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11 Best FREE Google Sheets Roadmap Template of 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

Google Sheets offers best-in-class tools for organizing and analyzing complex processes. Users can create easy-to-follow roadmaps for launching products, completing projects, executing marketing campaigns, and much more.

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In the following section, we have compiled a list of best Google Sheets Roadmap Templates. All of them are free to download and can be customized as per your needs.

They are helpful to anyone responsible for planning and developing strategies to execute specific tasks within time.

Why are Roadmap Templates created using Google Sheets a must-try?

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet program offering various tools and functions to analyze and organize datasets effectively.

It is one of the perfect tools to optimize workflows and make sure the tasks are completed on time.

Here are a few of the benefits of using Google Sheets to create and manage roadmaps:

  • Ease of Use – Google Sheets is the top user-friendly spreadsheet software. It comes with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to access all the tools and functions right from the main menu. Beginners will hardly take a few hours to learn to edit the information in Google Sheets.
  • Affordable – The program is totally free to use. You can access all the tools and functions without any limitations. All that users need to have is a free Google account.
  • Team Collaboration – One of the best features offered by Google Sheets is real-time collaboration. You can share spreadsheets and collaborate with unlimited users. If you are worried about keeping track of the changes made by the users, then the good news is all of the changes made by users are recorded in the Version History tool of Google Sheets.
  • Accessibility – As an online spreadsheet software, Google Sheets can be accessed instantly from anywhere in the world using a browser. You just need to make sure to have an active internet connection.
  • Customization – When it comes to adding new features or formatting your roadmap template, you will never be disappointed by the complete suite of tools and functions offered by Google Sheets.

Other benefits include a short learning curve, file safety and backup, hundreds of functions or formulas, etc.

11 Best FREE Google Sheets Roadmap Template

Let us discuss the top roadmap templates in Google Sheets. You will find tens of different templates on the internet.

But we understand the fact that you cannot go through and try each one of them to figure out the best fit for you. So, we have done the heavy lifting for you.

Here’s the list of the best FREE Google Sheets Roadmap templates:

1. Project Roadmap Template by SoftwareAccountant

Top 11 Google Sheets Roadmap Template [2024]

Click Here To Use This Template!

If you are planning a product launch or project execution, then this template is designed for you.

The professionally-formatted template comes with unique features. You can download and customize the template for free.

It uses a simple formula in column E; make sure you do not edit any cell from the same column.

The template is divided into three sections as follows:

  • Header – Here, you need to add the product or project name along with the start and end date. Also, make sure to enter the project manager’s name before sharing it with others.
  • Table – It allows you to put all the information related to your product or project life cycle along with the specific dates. Start by adding the phases, then assign the start and end date for each stage, and finally, other details such as the budget, resources, risks, and associated issues.
  • Timeline Chart – This gives you a visual presentation of your product launch lifecycle. Each phase is represented by a colored bar, and the size depends upon the number of days or duration required to complete it.

The template is pretty straightforward. You need to add the information in the header and table, as discussed above. The timeline will be populated automatically based on the data entered in the table.

2. Agile Kanban Board by Vertex42

Click Here To Use This Template!

Kanban Boards offers great flexibility when it comes to project management.

This comprehensive template, including a Kanban board, is worth trying compared to the premium task managers that may break the bank over time.

The design of the template is intuitive. It uses dropdowns to make your life easy.

Let me take you through three sheets of the template:

  • Kanban – It is the main sheet that includes the Kanban Board. You need to start by entering the task type along with its details and then assign the team, priority, points, and hours.
  • Summary – In this sheet, you can track the team’s task progress. It displays the completed and pending points for each team.
  • RecordBook – This sheet allows you to quickly track the days required for completing a specific task.

Note that the template is pretty straightforward. However, you may need to spend some time learning different sheets and the purpose of the columns.

Start by understanding reference data and then refer to the Help sheet for further guidance.

3. Quarterly Roadmap Template by Feature Upvote

Click Here To Use This Template!

This template lets you create a quarterly roadmap. You can list down multiple tasks in each quarter.

There are three different sheets in this template. All of them are straightforward.

  • Data – In this sheet, you need to list all the tasks along with the estimated deadline, priority, and size. It uses a dropdown for the Priority and Size columns.
  • Roadmap – This is the main sheet, which is automated using formulas. You don’t have to enter anything here. All the data is automatically fetched from the first sheet.
  • Customize – Here, you need to enter the information that appears in the dropdown of the Priority and Size column of the first sheet.

4. Product Roadmap Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

Are you looking for a basic roadmap template for a product launch?

Then, give this template a try.

It includes a huge table divided into months and quarters. In the very first column, you can enter the product and launch details.

Along with the monthly tasks, you can also mention the expected outcomes for each quarter at the bottom of the template.

Note that the template uses color codes to highlight tasks depending upon the time duration they require. It would help if you learn to highlight cells in Google Sheets.

5. Product Roadmap by Hubspot

Click Here To Use This Template!

This template is similar to the previous one but comes with a simplified design.

It includes a yearly calendar divided into quarters.

You can list down the product launch details along with the responsible team.

Make sure to add the company name and year at the top of the template.

The template is free to use without any limitations.

6. SaaS Product Roadmap Template by Hellonext

Click Here To Use This Template!

As the name suggests, this template is mainly focused on SaaS product launches.

It comes with a basic design. You don’t need to be an expert at Google Sheets to use this template. Start by reading the Instructions sheet of the template.

The template is focused on guiding your team throughout the project lifecycle.

There are three main sheets in this template:

  • Feature Plan – This is the main sheet where you can list the features that need to be included in the SaaS product. Make sure to mark the priority and assign the status as you move down the project lifecycle.
  • Product Roadmap – This sheet is fully automated. You don’t need to edit it. All the data is automatically pulled from the Feature Plan Spreadsheet. It gives a quick overview of the under-review, planned, in-progress, and completed SaaS features.
  • Statuses – Here, you can enter the statuses such as In Review, Planned, In Progress, etc. They will appear in the dropdown of the Feature Plan sheet and column header of the Product Roadmap sheet.

Though there are multiple sheets in the template, it comes with a short learning curve and is best fit for those who are just getting started with Google Sheets.

7. Quarterly Roadmap Template by IdeaPlan

Click Here To Use This Template!

In contrast to the other templates on this list, this one is focused on using visuals to keep track of tasks over the project lifecycle.

As you can see in the above image, it uses a drawing (bar) to represent the duration required to complete a specific task.

You can adjust the length of each bar by simply clicking on it.

Make sure to play around with the formatting of the table as well as the drawings to make the template more personal. It is available for free and can be customized without any limitations.

8. Timeline Template by Smartsheet

Click Here To Use This Template!

It is a simple template that includes only one sheet.

At the top, you will find a table to enter the quarter and milestones, along with the start date.

Then, there comes a milestone map to track the task start date.

At the bottom, it allows you to view the duration required by each milestone.

Note that the milestone map and phases (duration tracker) need to be manually adjusted. Though it’s easy, you must be good at playing around with the drawings in Google Sheets.

9. Product Roadmap Template by Spreadsheetpoint

Click Here To Use This Template!

It is one of the comprehensive roadmap templates on this list.

You can plan product development, sales goals, and marketing campaigns using this template.

There are three tables for each section. They are focused on keeping you on track through the product development lifecycle. You can plan, execute, and monitor tasks.

Don’t forget to mention the product name, lead developer, and start date at the top.

10. Now-Next-Later Roadmap Template by Feature Upvote

Click Here To Use This Template!

It is another nicely designed template by Feature Upvote.

In contrast to the previous template, it contains only one sheet, which includes a huge template. Refer to the above image.

On the left-hand side, you need to list the projects. Then, you can start entering the current, future, and low-priority tasks for each project.

The template includes the reference data for demonstration purposes. Make sure to delete it before starting to use the template.

You can download this template for free and customize it as per your preference.

11. Kanban Template by Paul Done

Click Here To Use This Template!

This is our final pick on this list. The template aims at SaaS product development.

You can use it to plan and launch a software product. It is an easy-to-use template which is divided into two different sheets:

  • Queue – This sheet includes a huge table to track tasks along with other details such as duration, start and end date, responsible team, priority, etc. It uses a dropdown in column B to assign the status. Also, please do not edit the content of column L, as it contains a formula to summarize the tasks.
  • KANBAN – This is an overview sheet where you can quickly view the tasks in queue, under process, and done. It is automated using formulas, and you don’t need to type anything manually. All the information is automatically updated based on the information in the first sheet.

The template is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is list down all the tasks associated with your SaaS product development in the Queue sheet.

You can download and customize the template for free without any limitations.


Google Sheets Roadmap templates are designed to keep your team on track. They will precisely know the tasks in hand, pending, and completed.

It is supposed to help budding project managers and product leads successfully achieve their goals.

To get started, click the link below to download Project Roadmap Template by SoftwareAccountant. It is easy to use and designed for both beginners and advanced users.

Click Here To Download!

In case you find a fantastic Google Sheets Roadmap Template worth adding to this list, make sure to comment below. We’ll get it added!

For more such templates to organize and keep track of day-to-day tasks, please explore our blog section.