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Top 8 Job Tracker Spreadsheet Templates to Organize Job Search | Google Sheets [2024]

Google Sheets offers powerful tools to organize and track day-to-day tasks.

Job searching includes many things, from searching for the right company to submitting the mandatory writing sample on time. It is a daunting task without proper tools at your disposal.

Back in the day, I had applied for over 200+ positions before securing my first job in 2016.

It was quite a lengthy journey with lots of ups and downs.

So, I wish I could have one of the job tracker spreadsheet templates discussed in the following section of the article.

Such documents save time and enhance your chances of getting placed.

Why is a Job Tracker Template Created using Google Sheets a must-try?

Google Sheets is an online cloud-based spreadsheet program. It offers various benefits when organizing datasets in a tabular form.

Here are a few of the benefits of using Google Sheets:

  • Ease of Use – Google Sheets boasts an intuitive user interface. You will be able to access most of the tools and functions quickly with the help of the main menu and toolbar section. You don’t need prior experience to add, edit, and view information within this well-developed spreadsheet software.
  • Pocket-friendly – Unlike other spreadsheet programs, Google Sheets is free to use for personal purposes. Users can leverage its features at no cost without any limitations. Adding new features and functionality to your template is a breeze.
  • Accessibility – You can access Google Sheets from desktop and mobile devices as long as the internet is on. The mobile view is less impressive than the desktop view, but it gets the job done. You can easily view, edit, and add information.
  • Extensive Customization – Templates built using Google Sheets can be customized as per user preference. Everything is done with a snap of the fingers, from editing the headers to adjusting the background colors. There are a range of advanced tools and functions with which you can automate various tasks related to job search.
  • Real-time Collaboration – Users can share their Google Sheets with friends and family members. You can share it with unlimited people. Additionally, the program allows you to assign specific roles to each user. Users can view, edit, or comment depending on their role.

Apart from the above, Google Sheets comes with a short learning curve. You can master this program within a few days without any prior experience.

In contrast to other spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, this easy-to-use software is beginner-friendly.

Top 8 FREE Job Tracker Spreadsheet Templates of 2023

There are plenty of Job Tracker templates available online. But not all of them are meant to withstand your job search needs.

We have compiled a list of the best job tracker spreadsheet templates for 2023 in this article.

Here are our top picks:

Now, let’s discuss each of them in detail.

1. Job Search Tracker Spreadsheet by SoftwareAccounant

Job Tracker Spreadsheet Template - Google Sheets

Click Here To Use This Template!

This is our top pick on this list. It is a comprehensive job tracker spreadsheet by SoftwareAccountant. You can download and customize it as per your preference.

It is totally FREE to download.

The template is pretty straightforward. It comes with well-defined headers.

The dropdowns and checklists throughout this template will make your life easier.

How to use this template

It is a huge table divided into several sections to let you enter company information, pre-interview requirements, interview details, etc.

You need to start by entering the company and contact person details. Then, add details of your first interview. If you have to submit any writing before or after the interview, the template also has a section for it.

Make sure to edit the header to make it more personal. 

If you have any specific notes about a company or their interview, then use the last column named Notes to record them.

You can add more columns as per your requirements. By default, the template allows you to enter the details for two interview rounds.

It allows you to send and track follow-up emails as well.

2. My Job Search Tracker –

Click Here To Use The Template!

This is another comprehensive job search tracker on this list. It is divided into various sections that allow you to enter the interview information for up to three rounds.

You can customize it as per your preference by adding more steps that best suit your job search.

It uses conditional formatting to highlight successful steps of your journey.

How to use this template

You don’t need any prior experience or expert knowledge to use this template. It comes with clearly defined headers which are easy to interpret.

Start by adding the company information and then enter the job application details. Users can track the following things with this template,

  • The date when they first applied for the company
  • Mark if the initial research about the company has been made or not
  • Track if the follow-up mail has been sent or not
  • And much more

Similarly, for each interview, you can add a date, mark if you appeared or not, track if the follow-up email was sent or not, etc.

The template uses dropdowns to allow you to quickly mark various things, including whether you applied for a company or not.

3. Job Tracker by

Click Here To Use The Template!

It is a beautifully designed, free-to-use job tracker template. The dashboard at the top adds to its aesthetics and makes it our third pick on this list.

Apart from job search details, users can add their details such as name, email, and job search start date.

The dashboard at the top gives you a quick overview of the job application channels, the total number of companies you applied to, interviews scheduled, offers received, and applications that have been rejected.

How to use this template

The template is divided into two spreadsheets: Job Tracker and Job Details.

You need to enter your personal details at the top left of the Job Tracker spreadsheet.

Then, enter the first company details where you applied for the job. You can add the job title, application date, channel, contact person name and email, application status, and any notes or comments specific to the job application.

Note that the company names are fetched directly from the second spreadsheet named Job Details.

The Job Details spreadsheet lets users record the company details for future reference. It includes details such as company size, industry, and location.

4. Job Search Spreadsheet by Jobscan

Click Here To Use The Template!

Managing your job applications requires time and effort. Jobscan offers an excellent standalone app for job seekers to track job applications.

They offer a free spreadsheet template to organize and track your job application.

The template is similar to the others discussed above in this article. It lets you record company details, job application status, offer details, and interview schedules.

How to use this template

Like others, you need to start by entering the company and job details such as position title, pay, and link to the job post.

The template uses dropdowns and checklists to mark whether the job location is remote or in-person and whether the offer is received.

You can also track interviews up to the third round. Feel free to add more columns if there are additional interviews. Enter the interviewer’s name and time of the interview, and describe the follow-up mail details.

It is an easy-to-use template for beginners as well as advanced Google Sheets users.

5. Job Application Tracker Template – The Headhunters

Click Here To Use The Template!

This is a simple job application tracker spreadsheet for beginners. It has a beautiful design.

Remember to edit the header and add your name to make this template more personal. You can customize this template for free without any limitations.

How to use this template

The template includes lots of sample data for your reference. Make sure to delete it first before you start editing the template.

Then, start by adding the company name followed by the employer’s job title and contact details.

The template doesn’t include any dropdown or checkbox. In other words, you can customize it as per your preference with the required information.

It mainly focuses on tracking job applications from when you applied for the company to the offer received.

However, the template lacks the columns to add interview details. You can only add an interview schedule, including the time and venue.

6. Job Tracker Spreadsheet by Spreadsheetpoint

Click Here To Use The Template!

Are you looking for a minimalistic job application tracker template?

Then this template by Spreadsheetpoint is the right fit.

It is designed to assist you in applying for a range of companies and staying organized. For quick and easy tracking, it uses dropdowns at necessary locations.

How to use this template

It is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is enter the company and job post details, and mark whether you have sent the resume.

The template has columns to record the employer or contact person details.

You can also edit the header of this template and add your details like name or contact information.

7. Job Search Tracking Template by Teal

Click Here To Use The Template!

The experts at Teal understand the amount of effort required to get a job offer. Their job search tracking template is comprehensive.

It includes lots of dropdowns, checkboxes, and formulas. You must make sure not to edit a cell containing a formula.

How to use this template

It is a huge template divided into four different spreadsheets:

  • Job Opportunities – In this spreadsheet, you can track job applications and interview schedules. It automatically calculates the time elapsed since you first applied for the company.
  • Companies – As the name suggests, this spreadsheet is used to manage your favorite companies and those you have applied for or wish to apply.
  • Recruiters – If you are contacting recruitment firms to secure a job, use this template to keep track of them.
  • Contacts – It is a crucial spreadsheet where you can add the contact details of the hiring managers, references, and more.

Overall, it is an all-in-one Google Sheets template for your job search journey.

But note that entering the details may take lots of time when applying for hundreds of companies. I suggest this template if, as an individual, you need to apply for a few targeted companies

8. Job Application Tracker from StandoutCV

Click Here To Use The Template!

This is our last pick on this list. It is a simple template that mainly focuses on beginners.

It comes with clear instructions on how to enter the data. The template also uses dropdowns at various locations to help you quickly enter the job application details.

How to use this template

You need to start by entering the company and job post details. Then, specify the contact details of the employer.

Use the dropdown in the Response column to mark if you have received an initial response from the employer. Similarly, the Interview Stage column dropdown lets you specify the following interview round.

Finally, if you mark Yes in the Offer column, the template highlights it in green to indicate success.


A Job Search Spreadsheet template includes everything from companies you have applied for to common interview questions specific to that company.

It is designed to enhance your chances of securing the job by improving your efficiency and helping you stay organized throughout the process.

I hope you have found the best Job Tracker Spreadsheet for your requirements using this article. Feel free to comment below if we need to include any fantastic templates in this list.

All of the templates discussed above are free. You can customize them as per your preference.

Also, explore our blog for more awesome templates to boost your productivity.