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How Much Does Podia Cost (2023 Pricing Review)

Podia is a versatile and powerful knowledge product platform designed to help you quickly and easily sell online courses and other knowledge products.

In addition, the company offers an affordable pricing tier to help you choose which plan best suits your business.

 Here are the plans Podia is offering as of 2023:

  • Free – $0 per month. It includes an 8% fee per transaction
  • Mover Plan – $39 per month, $396 annually ($33 per month)
  • Shaker Plan – $89 per month, $900 annually ($75 per month)
  • Earthquaker Plan – $199 per month, $1,992 annually ($166 per month)
  • You can get a 17% discount when you buy their annual plans.

Podia does not charge any additional fees on top of your monthly subscription. The only other payment you will pay for is the 2.9% standard processing fee set by Paypal or Stripe for using their service. However, the cost of these payment processing services may vary depending on your location.

Podia now offers a free subscription. However, the tools it offers are limited, and creators sell an 8% transaction fee for products and community plans.

Before you choose Podia as your course creation platform, it’s essential to research its different pricing plans, assess the features of each, and make an informed decision.

This is crucial to ensure you only pay for what you need and get the right plan.

Let’s go ahead and break down Podia’s plans and pricing structure to help you figure out which plan you should avail of.

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What is Podia?

Podia is a marketing platform that allows you to create an online store, sell products, run paid webinars or coaching sessions, or host regular events. It’s one of the most versatile internet marketing platforms in existence.

Here’s what you can do with Podia:

  •  Host digital downloads for your courses and online courses.
  •  Offer paid webinars on a variety of topics.
  •  Host membership sites where users can pay monthly fees to access premium content and benefits like premium members-only forums and training sessions.
  •  Create digital storefronts for your business where customers can purchase products from you.

Podia is an excellent tool if you sell online courses or coaching sessions. Their system helps users create their courses quickly and offers features like a scheduling calendar and payments via Stripe or PayPal. The user interface is clean and easy to use, and the platform’s in-depth analytics are good at helping you understand what works best for your business.

Here’s our in-depth Podia Review for your perusal.

An In-depth Guide to Podia’s Pricing in 2023

Podia’s paid plans include unlimited content, memberships, email campaigns, and emails per campaign. It also consists of a custom domain and helpful and powerful features that will make it easy for anyone to sell their knowledge products.

Podia’s paid plans do not have transaction fees—making it one of the most affordable marketing platforms, especially compared to its competitors, who charge a transaction fee on top of your subscription.

Here’s the breakdown of all their plans and their features:

1. Podia Free Plan (Try it Now)

Podia’s free plan is an excellent option for creators who want first to explore what Podia is offering. It’s also perfect for those who only need the essential tools, and paying for a plan is unnecessary.

Features of Podia Free Plan

  • Website: You can host your website with your free Podia subdomain.
  • Products: You can only create drafts of your courses, webinars, and bundles with Podia’s free plan.
  • One Download: You can only sell one digital product.
  • One Coaching Product: You can only offer one coaching product.
  • Membership Plan: You can offer both free and paid memberships.
  • Email Marketing: Podia’s free plan includes 250 broadcast emails, three emails per campaign, and one active campaign.
  • Community: With Podia’s free plan, you can have unlimited members in your community with endless topics.

By signing up with Podia, you can also access their creator community. In addition, you will also have access to their support team if you have issues, which can be contacted via email or live chat.

Who should take advantage of Podia’s Free Plan?

Podia’s free plan is a great way to get started with Podia, but it’s also designed for people who want to try it out at their own pace. So if you’re looking to test the waters before making a more significant commitment, or if you’re just curious about Podia and want to see what it can do, then the free plan is perfect!

If you’re also starting your new business and cannot afford nor do not want to bring up the costs too high, Podia’s free plan is perfect for you. However, Podia charges an 8% fee for every transaction.

These fees might build up as your business grows. If you liked Podia and don’t want to pay any transaction fee, you might consider upgrading your plan to a paid one. You can do this at any time.

Pros and Cons of Podia’s Free Plan

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of subscribing to their free plan:

Pros of Podia Free Plan

  • It’s free!
  • You can have a complete website. You can host it on your free Podia subdomain.
  • Email marketing is included. Perfect for those just starting or those who have a small audience.
  • Unlimited members and topics for your community. You can also offer your members a free and paid subscription.

Cons of Podia’s Free Plan

  • There is an 8% transaction fee. This will be on top of the fees charged by payment channels (Paypal or Stripe).
  • The emails you can send out and the campaigns you can start are limited. This might not be enough as your business grows, especially if you’re trying to reach a larger audience.
  • You can only create drafts of your online courses, webinars, and bundles. You can only build your systems and sales page, but you need to upgrade if you want to sell them.
  • You can only sell one digital download and offer one coaching product. So if you’re submitting many products, their free plan might not be an excellent option.

Their Free Plan is a great start if you want to try out Podia before investing in the platform. However, if you decide that Podia does not have what you need, you don’t have to cancel anything because no credit card is required when signing up.

2. Podia’s Mover Pricing Bundle (Try it Now)

Podia’s Mover pricing bundle is the cheapest they offer. It comes at $39 per month and only $33 if you subscribe annually.

There are no transaction fees once you choose to avail of this plan. This is amazing for small business owners and freelancers because there are no more added costs than the monthly payment.

Podia’s Mover Bundle Features

  • Your custom domain name. You can create your business’ website and host it using your free Podia subdomain or a custom domain.
  • Unlimited products. You can upload as many digital goods as you want and offer as many coaching products as possible.
  • Webinars and bundles. You can create drafts for your webinars and bundles.
  • Community. You can have unlimited members and topics for your community. You can also offer both paid and free subscriptions to your members.
  • Upload videos. You can embed videos from YouTube or other providers and post them to your community to further improve member engagement. You’ll also be able to add video sections to your website.
  • Marketing tools. Podia’s Mover Plan gives you access to coupons and upsells.
  • Email Marketing. Aside from hosting an unlimited number of email subscribers,you can also send emails to 5,000 subscribers. There is also a total number of email campaigns and emails per campaign.
  • The Mover Plan also provides exit conditions, links, and sales tracking for your emails.
  • Messaging. Offer direct messages on your sales page with Podia’s built-in chat feature.
  • Advanced tools. This plan also includes powerful tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, and Zapier triggers to further help you understand the actions taken by customers on your website.
  • Free migration. You can migrate 1 product to Podia if you subscribe to the Mover Plan annually.

A subscription to any of Podia’s plans also includes creator support, accessed 7 days a week. You can contact them through live chat and email if you have any issues or questions. Subscribers will also be able to access Podia’s Creator Community so they can communicate with other creators.

Who is Podia’s Mover Plan for?

If you’re a content creator who regularly sells content and other knowledge products, the Mover Plan is an excellent choice for you. This plan allows subscribers to personalize their website by hosting it using a custom domain.

Aside from that, you can also send up to 5,000 broadcast emails. If this is within your reach, the Mover Plan is easily the best plan for you. You can also launch unlimited email campaigns with unlimited emails per campaign, which further helps you expand and engage your audience.

If you’re also someone who wants to migrate 1 product to your Podia website, an annual subscription to the Mover Plan will suit your needs.

Podia’s Mover Plan is an excellent choice if you’re any of the mentioned above, especially if you have a small but regular audience.

Pros and Cons of the Mover Plan

If you think the Mover Plan will fit your needs, check out these pros and cons to further help you decide.

Pros Of Podia’s Mover Pricing Plan

  • You can customize your domain name. This is an excellent feature for those who want to personalize their websites.
  • Access to advanced tools. Such tools are Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook pixels, Pinterest pixels, Zapier triggers, and Paypal.
  • Talk to your customers directly. You can message your customers through Podia’s built-in live chat.
  • It includes free migration. While subscribed to the annual plan, you can migrate 1 product to Podia.
  • Unlimited email marketing. The Mover Plan also allows subscribers unlimited email campaigns for a total number of emails per campaign. In addition, you can also send broadcast emails to 5,000 subscribers.

This plan also allows you to have an unlimited number of email subscribers.

Cons of Podia’s Mover Pricing Bundle

  • You can only create drafts of your webinars and bundles. You’ll have to upgrade to a much more expensive plan to be able to sell your webinars and offer bundles to your customers.
  • The plan has a limited number of emails. For example, you can only send up to 5,000 emails. You’ll have to subscribe to a different program if you have a higher reach than this.
  • You cannot limit the subscribers of a product. If this is an option you need, the Mover Plan is unfit. It does not include the ability to determine a product’s maximum number of subscribers.
  • Does not include course certificates. This plan is unsuitable for you if you want to offer course certificates.
  • Embedded payments and affiliate marketing are not included in this plan.
  •  You’ll have to pay an additional fee to add team members. If you have someone working for you, you’ll need to pay an additional $20 per person.
  • You can’t use third-party codes or integrate Zapier.
  • You cannot turn off Podia’s branding. For example, your website cannot remove ‘Powered by Podia.’ If you want your website to be personalized in this way, you need to pay for a more expensive plan.
  • No priority support. You won’t have access to their priority creator support, meaning if you have urgent issues or questions, you might have to wait in a queue, and your problems won’t be resolved immediately.

Additionally, you won’t also get a personalized onboarding call from Podia’s team of experts. If this is a must-have for you, avail their other plans.

The Mover Plan is an excellent option for those with small but regular reach. Whether you’re looking for a custom website and unlimited email campaigns or need the advanced tools included in this plan, this is the cheapest Podia offers for those with a limited budget.

3. Podia’s Shaker Pricing Plan (Try it Now)

The Shaker plan includes all of the previous plan’s features and more advanced tools perfect for content creators.

You can subscribe to this plan at $89 per month, and $75 per month if you choose the yearly option, letting you save $168. The Shaker Plan is also dubbed Podia’s “Best Deal” on its website.

Features of Podia’s Shaker Pricing Plan

  • All of the features included in the Mover Plan
  • Course certificates. You can include course certificates as a feature or an additional product for your online courses and coaching sessions.
  • Sell webinars and offer bundles. If you subscribe to the Shaker Plan, you’ll be able to sell more products and offer promotions such as bundles to your clients.
  • Embedded checkouts. With this plan, you’ll be able to sell the products on your Podia website on any other web part with embeddable buy buttons.
  • Affiliate marketing. You’ll be able to have affiliates who can sell your products to their audience.
  • Limitations. You can limit the maximum number of sign-ups for your products.
  •  15,000 emails. Send up to 15,000 broadcast emails to your audience.
  • Zapier integration. Create automated processes and workflow, and connect apps with full integration with Zapier.
  • No Podia branding. You will have an option to remove “Powered by Podia” from your website.
  • Free migration. Migrate up to 5 products to your Podia website when subscribed to an annual Shaker Plan.

Who should subscribe to the Shaker Plan?

Podia’s Shaker Plan is perfect for those looking to fast-track the growth of their business and increase their audience reach.

With up to 15,000 broadcast emails and unlimited campaigns, anyone looking to expand business or keep their audience engaged may find this plan a perfect business solution.

If having affiliates is a must-have for your business or freelance career, the Shaker Plan will suit your needs. It includes affiliate marketing options to help you reach a wider audience and earn additional income through your affiliates. This is perfect for those wanting to take their business to the next level.

Subscribing to this plan may also remove the need for other tools costing you extra. With Zapier integrations, embedded checkouts, automated email campaigns, and payment processing, the Shaker Plan will help you cut down on costs and help you focus your finance on more critical parts of your business, such as your products.

This plan is also great for content creators who sell digital goods (such as online courses), coaching sessions, and webinars. You can also further market your products by being able to offer bundles.

Shaker Plan: Pros and Cons

To further help you decide if this plan is the perfect option for you, here are the pros and cons of subscribing to the Shaker Plan.

Pros of Podia’s Shaker Pricing Plan

  • You can sell any goods. For example, Podia’s Shaker Plan allows you to sell anything from webinars to online courses to coaching sessions.
  • You can offer bundle promotions. This is a perfect marketing tool to help you sell more products. This will also give your customers more options when choosing the products you offer, thus making your business more profitable.
  • You can reach a wider audience. This plan also includes unlimited email marketing campaigns (with unlimited emails) and up to 15,000 email recipients.
  • You can use advanced tools. With powerful tools such as Google Analytics and payment processing, help your business grow and figure out what your website visitors are doing on your page.
  • Connect apps and create automated processes. Full Zapier integration makes it easier to set up your website and provide the right apps to your page.
  • You can sell your products on other parts of the web. For example, post sales of your Podia-hosted goods on various parts of the net with embeddable buy buttons.
  • You can limit product subscribers. This plan is perfect if you want to manage your time by having a limited number of subscribers so you will not be overloaded with webinars or coaching sessions.
  • You can also set a maximum number of bundle subscribers, or if you want an online course to be “premium” and want to set a limit as a marketing strategy.
  • You can offer course certificates. Many people who are taking online courses prefer to receive certifications as proof. Subscribing to the Shaker Plan will allow you to give out course certificates to appeal to those who want it, further improving your reach.
  • You can personalize your website. By having a custom domain and removing Podia’s branding across your website, you’ll have a complete website that’s customized to your liking.
  • It includes affiliate marketing. Earn commission and reach more people through Podia’s affiliate options.
  • Migrate your products easily. You won’t have to lose your hard-earned subscribers when you choose Podia’s Shaker Plan. You can easily migrate up to 5 products when you’re subscribed to the annual option.

Cons of Podia’s Shaker Pricing Bundle

  • You cannot use third-party codes. You’ll have to subscribe to their Earthquaker Plan if you need to use third-party codes. Shaker only allows you to write your principles if you want more advanced options.
  • It does not offer priority support. So you’ll have to wait in a queue if you want your issues to be resolved or if you have questions that need immediate answers.
  • No monthly onboarding calls from Podia’s experts.
  • You have to pay $20 per team member. If you want to add your VA or your business partner to Podia, you have to pay a fee per person on top of your monthly payment.

4. Podia’s Earthquaker Bundle (Try it Now)

Podia’s most expensive plan comes at $199 per month and $166 per month if subscribed annually, saving you $396 or two months free.

It includes the previous plans’ features, additional team members, priority support, and monthly onboarding calls.

Features of Podia’s Earthquaker Pricing Plan

  • All of Shaker Plan’s features
  • Up to 50,000 email subscribers can receive your emails
  • 5 team seats
  • Priority support. Get a dedicated support service only available to Earthquaker subscribers.
  • Integrate third-party codes
  • 2 personalized onboarding calls

Who should subscribe to the Earthquaker Plan?

Being a more advanced plan with priority support from Podia’s experts, this plan suits entrepreneurs who want to take their business to a higher level.

Since the Earthquaker also includes up to 50,000 email recipients, it is perfect for those who want to reach many more people quickly.

This plan is also an excellent choice for those with teammates and employees who want to add them to Podia.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or have businesses across the country, this plan is a great way to offer membership (free and paid) or sell other services (such as webinars) to your audience.

Pros and Cons of the Earthquaker Plan

Pros of Podia’s Earthquaker Pricing Bundle

  • It includes 5 team seats. So you won’t have to pay additional fees to add a team member.
  • You can send unlimited email campaigns to 50,000 email subscribers.
  • You will have priority support. Your issues and questions will be answered right away with a dedicated support team only accessible to Earthquaker subscribers.
  • You can integrate third-party codes. Seamlessly integrate preexisting principles into your Podia website.
  • Get 2 personalized calls. You will have 1:1 onboarding calls with their experts.
  • Free migration. You won’t lose your subscribers because you can migrate ten products from your previous provider to your Podia website. This is only available to those who are subscribed to the annual plan.

Cons of Podia’s Earthquaker Pricing Plan

  • This plan is much more expensive compared to other platforms
  • You need to subscribe to an annual plan if you want to migrate your products. However, this can be too expensive for those who are just starting or those with a limited budget.

The Verdict — should you subscribe to Podia? Is it worth it?

Being able to offer the products you need to sell and easily customize a digital storefront at an affordable price makes Podia an excellent choice for content creators and small business owners.

Podia offers marketing tools to help creators manage, elevate, and expand their businesses. It’s a better option price-wise when compared to other providers. Podia also lets business owners save a lot of money by removing the need for additional tools you may be currently using to sell your products.

Podia also boasts of having no transaction fees—there are no hidden costs for every transaction between you and your customers.

However, if you’re looking for particular tools to offer to your customers, Podia may not be able to provide that for you. For instance, you cannot offer membership tiers to your subscribers. They only allow you to provide either a free or a paid subscription.

So if you need fancier features and are willing to pay a higher price, you can combine apps that offer specific services (such as MailChimp or ConvertKit) with an alternative platform.

Podia is an affordable, professional and versatile tool for those looking to cut costs or are just starting. They offer a wide range of features that will help anyone manage their online businesses or sell their content.

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