + –

(with columns selected)

Alt + e, then e
Hide rowCtrl + Alt + 9⌘ + Option + 9Ctrl + Alt + 9
Unhide rowCtrl + Shift + 9⌘ + Shift + 9Ctrl + Shift + 9
Hide columnCtrl + Alt + 0⌘ + Option + 0Ctrl + Alt + 0
Unhide columnCtrl + Shift + 0⌘ + Shift + 0Ctrl + Shift + 0
Group rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Right ArrowOption + Shift + Right ArrowAlt + Shift + Right Arrow
Ungroup rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Left ArrowOption + Shift + Left ArrowAlt + Shift + Left Arrow
Expand grouped rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Down ArrowOption + Shift + Down ArrowAlt + Shift + Down Arrow
Collapse grouped rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Up ArrowOption + Shift + Up ArrowAlt + Shift + Up Arrow

Few keyboard shortcuts depend upon the type of browser. They vary for Google Chrome and other browsers.

Apart from inserting rows and columns, you can quickly hide as well.

At the end of the list, you will find the keyboard shortcuts to group and ungroup rows or columns.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Manipulate Formulas

Formulas or functions are at the heart of Google Sheets. There are over 400+ built-in functions in Google Sheets.

You can analyze and visualize complex datasets using these functions.

Sometimes, users need clarification about whether the cell contains a formula, number, or plain text. This is particularly true in the case of massive datasets like budget spreadsheets.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts to manipulate the cells holding the formulas in Google Sheets:

Task DescriptionWindowsMacChrome OS
Show all formulasCtrl + ~Ctrl + ~Ctrl + ~
Insert array formulaCtrl + Shift + Enter⌘ + Shift + EnterCtrl + Shift + Enter
Collapse an expanded array formulaCtrl + e⌘ + eCtrl + e
Show/hide formula help(when entering a formula)Shift + F1Shift + Fn + F1Shift + Search + 1
Full/compact formula help(when entering a formula)F1Fn + F1Search + 1
Absolute/relative references(when entering a formula)F4Fn + F4Search + 4
Toggle formula result previews(when entering a formula)F9Fn + F9Search + 9
Resize formula bar(move up or down)Ctrl + Up / Ctrl + DownCtrl + Option + Up


Ctrl + Option + Down
Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow


Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow
Toggle formula range selection(when entering a formula)F2

Ctrl + e

Ctrl + e

Ctrl + e

With the above keyboard shortcuts, you can view the cells containing the formulas, insert absolute references, resize the formula bar, and much more.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Screen Reading

A screen reader is used to announce the location and content of the cell. In simple words, a screen reader converts text into spoken words.

It is made for people with cognitive impairment and motor disabilities.

Task DescriptionWindowsMacChrome OS
Turn on screen reader supportCtrl + Alt + z⌘ + Option + zCtrl + Alt + z
Enable braille supportCtrl + Alt + h⌘ + Option + hCtrl + Alt + h
Read columnCtrl + Alt + Shift + c⌘ + Option + Shift + cCtrl + Alt + Shift + c
Read rowCtrl + Alt + Shift + r⌘ + Option + Shift + rCtrl + Alt + Shift + r

Using the above shortcuts, you can access the screen reader support and ask the program to read a column or row based on the selected cell.


Q. How do you create custom keyboard shortcuts in Google Sheets?

As of 2024, Google Sheets has turned off the option to let users create unique keyboard shortcuts to perform the given tasks.

In other words, users can’t create custom keyboard shortcuts.

You must stick to the built-in keyboard shortcuts or enable the Compatible Spreadsheet Shortcuts. We have discussed Compatible Keyboard Shortcut and their usage at the beginning of this article.

Q. What is the shortcut to create a new Google Sheet?

Unfortunately, no keyboard shortcut exists to create brand-new Google Sheets.

If you want to add a new sheet within Google Sheets, use the “SHIFT + F11” keyboard shortcut.

To create a new Google Sheet, there is one shortcut URL, as shown below.

You can simply open your browser, click on the address bar, type ““, and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

A new Google Sheet will be created and stored on your drive.

Q. Why are there fewer keyboard shortcuts in Google Sheets than in Microsoft Excel?

Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Sheets differ from traditional spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel.

This is because Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet program. When you press a keyboard shortcut, it is most likely to mess up with the browser’s keyboard shortcuts.

It is a considerable limitation of Google Sheets as a spreadsheet software.

However, a few standard keyboard shortcuts like CTRL + C and CTRL + V are there. Google Sheets uses a set of alternatives for the rest of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts. All of them are mentioned above in this article.

Q. What is the keyboard shortcut for sum in Google Sheets?

In contrast to Microsoft Excel, which uses “ALT + =” to find the sum of the selected range, Google Sheets lacks a keyboard shortcut to find the sum.

The quickest way to find the sum is to click on the cell where the selected range ends and type “=s“. When you do this, Google Sheets automatically identifies that you wish to find the sum and auto-completes the formula by including the selected range.

The above method works like a charm in most of the cases.

Q. Can you set hotkeys in Google Sheets?

As discussed in the first FAQ, users cannot create custom keyboard shortcuts in Google Sheets.

They are supposed to use the built-in shortcuts and compatible spreadsheet shortcuts that resemble Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts.

That being said, if you are looking to assign a hotkey to Macros, then it’s easy.

Go to the “Extensions” tab from the main menu, select “Macros”, and then click on Manage Macros from the popup. Select the desired Macro and assign a specific keyboard shortcut.

It is the best way of automating repetitive tasks. Onwards, you can perform that lengthy operation using a few keys on your keyboard.

Q. What is the keyboard shortcut to the Find and Replace tool in Google Sheets?

You may be used to pressing the “CTRL + F” key to open the Find and Replace tool in Microsoft Excel.

But note that when it comes to Google Sheets, after using the same keyboard shortcut, a small popup is displayed on the upper-rightmost corner of the spreadsheet, which allows you to search for a specific keyword.

To open the Find and Replace tool, you need to press “CTRL + H” on your keyboard.

It will instantly display a popup, as shown above.

Google Sheets offers a powerful Find and Replace tool. It can perform a comprehensive search based on the match cases and regular expressions.

Note that it also allows you to search within formulas and hyperlinks.


While using any computer application, keyboard shortcuts are crucial for the users.

They help users improve their productivity and boost business revenue in the long run.

I hope you learned everything about Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts. In reality, not all of them are going to be helpful to you. But the more you know, the better you become at organizing data.

With practice, you will master most of them and take your computing or data analysis skills to the next level.

Don’t forget to explore our blog for more tips and tricks to use Google Sheets like a pro.