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How to make a fraction in Word

The easiest way to make a fraction in Microsoft Word is to use the equation tool. The equation tool has a gallery that has lots of popular equation structures including fractions (even mixed fraction).

To make a fraction in Word, go to the Insert tab, in the Symbols group, click the drop-down arrow on the Equation button and select New Equation. Alternatively, just press Alt + ‘=’ on your keyboard. In the Equation Tools Design tab that will appear, click the Fraction drop-down to select the desired structure of fraction.

This is just a brief summary of how to make a fraction in Word. For a more detailed step by step guide on this task, obey the following instructions with screenshots.

  • Place the Insertion pointer at where you want to create the fraction.
  • Press Alt + ‘=’ on your keyboard to insert the new equation field. Alternatively, Go to the Insert tab. In the Symbols group, click on the Equation button or click the drop-down arrow on the Equation button and select New Equation from the drop-down menu.
use equation to make fraction in Word
  • As soon as you press Alt + ‘=’ or click on the new Equation button, Word will insert the field to contain the fraction and also introduce the Equation Tools Design tab.
Equation tools design tab
  • On the Equation Tools Design tab, in the Structures group, click on the Fraction button.
Click on the Fraction button
  • All the available Fraction structures will appear, select the one that best suit your needs.
Select the desired Fraction structure
  • You’ll get an empty fraction of the selected structure. Fill the empty boxes with the numbers or content of your fraction.
make fraction in MS Word
  • To make an improper fraction, first type the whole number before the fraction.

This is how you may insert or create a fraction in Word.

Aside from typing fractions in your Word document, the equation tool can help a lot especially if you are working on a project relating to math or science. With the equation tool, you can also insert any symbol that is not readily available on the keyboard like the division sign.

Simon Carmel

Wednesday 20th of July 2022

Oh, Boy! I was very delighted to have learned how to make a fraction in the Word because I have a lot of mathemagic numbers to type for my lecture. I realized using the “Equation” for finding a fraction in order to make some divisors and dividends with the equation (=) symbols. THANK YOU!

Abarika Abdulai

Wednesday 20th of July 2022

You are most welcome, Simon