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How Much Does Kartra Cost? (2023 Pricing Breakdown)

Without a doubt, one of the most complete ways to boost your sales, whether it be through coaching courses, consultancy sessions, or eBooks, Kartra has been a crucial part of the growth of many businesses.

Despite being a relatively new face on the block, its impact has already been felt across the eCommerce industry.

If you haven’t yet started using a platform like Kartra for your online business, you still have plenty of room to improve.

First off, though, you might want to know how much it will cost you at first.

How Much Does Kartra Cost?

Kartra’s different plans range in price from $79-$499 a month, depending on the plan you opt-in for. Below is a summary of the various Kartra plans and how much they cost.

Starter Plan: $99 per month, or $79 per month (If Paid Yearly = $948/year)
Silver Plan: $199 per month, or $149 per month (If Paid Yearly = $1,788/year)
Gold Plan: $299 per month, or $229 per month (If Paid Yearly = $2,748/year)
Platinum Plan: $499 per month, or $379 per month (If Paid Yearly = $4,548/year)

The below table also compares all the plans side-by-side.

Kartra Pricing Plans Comparison Table

Plans ➡️ Starter Silver Gold Platinum
Cost/m (If Paid Montly) ➡️ $99 $199 $299 $499
Cost/m (If Paid Yearly) ➡️ $79 $149 $229 $379
Savings (If Paid Yearly) ➡️ $240 $600 $840 $1440
Leads ➡️ 2500 12500 25000 50000
Custom Domains ➡️ 1 3 5 10
Host Pages ➡️ 100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Kartra Discount ➡️
Kartra Free Trial➡️

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Kartra rewards you for paying for a year upfront by giving you a sizeable discount, meaning in the long run, a year of Kartra is cheaper than a month at a time.

This is a standard pricing tactic in the industry to convince you to commit to the platform. However, many people will be wary of investing so much in something they haven’t had a chance to experiment with.

Often people sign up for just a month at first, which is enough time to get to know the platform, and then take out the annual subscription if they like what they’ve seen.

It’s not just how often you pay that differentiates the Kartra price plans. They have plans of different scales depending on whether your business is just starting or you have a thriving company ready to take the next step up. That way, you’re only paying for features tailored for an operation of your size.

Let’s have a closer inspection of how Kartra is making waves in the eCommerce world.

What is Kartra?

How much does Kartra Cost

Kartra is one of the new generations of eCommerce platforms aimed mainly at boosting the business of those who sell digital products online.

While it can also be used for selling physical products, things like online courses and eBooks significantly benefit more from this platform.

Having a product that you’ve put work into perfecting is an important starting point for your eBusiness, but that alone is not enough to make you successful.

The online market only becomes increasingly competitive every year, meaning the platform you sell on also plays a huge role.

If you don’t have access to tools that attract customers and boost your chances of upsells and conversions, then it’s inevitable that another company outshines yours.

Rather than having to worry about the technical side of making those possibilities happen, Kartra provides you with the opportunity to access these tools without worrying about code and technical development.

Kartra is a one-stop shop for creating a personalized and highly efficient selling platform, especially for digital products.

How do you set up your Kartra?

Kartra’s layout is highly sleek and is a breeze to get around once you’re used to it. However, it’s only natural that something with so many features can appear challenging to get at first.

Considering how sophisticated your end site can be, beginning to put your vision together is pretty simple.

Start by creating your profile. Hopefully, you already have a plan for your business and what you want to sell!

Before you get into the nitty gritty of individualizing your page, it’s best to set up the core tenets first. This includes things like how you will take payment and your core branding.

When you’re ready to start putting the site together, the click-and-drag layout will have you creating masterpieces in no time.

It’s perfectly feasible to have a professional-looking site ready to go in less than 20 minutes!

The fact that there is a range of templates aimed at different products makes getting started even more straightforward.

These are useful for giving you a bit of inspiration and a springboard to start from. They aren’t restrictive, though, and you can build on them to create something more unique for your business.

Once you have the functionality, the next step is to get some traffic.

There are many ways to do this but linking to your page on your social media channels is usually a good bet for getting started. From here, you’re in a good position to start your marketing campaigns and drive traffic to your Kartra website.

Now you’ve got some data for how people use your site, it’s time to make the most of Kartra’s fantastic analytics.

The reports and analytical information about your webpage that’s available to you is an invaluable tool in optimizing your website and making it as efficient as possible.

Don’t be afraid to continue tweaking as things progress. The more data you collect, the easier it will be to boost conversions, increase upsells, and more.

Usually, creating and refining a site for your product in such a way would take either a lot of your time or a lot of your money. With the simple way that Kartra lets you do things, you can achieve similarly great results in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the cost.

The integrations that will be available to you depend on what plan you end up going with, but there’s a vast range available, and you don’t need any coding capabilities in your team to make the most of them.

As you get to grips with Kartra and the cogs of your platform start turning, the automation features become increasingly valuable. You’re able to prepare for the patterns that you notice and set up automatic responses to all sorts of tasks and events, saving you even more time.

This means the optimization of your experience just continues to go on with time, ensuring you can squeeze every bit of revenue from your project.

It may sound like this has been an oversimplification of Kartra’s abilities, but it really can be that easy. It’s specifically designed to give you the best results without bogging you down in a technical swamp that would distract from the focus on your product and your ideas.

Many people give it a go and see that they have an efficient platform where they can sell their product to come to fruition rapidly.

It also provides a fantastic array of marketing bonuses, so you won’t just have a great website but plenty of valuable traffic.

It’s like a Swiss army knife for eCommerce success!

What can you sell on Kartra?

To be honest, anything!

There’s so much room for flexibility as there are so many tools at your disposal, so Kartra can be whatever you make of it!

Kartra’s website says it’s a great choice to “Sell unlimited products or services: digital, physical, individual products, memberships and training courses, etc.”

We think it’s especially well-suited to many digital products. Let’s have a quick look at some of the possibilities with Kartra.


Creating an E-book that you’re proud of and want to share with the world requires a lot of hard work and time.

Once you’ve put so much into your creation, the last thing you probably want to do with it is let some e-commerce giant such as Amazon or eBay sell it in their style and skim ridiculous amounts off your earnings.

People tend to get excited about the traffic potential of selling on these eCommerce giants. Don’t doubt that it’s a story that they’re more than happy to propagate too.

However, if you can’t leave your mark on your brand as an author, then how valuable is that promotion in real terms? Presenting your work in a way that suits your book and your ideas around it is crucial to many authors, and it’s only possible to fully realize that ideal if you can take charge of your pages.

Kartra’s slick drag-and-drop page creator means most people will find it easy to create a layout that conveys the desired tone of their brand.

This doesn’t need to be an overwhelming proposition for those less interested in design, as the vast number of templates and suggestions means you only need to fine-tune and personalize things the way that interests you.

The templates will provide more than enough for authors who are just looking to have a simple place to sell their E-books without drowning in another company’s branding.


Course creators know that they have a lot of value to give if they can only find the right clients and find an effective way of selling to them.

Chances are that if you’ve already put lots of time and effort into working out how to help people learn Spanish, stay in great shape, or whatever you excel in, you don’t want to dive into a swamp of technical website creation.

That’s why platforms like Kartra are a go-to for course creators.

With courses, you don’t always need a massive range of fancy features because you want your course to be at the front of what you’re selling. Luckily, Kartra gets all the basics right, and then the features are there if you do decide to get flamboyant with your sales tactics.

Many of these add-ons can take your digital course from just-about selling to selling well. The ability to sell physical products alongside your course is an excellent way of making upselling possible on Kartra.

And not least of all is the analytics tools that can give you insight into both how well your site is set up and what people like about your courses. The ability to look at reports and use split testing is a surefire way to calibrate your brand with your product.

Online courses are one of the best examples of how Kartra lets non-technological people benefit from technically impressive but straightforward work.

Physical goods

For all the excitement around digital products on platforms like Kartra, never underestimate the ability to go back to basics with an optimized site selling physical goods.

It has become so normalized nowadays to sell physical goods on Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce platform giants that people have forgotten the vast benefits of focusing on your platform.

Selling on your terms allows you to continually promote your brand when selling your goods rather than some other colossal corporation.

The revenue opportunities provided by the ability to upsell are also unmatched, as is the ability to tailor your marketing to your customers and make the most of their signup information.

Not least of all is the fact that you won’t have someone skimming a vast amount off your profits, giving you more leeway to reinvest in your own company, set prices of the level that suits you and your customers, and feel good that you’re in charge of your own business.

Platforms like Kartra are often emphasized for their ability to elevate the business of those who sell digital products. Still, when there are this many tools available, inevitably, many people will also get fantastic value out of selling digital products with it.


Making online life work well as an agency can be difficult. So much of what you do is about those moments of consulting or discussing, either over video chat or in person.

This can make many of the frills of modern platforms like Kartra seem over the top, with confident agencies preferring that clients focus on their work more than anything else.

However, especially for new and up-and-coming agencies, the ability to so easily set up a website that fits your branding and gives potential clients an easy way to get in touch with you can play a crucial role part in getting you off the ground quickly.

Whereas you’re probably less interested in upsells and things like that, the marketing toolkit with different Kartra plans could very well prove to be a valuable use of your time.

Kartra also shines when converting many of your clients and bill and payment collection, which can take up much of your time if you’re an offline consultancy.

The modern solutions in this area that you can find on platforms like Kartra will have you wondering how you ever went without.

Are there different price plans for Kartra?

Kartra has four different price plans. Which one you go for depends on how new your company is, its size, how many tools it needs, and how much money you have to invest.

Kartra Starter plan: How much Does It Cost?

This is an excellent choice if you’re trying to get a new company off the ground. That doesn’t mean you have to keep things super minimal, though, as you can sell 20 products and host 100 pages right off the bat.

The provision of up to 2500 leads should be more than enough to get clients or customers rolling through.

This has most things that the more extensive packages do. But on a significantly smaller scale.

The lack of the Karta Agency is one area where this plan misses out completely.

If you’re trying out a platform like this for the first time, you may want to sign up for just one month at first which comes in at $99. However, if you’re pleased with what you see, then it is possible to save yourself money in the long term with an annual plan which works out at just $79 a month.

All plans also come with a 14-day trial, so if you think you can make your mind up in two weeks, then it may be a good bet to try it out for free with the possibility of signing up for the long-term cheaper option of an annual plan afterward.

For companies just looking to get started, starter plans will be more than enough to set you on your way.

Kartra Silver Plan: How much Does It Cost?

So, you’ve seen some success and are now looking to diversify and expand what you offer?

The silver plan takes off many of the limits that the starter plan has, including the number of videos, pages, bandwidth, and team members you can have.

This is also the cheapest plan which gets you to have access to the Kartra agency.

This nifty tool allows you to “manage your client’s accounts through a single dashboard”. This really lets you take your analytics to the next level and is another feature that is especially useful for those selling digital products.

This plan starts at just $199 a month but, when paid for annually, works out at $149 a month. It is again possible to get a two-week trial with this plan.

Kartra Gold Plan: How much Does It Cost?

This is a plan for those who are confident about their business product’s ability to keep on driving things forward.

You can have five custom domains and are provided with up to 25,000 leads. You can still get this plan if you’re just starting but be prepared to dive in and make the most of what you’re paying for.

You can start at just $299 a month, or if you want to save yourself money in the long term, then an annual plan works out at $229 a month, which equates to $840 saved over a year.

Kartra Platinum Plan: How much Does It Cost?

This is for those ready to break into or consolidate their position in the big time.

Ten custom domains and 50,000 leads mean your impact on your industry will be unmissable.

You’ll also get all the perks, including the Kartra Agency, unlimited team members, and unlimited products.

We recommend this plan to organizations that have been active for a while and are confident in their product’s ability to sell. This is an excellent choice if you’re ready to scale up and know that there are customers for your product as long as you can reach them.

Expect to pay handsomely for many benefits with monthly plans costing $499. Annual billing will save you $1440 over the course of the year, working out at just $379 a month.

Even with a package this premium, though, it is still possible to request a 14-day trial to make sure that Kartra is the right platform for you before you sink in so much money.

How does Kartra compare to Shopify?

Spotify is the undisputed king when it comes to e-commerce platforms. They’ve been around for a long time and host a vast portion of online stores.

No doubt that it is an impressive platform that many people find easy to use and achieve success on. Its low price is also a huge drawing point for newer participants in the world of e-commerce.

Kartra is a much fresher face in the game and can’t compare to Spotify’s past happy clients.

However, its aims are even higher. The amount of marketing features that come with Kartra plans isn’t integrated into most Shopify deals. You may also be underwhelmed by the analytic side of Spotify, another area in which Kartra excels.

It’s hard to compare the two since they have been around for different amounts of time. However, Kartra has been quick to impact the industry, and in a few years, it could very quickly be standing on the top perch alongside Spotify.

In the areas where it specializes, namely digital products, Kartra is arguably already on the same level as, if not higher than, Spotify.

You may have to wait a few years until it is frequently used in the same breath though.

Kartra Pricing vs its alternatives

Kartra is one of the most impressive choices, but does it have the best value?

Here we’ve assembled the pricing plans of Kartra’s primary competitors to help you work out the right platform for your company.

Platform Bottom Plan Price Top Plan Price Platform Page
Kartra $99 (Monthly) $499 (Monthly)
ThriveCart $495 (One-off) $690 (One-off)
Sellfy $19 (Monthly) $89 (Monthly)
SamCart $59 (Monthly) $299 (Monthly)
ClickFunnels $97 (Monthly) $2,497 (Monthly)
BigCommerce $29.95 (Monthly) $299.95 (Monthly)

Disclosure: This page may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you buy something through them, we may get a commission (without any extra cost to you).