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How Much Does LearnWorlds Cost in 2023? (A Comprehensive Guide)

LearnWorlds is one of the best online platforms for course creation and studying.

This platform gives you the resources you need to sell online courses and other digital goods in addition to enabling you to create and learn.

Users can choose from a variety of plans and bundles at LearnWorlds. They are all reasonably priced and appropriate for various business levels.

Below are how much LearnWorlds will cost you with their various pricing plans.

  • Starters Plan: $29 monthly payment, $288 annually ($24 monthly). Start Free Trial.
  • Pro Trainer Plan: $99 monthly payment, $948 annually ($79 monthly). Start Free Trial.
  • Learning Center: $299 monthly, $2988 annually ($249 monthly). Start Free Trial.
  • High volume and corporate: (Custom Pricing). Contact Them.
LearnWorlds Pricing Plans

Unlike many other online learning platforms, LearnWorlds does not offer a free plan. However, LearnWorlds gives you a 30-day risk-free trial.

The trial is not widely considered a plan because every user can access the free trial before choosing a subscription. It aims to get users acquainted with the software and learn how it functions. This implies that you can access most of its features while using LearnWorlds’ free trial, allowing you to understand the platform’s functionality and intended uses.

Compared to other similar platforms, the free trial won’t require you to provide your credit card information at the start of your 30-day free trial.

The trial period will allow you to decide on the best plan that matches your needs and make the necessary payment.

Therefore, if you want to get the best footing using this platform, make use of the free plan to its fullest before delving into the paid options.

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Now let’s get started.

What Is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is one of the easiest online platforms that lets you learn or build and sell courses online.

This platform is one of the top current online learning systems that give you the tools you need to design, publish, create videos, and let your students download their courses digitally.

Also, LearnWorlds provides excellent e-learning services that are not all free but are valuable to your overall learning experience. This learning platform is remarkably adaptable because it allows for a wide selection of interesting options and a price structure that suits everyone, including beginners.

An In-Depth Guide to LearnWorlds’s Pricing In 2023 

1. Starter’s Plan 

The starter plan is the first option on the list and the least expensive one available.

The plan’s monthly cost is $29, and the annual fee is $24 per month. Despite being the simplest and least expensive plan, the starter plan has elements that complement it.

You have the choice to pay either annually or monthly under the program. Unlimited access to courses, a three-page builder, custom domains, etc., are all included in the package.

Other features unique to this plan include:

Features Of LearnWorlds Starter Pricing Plan 

  • One-Person Administrator: There is only one administrator eligible for the starters plan, which means there are no options to add more users. If you need a plan with just one administrator, this is the ideal plan for you; otherwise, we advise you to look at other options. 
  • Three-Page Builder: Users of the starter plan are only permitted to create the login page, the home page, and the course catalog, except for blogs and landing pages.
  • Additional Fees: In contrast to other plans, the starter plan imposes additional costs of $5 on each sold course. This is sometimes viewed as a drawback of the starters plan because it prevents you from offering courses for more than $5.
  • Support: The starters plan only opens you to email support which is 24/5. Plus, you are restricted from getting telephone assistance. 

Who Should Take Advantage of the LearnWorlds Starter’s Plan?

This plan is appropriate for users new to online learning and those with no prior experience.

It can also be right for you if you are hesitant to spend a lot of money on an e-learning platform.

Also, if you want to master the fundamentals of e-learning, you can use this plan as a solid starting point.

For online creators looking to increase the visibility of their online courses and for more people to sign up, this is the perfect place to begin your journey.

The Starter’s plan is an opportunity for you to work more to promote and sell your courses effectively.

However, along the line if you have many students who intend to enroll in your course, you are advised to move to a higher plan. 

Pros and Cons of Starters Plan

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of subscribing to the starter plan. 



  • You have to pay a $5 transactional fee over every course that is sold. 
  • It doesn’t allow you to offer free courses or courses below $5. 
  • It only allows for one administrator. Hence if you run a business or school with more than one teacher, this plan is unsuitable. 

2. Pro Trainer’s Plan 

The pro trainer has a monthly charge of $99 and an annual payment of $79. You have greater freedom with the pro trainer than with the starter plan.

This plan opens you up to more features on LearnWorlds, which allows you to increase your client base.

Pro Trainer offers you the option to pay in two ways: monthly and yearly, the same as the Starter’s plan. However, making an annual payment will save you a lot of money.

Numerous features are included with the Pro Trainer subscription, such as configurable pages, endless courses, more than three domain sites, etc. The other features comprise. 

Features of Pro trainer’s plan

  • Increased number of administrators:

LearnWorlds Pro Trainer users can have multiple administrators. There is a five-person limit for administrators and lecturers. This makes it easier and advantageous to manage an online school with more than one administration.

  • Flexible Payment Options:

The pro trainers plan offers consumers a variety of payment options. As an administrator, you can create your school online and provide your students with the choice of daily, weekly, or monthly subscriptions. By doing this, you can increase your profits and generate passive income.

  • Digital Certificates:

Using the Pro Trainer plan, you can make certificates for students who have finished their chosen courses. These certificates will be given out automatically to graduating students on your plan. As an administrator, you have the freedom to add suitable details and graphics to the certificate issued by your institution. The administrators might also include important information like the student’s name and the completion date.

  • Live Classes:

With the pro trainers’ plan, learners access more significant and engaging learning opportunities. Administrators can use zoom and Webex to schedule live courses, meetings, and webinars. Additionally, you can personalize a calendar so that your students can select the days and times that work best for them, according to your availability.

  • Question Bank:

LearnWorlds provides question banks, making it easy to design your tests or assignments quickly. With an easily accessible database, you can save inquiries on your report center dashboard. You also have the freedom to create various question types and add as many questions as you need, thanks to this functionality.

  •  Affiliate

The platform includes affiliate management as part of the LearnWorlds Pro Trainers Plan, allowing you to recruit more students from those who have already attended your courses. Once this management is operational, LearnWorlds offers affiliates a simple way to monitor their development and earnings.

  • Zero Transactional Fees:

Unlike the starters plan, a pro trainer doesn’t require you to pay any transactional fee on all your courses and materials. This gives you the liberty to offer free classes and membership to promote your product. However, third parties, such as Stripe, PayPal, etc., may impose charges. 

Who Should Take Advantage of Pro Trainer’s Plan 

The pro-trainer plan is recommended for owners of small to medium-sized firms, coaches, and trainers from a small online school.

As an upgrade from the starters plan, the pro trainer plan offers excellent features that are not available on the starters plan. This opens up more opportunities for small businesses and online school operators to enrol more students in their courses and sell these digital products.

If you manage a team with more than one administrator and teacher, the pro-trainer is appropriate for you; nevertheless, the number shouldn’t be greater than 5.

It also works for you if many people plan to enroll in the courses or if you want to give your online school a more polished appearance.

Pros and Cons of Pro Trainer’s Plan

Before you decide on subscribing to the Pro Trainer plan, check out the following the pros and cons.

Advantages of Pro Trainer’s Plan

  • This plan increases your clients’ base, unlike the starter plan limits. 
  • It also allows you to increase the number of administrators and teachers to 5.

Disadvantages Of Pro-Trainer’s Plan 

  • The pro trainer’s plan doesn’t offer you a copyright on your courses. 

3. Learning Center Plan 

The learning center costs $299 per month for monthly installments and $249 per month for annual payments, as it gives users access to several sophisticated and professional capabilities.

Interestingly, many users recommend this plan as the most advanced in the LearnWorlds. It is the most acceptable among the many plans and bundles.

The features provided in the learning center plan are in addition to the ones provided in the pro trainer and starters plan. The learning centre plan includes several features, such as a 30-day money-back guarantee, API connectivity, no transaction fees, onboarding, and many more. More features of the learning center include;

Features of the Learning Center’s Plan 

  • Mobile App: LearnWorlds includes an official mobile app for your online school as part of the Learning Center Plan. This software created for you will be compatible with Android and IOS devices. This offers you a respectable appearance and makes it simple for all your students to get in touch with you, no matter where they are.
  • Administrators: The learning center plan enables up to 20 administrators, each of whom can be given a profile and be either a teacher or an administrator. This makes it possible for more people to participate in your online school. They also have access to your online school’s settings and the ability to publish and amend courses.
  • Interactivity: The learning center allows users to produce and publish videos that will further aid their student’s learning through LearnWorlds. This may also include images, tests, links, illustrations, and other materials that will assist you in boosting the degree of interaction between your students and the courses they are taking.
  • Copyright Protection: The learning center’s copyright protection guards against your work’s theft or unauthorized use. This implies that LearnWorlds adds watermarks to your videos and PDF files, stopping anyone from sharing or copying them. 

Who Does the Learning Center’s Plan Suit?

Advanced firms (mid to large), entrepreneurs, and large online schools may consider the learning center plan.

This is because it allows for more than one administrator and the capacity to handle large-scale course enrolment.

Additionally, it enables more significant interaction.

This mobile app development also allows heavy users to access their courses from anywhere in the world effortlessly.

Pros and Cons of Learning Center’s Plan

The following pros and cons will help you decide if the Learner center’s plan is the best fit for you.

Advantages Of Learning Center’s Plan 

  • The learning center plan gives you access to all the high tools required to have a premium online school. 
  • The learning center plan provides your school with an app accessible to every student worldwide. 
  • You can offer a free course. 
  • Subscribing to the plan provides copyright protection over your created courses and other materials. 

Disadvantages Of Learning Center’s Plan 

  • The app for android and iOS might attract extra cost. 

4. High Volume and Corporate Plan

The high volume and corporate plan is the highest plan. Hence, it contains many advanced features to aid the user’s learning.

To purchase the high volume and corporate plan, you must contact LearnWorlds for more information. 

Features Of High Volume and Corporate Plan

  • More administrators 
  • Optimal SLA 
  • Premium support options 
  • Custom block enrolment 
  • Branded corporate academy 
  • Flexible pricing options 
  • High cloud servers. 

Features Peculiar to All Plans 

Community: Unlike many other online learning platforms, LearnWorlds allows you to connect with other students and teachers in addition to learning. Consequently, you develop relationships while gaining knowledge. On LearnWorlds, you have the opportunity to study as you post, like, and comment.

Interactivity: Learning has become enjoyable thanks to LearnWorlds’ advanced tools. Learning is enjoyable and participatory because of the resources given. The course developer can add movies, audio files, e-books, and many other types of content. They are simple to use and can raise the learner’s level of interaction.

User Interface: The user interface of an e-learning platform is a crucial component. The design ought to keep learners engaged across a variety of media. The user interface is accessible on laptops, phones, tablets, and other devices. As a result, learning is made simple since they don’t need any unique technology- learning for them can be done easily across all their devices.

Available in Several Languages: Because LearnWorlds recognizes that language can be a barrier, the platform offers learners and course authors a choice of 10 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, and others. No matter where a person is located, learning is made simple and accessible by integrating various languages. LearnWorlds offers the option to translate on your website for languages that are not available.

Customization: LearnWorlds recognizes the value of your target audience and students, therefore, it enables users and course designers to alter their websites to serve their intended audience better. You have the option to customize any of the programs offered on LearnWorlds.

Access to a large number of Courses: On LearnWorlds, the number of courses you can develop is unlimited. You have the option to create as many courses as possible on the platform without paying additional fees.

Marketing Resources: LearnWorlds offers powerful marketing resources that will help you draw in students and effectively advertise your courses. You can also include conversion tracking and email marketing, which can help you sell more courses.

Data That Admins May Trace: All LearnWorlds members have access to a report centre that lets admins keep an eye on their students, their courses, and their individual progress. This helps administrators in making informed decisions for your online school with care and the use of data.

SEO Features: LearnWorlds is an online platform optimized for search engines. This shows that sitemaps are created for search engines automatically. The program also offers keyword usage on your sites and SEO-friendly URLs. All this is done to make your pages more visible on search engine results pages.

Payment Options: Learning is simple no matter where you are, as there are several payment options on this platform. PayPal, Sandbox, Shopify, Pag Seguro, and Stripe are the top five payment gateways that LearnWorlds allows as payment methods. Additionally, users can select from 23 different currencies, including the US dollar, Singapore dollar, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen, and others.

Is LearnWorlds Worth the Cost? 

LearnWorlds is indeed worth the cost. This amazing learning platform gives you access to a business platform where you may use the courses you’ve designed to their full potential.

Here are a few reasons why we believe LearnWorlds is worthwhile.

  • Access to extensive studies

LearnWorlds grants you access to a wide variety of courses as a student.

Although you might have to pay more if the instructor of the course you’re attending is on the starters’ plan, but it is worth every penny. While you do have access to premium courses, you also have the option to enroll in free ones.

Depending on the administrator’s plan, you might also obtain a course completion certificate after the course.

  • Physical schooling impression

Despite being online, LearnWorlds gives administrators and course owners real-life working experience like a physical institution. This overall feeling increases its usability for users all across the world.

To accommodate the various students who might be interested in attending your classes, you can translate your courses into multiple languages.

Additionally, you get to keep tabs on your pupils’ development during the entire semester. You may also invite more administrators and educators who can assist with courses outside your field of expertise.

You also have the option to design private lessons that only specific students can access.

  • Revenue generation

LearnWorlds assists you in growing and generating more revenue as a course creator and a business. You can achieve this by using affiliate management to promote your digital products.

Additionally, you have the freedom to design your web pages, emails, and other related content based on your preferences. This marketing tactic can drive traffic to your website and encourage students to enroll into more classes.


LearnWorlds is a user-friendly learning platform ranked as our top platform for generating courses, selling courses, and learning.

While LearnWorlds charges a membership fee, it is reasonable and accessible to anyone.

You can choose from the available four paid options on this learning platform. Or you can use the free trial period for 30 days without risks—allowing you enough time to become acquainted with the platform’s features and functions.

The ideal online forum for you is LearnWorlds if you want to build a course, run a school, or sell digital goods. It allows for monthly and annual payments, with an incentive for the latter that will enable you to save money.

Disclosure: This page may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you buy something through them, we may get a commission (without any extra cost to you).