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Jasper AI Review 2023: Best Features, Pricing, PROs & CONs

Are you looking to save time on writing? Or do you need to create content regularly but don’t want to spend tons of hours or even days crafting engaging content that will immediately capture your audience’s attention? Then you’re welcome to read our Jasper AI review 2023.

Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, is a brilliant AI-powered writing tool that helps users write better content on any topic. For individuals who would like to create 100% original content quickly and on a small budget, Jasper AI will blow your mind away.

We are sure you’ll be asking yourself right now whether an AI-powered tool like Jasper can write better than a human. Well, you’re not alone as that’s a question we get asked regularly.

In today’s Jasper AI review, we will take a detailed look at this brilliant AI-powered writing tool that is gaining a lot of traction. After reading today’s post, you’ll be able to decide whether or not Jasper AI is worth giving a try.

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Our Jasper AI review will cover significant talking points, including:

  • What is Jasper AI
  • Top features of Jasper
  • Who is Jasper designed for?
  • How to leverage Jasper to create killer content
  • Pros and cons of Jasper AI
  • Pricing and more

We are sure you can’t wait to get all the juicy details. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

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What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI Review: What is Jasper

Jasper AI is one of the leading AI-powered writing tools out there. This tool has generated a lot of buzz, with many claiming that it would replace humans in content creation.

Jasper AI claims to help users create well-engaging content automatically. This content writing tool leverages natural language and artificial intelligence to craft killer content, saving users tons of hours that would have been dedicated to research and writing.

With Jasper, users can create high-converting ads, social media content, blog posts, product reviews, eBooks, landing pages, and more. And the cool part is that it does all of this automatically.

Over 50,000 users trust Jasper AI because it creates better content than all AI writing tools on the market.

If you’re looking to save time on writing and searching for a brilliant writing tool that makes your job easy, you will not be disappointed to try Jasper.

With Jasper, you’ll be able to automate your content writing, allowing you to create more content quicker than you will when writing manually.

And before we delve deeper into this Jasper AI review, keep in mind that Jasper offers a free 5-day trial. Jump on this brilliant offer to see whether Jasper is worth giving a try.

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Top Features of Jasper AI

Jasper has a lot of great features we will be highlighting shortly. But before we get into all that, we would like to mention that some of the features we will list below are only available on the Boss Mode Plan. So if you’re looking to get the best out of this exceptional content writing tool, we highly recommend choosing the Boss Mode plan.

On the flip side, if you want to keep things simple and don’t mind missing out on some of the great features available on the Boss Mode plan, you are welcome to try the starter plan. Read on to find some of the top features available on Jasper AI.

Unlimited Project Folders and Workspace Document

Jasper AI Review: Features - Unlimited Project folders and workspace document

This is one of the powerful features you get when subscribing to Jasper’s Boss Mode plan. This fantastic feature ensures users can keep their accounts nice and clean. You can stay organized and track your content and projects without sweating with unlimited project folders and workspace documents.

Content Generation Limit of up to 50 Thousand Words

One of the downsides of opting for Jasper’s Starter plan is that the tool caps the maximum word limit to 20k, which isn’t nearly enough if you’re writing a decent-sized ebook. But with the Boss Mode plan, you can write up to 50k words.

Another cool thing is that this feature allows you to hit the compose button to activate the GPT-content request as many times as you want.

Even if you hit the 50k word limit, you can simply buy the add-on word pack for additional 30k words. Remember that this isn’t free and would cost you an extra $30.

While, at this point, you’ll be excited to give Jasper AI a try, we would like to add that you won’t always be satisfied with the quality of content generated by this AI-powered writing tool. To get the best result, we always encourage users to rerun the final content multiple times. Also, ensure you read through to ensure the content reads well.

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Multiple Short Form Copywriting Templates

Jasper AI Review: Feature - Multiple short form copywriting templates

Regardless of which plan you opt for, Jasper AI provides users access to over 50 short-form copywriting templates. By leveraging these templates, you’ll be able to quickly generate hundreds of content daily. These templates can be deployed to write content for different categories including blogs, Google, social media, email, ads, SEO, Video, eCommerce, News and more.

Here are some of the individual templates available on Jasper:

  • Email subject line template
  • AIDA framework,
  • Google Ads description
  • Amazon product description templates
  • SEO-optimized title tags
  • Video script outline
  • Blog post intro paragraph
  • Facebook ad headline
  • Content expander
  • Creative story
  • Google ads headline
  • Blog post conclusion paragraph
  • Persuasive bullet point templates
  • Personal bio templates

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Long-Form Content up to 3000 Characters

Jasper Review: Features - Long-form Content up to 3000 Characters

Jasper Boss Mode unlocks the long-form editor. This remarkable feature provides added perks you’ll not get with Jasper standard copywriting templates. If you’re a content writer looking to finish an entire blog post or want to generate a landing page using a blank page quickly, you’ll enjoy this feature.

Jasper long form assistant allows users to create content with different word lengths. With a lower-tier plan, you can create content with only 600 characters. With the Boss Mode plan, your character limit is upped to 3000. This option makes it possible to create longer quality content easily and quickly.

Character Lookback

This feature refers to the number of texts that Jasper can synthesize when creating new text. Even though Jasper will leverage the GPT-3 data when crafting new content, it still considers the existing content available in your document. Jasper can reference up to 3000 characters of text in your document at a time.

This feature is designed to ensure that it isn’t repeating points already generated, ensuring that your content flows and reads well.

The Customizable Tone of Content

While we love many things about Jasper AI, the best so far is the ability to set a content tone, making it easy for Jarvis to create content with a unique tone of voice. Using GPT-3 data, Jasper can understand a tone of voice or mimic an existing one. This way, it can generate content that meets your preferred tone of voice.

What’s so unique about this feature is that it is open-ended and can seamlessly recognize adjectives and people. Some of the favorite ones we like to use include MKBHD, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tony Robbins.

Surfer SEO Integration

Jasper AI Review: Features - Surfer SEO integration

SEO Surfer has become one of the most sophisticated on-page SEO tools on the market. This tool is the go-to option for content creators, blog owners, and internet markets looking to create content that will rank on Google.

While Google focuses mainly on content that provides value to readers, they also have powerful bots that scan through thousands of content to determine their relevance. This is why millions of users use SEO tools like Surfer SEO.

Even though users can create content with Jarvis and copy generated posts to third-party SEO tools to optimize them for search engines, we love that the platform integrates Surfer SEO directly. This means you don’t have to copy your content to an external SEO tool to optimize it for search engines.

We highly recommend adding this feature to your subscription if you’re serious about writing high-converting SEO content using Jasper AI. But before you get excited, keep in mind that even though Jarvis AI supports Surfer SEO, it isn’t offered for free. So you’ll need to pay for this. To add Surfer SEO to your current plan, you’ll pay an additional $59 per month.

Plagiarism Checker Via Copyscape

One of the newest additions to Jasper AI long form assistant is the plagiarism checker functionality. Even though Jasper is lauded for creating unique content using AI and its much-talked-about GPT- 3 databases, there are chances that the tool could create content that is somewhat similar to existing content on other websites.

While Jasper provides the flexibility to run generated content via third-party plagiarism checkers like WriterZen and Grammarly, the Jasper team, through its partnership with Copyscape, has made it possible to check for plagiarism without leaving the platform.

But just like its partnership with Surfer SEO, users have to pay to access Copyscape. Even if you already have a Jasper AI subscription, you’ll still need to load Copyscape credit before you can check for plagiarism.

Support For Grammarly

If you have been writing for a while, chances are you have come across Grammarly. For those who are hearing about this exceptional tool for the first time, it would interest you to know that Grammarly helps to clean your content thoroughly, ensuring that it is grammatically correct and reads well.

But besides checking for grammatical errors and providing suggestions to improve your content, Grammarly also has a built-in plagiarism feature that helps ensure that your content is plagiarism free.

While you’ll have to pay $12 per month if you want to enjoy all of the awesome perks that Grammarly offers, but guess what? With Jasper AI, you get this fantastic grammar tool free of charge.

If you plan to produce English content and aren’t a native speaker, you’ll certainly want a tool like Grammarly to give you an edge.

Customer Support

One of the things many users have come to love about Jasper AI is that they have a highly responsive customer support team that is available around the clock to respond to all your queries and complaints.

Besides their excellent customer support team, the Jasper AI team provides users access to many materials, including video tutorials, live webinars, and more. Not just that, you also get well-put-together information on search engine optimization and marketing copy. All these incredible resources are designed to teach users how to make the most of the platform to generate quality content.

Although the goal of every business is to make a profit, the team behind Jasper AI is more interested in building a tool that creates value for users. Since Jasper AI was launched, the team has continued to improve on it to deliver the best experience to users.

Large Community

Jasper AI has a large community on social media platforms. Jasper AI particularly has a large community on Facebook. Jasper AI community is an excellent way for users to network with each other and discuss the tool, how it works and how to make the most out of it.

The group is free to join for Jasper AI users. With more than 40 thousand subscribers, the Jasper AII Facebook community is active, and users are sure to get help any time they need it.

Like every community, you’re sure to find some spamming, which can be annoying sometimes. But thankfully, the moderators are doing a brilliant job of keeping the conversation meaningful.

Who is Jasper AI Designed For?

Jasper Review: Who is Jasper AI designed for?

If you don’t have the time to research and create quality content and are looking for a tool that helps you do the bulk of the job, you’re sure going to love Jasper AI as it gets the job done and offers a lot of unique features that will improve the quality of content you put out there. Here are a group of people who will find Jasper worth trying.

  • Bloggers who don’t have the time but would like to create quality content regularly.
  • Small business owners that know the value of putting out quality content and looking for something that makes their job easy
  • YouTubers who want catchy descriptions and headlines for their videos.
  • Jasper AI is great for social media managers who want to create highly engaging social media posts seamlessly.
  • This content writing tool is also perfect for affiliate marketers, SEO experts, and anyone whose job involves creating excellent blog posts.

Overall, if you have always wanted to create high-quality content without spending tons of hours on research or doing it yourself, you’ll love an AI-powered writing tool like Jasper.

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What are the Top Benefits of Using Jasper AI?

Jasper AI Review: What are the top benefits of using Jasper AI?

Are there really any benefits that come with using an AI writing tool like Jasper? Well, read on to find some top benefits of leveraging a writing software like Jasper AI.

Jasper Generates Original Content

In today’s highly competitive content creation space, originality is always emphasized. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the patience to create 100% original content, as the entire process takes a lot of time.

But thanks to Jasper AI, you’ll be able to create 100% original content. And the best part is that the process is fast.

If you’re a sucker for writing 100% original content, then you’ll find Jasper AI worth checking out. Jasper AI helps users generate 100% original content.

All you need to do is provide a brief about your content. This brief will include titles and keywords related to the type of content you want. Once that’s done, Jasper AI will automatically generate original content.

If your goal is to create rich and detailed content, we highly recommend choosing the Boss Mode plan as it provides character support for up to 3000 characters. We will give you more details about the Boss Mode plan in the pricing section of our Jasper AI review.

Note: While Jasper Boss Mode helps users create 100% original content, we always encourage users to double-check content generated by this AI writing software. The reason is that Jasper sometimes generates inaccurate content. We know that a tool like Jasper will get better with time, but it isn’t there yet, so always do your due diligence.

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Clean And Intuitive User Interface

Navigating an AI-powered writing tool can indeed be challenging, especially if it is your first time. But with Jasper, you have nothing to worry about. Thanks to its clean and intuitive user interface, navigating this tool isn’t as difficult as you imagine.

Just on the left side, you’ll find options to explore templates, recipes, and more. You can leverage these templates to quickly create articles for your website, blogs, or landing pages, depending on what you’re looking for.

On the right side, you get a glimpse of the number of words generated by Jasper. This way, you can easily keep track of your word count and ensure you don’t exceed it.

With Jasper, users get access to over 50 copywriting templates. You can easily access these copywriting templates directly from your dashboard.

Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media is a crucial tool for generating traffic to drive conversion and increase revenue. Whether you own a website or a small business, you’ll need social media to push your business to the next level.

While social media helps drive traffic and helps businesses grow their revenue, you’ll need to regularly create social media content to build your audience.

Unfortunately, coming up with ideas for your social media post isn’t always easy. Thankfully, Jasper is here to make your job easy. Besides helping you develop brilliant social media ideas, Jasper also helps you create high-quality social media content.

The most thrilling part is that Jasper provides users with plenty of templates they can leverage for their social media posts.

Here take a look at some of the popular templates available on Jasper for social media posts:

  • Content improver
  • Photo post captions
  • Creative story
  • Pinterest pin title and description
  • Personal bio
  • Quora answers
  • Engaging questions

Jasper Makes Content Generation Easy

Creating high-quality content daily isn’t easy, especially if you aren’t a full-time content creator. To be honest, writing engaging content requires a lot of creativity. Considering the time and creativity needed to create quality content, you have just two options; either spending tons of hours writing or not creating the number of content you’d like to put out.

But with Jasper, you have an edge. Jasper AI creates content faster than humans, and the quality of content generated isn’t bad.

Jasper saves you tons of hours that would have been dedicated to research before you even get to content writing. What’s even more exciting is that the tool handles the entire writing process. And yes, it only takes a few clicks from idea to completion. With Jasper, your content should be ready within a couple of minutes.

Using Jasper, you can create various content, including long posts, product disruption, email copy, social media posts, and more.

As we mentioned earlier, there are tons of templates available on the Jasper AI platform to make your job easy. Feel free to take advantage of these templates to make your job easy.

Jasper makes email marketing easy

If you have tried email marketing, you’ll agree that creating engaging and compelling email isn’t easy. Whether you know the importance of email marketing or not, the reality is that email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for increasing revenue.

With email marketing, you can dramatically increase the traffic and sales generated by your business.

For businesses looking to create high-converting email copies, you will surely love Jasper as it gives you an edge in this regard. What’s so special about Jasper is that it not only helps you come up with ideas but also helps you generate engaging and high-converting email copies that will turn readers into customers and subscribers.

Using Jasper AI to generate Blog Post: How to go About it

If you have read to this point, we are sure you’re interested in Jasper AI and want to try it. Well, because our job is to make things easy for you, we have put together a beginner’s guide to using Jasper AI. Our simple but helpful Jasper AI tutorial will give you a head start, helping you to generate better content.

But before we get into all the juicy details, keep in mind that you’ll need to have access to Jasper AI. And by access, we mean you need to sign up for one of the plans available on the platform.

Once you have access to Jasper AI, you’ll need to navigate to the long form assistant, which you can access directly from the Jasper dashboard.

Tips: The Jasper AI long-form assistant is perfect for writing long-form articles. The cool thing about this option is that it helps you write long-form articles from beginning to end so you won’t waste too much time on content creation.

For those still confused about the process outlined above, we would like to clarify that the long-form assistant tool is available in the Templates section. Once you choose this option, you’ll be asked to create a new document.

When using the long form assistant tool, you have two options you can choose from depending on what you want.

  • You can either choose to create your content from scratch
  • You can leverage blog post workflow to make your job even easier.

Choosing the blog post workflow option will open a blog post setup, where you’ll be required to provide specific information. Let’s start from the very basics, so you understand exactly what we mean.

Step 1: Describe the Content You Want to Create

While Jasper AI is lauded for helping users generate quality content, you must never forget that it is still a tool and needs help getting the job done. What we are simply trying to say is that the quality of content generated totally depends on the person using it.

If your goal is to create quality content using Jasper, you’ll need to describe exactly what you want. Once you know what you want, all you need to do is feed Jasper AI with all the relevant details.

The more relevant and precise your information is, the better the quality of content Jasper AI generates. It isn’t challenging to be honest.

Let’s assume you want to create a long-form article about starting a digital marketing business. You can begin by providing an input like “write about starting a digital marketing business. You also have the opportunity to provide some keywords you’d like Jasper AI to include in your article.

When inputting keywords, remember that Jasper AI only allows you to use up to 3 keywords at a time. Also, inputting some keywords in the keyword section isn’t compulsory, so you can ignore it if you think it isn’t important.

Step 2: Title

After describing what you want your content to be all about, the next thing you’ll need to do is enter a title for your content. While you have the liberty to create your own title, you can let Jasper do you the honors, whatever works for you.

If you want Jasper to come up with a suitable title for your content, all you need to do is ask Jasper AI to generate more ideas, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of headlines generated by Jasper.

If you find any of the suggestions compelling enough, you can choose the headline that resonates well with your content and proceed to the next step. It’s that easy.

Step 3: Intro Paragraph

Have a suitable title you think is great for your content? Cool, now you can move to the next step, which is creating an intro.

While Jasper gives you the liberty to write your own intro, if you don’t want to stress yourself, you can let Jasper come up with an engaging intro for your content.

Like you did when creating a title, you can simply click the generate more ideas button under the intro section. Doing this will allow Jasper to generate multiple intro paragraphs you can choose from.

When generating an introduction paragraph, Jasper will generate at least three options you can select from. Take time to read all generated paragraphs so you can choose the one that suits your content better.

Once you have completed all the three steps we have listed so far; your writing setup is completed.

With your writing setup now completed, you can proceed to open the editor. Once you launch the editor, we recommend switching to Power Mode. The reason for doing this is so you can have seamless access to all the 50 copywriting templates provided by Jasper.

On the left-hand side of your screen, you find multiple options, including title, content brief, keywords, and tone of voice.

If you don’t have a specific tone of writing for your content, you can choose from the numerous options available in the tone of voice section.

Here is a breakdown of the available writing tones you’ll get with Jasper AI:

  • Casual
  • Professional
  • Masculine
  • Funny
  • Witty
  • Bold
  • Sarcastic
  • Secretive
  • Feminine

Now that you have completed all the necessary setup for your content, we would love to take things up a notch by showing you some smart ways to create better content with Jasper AI.

Before you leverage Jasper AI to create content, it would be great to create an outline for your content. While you can do this yourself, you can use Jasper’s blog post outline template to make your job easy.

By leveraging the blog post outline template provided by Japer AI, you’ll be able to quickly create lists and clear outlines for your articles.

To use Jasper’s Blog post outline templates, all you need to do is enter your article title and proceed to click the Generate AI button. If you did this correctly, you’d be provided with a brilliant content outline for your post.

Like other options we have discussed so far, Jasper AI will provide you with multiple outlines. Ensure you go through every option generated and choose one that meets what you want to achieve with your content.

If you’re not pleased with the outlines generated by Jasper, you can click the Generate AI content button, and Jasper will provide you with more ideas. Keep repeating the process until you find an outline you like.

Once you make up your mind on an outline to use, simply copy the generated outline and paste it directly into the content editor.

With your outline now pasted in the editor, you can go ahead to start creating content for each sub-heading as contained in the generated outline.

If you want Jasper to generate quality content, we suggest providing at least one sentence just below the outline you are working on.

With that sorted out, you can go ahead to choose the desired output length, whether short, medium, or long. Once you have selected your desired output length, you can go ahead to click the compose button, which will grant Jasper permission to generate the remaining content automatically.

Once Jasper generates the content, we suggest you take some time to read through the entire content. Even though Jasper is praised for generating quality content, sometimes the information in the article may not be correct.

If you’re not very impressed with the content generated by Jasper, you can leverage the erase last output button to make changes to the content.

Note: If you are impressed with our Jasper review so far and would like to learn more about this remarkable tool, we suggest you take advantage of the various educational materials available on the Jasper AI platform. And yes, there are tons of free Jasper Boot Camps on the internet you can leverage to improve the quality of content generated by Jasper.

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Jasper AI review: How to Create Quality Content Faster

Jasper AI Review: Jasper AI review: How to create quality content faster

Are you interested in creating quality content faster using Jasper? Then you’ll love the Jasper paragraph generator template. Read on as we will show you some tips to make the most of Jasper’s paragraph generator template.

Once you access the paragraph generator, you need to provide a brief synopsis of what you want the paragraph to be about. If you’re interested in SEO, you can also provide keywords and the tone of voice for the paragraph.

With this info provided, you can proceed to click the generate AI content button, permitting Jasper AI to create content for you. Since Jasper AI is automatically configured to provide three outputs, you’ll have to read all generated outputs to see which one is perfect for the content you want to create.

Let us also quickly add that of all the templates available in Jasper AI; the Paragraph generator generates the most intriguing and original content. But don’t take our words for it. Try out other templates, and let us know your thoughts.

How to make the most of Jasper Content Improver

Writing brilliant content that is original and reads well takes a lot of planning, thought process, and creativity. If you have been writing for some time, you’ll agree that writing killer content takes a lot of time.

The sad part is that there aren’t a lot of great content writers out there, and when you eventually find one, they may charge you an exorbitant fee for their service.

But with a remarkable writing tool like Jasper AI to the rescue, you can start churning out fantastic content regularly.

While Jasper provides users access to a lot of incredible templates, one template we enjoy using is the “Content Improver” template. This template is carefully designed to allow you quickly rewrite existing content, making it a lot better.

Whether you only want to rewrite a few sentences from an existing post or you want to rewrite an entire content quickly, you can always trust the content improver template to blow your mind. Read on for some benefits of using the content improver template on Jasper AI.

Leveraging the content improver template will help you rewrite existing content, making it read better than it currently is. You can use the content improver template to rewrite headlines, product descriptions, and old articles.

It is a brilliant resource for repurposing content.

Using the content improver template is a brilliant way to write great product reviews.

You can use the content improver template to make your own copy a lot better.

Now that you know the benefits of using the content improver template on Jasper AI, we will take you through how to make the most of this template. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Once you’re on the Jasper dashboard, navigate to the template section and choose the content improver template.

Now, paste the content you’d like to improve on in the content section of the template. And like you have done with other templates we highlighted before, choose a tone of voice. If you don’t have a specific tone of voice, you can just leave that out as it is optional.

With everything nicely set up, all you need to do is hit the generate AI content button and watch it do its magic.

You’ll typically get three outputs generated. Feel free to review all three results and decide which one reads better. And if you don’t like any of the generated output, which is hardly the case, you can keep repeating the process.

Creating high converting Amazon Product Descriptions with Jasper AI

As we mentioned right from the get-go, Jasper is an all-encompassing writing tool that can be deployed for creating different types of content, including product descriptions. Suppose you sell products on Amazon and are looking for a writing tool that will significantly improve your Amazon product description copies. In that case, you’re sure going to love the Amazon product description template.

The Jasper Amazon product description template is excellent for creating compelling product descriptions that will turn visitors into buyers.

To get started, you must navigate your dashboard, head to the template section, and choose the Amazon product description template. Once the template opens, all you need to do is enter your product name and all the benefits or features of your product.

With all the relevant information provided, you can go ahead to click the Generate AI content button and allow Jasper AI to create a compelling product description you’ll love.

Note: While Jasper will most times create unique product descriptions, sometimes, the content isn’t that great. The best way to ensure that Jasper AI generates good content is to provide enough information.

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

Jasper Review: Jasper AI pricing

Having read all the exciting things that Jasper AI can do, we are sure you’d want to know how much it would cost you to get plugged into this beautiful writing tool. Well, we have you covered.

Regarding pricing, Jasper offers two plans you can choose from. These plans include:

  • The Starter plan (great for hobbyists)
  • The Boss Mode plan (great for bloggers and marketers)

Let’s quickly look at what you get with each plan. This way, you can decide which package works for you.

Jasper AI Review: The Starter plan

If you’re new to using AI writing tools and want to test the water, you will love Jasper AI’s Starter plan. This plan is also great for people who wish to create short-form content like Facebook ads, small product reviews, headlines, content briefs, paragraphs, and more.

Here are some things you should know about the Starter plan from Jasper:

  • The Starter plan from Jasper AI gives you a word limit of 20,000 words.
  • This plan costs $29 per month and can go as high as $499 per month if you tend to write a lot of content.
  • You also get a word pack bonus of $10. Adding this pack to your subscription will give you an extra 5,000 words.

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Features of Jasper Starter plan

  • Jasper Stater plan gives you 20,000 words of credit per month
  • You also get a 6000 character look back
  • This plan gives you access to over 50 templates, including headlines, product descriptions, ads, and more.
  • With this plan, you can generate content in 25+ languages
  • You can share your login with five users
  • You can execute unlimited projects

Jasper AI Review: The Boss Mode

Jasper Reviews: The Boss Mode

If your goal is to create longer content and want to maximize Jasper’s potential to the fullest, you’ll love the Boss Mode plan offered by Jasper. This plan is great for creating long content like landing pages, email copies, social media posts, and more. Here is a brief breakdown of what you get with this plan

This plan gives you a word limit of 50,000 words.

The plan starts at $59 monthly and can go as high as $3,600 per month, depending on extra add-ons.

Subscribing for the bonus word pack will cost you $40 for extra 30,000 words.

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Features of Jasper Boss Mode plan

  • Jasper AI Boss Moodie plan gives users a word limit of 50,000 words per month
  • 3,000 character lookback
  • Ability to generate content in over 25 languages
  • Supports five users
  • Integrated plagiarism checker
  • Recipe content writer
  • Priority chat support
  • Grammarly support
  • Access to over 50 copywriting templates
  • SEO templates for content creation

If you plan to only create short-form content, the Starter plan from Jasper should suffice for all your content needs. On the flip side, Jasper AI’s Boss Mode should work fine if you prefer long-form content.

To get the most out of Jasper’s plan, we suggest you opt for their yearly subscription. The yearly subscription should get you a 16% discount.

Here is a breakdown of Jasper AI’s yearly subscription.

  • The Starter plan, which typically costs $29 per month, will cost you $24 per month if you opt for the yearly plan.
  • The Boss Mode plan, which starts at $59 per month, will cost $49 per month for the yearly package.

Jasper AI Review: 5-days free trial

While Jasper offers two unique plans you can choose from, they also offer a free five days trial you can explore. If you want to test the waters and know what it’s like to use Jasper AI to create content, now is an excellent time to jump on the five days free trial option offered by Jasper.

With Jasper’s free 5-day trial option, you get access to all of Jasper’s unique features along with 10,000 credits you can use to generate up to 10,000 words of content.

Creating a free account on Jasper is easy. All you need to do is follow the link below and provide a Google account when signing up, and you’re good to go.

Try Jasper AI For Free

Use the Link Below and Get 10,000 words to try Jasper for FREE

Jasper AI Review: Refund Policy

Jasper has a straightforward refund policy, which makes it easy for customers to get a refund if they aren’t too pleased with the tool. To be specific, Japer AI offers a 5-day money-back guarantee. What this means is that you can try the platform for five days, and if you’re not impressed with the quality of content generated, you can ask for a full refund within five days.

Before asking for a refund, it’s best to cancel your subscription and then proceed to send an email to Jasper’s official email at to process your refund.

Jasper AI PROs and CONs

Like every product, Jasper AI has its bright and not-so-cool sides. Read on as we take you through some pros and cons of this AI-powered writing tool.

Pros of Jasper AI

  • Jasper is a brilliant content writing tool for generating high-quality content.
  • Using Jasper, you can create long-form posts within minutes. This makes it great for content creators and bloggers who create content regularly.
  • Jasper helps users generate quality content within a short time.
  • Jasper has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for anyone, regardless of their experience.
  • Jasper works automatically, so you won’t spend tons of hours on research. More so, the content generated by Jasper is of high quality and readable.
  • Besides using Jasper to generate long posts, you can use this tool to create blog posts, Facebook ads, landing pages, website content, and more.
  • Jasper works with most browsers as well as most PCs.
  • With Jasper to the rescue, you can kiss goodbye to writer’s block. More importantly, the tool allows you to create many articles within a short period.
  • Jasper learns from your writing style over time. So the more you use it, the less work you’ll have to do eventually.
  • Jasper comes with a plagiarism checker tool. This ensures content generated by Jasper is plagiarism free.
  • With Jasper, you get a free five days trial. This brilliant option allows users to test the tool before committing to a plan.
  • Jasper offers two unique plans you can choose from.

Jasper AI Cons

  • Jasper isn’t as perfect as it is marketed. It sometimes generates irrelevant content. That’s why we always encourage users to read every content generated by Jasper to ensure it is readable and exactly what they want.
  • At the moment, Jasper is only available on desktop platforms. This means you can’t access the tool on your mobile devices.

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What was Jasper called before it was Rebranded?

Before this AI-powered writing tool was rebranded to Jasper, it used to be marketed as Jarvis. And even before it was rebranded, it generated a lot of buzz.

We are sure you must be asking why the team had to change the name. Well, the reason is simple. If you’re a movie lover, we are sure you’ll know that JARVIS is a famous name in the movie IRON man. To be specific, it is the name given to Tony Stark’s AI assistant.

Given the background behind the name, Marvel lawyers sent a legal notice to the Jarvis AI team notifying them of copyright infringement. In order not to spend a ton of money and time keeping the name Jarvis, they decided to rebrand to Jasper.

Jasper AI Review: Customer Support

Jasper AI Review: Customer support

Jasper has a very responsive and professional customer support team available around the clock to answer customers’ questions and complaints. Here are some support options you can use for inquiries or report an issue.

Email: If you need any help related to Jasper or want to make some inquiries about the tool, you can contact the jasper support team via email. Simply send a message to, and you should get a response sooner than you expect. And good enough customers on the Boss Mode plan get quicker answers.

Facebook group: Jasper AI has a large community on Facebook with thousands of users who are currently subscribed to Jasper. The community is open to anyone who wishes to join. It is a great place to get help if you ever need one. Also, you can ask questions from real Jarvis users leveraging the tool daily for content generation.

Training Bootcamp: The Jasper team has put together a brilliant 45 minutes training Bootcamp. You can take advantage of this training Bootcamp to learn how Jasper works.

Top Jasper Alternatives

Although Jasper AI might come off as the holy grail of AI-powered writing tools, it’s interesting to know that they aren’t the only ones offering this type of service. While some users have criticized the platform for its credit-based pricing model where users have to pay more to generate content, others have faulted it for not allowing collaborations and integrations. These few apparent lapses have made it difficult for large marketing teams to make Jasper their go-to writing tool.

Thankfully, there are a lot of alternative AI writing tools on the market today, giving Jasper a run for its money. Even though they may not be as robust as Jasper, they are working incredibly hard to disrupt the monopoly in this industry. Read on as we take you through a list of top Jasper ai competitors worth checking out.

If you can’t seem to afford Jasper’s pricing, we think you’ll be better off with one of these tools. Let’s jump right in, shall we?


Jasper AI Reviews: Copysmith as a Jasper Alternative

Copysmith is among the leading Jasper alternatives on the market. This brilliant AI writing tool is carefully designed for eCommerce and large marketing teams who create a lot of content and like to collaborate using a single platform. Unlike Jasper which doesn’t support third-party integrations or provide an opportunity for teams to collaborate, Copysmith supports third-party integrations. More importantly, it allows teams to collaborate on projects without leaving the app.

If you’re a content writer or a marketer struggling with writer’s block and looking for a tool that helps you generate content quickly, you’re sure going to love Copysmith. While Copysmith adds tremendous value to every content creator, this AI writing tool is perfect for Marketing agencies, eCommerce store owners, blog owners, and others looking for a writing tool that gives them an edge.

Although Copysmith is excellent for many reasons, its unique selling point is that it supports in-app collaboration and workflow management. Thanks to the in-app collaboration and workflow feature that comes with Copysmith, you and your team members can collaborate seamlessly on multiple projects.

Instead of writing your content on Google docs and sharing the link to your team to get feedback through Slack, you can do everything from one place. Cool right? We thought so too. And the best part is that it is cheaper than Jasper, making it a brilliant alternative for people looking to cut costs.

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Jasper AI Review: Rytr as a Jasper Alternative

Rytr is another top-rated AI writing software appealing to many content creators. This powerful tool is excellent for writing story plots, YouTube descriptions, product copies, landing pages, job descriptions, and more. While it is still trailing Jasper in terms of performance and features, we are happy to say that it gets the job done.

And like other tools we have mentioned, Rytr has its good and bad sides. On the positive side, Rytr is super easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly design. More so, it doesn’t have many features like a lot of Jasper alternatives. This makes it a go-to choice for people just looking for simple AI writing software that makes their job easy.

And just like Jasper, Rytr generates different versions of content. So feel free to read all the options generated and choose one that is perfect for the type of content you want.

Also, since this AI copywriting software targets marketers, it supports multiple writing templates, including PAS and AIDA users can leverage to produce high-quality writing content.

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The not-so-cool part, however, is that Rytr isn’t perfect and has a few letdowns you should know before deciding if it is the right AI copywriting tool for you. Unlike Copysmith, which supports in-app collaboration and workflow management, Rytr doesn’t currently offer a similar feature. So if you’re interested in an all-in-one copywriting tool that helps you generate quality content and provides unique features for you and your team to collaborate in the same place, you’ll be happy to try Copysmith.

Another thing we would love to draw your attention to is the fact that Rytr doesn’t currently support third-party integrations. While Rytr has an in-built plagiarism checker, it doesn’t support integration with third-party marketing tools. So it is pretty much in the same category as Jasper in this regard.

If you are interested in an AI-powered writing tool that supports third-party tools, your best option would be Copysmith.

On the plus side, Rytr is a lot more affordable than Jasper.

In terms of pricing, Rytr offers three unique plans you can choose from. Their free plan is offered free of charge. This plan allows users to generate 5,000 characters, which is between 710 to 1250 words per month. Their Saver plan costs $9 per month and has a 50,000-character limit. This character limit translates to between 7140 and 12500 words per month.

Their unlimited plan costs $29 per month. And just like the name, you get to generate unlimited characters per month.

Looking at Rytr’s pricing and comparing it with Jasper’s, you’ll agree that Rytr is a more affordable option. Unlike Jasper, where the amount of characters you can generate per month is capped, regardless of which of their plans you sign up for, Rytr offers a better proposition, especially because they don’t have a cap on the number of characters you can generate.

On the flip side, Rytr doesn’t support long-form content creation, which is a huge letdown for people looking to create longer blogs. So if you’re looking to create longer-form content, you’re better off with Jasper or Copysmith, which both support long-form content creation.

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Jasper AI Review: Writesonic as a jasper alternative

Another AI writing software that has been gaining a lot of momentum in the last couple of years is Writesonic. Like many AI writing tools on the market, Writesonic is excellent for writing articles, product descriptions, and even marketing copy.

And yes, Writesonic has many benefits you don’t want to miss. To start with, the platform has a rich text editor. Using this feature, you’ll be able to add unique control to your text directly from the platform. What this simply means is that your text will maintain the same format when exported outside the software. Cool right? We thought so too.

While Wrietsonic has a standalone web app, it’s exciting to know that they also have a powerful plugin that can be integrated with third-party tools like Microsoft Word, Dropbox paper, and Zoho.

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Unfortunately, Writesonic has a few letdowns we think you should know. Knowing this will help you make an informed decision. For instance, Writesonic doesn’t offer enterprise solutions. This means marketing teams looking to collaborate on projects from a single app wouldn’t be able to do so with Writesonic.

For users, especially enterprise customers looking for an AI writing tool that supports customization, your best bet is to opt for Copysmith, which provides a robust enterprise solution perfect for teams collaborating on projects.

Again we would like to add that Writesonic doesn’t currently support third-party integrations. So if you’re looking for a writing tool that supports third-party marketing tools and apps, you’ll have to consider other options on the market like Copysmith.

In terms of pricing, Writesonic offers four pricing you can choose from. Their cheapest package, the Basic plan, costs $15 per month. This plan comes with 75 credits and only supports one user at a time.

The Professional plans start at $45 per month. This plan gives users unlimited credits and only supports one user.

The Startup plan from Writesonic costs $95 per month and gives users unlimited credit access. On the flip side, this plan supports two users.

Their most expensive package, the Agency plan, goes for $195 per month. You can share this plan with four users and enjoy unlimited credit access.

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Though Writesonic seems like the real deal, the not-so-cool part is that they currently don’t provide enough features as you would find on other AI writing tools. For instance, Writesonic doesn’t currently offer a plagiarism checker in any of its plans. On the flip side, with Copysmith and Jasper, you get access to a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is 100% original.

And while Copysmith currently has a Chrome extension, Writesonic only has a plugin you can use with popular document apps like Microsoft Doc, Zoho Doc, and Dropbox paper.


Jasper AI Review: AnyWord as a Jasper Alternative

If you’re interested in an AI copywriting tool focused on helping users generate high-converting ad copies, landing pages, email copies, blog posts, and more, you won’t go wrong in giving Anyword a try.

Anyword offers unique propositions and many benefits you won’t get with a lot of AI-powered copywriting software.

Even though Anyword isn’t as sophisticated as Jasper and Copysmith, its unique selling point is that it creates high converting ad copies. Thanks to its predictive performance score, ad creators will love this tool as it makes their job easy. This future ensures you can gauge the performance of your ad copy even before you put it out.

Also, we love Anyword’s preset keyword library. This feature allows users to set predefined keywords they would like to use in their copies. Words like new arrivals, free shipping, coupons, and more can be preset to ensure the tool generates copies with your targeted keyword. Once set, you don’t have to repeat the same action again.

But despite its many benefits, Anyword has some downsides worth mentioning. Let’s start with the most obvious one: lack of integration with third-party tools. Anyword likes to maintain its autonomy and doesn’t currently support third-party integrations. While it may seem like a good thing for the company, many users may not find it funny, especially those who leverage third-party tools to improve their copies.

Unlike Copysmith, which supports a handful of third-party tools, including Shopify, Google Ads, SEO, and more, Anyword is still lagging behind, causing many users to explore other alternative options that support integration with third-party tools.

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Another thing we don’t particularly like about Anyword is the wide pricing gap across their plans. For instance, while their basic plan starts from $99, their Data Driven Unlimited plan costs $339. Their premium plan is even more expensive and starts from $999 per month.

If you’re looking for an affordable AI writing tool, we are sorry Anyword isn’t the one for you as it is more expensive than every other AI copywriting software we have reviewed so far. For a cheaper option with better features, we suggest you opt for Copysmith.

Copy AI

Jasper AI Review: Copy AI as a Jasper Alternative

Copy AI comes loaded with a lot of brilliant features to give other popular AI content generators a run for their money. This superb copywriting tool is perfect for startups, small business owners, marketers, and copywriters who often generate content.

Compared to other AI content generators we have talked about so far, Copy AI offers many brilliant features users have come to love. We particularly love that copy AI is great for generating editorial content. For content creators who churn out a lot of editorial content, you’ll find copy AI worth it and more.

To add to its unique features, Copy AI also has a straightforward pricing model. While they have a free plan, which is great for users who want to gauge the performance of the software, they have just one premium plan that costs $49 per month. Signing up for this plan will grant you access to all the features available on Copy AI.

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That said, Copy AI isn’t all glitz and glam as they have some letdowns you should know before signing up. One of the most significant downsides of Copy AI is that it doesn’t currently support long-form content creation. So if you’re looking for an AI copywriting software that allows you to create long-form content, it’s best to opt for either Jasper or Copysmith, as both software have a long-form content editor you can leverage to create long-form copies.

As if that’s not bad enough, Copy AI doesn’t also support third-party integration tools. With no support for third-party resources, it means users will not be able to use the tool to its full capacity. For copywriting AI-powered software that supports third-party resources, you won’t be disappointed to signup for Copysmith.

At this point, we would also like to add that copy AI doesn’t allow users to export generated content to PDFs or other document options. It only allows users to copy and paste generated content.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you get a free trial with Jasper AI?

Even though Jasper offers some brilliant plans you can choose from, we love that they provide a limited 5-day free trial option. This is an excellent option for people who want to test Jasper AI and see if it lives up to its promises.

What type of AI is Jasper?

Jasper is powered by a robust neural network and algorithms that help users generate quality content by analyzing great online content. Jasper AI learns over time and would be able to help users generate original content.

Is Jasper AI worth the hype?

It’s true that Jasper generates good content at a fast rate. But guess what, Jasper isn’t always perfect. So it’s best to read through the content to know if it meets your expectations. Also, you may have to sometimes make improvements after using Jasper.

How does Jasper work?

Jasper AI helps users generate human readable, original, and quality content. All users have to do is provide specific content guidelines and hit the generate content button for Jasper to get to work. It takes only a couple of minutes for Jasper to generate brilliant content.

Does Jasper AI generate 100% original content?

Besides helping users generate 100% original content, Jasper AI can also be used to improve existing content. Plus, the tool comes with a plagiarism checker to help users know if the content generated is original or not.

Is Jasper AI free?

Even though Jasper AI has a free five days trial you can explore, it is a premium content writing tool you have to pay for. The basic plan for Jasper AI starts from $29 per month.

Does Jasper have a word limit?

Jasper AI has two plans with different word limits. The Starter plan, which is Jasper AI’s basic plan, offers a word limit of 20,000 words monthly. The Boss Mode plan offers 50,000 words per month.

Can you use Jasper to create content in other languages?

At the moment, Jasper supports nearly 26 languages. This means you can use the tool to create content in supported languages. Some of the languages supported by Jasper AI include English, Spanish, Russian, German, Finnish, Japanese, Romanian, Polish and more.

Does Jasper have a plagiarism checker?

In a world where there is a great emphasis on originality, many content creators and agencies always want their content to stand out and be original. Well, using a tool like Jasper AI wouldn’t be such a bad idea, especially if you’re a sucker for originality. To start with, Jasper supports two of the world’s leading plagiarism checkers: Grammarly and Copyscape. Thanks to this, you can always trust the tool to generate 100% original content. The only caveat is that these plagiarism checkers are offered as an add-on. This means you’ll have to pay for them as they are not covered in your plan.

Can you share Jasper AI with other users?

Even though Jasper AI doesn’t currently allow teams to collaborate directly on the platform, you can share your login with other users, which is something you can’t do with many AI-powered copywriting tools available on the market.

Verdict – Jasper AI: Yes or No?

Jasper AI is the best tool on the market for generating content. It’s easy, intuitive, powerful, and effective. Personally, as a blogger, I use it every time to write blog post layouts and blog sections.

If you’re serious about scaling your content creation, there’s no easier and cheaper way to do it than with Jasper Ai. It’s worth every penny.

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In a nutshell

If you’re wondering whether Jasper AI can generate better content than an experienced copywriter, the answer is a RESOUNDING NO. The only good thing with using AI copywriting software like Jasper is that it helps users generate great content in less time.

We like to see Jasper as an intern who, even though doesn’t know everything, makes up for the lapses with raw talent and effort. Jasper is an excellent tool for beginners looking to hone their writing skills and for those looking for a writing assistant to make their job easy.

Before deploying this tool for your writing engagements, please ensure you learn how it works. If you don’t know how Jasper works, we are afraid you may not be able to get the best out of it. Thankfully, we have covered how to use Jasper in today’s review; feel free to read through that section again to understand how it works.

Please let us know in the comment section what you think about Jasper and whether or not it is worth giving a try.

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