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How to add or insert a footer in word

A footer in Microsoft Word is the area at the bottom of every page in the document. Adding content into the footer section of one page automatically adds it to all the pages in the document. The content you can add to the footer area in Word includes page numbers, document titles, dates and so on.

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In this tutorial today, I want to show you how to add footers in Word.

Add footer in Word

How to insert a pre-defined footer in Word

There are pre-defined footers in Microsoft Word you can use to add beautiful footers into your document. These pre-defined footers are footer templates where you can fill with your own content.

To add or insert a pre-defined footer in Word:

  • Launch Microsoft Word and open the project whose footer you want to add.
  • Go to the Insert tab, in the Header & Footer group, click on the Footer button. This will pull down a drop-down box filled with footer samples.
Add footer in Word
  • From this library of Footers, select the one that catch your interest.

As soon as you select one of these footer styles, the footer section will activate for you to edit the content. Change the place holder text with your own content as shown in the following example where date and page number is inserted in the footer:

Add footer in Word

At this point, the content in the footer will appear on all the pages in the document except for pages that are separated with page breaks.

How to manually add a Footer in Word

The above section explains how you can automatically add predefined footer in Word. This way, you get a template you can edit to include your own content and style in the Footer.

However, you can also create a footer in Word from scratch without using the predefined template. Though, this will require a little bit of work.

So, to manually add a footer in Microsoft Word, obey the instructions below:

  • Open up your Word document.
  • Double click at the bottom of any page to activate the footer section.
  • Now that you have the Footer layer activated, add the content you wish for your footer to contain.
  • Type or paste text in the footer and it’ll appear on every footer on each page. You can format the text the way you want using the formatting tools on the home tab.
  • Whilst the footer layer is active, the Footer & Footer Tools > Design tab becomes tab.
  • On the Footer & Footer Tools > Design tab, in the Insert category, you can insert pictures, date and time, and document info.

This is how you may insert a footer in Word without using the predefined footer option.