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How to Insert Text Box in Google Sheets: The Easiest Method (Updated 2024)

You can use the Drawing tool to insert text box in Google Sheets. It is the quickest way compared to using the Apps Script and Google Docs add-on.

Text boxes are a useful element in Google Sheets. They are mainly used to grab users’ attention.

This is a quick guide about inserting a text box in Google Sheets. We will discuss the fastest method of inserting and formatting a text box, so read the article until the end.

Why do you need a text box in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet program with thousands of cells that are used to add text strings and numbers.

I am trying to highlight here that you can use a properly formatted cell as a text box in Google Sheets. Refer to the following image.

However, sometimes it makes sense to use a text box. Let me explain why!

A text box has the following use cases,

1. Creating Flowcharts

Spreadsheet programs such as Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel offer a range of tools to design flowcharts.

You can use the drawing tool to insert various elements, including straight lines, arrows, circles, rectangles, etc.

2. Initiate Apps Script

A text box in Google Sheets can be connected with the Apps Script.

Apps script is used to automate various tasks and create rapid applications. You can use the text box to initiate the Apps Script and perform a specific task with just one click.

Apart from the above, you can also use a text box when you feel the cell size is insufficient to include all the information.

How to Insert Text Box in Google Sheets

You don’t need to be an expert at Google Sheets to add a text box. Anyone from beginners to experts can follow the steps below to add a text box to a spreadsheet.

Let us create a simple text box with sample information.

STEP #1 – Open A Google Sheet

You can click on this link to open a new Google Sheet. It is a shortcut URL that you can put in your browser’s address bar as “”.

STEP #2 – Open Drawing Window

Google Sheets uses a Drawing tool to insert a text box. Follow the steps below to access this feature,

  • Click on the desired cell
  • Hover to the main menu and click on “Insert” tab
  • Select the “Drawing” option from the popup
  • A new popup will appear, as shown below

The empty canvas lets you draw and manage shapes. You can change the formatting, adjust the colors, and resize the elements per your preference.

STEP #3 – Create A Text Box

In this step, we will create a text box using the Drawing tool. Here are the steps,

  • Hover to the toolbar section of the Drawing window
  • Click on the Text box icon as shown below
  • Use your mouse and draw a box on the empty canvas
  • Type “This is a text box
How to Insert Text Box in Google Sheets - Easiest Method

Here’s how our text box looks after following the above steps.

STEP #4 – Insert the Text Box into the Spreadsheet

Use the “Save and close” button at the upper-rightmost corner of the screen to insert the text box created in the previous step into the spreadsheet.

That’s all! We have added a text box to the Google Sheets spreadsheet. As mentioned earlier, it is a pretty simple text box. In the following section, let’s learn to adjust the formatting to make it more attractive.

How to change the formatting of the Text Box in Google Sheets

You can simply double-click on the text box to edit it. Once you double-click, the Drawing window popup will be displayed.

Another way to edit a text box is as follows,

  • Select the text box
  • Three dots will be displayed at the upper-rightmost corner of the screen
  • Click on those three dots and select “Edit” from the popup
  • You will be taken to the Drawing window as shown below

Now, to change the background color, text type, and more of the text box, you must use the Drawing window’s toolbar section.

Let’s change the formatting of our text box to make it look like the below,

Here are the steps,

  • Select the text box
  • Double-click on it to open the Drawing window
  • Click on the text box in the canvas area
  • Change the background color to green (Hex Code – #0f9d58ff)
  • Next, let’s add a shadow effect to our text box by changing the border color to light green (Hex Code – #93c47d)
  • Select the font type “Lexend”
  • Change the default font size to 13
  • Now, click on the three dots in the toolbar section to see more options
  • Make the font bold
  • Apply Underline to the font
  • Change the font color to white
  • Change the font alignment to the middle
  • Finally, click on the “Save and close” button in the upper-rightmost corner of the screen

Here you go! This is how our text box looks.


Q. How do I delete a text box in Google Sheets?

There are two ways to delete a text box in Google Sheets.

The first includes selecting the text box and then hitting the “Delete” button on your keyboard.

In the second method, you need to select the text box, and three dots will appear in the upper-rightmost corner. Click on those three dots and select the “Delete” option from the popup.

Both of these methods are quick and easy!


Adding a text box in Google Sheets is simple. It can be used for various purposes.

Besides the text boxes, Google Sheets allows users to add various shapes. To create a professional flow chart, you can overlay a text box on these shapes.

I hope this article taught you all the bells and whistles of adding a text box in Google Sheets.

Feel free to comment below if you are running into any errors or are stuck somewhere while inserting a text box in Google Sheets. Our team of experts will reply to your questions as soon as possible.