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How Much Does Thinkific Cost in 2023? (Latest Pricing)

Thinkific is a popular course creation platform for creating, marketing, and selling your expertise online.

With its user-friendly course builder, you can quickly create digital learning products without any technical expertise or coding skills.

Below is a summary of the various Thinkific plans and how much they cost.

  • The free plan
  • The Start plan starts at $99 per month or $74 per month (when billed annually).
  • The Grow plan is priced at $199 per month or $149 per month (when billed annually).
  • The Expand plan starts at $499 per month or $374 per month (when billed annually).
  • The Plus plan (The Thinkific website does not provide pricing information.)

All plans come with a 25% discount when you decide to pay annually.

Before we dive deep into the pricing details, be sure to check this page for any pricing updates.

Which Pricing Plan Is Best For You?

how much does thinkific cost 1

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution because it all depends on the specific needs of your business.

But still, I will help you pick the right plan based on the number of learners you have or expect to, your technical needs, and most importantly, your budget. My job is essentially helping you avoid making the mistake of spending more than you have to.

Let’s put these pricing plans under a microscope and figure out which one you should go for.

Thinkific Costs And Plans (All the Details)

Below, we’ve explained each plan to help you understand what they offer and which plan will be right for you.

1. The Free Plan

does thinkific has a free trial?

Price: $0 per month in perpetuity

You can keep on using this plan for as long as you want or need without spending anything. This is a great way to test out Thinkific on your own and make an informed decision.

But what does this Thinkific-free plan have to offer? Is it just for show and a cheap marketing ploy?

The Key Features Of The Thinkific Free Plan

Surprisingly, Thinkific’s free plan has a lot of cool features that are unconventional and unheard of.

Here are the main features that stood out to me.

  • A single course: After all, one course is better than none, right? Without paying a single dime, Thinkific allows you to create a course using its course creation tool, host it on its servers, and make money from it totally for free!
  • Unlimited Students: This is unbelievable. Thinkific was like, yep, let them create a course for free and have as many learners as they want and we will charge them absolutely nothing.
  • “0% Transaction Fees”: Really? Come on, Thinkific. A free plan with 0% transaction fees? How is that even possible? Anyway, Thinkific will not take a cut on your transactions when someone purchases or subscribes to your free course.
  • Technical Support: Even though you’re paying them nothing, Thinkific is still willing to offer you help and technical support whenever you need it via email or a chatbot on their website.

Other features include:

  • 1 community.
  • 1 administrator.
  • 100% ownership of the content.
  • Drag-and-drop course creator.
  • Easy to use website themes.
  • Fully integrated eCommerce.
  • App store.
  • Course quizzes and surveys.
  • Thinkific Academy Foundation courses.

Thinkific Free Plan’s Pros and Cons

As with everything in life, the Thinkific Free plan has its ups and downs, which have been listed before.

Pros of Thinkific Free Plan

  • It’s free (nothing beats free).
  • You can have an unlimited number of students.
  • There are no transaction fees. Thinkific will not take a slice of your hard-earned money.

Cons of Thinkific Free Plan

  • You can only create one course.
  • No custom domain.
  • No live chat support.
  • You don’t have access to some advanced features on the platform.

Who Is The Free Thinkific Plan For?

Beginners and all those looking for a new course creation platform, this FREE plan is for you. It is free, so you don’t have to worry about losing money or anything like that.

Normally, companies offer free plans that are so restrictive that they end up being almost useless.

Not with Thinkific, though. I applaud the platform for including all the essential features in its free plan, which makes it possible to fully examine the platform and see if it is the right option for you.

There are no nasty hidden fees or ridiculous transaction fees to worry about. Just sign up for free, create your course with an intuitive drag-and-drop course builder, and have as many students as you want without paying even a single cent.

However, I should be clear that the Free plan is not viable as a long-term solution.

If you’re just starting and want to see if selling courses online is a viable income source for you, then why not? Go ahead, but if you’re here to stay, then you should consider subscribing to a paid plan.

2. The Start Plan

how much does thinkific cost for the start plan?

Price: It normally costs $99 per month, but you’ll pay $74 a month when billed annually.

Annual Savings: 25%

Give your students the seamless online experience they deserve.

The starter plan gives you the chance to create a world-class course with so many different cool features to spice up the learning process. Nobody likes just sitting down and gobbling up information like a robot.

Make your courses fun for only $74 per month. Let’s look at the features that make this plan a must-have for beginners.

The Key Features Of The Thinkific Start Pricing Plan

All features in the free plan are also included in the Start plan. Some of the features are enhanced, and some are new.

Here are the main ones.

  • Unlimited Courses: Money buys you the freedom to create as many courses as you can.
  • Unlimited students: The Start plan, as expected, also allows you to create courses with unlimited students.
  • 0% transaction fees: The only money Thinkific will get from you is the $99 or $74 monthly payment; otherwise, you get to keep all your revenue.
  • Paid memberships: People will pay you a monthly fee of your choice to become a member of your site. The membership runs on a subscription basis. If someone fails to make a monthly payment, they lose access.
  • Scheduled Content: Constantly creating and posting content can be exhausting, and if you’re aspiring to turn this hustle into a passive income stream, well, hard work alone is not enough. Scheduled content allows you to create and post everything beforehand and set it to be published in chunks.
  • A Certificate of Completion: A certificate of completion can serve as a great motivation for the learner. It recognizes and bears witness to one’s hard work and effort put into learning and acquiring a new skill.
  • Create Private And Hidden Courses: This cool feature allows you to create courses that only a select few of your liking can access. In other words, it helps you create exclusive courses that can not be accessed publicly on your website.
  • Course Compliance Tools: Prevent your students from skimming through the course curriculum or skipping certain parts by making it impossible to access content before it has been taken.
  • Bundling: As an entrepreneur, you might want to bundle your courses with a few other digital products and offer them at a discount to increase sales.
  • Email and live chat support: You can also email the support team to get help, but live chat support is the real deal. You can text someone from the Thinkific support team live and get the help you need in real-time.
  • Custom domains: A domain name with a course platform’s branding looks very amateurish and unprofessional. If you want people to take your products seriously, then you need a custom domain.
  • Assignments: Spice up your content delivery by giving your students assignments to drive home the lessons.
  • Live lessons: Prerecorded lessons are cool and all, but nothing beats in-real-time interactions. Deliver your lessons live and take questions from your learners in real-time.
  • Affiliate selling: Thinkific allows you to turn your learners into an army of loyal affiliate marketers of your products. Let other people sell your courses for you for a commission while you focus on the content and delivery.
  • Advanced course creation: Move beyond basic course creation and begin creating advanced courses without breaking a sweat or hiring someone to do it for you.
  • Advanced website code editing: Are you looking for a more personalized look and feel for your school’s website? You can edit the code in the background and pretty much bring any part of your vision to life. You can alternatively hire someone to do it for you.
  • Thinkific Academy Advanced courses: When you’re just starting, it can all be overwhelming. There are courses on Thinkific Academy to help you navigate this space, and if you upgrade to the Start plan, you get unlimited access to advanced material.

Other features include:

  • 1 community.
  • 1 administrator.
  • Coupons and discounts.
  • Bundles and add-on packages
  • Membership and payment plans.
  • Zoom Meetings And Webinars:
  • Advanced HTML and CSS editing

Pros and Cons of Thinkific’s Start Plan

Why should you subscribe to the Thinkific Start pricing plan and pay $99 per month? Is it worth it? And what are the downsides?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Start plan.


  • You can create unlimited courses.
  • You can have a custom domain.
  • Live chat support.
  • Advanced courses and website-building options
  • multiple marketing tools.


  • It’s annoying Thinkific branding.
  • No phone support.
  • There is no option for bulk enrollment.

Who is the Thinkific Start pricing plan for?

Anyone with a small course creation business looking for robustness and room for growth and to expand his/her business is more than welcome to try out this first paid plan from Thinkific.

It normally costs $99 a month, but if you pay annually, you will enjoy a 25% discount and pay $74 per month instead.

Being the first paid plan, you might be tempted to think that this is just a basic plan stripped of the most important features.

However, contrary to your opinion, the Start plan gives real value to your money. You’ll get advanced features that will be able to fulfill almost all of your needs.

3. The Grow Plan

how much does thinkific cost for the Grow Plan?

Price: $199 per month when billed annually, or $149 per month when billed monthly.

Annual Savings: 25%

The Grow plan is the most popular one on the list, and for a quiet reason. It is a complete option that gives you everything you would hope for.

For anyone looking to run a serious business selling learning digital products online professionally while paying 0% transaction fees, then you don’t have to look any further.

This right here is my top recommended pricing plan on the platform for almost anyone. If you can afford it, then don’t even think twice about subscribing.

The Key Features Of The Thinkific Grow Plan

All features on the low-tier pricing plans are included in the Grow plan. Most of the features are updated, and the additional features, well, they’re absolute must-haves.

$149 per month for this many features and 0% transaction fees is a good value for your money.

Let’s examine these features in detail.

  • Remove Thinkific Branding: Make your business truly your own and remove all of Thinkific’s branding around your products and website. After all, it makes you look professional and serious.
  • Zapier actions: An opportunity to enroll students in your school based on activities occurring outside of Thinkific. Make it easy for people to join your school or access your course.
  • Bulk Student Emailer: In the course of running your school, you might want to make announcements to your students to notify them of something important or push some new product and hopefully make sales. Emailing all of them at once saves you a lot of time and energy compared to texting them one by one.
  • Bulk Enrollments: Who said migrating across platforms should be difficult or tiresome? Import your learners from other platforms to Thinkific by using a CVS file all at once.
  • Advanced reporting: Get much-needed insights into how your business is doing by accessing your students’ engagement data and other metrics. You need to know what you’re doing right and what can be improved to increase customer satisfaction and win more business.
  • Access the API: Do you want to add some custom functionality and feel to your school? Hire someone to meddle with the Thinkific API and truly make your school your own the way you want it.
  • 2 Administrators: As your business grows, you might want to delegate some responsibility to someone to lighten up the load on your hands. The Grow plan allows you to add one more person to help you manage and run your school.
  • 3 Communities: With the Grow plan, you can create up to 3 communities around your products. These are like Facebook groups where your student and you can discuss topics of interest or help each other out. It is also a great marketing opportunity since you can push your products directly to your loyal customers.
  • Phone and Priority Email Support: The Grow plan allows you to directly place calls with the amazing Thinkific support team or email them, and your message will be treated with the sense of urgency it deserves.
  • Randomized Quiz Question Bank: Add dynamic quizzes to your curriculum to increase engagement and information retention. Let your students know if they are actually learning something new or just cruising through.
  • Brillium Exams Integration: This integration with Brillium allows you to deliver advanced exams at the end of the curriculum. You can make it so that only those who pass this exam should be awarded a certificate of completion.

Other features:

  • There is no transaction fee.
  • You can create unlimited courses.
  • You can have unlimited students.

Pros and Cons of Thinkific’s Grow Plan

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of subscribing to the Grow plan.


  • You can remove the Thinkific branding.
  • You can carry out bulk actions.
  • You can access the API and do some advanced customization.
  • Phone and priority email support.


  • It is quite pricey.

Who’s Your Thinkific Grow Plan For?

Anyone? As long as you’re into creating courses and selling them online, then this is the perfect plan for you.

You’ve got everything you need right here.

Whether you’re a blogger looking to teach people how to create the perfect blog and write the perfect blog articles Google and people love, whether you’re a guitarist teaching people how to play one, or maybe you’re an educational institution wishing to deliver classes online, Thinkific’s Grow plan has everything you need.

4. The Expand Plan

how much is thinkific Expand Plan?

Price: $499 per month (billed annually) or $374 per month (billed monthly).

Annual Savings: 25%

The Expand is the final and ultimate plan in Thinkific’s arsenal. It is designed and packaged for the big players in the game.

If you have a very large student base or are pushing corporate training, then this plan is definitely what you need.

Otherwise, if you’re running a normal-sized business, there’s no need to spend $499 per month.

Without any further ado, the Expand plan comes with the following features:

The Key Features Of The Thinkific Expand Plan

These features are designed to help you easily scale up and create a flexible workflow.

Success doesn’t have to be a burden, and Thinkific came up with the following features to make sure it doesn’t ever come to that.

  • 5 Site Administrators: The Thinkific Expand plan allows you to have up to five people help you run your website.
  • 15 Course Administrators: You can have up to 14 people help you curate and administer your courses. Imagine how much content you could create with a team of 15 people.
  • 15 Group Analysts: Remember those communities you can build around your products and courses? Well, you can have up to 15 people take care of that for you and hopefully help you make more sales.
  • Custom SSL certificates: Having a very large business online that involves other people’s personal and financial information comes with its security risks. Thinkific understands that and provides your business with custom SSL certificates to tighten up security loopholes.
  • 10 communities: A large business requires massive solutions. The Expand plan allows you to create up to 10 communities around your products!
  • Priority Phone Support: When you subscribe to the Expand plan, you’re classed as a VIP, and all your calls are taken as a matter of emergency. Forget about waiting in line for hours when you want to talk to customer support.

The Expand plan also includes all the other features from low-tier plans, including:

  • No transaction fees.
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited students

The Pros And Cons Of Thinkific’s Expand Plan

The Expand plan is the ultimate heavy-weight plan and that comes with its advantages and disadvantages, some of which have been listed below.


  • You can have up to five administrators.
  • up to 10 communities.
  • Enhanced security with custom SSL(secure sockets layer) certificates.
  • Priority support.


  • too expensive.

Whom’s The Thinkific Expand Plan For?

The Expand plan is for big businesses and very successful high-volume entrepreneurs. Anyone with a very large student base will find this plan liberating and a lifesaver.

Whether you’re training thousands of employees from a big organization or you’re selling DIY courses and you’re failing to handle the work, the Expand plan is the perfect solution for you.

You can hire extra staff to help you run your business. Instead of overworking yourself, delegate some of your responsibilities to other people.

This is also a great option if you want to turn your hustle into a completely passive income stream. Let other people work for you while you sit back and relax.

5. The Plus Plan

The pricing information for this plan is not published on the Thinkific website, so you’ll have to request a quotation from the Thinkific sales team.

It is the final plan, with everything Thinkific has to offer and more.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the features of this plan.

  • Expand’s entire feature set
  • There is no transaction fee.
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited administrators
  • 3+ distinct Thinkific websites
  • Service Level Agreement (99.9%)
  • A Dedicated Customer Success Team
  • Checks for multiple seats and tiered pricing
  • Email white-labeling
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • App for bulk selling
  • Entreprise API access.


Starting a course creation business has never been this easy before. Thinkific helps you create a course like a pro with its intuitive course builder, create a website for your school with its easy-to-use and customizable themes, and then market it to the world.

The highlight of Thinkific is its commitment to its “0% transaction fee” policy. This somehow offsets the impact of its slightly higher prices (compared to the competition). It is the small transaction fees that, in the long run, when you succeed and have many students, will hurt your revenue the most.

I recommend you pick the option to get billed every year and enjoy the 25% discount. Saving money is always a good idea.

All in all, Thinkific plans offer the best value for your money. If you’re looking for premium service and peace of mind, then go ahead and pick a pricing plan with features that fit your current business needs. You can always upgrade to top-tier plans when your business expands.

Disclosure: This page may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you buy something through them, we may get a commission (without any extra cost to you).