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How Can You Move a Table in Word?

It can be sometimes tricky to move a table to a different location within your Word document.

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to move or reposition tables in Word. Though, below is a quick solution:

To move a table in Word, click anywhere in the table or hover the mouse pointer over the table to display the Table Move Handle at the top left corner of the table. Using this handle, click and drag the table to your desired location within the document.

illustration of how to move a table in word

For a more step by step guide, please obey the following instructions/options.

Move tables in Word using move table handle

To move a table in Word:

  • Click anywhere inside the Table.
  • The Table Move Handle will appear at the top left corner of the table.
Click in side the table to show the table move handle
  • Using the mouse, click and drag the table to move it anywhere you want.

This is how you may reposition a table in Word using the mouse.

Reposition a Table Using Table Properties.

With just some simple settings in the table properties, you can reposition your table in no time. Whether you want to reposition your table to the center, left or right of your Word document, it can all be done in the settings.

Without further ado, below are the steps.

  • Right-click inside the table and choose Table Properties from the shortcut menu.
  • In the Table Properties dialog, click on the Table tab.
  • Under the Alignment group, click on the type of alignment you want. If you want your table to be centered, click on the Center option.
specify how you want your table to be repositioned - whether center, left or right alignment
  • Under the Text wrapping group, click Around if you want your text to flow around the table. Click on None if you want the text to flow on top and bottom of the table.
move table in word
  • After making all these settings, click on the OK button.

This is another way you may reposition your table in Word.