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Kajabi Website Examples (Live Course Examples to Inspire Creators)

Kajabi is a well-known platform for creating online courses. This all-in-one web platform allows you to develop, produce, sell, and advertise any product or service you choose.

It allows you to use it in a variety of ways in your knowledge-based business operations. For instance, you can utilize it as an all-in-one platform or operate just the course-related aspects of things.

The templates they provide are not only extensive and of good quality, but they also make it easier to link various parts of your business together.

It’s possible to build membership sites for your clients with Kajabi as well as digital products.

A look at other Kajabi website examples will help you get a sense of how the platform can work for your own online company.

The following collection of successful Kajabi website examples will show you how other developers are making use of the platform.

Before we start, follow the link below to get a Kajabi Free Trial.

Kajabi Website Examples

As I discover more examples of Kajabi websites and courses, I’ll keep this list up to date. Browse through all the examples, and make a mental note of the ones that really strike a chord.

It’s worth noting that this list is not arranged in any significant manner. I hoped that the wide range of topics and styles would serve as a source of inspiration.

The beauty of creative inspiration is that you never know what you’ll learn from someone else’s perspective. You cannot predict where it will emanate.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

 1. Clever Programmer

Kajabi Website Example 1: Clever Programmer

Kajabi Website Example 1 URL:

Clever Programmer is an educational resource designed to assist computer programmers to improve their abilities and grow in their jobs.

Their Kajabi site has a few courses in JavaScript and Python that can be purchased instantly.

People can advance their programming skills via Clever Programmer’s eight-month online Bootcamp, which costs $20,000.

If you’re looking for an example of a high-ticket Kajabi-created software, this is it.

In my opinion, their courses are excellent since they focus on student participation via live coaching calls and a private community.

They operate their whole company using Kajabi’s tech stack. In addition to courses, Kajabi is used to build the website, blog, sales pages, and checkout pages.

2. Earn That Body

 Kajabi Website Example 2: Earn That Body

Kajabi Website Example 2 URL:

One of the world’s famous lifestyle coaches, Kim Eagle, founded this website in 2009.

There is an easy-to-use menu on the site built using Kajabi’s website builder. 3 athlete programs, 7 dietary programs, and a variety of training modules make up this system.

In addition, Kajabi’s online business capabilities will allow site users to acquire sponsored content.

In addition to video tutorials and audiobooks, Earn That Body also provides one-on-one coaching sessions. The costs vary from as little as $15 to a maximum of $200.

3. Women of Faith

Kajabi Website Example 3: Women of Faith

Kajabi Website Example 3 URL:

Online portal Women of Faith provides a wide range of Christian-based personal development courses and tools for women.

Everything on their website is designed utilizing the Kajabi platform, making them yet another all-in-one solution example.

When it comes to their courses, they focus on topics like relationships, purpose, and hope from a Christian viewpoint. In addition to video training, the courses include live webinar coaching and detailed step-by-step action plans.

It’s possible to purchase a variety of products through a link from their website to their Shopify marketplace.

Additionally, their website design is something that jumps out to me. It boasts a sleek, contemporary design that is aesthetically appealing.

4. Functional Lawyer – Kajabi Website

Kajabi Website Example 4: Functional Lawyer

Kajabi Website Example 4 URL:

The website isn’t absolutely stunning, but it does have a very polished appearance and seems professionally put together. There is a little bit of interactivity to the website as you scroll down, which just enhances the overall aesthetic of the site.

Because of the natural colors and images used, their website seems trustworthy and spotless. I think that this Kajabi website example is really excellent and it portrays how to put together an attractive and easy website.

5. Maggie Landes MD

Kajabi Website Example 5: Maggie Landes MD

Kajabi Website Example 5 URL:

Maggie Landes, the doctor, and nutritionist behind this website is a real nutritionist. People who go to the website have the option of signing up to buy an E-Guide Mini-Course that contains content on healthy eating habits and various diet regimens.

They also have an email list where you can sign up for recipe and shopping list updates as well as diet advice straight to your inbox.

6. Pennies Into Pearls

Kajabi Website Example 6: Kajabi Website Example 6

Kajabi Website Example 6 URL:

For families, Pennies into Pearls provides an online course and a membership site that helps with keeping track of finances.

In addition to their course, which is their primary product, they also provide a weekly planner and access to a Facebook group with members-only content.

In addition, this is an excellent illustration of how one company manages several business functions using a variety of platforms. They utilize Kajabi for their course and sales page, while WordPress powers their main website and ThriveCart handles their payment processing.

Their course sales page also seems to be pretty similar to their WordPress site, which gives you an idea of how simple it is to incorporate Kajabi into your user experience in a seamless manner if you already have an established website somewhere else.

7. Betsy Jordyn

Kajabi Website Example 7Betsy Jordyn

Kajabi Website Example 7 URL:

As a podcast website, it is built in a unique way compared to other sites. You may see this by looking at the texture of the pink backdrop in the featured picture, for example. Another unique aspect of this website’s navigation bar is the website logo, which is often shown in the upper left corner and changes to display various quotations.

On the right side of the screen is a pink banner, and the podcast videos are arranged in the center and on the left. There are many choices on the menu bar that go to various sections of the website.

Kajabi Website Example 7 URL:

It’s a good Kajabi website example that you can use as a model for your own creative endeavors.

8. The Bromley Method

website example 8. The Bromley Method

Kajabi Website Example 8 URL:

This website is geared toward fitness lovers, new mothers who have just given birth, and novices interested in Pilates. You can access more than 80 Pilates sessions from the home page, as well as a sign-in page for returning users.

There are also paid memberships to personal Pilates consultations offered by the Bromley Method. There are three other payment options available as well.

9. College Essay Guy

Kajabi Website Example 9 URL:

Kajabi Website Example 9 URL:

College Essay Guy is a website dedicated to assisting high school and college applicants with the preparation of their college essays and other application materials. Counselors can use the internet to develop their own abilities, as well.

The portal offers free materials like a podcast and a blog, as well as paid services like online classes.

College Essay Guy is unique in that they operate their service on a number of different platforms.

Squarespace is used to build the company’s primary website, including its blog and sales pages, while Kajabi is used to manage the company’s online courses and payments.

Enrollment is available just a few times a year, and each course includes video lectures, sample essays, and in-person sessions. In addition, the course area is well-designed and attractive in its presentation.

Kajabi Website Example 9 URL:

When it comes to Kajabi courses, this is a common occurrence. You can customize your course area with one of the many attractive course player themes available on the site.

10. Pualena

Kajabi Website Example 10 URL:

Kajabi Website Example 10 URL:

On our list of the top Kajabi website examples, this one stands out. Due to the highly dynamic nature of the interface, it immediately grabs the viewer’s attention.

An excellently filmed video starts as soon as you access the site; much of the content is shown as an overlay on top. Despite the fact that the text is above the video, the placement is perfect, so you can clearly understand what’s going on.

Pictures, text, and other choices appear and disappear as you scroll down, which is part of what makes it so aesthetically attractive.

There is nothing wrong with the website’s splashes of pink since they simply enhance its charm. In addition, the way in which the user interferes seems to be plain and simple to understand.

11. ICY Productions

Kajabi Website Example 11 URL:

Kajabi Website Example 11 URL:

A fantastic Kajabi site example is ICY Productions, which takes advantage of practically all of the platform’s capabilities. It’s a website dedicated to teaching users how to make and edit films on their iPhones and iPads.

Two online courses are available to users of the website. These can be simply downloaded by the students, and after they have done so, they can access supplemental video material for a more visually engaging experience.

There is also a detailed list of useful resources you can use to produce videos when you begin the course. Affiliate links can be readily added by producers through Kajabi’s affiliate program, which ties to these tools.

Kajabi’s email marketing capabilities allow visitors to subscribe to an email list, much like many other internet companies.

It’s also possible for students to talk to their teachers directly while they’re on the internet.

12. Your Guitar Sage

Kajabi Website Example 15: Your Guitar Sage

Kajabi Website Example 12 URL:

If you’re interested in honing your guitar talents, visit Your Guitar Sage’s membership site and enroll in one of their many courses.

There are over 100 million people who have seen their videos on their renowned YouTube channel.

The Unstoppable Guitar System is their core product. A community and other extras like eBooks, live sessions, and other resources have been added to their courses as part of a package deal.

Kajabi Website Example 16: Your Guitar Sage

The brand website of Your Guitar Sage is powered by WordPress and includes a WooCommerce shop for selling items.

Kajabi handles all of the key aspects of the membership business, such as course delivery, sales sites, and payment processing.

They provide a variety of membership opportunities, including a free one, which allows users a wide range of alternatives.

Using Kajabi, you can easily establish membership levels and assign different content to each one, which is great if you’re planning on creating a membership site.

13. Tracy Otsuka

Kajabi Websites 13. Tracy Otsuka

Kajabi Website Example 13 URL:

Despite the fact that this is a podcast website, it is created in a really unique way. The absence of a menu bar, as well as any information about the presenter or the podcast, are the first things you notice when you arrive on the webpage.

Website visitors aren’t going to get much out of the main photo since it just has a few words written on it. There is also an unusual choice of color on this Kajabi website: orange. To the left of each episode is a featured picture, which you can view as you scroll down the page.

14. Orthovated

Kajabi websites 14. Orthovated

Kajabi Website Example 14 URL:

Independent orthopedic clinics and practitioners can use this website to their advantage. True career guidance is provided by the creator, Dr. Robert Trujillo, who is an orthodontist and dental practitioner.

Kajabi’s paid consultations, online courses, and even live workshops are available to all users, as is the case with other membership sites. Users can find their way around the platform with the aid of a menu bar on the landing page.

On the website, visitors can also sign up for email newsletters. This is evidence that it is an excellent Kajabi website example.

15. Flowing Zen

Kajabi websites 15. Flowing Zen

Kajabi Website Example 15 URL:

Anthony Korahais founded Flowing Zen, an online education that teaches the traditional artistry of Qigong and Taichi in order to improve one’s health.

These online courses include instructional videos, guided meditations, live Q & A sessions, webinars, and direct connection to the teacher, among other features,

It is the Kajabi platform that handles all aspects of the academy’s online presence, from the courses to the sales sites to the email campaigns and marketing funnels.

Nevertheless, their main website, which includes a blog, was created using WordPress, and it has several connections to their courses.

Even while there is a lot to enjoy about the Flowing Zen website, including the ease with which it can be navigated, the design of the member’s section is the most appealing feature. An excellent website with an amazing course member section and a lot of positive feedback from students.

Kajabi course Examples: following Zen

Lastly, it’s worth noting that several of their higher courses need students to complete prerequisite courses before they can proceed.

This is an excellent case study for anybody interested in starting an online school rather than just selling individual courses.

16. The Novelry

Kajabi Website Example 16 URL:

Kajabi Website Example 16 URL:

This specific Kajabi website example isn’t anything out of the ordinary, as far as websites go; nonetheless, it is still very well-built and operates quite well. A tiny bit of interactivity exists on the website, with text moving into position or text boxes spinning into place as you scroll down the page.

Reading and navigation on the website are made much simpler by having a large amount of text spread out across a large area.

17. Medical Exercise Training Institute

Kajabi course Example 22: Medical Exercise Training Institute

Kajabi Website Example 17 URL:

The Medical Exercise Training Institute’s website is another excellent example of a Kajabi-powered website. The platform is ideal for people who are interested in learning how exercise might aid in the management of chronic medical issues.

If you ever want to work with chiropractors and physiotherapists in the future, you’ll need to learn how to communicate effectively with them. If that’s the case, this Kajabi website example has all the information you’ll need.

Medical Exercise Specialists can provide you with online instruction and counseling. The Kajabi website builder was used to create the many payment methods available on the site.

Last but not least, the platform itself can offer live videos as well as webinars for users to participate in.

18. In the Keys of Success

Kajabi Course Example 23: In the Keys of Success

Kajabi Website Example 18 URL:

The website In the Keys of Success is a resource for musicians looking to further their careers online.

There is a mastermind coaching community that is accessible to new members just a few times a year. This package is jam-packed with video and audio content and includes access to a private Facebook group as well as Q&A sessions.

In addition, the Kajabi mobile app provides access to all of the mastermind community’s course material.

For course authors, Kajabi’s mobile app is a major selling point. This is just one example of how a company is utilizing the app to enhance its product or service.

There are a number of premium and budget courses and one-on-one coaching packages available on the website, in addition to the membership community.

19.  WN – Made With Kajabi

website example - WN Made With Kajabi

Kajabi Website Example 19 URL:

Since this is a brand-new website, it’s not surprising that it’s packed and, at first sight, overwhelming. Nonetheless, as you keep scrolling, you understand that the craziness has a purpose. There is a special reporting banner on the right side of the screen; many trending articles are shown in the center, and a sliding gallery of global trending subjects can be found on the left side of the screen.

There is a list-like style for prominent news, and a banner addressing something termed open minds worldwide as you scroll down. As a final touch, there are journalistic reviews and highlighted sections, all put up with accompanying images and captions.

The website could be a bit tough to navigate due to a large number of parts and subsections, but considering how everything is organized, it shouldn’t be that difficult to find what you’re looking for.

20. The Fight Back Project

Kajabi online course Example 25: The Fight Back Project

Kajabi Website Example 20 URL:

This Kajabi site focuses on women’s martial arts and fitness programs. Kickboxing specialist Georgia is the creator of the company. She is also a former athlete and exercise scientist.

When you visit the website, you’ll find details on the many courses available and also a short biography of the founder.

Podcasts and research papers can also assist you in making a decision about your chosen course.

21.  Education By Matt Johnson

Kajabi Website Example 26: Education By Matt Johnson

Kajabi Website Example 21 URL:

Education by Matt Johnson is an online learning resource for professional wedding videographers. While Kajabi is used to build their gateway website and courses, their main website is not.

One-on-one coaching with Matt Johnson, in addition to their premium courses, is their core product. On the site, they sell a few various sorts of coaching items.

In other words, Kajabi’s Coaching service lets you design, market, and manage one or numerous coaching sessions with ease.

Additional items include price templates and recorded video feedback that allows customers to get individualized feedback.

As an added bonus, their courses come in several price levels that include separate items like templates and customized analyses.

22. Yoga with Adriene

Kajabi Website Example 27: Yoga with Adriene

Kajabi Website Example 22 URL:

Unlike other Kajabi website examples, this one does not have a homepage and instead directs visitors directly to the courses. Apart from the sessions themselves, you won’t be able to discover anything about the yoga instructor.

Using the Kajabi builder, this is another fantastic website. It’s attractive and well-designed; each exercise is presented in its own bubble, and the accompanying image and words help draw attention to it.

With the exception of that, the website itself isn’t very complicated.

23. The Beatitudes Project

Kajabi Website Example 23 URL:

The focus of this Kajabi website example is on using music and writing to communicate the message of God. The Beatitudes are truly Jesus Christ’s teachings from the Bible, and the term is derived from that.

The Beatitudes Project makes available a variety of digital items, all of which you can find on the homepage of this website. Among them are a book, a music CD with twenty tracks, a video series with ten episodes, and more workbooks.

You will get further knowledge of the many active programs as you navigate through the landing pages. Even if you’re simply skimming the site, you’ll find something beneficial in each of the posts.


While looking at these Kajabi website examples, we’ve seen how the platform is used in various ways. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform, Kajabi’s UI is ideal. Setting up your own digital company doesn’t take long, regardless of your experience level.

The Kajabi platform is used by some of the developers on this list as an all-in-one service, while some use it just to create online courses.

Kajabi has a ton of functionality and provides you with complete control over every facet of your online business.

Essential features such as infinite landing pages, sales funnels, and digital items. Additionally, Kajabi offers support, a free trial, and a FAQ article for those who need more information. It comes equipped with everything you’ll need to create a completely functional and lucrative website for your company.

There is a 30-day free trial of Kajabi available in case you want to give the platform a shot. I hope this post has given you some ideas for developing your own website. Let me know what you think!

Do you have a favorite Kajabi website example? What aspects of these would you wish to include in your own online course?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Disclosure: This page may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you buy something through them, we may get a commission (without any extra cost to you).