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To remove blank rows in Excl:

  • Select the range of cells containing the blank rows
select the cells that has the blank rows
  • Press F5 to display the Go To dialog.
  • Click on the Special button.
Press F5 and click on the special button
  • The Go To Special dialog appears, click to select Blanks then click OK.
Click on blanks then OK

All the blank cells will be selected.

How to remove blank rows in excel
  • Right-click on one of the selected blank cells and select Delete.
right-click on one of the blank cells and click on delete
  • The delete dialog appears, click to select Entire row then click OK.
click on Entire row
  • All the blank rows will be removed from the selected range of cells.
All the blank rows will be deleted

This is how you may delete blank rows in Excel.