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Creating a Hyperlink to a Section in the Same Document in Word

In this article, I will show you how to create a hyperlink in Word that points to a particular section in the same document.

This makes sense if your content is very long and thus refers to another section within the same document. This way, you can add a link that users can click to jump right to that particular section instead of scrolling all the way down.

A clear example is the hyperlinks in Table of Contents that refer you to another section of the same document.

Another example is illustrated below:

Illustration: Link to a section in the same document

If this is your goal, then let’s get started:

  • First, mark the section in your document where you want the link to point by bookmarking it.

For example, I’ll illustrate how to bookmark the third chapter in a book (chapter 3) so that our link will point to that page.

Obey the steps below to learn how to bookmark a particular section in a Word document.

  • Place your cursor at where you want to insert the bookmark:
Place cursor at the section to link to
  • Go to the Insert tab, in the Links group, click on Bookmark.
Go to Insert>Bookmark
  • In the Bookmark window, type the name of your bookmark in the text box that is labeled as “Bookmark name:”.
  • Now, click on the Add button to add the bookmark.
Type the bookmark name and click Add

Note that the bookmark name must begin with a letter, but can include letters. It must not also include any space.

After you insert the bookmark with the above instructions, then you can now create a hyperlink that points to that bookmarked location in the same document.

The remaining steps below will now show you how to add a link to the bookmarked section in the same document.

  • Highlight the text you want to use for the link. This should be the text that the user will click to jump to the specified location. Use text that gives readers clear information about where the link points to.
  • Right-click on the selected text and then click on Link from the shortcut menu. Alternatively, press Ctrl+K to display the Insert Link dialog.
Select the link text and press Ctrl+K
  • Click to select “Place in This Document” from the list of “Link To” buttons.
Select Place in this Document

Word will display the list of all bookmarks and headings in the box.

  • Identify and select the Bookmark you just created (which is Chapter3 in our case).
  • Then Click OK.

After you hit the OK button, a hyperlink will be created to the text you selected for the link.

Illustration: Link to a section in the same document

NOTE: In MS Word, hyperlinks are not clickable. To make it clickable, you must press and hold the Ctrl Key before you click on the link.