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Best Invoice Templates in Word For Free Download

Using an invoice template is the foundation when it comes to creating, formatting and maintaining invoices in Microsoft Word. They give you all the professional styling and formatting you need so that you don’t have to start from scratch for every invoice you want to create.

This page contains the best invoice templates in Word format for free download.

However, I believe that using Excel to create an invoice is much more productive than Word. For this reason, I have created the Excel and pdf versions of each of these invoice templates available for free download.

Without any further ado, let’s download the best professionally designed invoice templates for Word.

Simple Invoice Template for Word #1

Invoice Description:

This simple invoice template is professionally designed for businesses that deals in physical products. You can add and resize your company logo to fit well in the template. Editable billing details and well formatted grid table to make writing your invoice plain and simple.

Invoice Template for Word #2

Word Invoice Template with company logo

Invoice Description:

This invoice template is very clean available for free download. You can insert your companies logo into this invoice. It has both Bill To: and Ship To: details to make writing the invoice easier. It also comes with a comment box to write your remarks or payment instructions. Use the button above to download this invoice for free.

Invoice Template for Word #3

simple invoice template for Word without logo

Invoice Description:

This is a Microsoft Word template completely customizable and it’s downloadable for free. It’s the same as the template #2 but without a logo. Use the button to download this invoice for free.

Invoice Template for Word #4

Basic Invoice Template for Word

Invoice Description:

They say simplicity is the best. This is one of the most basic and simple templates you can use to quickly write your invoices without wasting much time. You can download this basic invoice for free.