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LearnWorlds Review 2023: Detailed Features, Pricing, PROs & CONs

LearnWorlds Review: Introduction

learnworlds review - Introduction

LearnWorld is considered an all-in-one course platform based on a cloud system. This platform helps you design, endorse, and sell courses online.

It works as a SCORM-compliant (Sharable Content Object Reference Model complaint) online course generator that uses progressive characteristics for eCommerce, learning online web development, analytics, social, interactive videos, and more.

This platform is an ideal site creator for building SEO-optimized school websites, online academies, membership sites, and learning management systems (LMSs).

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If you are looking at the prospect to maximize the sales of your digital course, you must select the best online course platform. The best online course creation software and platforms can assist you in meeting your objectives.

The end-to-end course creation process is achieved by including steps such as building the website, receiving payments, uploading course and tutorial videos, and interacting with students who gets enrolled in the online courses.

The creator economy is thriving, and demand for online learning is currently at its highest. Online course platforms are gaining popularity and acceptance by the day because of the acceleration and demand for online learning caused by the “work from home”, “precautionary isolation”, and “social distancing” due to a global pandemic.

The time has come to launch your own e-learning platform. Virtual classes can supplement your current revenue streams or serve as the baseline for a completely new venture.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an online course creator software to create and sell your own digital courses.

Delve into our review of the LearnWorlds platform to find out more.

LearnWorlds Review: Quick Review

LearnWorld Review: Quick Review

As we have presented a detailed overview of the features and services of LearnWorlds, there are so many aspects to explore further.

Today, LearnWorlds is considered one of the best online course platforms in the market. In addition, it is safe to say that it’s possibly the best course-selling software.

So, if you have any questions about this endorsement, Why is it one of the best in the market? First, you need to keep in mind that it is an end-to-end solution taking care of course creation, maintenance, marketing, analytics, monetization, support, and much more.

Besides these, there are some other leading features of LearnWorld, most prominent of which are, SCORm-compliant, lead-generation tools, an interactive video editor, unlimited courses, and a 30-days free trial.

Top Features of LearnWords

learnworlds review - Top Features of LearnWords

Remember that this platform’s versatility is a creative center that will help users offer their students engaging and memorable learning experiences through their unique learning styles.

Just take a lot at some of the top features of LearnWorlds:

1. Intuitive dashboard

learnworlds dashboard

At first look, you will find the dashboard of LearnWorlds looks intimidating. However, when you take a closer view, it may come to find as straightforward and simple to navigate.

In addition, it will give you clear tabs on the top and left-hand sides of the page.

However, you will be met with an intuitive interface once logging on to your dashboard. This intuitive interface makes it easy for you to find what exactly you are looking for.

For example, it will allow you to create a course, preview your homepage, reach the site builder, manage the audience, or work with the products and the marketing tools.

So, we can call it all in one convenient place feature of LearnWorld.

2. Course templates

learnworlds course templates

You will find a tab, “Courses,” and after clicking the tab, you can simply create a course on this platform.

Then there will appear two buttons Create Course and Course Manage. Choose whatever you want to do.

The platform helps you create your page by offering you a sample title of your course. It will be a perfect option for you when you run out of ideas.

As well as this, you will also get potential suggestions and tips, helping you create impressive and stunning-looking course pages for your website.

The very next step is to choose the course access type. You can choose the suitable one from the following:

  • Paid: You can add the text that this course is only for users who will pay this to have complete access.
  • Draft: Through this option, you will tell your students or audience that the course is not available or published yet or maybe in the authoring mode.
  • Coming Soon: This option will allow you to publish your course inside the school, but it would not allow users the enrollments. Instead, the school will display a course card or enrollment card, showing that the course will be available soon.
  • Free Courses: When choosing this option, you will offer your students or users free access to all the available courses. It will allow users to start the courses simply by signing up for this program or school.
  • Private: This option will create an option according to which all the courses or specific courses will be accessible by users who will be enrolling manually. However, the course will be kept unpublished. So, the course will not be visible in the course catalog or may be added to the general data protection regulations.

3. Customization capabilities

This online course creation platform provides you the completely and easily customizable capabilities. It is an impressive option making it the perfect and incredible course creation tool.

This option is for anyone looking for the utmost control level over their course pages, sales pages, and landing pages.

Once you add sections and connect to them, you will be allowed to start customizing the particular lesson or course. This way, it will make a unique and suitable platform according to the specific style and requirements of your brand.

4. Live preview

The live preview feature makes this platform a superfast and unique design explorer.

As well as this, this feature enables you to examine what your students know before publishing your lessons or courses online.

This feature also allows you to play with layouts, colors, buttons, and fonts, and allows you to preview every single change you make in real-time.

5. Beautiful widgets and elements

Having a number of widgets and elements is another exciting course-generating quality of LearnWorld. You will find tons of stunning widgets and features that will merge into your brand, and these include;

  • Social: The feature of social learning tools enables you to connect easily to users with your business’s social accounts.
  • Animations: This feature will allow you to add high-quality animations easily to your online courses to make them more engaging for the learners.
  • Screens: This feature allows you to highlight your course’s videos, images, and interactive videos.

 6. Built-in Blog

Blogging is considered the most effective strategy for marketing and selling your class courses. However, the LearnWorlds’ blog feature will allow you to share content in your niches. This will help you find more customers through search engine optimization and leave a long-lasting impression on your students. Remember that regularly publishing high-quality content reliably allows you to promote your courses.

LearnWorlds Review: Pricing Table

learnworlds review - pricing details

The following are the latest details on LearnWorld pricing plans:

Pricing PlansCost Per Month
Starter plan$24/month (billed annually) & $29/month (billed monthly)
Pro trainer planStarting from $79/month
Learning center planStarting from $249/month
High volume and corporate planPrice available on request
LearnWorlds DiscountCheck Discount
LearnWorlds Free TrialGet a Free Trial

LearnWorlds Review: PROs & CONs

learnworlds review - PROs & CONs


The following are the Pros that we found in the LearnWorld online creator platform:

  • LearnWorld is easy to use and is built as a whole solution.
  • You can find varied courses of different structures when using the LearnWorld platform.
  • It is a SCORM-compliant (Sharable Content Object Reference Model complaint) online course creator software.
  • The platform provides you with flexible course paths.
  • You can find well-designed and attractive themes for courses.
  • It provides responsive customer support.
  • The availability of an intuitive interface is incredible.
  • It can be the perfect site builder for creating websites for schools or other educational organizations.
  • The power of E-commerce is enabled, making it a fantastic option for businesses and schools alike.
  • It allows you to arrange daily educational webinars.
  • It does not ask for any transaction fee.
  • You can find friendly 24/7 support if you run into any difficulties with the software.
  • LearnWorld offers its users a 30-days free trial.


The overall features are appreciable of LearnWorld. However, we did find a few cons when using this platform:

  • There is basic gamification.
  • There is no guaranteed learner authentication.

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LearnWorlds Review: Is it worth it?

learnworlds review - Is it worth it

LearnWorlds is a platform that helps you create stories and experiences that your customers, employees, and students will obviously love when you facilitate them accordingly.

In addition, this course creation software comes with tools that allow you to boost usage, satisfaction, and retention, whether you are an onboard employee, focusing on continuing education, or compliance/professional training.

The feature-rich and fantastic site builder available in LearnWorlds helps you create beautiful websites and branded & SEO-optimized courses that learners will surely enjoy.

You can also create landing pages using the course creator. These landing pages will attract user engagement and sales pages for transaction fees and affiliate programs.

Moreover, by using third-party marketing tools, the LearnWorld learning center can also boost your marketing efforts.

With all these in a course creation tool, we’ll say yes, LearnWorlds is really worth it.

Who is it designed for?

learnworlds review - who is it for

Remember that this platform is specifically designed to train employees, sell online courses, build school websites or online learning systems, and educate your customers.

So, by keeping in view such an idea, we can say that this platform is specially designed for people or professionals engaged in the following niches or industries:

  • Educators    
  • Content creators
  • Professional coaches       
  • Schools and colleges
  • Training managers
  • Facilitators of continuing education
  • Entrepreneurs       
  • Marketers
  • Influencers  
  • E-learning professionals
  • Compliance trainers        
  • Anybody with a passion for teaching

Let us briefly explain the many benefits you can get from this platform. As well as letting you know in detail how you may implement these ideas and benefits.

Create your school website with LearnWorlds

learnworlds review - Creating a school website

Remember that you can create your own stunning-looking websites with a custom domain according to your school by using this platform. However, you are not required to master design skills, coding knowledge, or other technical experiences.

Next to this, you will be required to add a few more information about yourself or your organization, for example;

  • What is your role, and what do you want to achieve with LearnWorlds.
  • Are you currently teaching a specific community/audience or not?
  • What is the size of your targeted audience?
  • What industry is relatively closer to your business?

And so on.

Now click the done button, and the platform will present you with a brand-new website for your organization. Remember that all the essential pages will automatically be designed, including;

  • The Home page
  • About Us page
  • Contact us page
  • Courses page

Marketing and selling your courses

learnworlds review - Marketing and selling your courses

It does not matter how much great your courses are; you will not find success with them until you use the proper marketing and sales tools.

The good news is that LearnWorlds provides its users with all the tools required to promote and sell digital products online.

It also allows you to sell your products or courses through pop-ups, lead magnets, coupons, and other strategies. Here, we will give you a brief idea of how these marketing tools work.

1. Pop-Ups

It has been declared that pop-ups are highly effective in helping you engross with your customers or students. Thet also help increase the conversion rate.

This platform has designed an expert strategy of pop-ups, helping you build an extensive email list and get more content sales. You can find plenty of ideas for pop-ups. We recommend you choose the best that is according to your services. It will help you engage more customers. 

2. Affiliate marketing

Another top feature of LearnWorld is that it allows you to market your online courses through affiliate marketing.

This platform enables you to quickly recruit affiliates for your digital products.

As well as this, you can manage all the affiliates from your dashboard. You can build relationships with other bloggers, brands, and influencers, helping you boost your conversions and generate more leads in the long term.

LearnWorld also offers an option of affiliation, where you earn a commission when you recommend any course software to customers to buy from LearnWorld.

3. High-conversion landing pages

Throughout this review, we have seen that LearnWorld is a fantastic platform with an extensive range of marketing tools to assist you in promoting and selling your products.

Particularly, landing pages help you upsurge conversions and improve sales. When done accurately, it will also help you increase your credibility and also help you enhance your email list.

Whatever your targets or goals, you always need optimized landing pages to market your courses successfully, and LearnWorld does it very well.

4. Effective sales

At LearnWorlds, you can find one-click sales funnels designed for high conversions.

Indeed, these are simple, but remember that these are highly-effective sales funnels, helping you sell your online courses, bundles, subscriptions, and others.

As everything is placed on a single page, they perform their duty well. The good news is that there is no lengthy sale process or additional loading that may put off some possible consumers or students.

5. Calendars and countdown

LearnWorld provides great widgets that effectively help you or your school show course events and other webinars to engage more users and students.

6. Promotional features

You can find a number of promotional components to promote your sales through LeadWorlds, including bundles, coupons, and subscriptions. This idea is also considered the best way to improve the conversion rate.

Instructor Support

learnworlds review - Instructor Support

From signing up to throughout your journey, LearnWorld teaches you every step accurately. Almost all the processes and features and described in the simplest way that you can easily grab.

However, if you have some issues where you cannot find the solutions, LearnWorlds provides you with proper customer support in different ways.

The following instructor support ways will help you clear all of your concepts.

1. Email support

You are creating the online courses, and if any issue has stopped at a point, you can easily reach the LearnWorlds customer support team through the given email address.

In the customer support section, you will find the email address. Just write down your query and send it to the provided email address, and you will be responded to as soon as possible.

2. FAQ session

LearnWorlds also offers users the FAQs session.

In this session, experts answered all the common questions that the users ask. They have generated all the answers straightforwardly to guide users properly.

You can find the section on the platform. Check the given list of the FAQs and see if your query is described there.

3. Knowledge base

Another good news is that LearnWorlds provides you with tons of documentation and interactive videos, helping you learn how you can reach the different tools to design most of this course creation software.

You can also find guides on building or maintaining the online presence of the beautiful schools in minutes.

Also, blueprints for developing and editing courses for online schools are also available here.

Moreover, you can find guides and tips to learn how to use marketing tools to increase your sale.

4. Live online training

Another fantastic feature of LearnWorld support is that it offers users an online academy where you can get answers to all your questions.

The platform provides live online training, including webinars where people of all skill levels are guided.

The benefit of attending the online training and webinars is that these are conducted by professionals and experts who deliver accurate knowledge that will surely make things possible for you.

LearnWorlds Alternatives

learnworlds review - LearnWorlds Alternatives

The following are the best alternatives to the Learnworld:

1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a learning management system built to ensure training success. It is fully customizable, easy to manage, and enjoyable to use learning management system.

It helps provide the best online learning to any team and any individual. The following are the leading benefits of using TalentLMS:

Course Management

  • Content friendly
  • SCORM, cmi5 & xAPI
  • Assessments engine
  • Surveys engine
  • Learning paths
  • Files repository

White Labelling

  • Customizable
  • Themeable
  • Homepage builder
  • A platform for your needs


The following are the TalentLMS pricing details:

NO.Pricing PlanCost Per Month
04.Plus (Most Popular)$279/month

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2. Thinkific

Thinkific is a powerful and business-friendly online course creation platform. It is available for anyone, i.e., individual or company, to make their own learning management system. You may have the following benefits when using this platform:

Deliver results for your students

  • Live lessons and cohort
  • Assessments and certificates
  • Progress tracking
  • Communities and memberships

Run your business in your way

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Ecommerce included
  • Product flexibility
  • Market and sell


It comes with different price availability:

NO.Pricing PlanCost Per Month
03.Pro (Most Popular)$79/month
04.Premier (Time to Scale)$399/month

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Udemy Business

Udemy Business helps a company to stay still competitive with other rapidly changing workspaces. This opportunity is possible by providing fresh and on-demand learning content through a powerful content marketplace. The following are the noticeable features of Udemy:

Get instant access to 16,000+ courses

  • Buisnes skill courses
  • Tech skill courses
  • Leadership and management courses
  • Wellness skill courses

Why use Udemy Business

  • On-demand learning
  • World-class instructors
  • Personalized learning
  • International content
  • Flexible use management
  • Seamless integrations


NO.Pricing PlanCost Per Month
01.Enterprise 21 or more usersContact sales for pricing
02.Team (5-20 users)$360/month
03.Leadership Development ProgramContact sales for pricing

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LearnWorlds vs the Competition (What makes it standout)

learnworlds review - What makes it standout

The following are the additional characteristics that will surely make the platform outstanding:

1. Ease of use

Learn World is considered one of the best beginners-friendly interfaces, providing unique eLearning qualities and a strong support team.

These features collectively make this platform an ideal option for beginners to get their school website up to run as quickly and efficiently as possible. Remember that you are not required to have an external site or dedicated web hosting.

It provides you with a block-based editor that anyone can use; however, there is no designing or coding skills are needed. Instead, you will find dozens of ready-mades and completely customizable templates, allowing you to start your online schooling within no time.

2. Elegant templates

You can find tons of beautifully SEO-optimized templates to choose from. As well as this, LearnWorlds comes with plenty of fully optimized templates that are compatible with devices of all sizes.

These provided templates and widgets fulfill all the requirements. In addition, however, you will find a pool. It allows you to start your project or design from scratch, or you can choose any of the already-designed templates. While selecting the pre-designed templates, you will be required to create customized and engaging course pages or high-converting sales pages by drag-and-drop page builder.

3. Extensive range of layouts

In addition to having plenty of templates to choose from, LearnWorlds also allows you to get an extensive range of layouts. Furthermore, you can mix and match these templates and layouts, allowing you to create the exact look and shape you want to have for your online school or other organizations.

This variety includes the following features:

  • Hero templates: Hero templates are considered the high converting segments, allowing websites to show properly concise and compelling messages and a clear call to action strategy. 
  • Offers: This section allows you to choose from a variety of themes, templates, design blocks, and more features with an outstanding selection of attractive offer models.
  • Testimonials and quotes: These features will allow you to add the elements, helping showcase the quality and success of your every single digital product.

4. Site Flavors feature

The site flavors feature allows users to create multiple versions of their online school, business, or organization without any hard labor. You will be only a single click away from starting the superfast and easy versioning of your school website. It means it will allow you to create an alternative flavor for your website.

This feature comes in several scenarios, for example, when you are in need of;

  • Redesigning the online presence of your school easily and simply.
  • Promoting the special days and events of your school
  • Experiment with your website design to see how much better you can remodel it
  • Organizing and backing up the design of your school website

LearnWorlds Review: FAQs

learnworlds review - FAQs

How can you create an online course free of cost?

If you want to create online courses free, LearnWorlds provides you 30-days free trial. You will have access to the limited authoring and marketing tools during the free trial session. However, you can learn more about their pricing plans in the pricing section.

What things make a good online course?

A good online course consists of the following features: It is a self-learning method, Cognitively it is challenging, It is interactive, and also, a good online course offers users a great learning experience with measurable objectives.

Can I make money by selling online courses?

Yes, you can find several ways to earn money by selling your courses online. For example, you can make money in the following ways;

  • Online enrolment of students
  • First, enroll students free and after a free trial, charge them under specific packages
  • Charge subscription charges for ongoing courses
  • Pre-sell your courses to the audience who asks for
  • First, offer free courses, then start giving paid services or products
  • Sell courses usage license

What is the way to create and launch an online course?

Experts divide the criteria into several steps to run an online course:

  • Choose a specific topic for your course
  • Conduct market research and analyze the chosen course demand
  • Learn the learning outcomes
  • Write the content for the course
  • Proofread or edit to upload your course
  • Figure out monetization methods
  • Launch your course
  • Start marketing or promoting your course

How can I promote or sell my online course?

By following the given marketing or promotional methods, you can sell your online courses in an effortless and efficient manner:

  • Create a Blog and sell online courses through this Blog.
  • Utilize other social media channels such as Facebook or YouTube channel to promote your courses.
  • Get involved in affiliate marketing to sell your online courses.
  • Make use of e-Mail marketing to let people know about your online courses.

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