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How to Type Roman Numerals in Word

There are several ways of typing roman numerals in Microsoft Word.

The obvious option is to just type them into your document. However, there’s an automated way that allows you to type the English numerals and then convert them to the roman numeral list.

Without further ado, below are the steps to type roman numerals in Word using the format list feature.

  • Type the English numerals vertically up to the number you wish the roman numerals to stop at. In this example, I’ll type from 1 to 10. You can type as many as you want.
  • Select all the English numerals you just typed
  • Go to Home>Paragraph>Numbering and select either the uppercase roman numerals or lowercase roman numerals.

At this point, the English numbering will turn into a numbered list with the roman numerals.

Numbering pages with roman numerals

You may have seen Word documents whose page numbers were roman numerals.

Microsoft Word allows the flexibility of using roman numerals as page numbers.

To use roman numerals as page numbers in Word, obey the instructions below:

  • Identify where you want the page numbers to be placed. Whether in the footer or header. The footer is at the bottom of the page whilst the header is on top of the page.
  • Go to the Insert tab and click on Page Number in the Header & Footer group.
Go to Inser>Page Number
  • From the page number drop-down, select the page numbering location and style to insert the page numbers.
Select the page number location and style

By default, the English numbering will be inserted across all the pages. The rest of the instructions below will show how to change these numbering to roman numerals.

  • After inserting the page numbers successfully, go to Page Number > Format Page Numbers on the Insert tab.
Go to Page Number>Format Page Numbers
  • The Page Number Format dialog will appear, click on the Number format option and select either the uppercase roman numerals or lowercase roman numerals.
Select the page numbering style
  • Click OK.

This is how you may insert page numbers with roman numerals in Word.