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Top 8 Medication List Template Google Sheets (FREE & Paid) – 2024

Multiple medications can be hard to manage.

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet program offering an easy and effective way to keep track of medications. Users can create a solid medication log or tracker without any prior experience.

Managing different medications includes adjusting the dosages at other times, following special instructions, refilling meds weekly or monthly, recording histories, and much more.

Without proper tools, you may get lost with a lot of different medications over time.

In this quick guide, let us discuss the top 8 Medication List Template Google Sheets. We are about to discuss FREE and paid templates, so read the article until the end.

What is a Medication Log or Tracker?

A medication log includes all the details of the dosages a person has to take along with their instructions.

It is primarily famous amongst healthcare professionals who advise a lot of different meds to their patients. Additionally, if you manage medications for newborn babies and children, this can be a life-saver tool for you.

With such a comprehensive document, doctors and patients can quickly view all the details, such as the name of the medication, direction, time, special instructions, start and end date, progress, etc.

It also helps patients track their behavioral changes as time passes.

Why is Medication List Tracker created using Google Sheets a must-try?

Google Sheets is the top free spreadsheet program of 2024. It comes with a short learning curve and best fit for beginners.

Thousands of templates are created using Google Sheets to keep track of various things like expenses, inventory, and much more.

In contrast to Google Docs or Microsoft Word, it offers lots of flexibility.

It is a perfect tool to manage your multiple medications. Here are a few of the benefits of using Google Sheets:

  • Budget-friendly – Google Sheets is totally free-to-use software. All you need is a free Google account. Users can access all the tools and functions without any limitations.
  • Ease of Use – The program boasts an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Beginners may hardly take a few hours to learn to edit and add information in Google Sheets. Moreover, they can access all of the crucial tools and functions right from the program’s main menu.
  • Extensive Customization – All templates discussed in this article can be customized per user preference. They can include logos, change colors, add more rows and columns, etc. Note that you don’t need any expert knowledge to customize a Google Sheet template.
  • Team Collaboration – Google Sheets can be shared with unlimited users. Each user can be assigned a specific role to view, edit, or comment on your document. In case of user changes, you can quickly view them through a built-in feature called “Version history” from the main menu.
  • Accessibility – Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet program that can be accessed from anywhere worldwide as long as you have an active internet connection. It is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. You can edit and add the information on the go.

It is a compelling spreadsheet program with tremendous capabilities to track day-to-day activities.

So, no doubt, Medication Log or Tracker templates created using Google Sheets are worth trying.

Top 8 (FREE and Paid) Medication List Template Google Sheets of 2024

You will find a handful of medication trackers online. And not all of them are pretty useful to everyone.

It will be a time-consuming task for you to download and try each template 

So, in this section, our team has compiled a list of the top 8 medication trackers to make your life easier.

Let’s begin.

1. Medication Tracker by SoftwareAccountant

Medication List Template Google Sheets by SoftwareAccountant

Click Here to Use This Template!

It is a beautifully designed weekly medication log by SoftwareAccountant. You can download it for free and customize it as per your needs without any limitations.

You need to start by entering your name at the top and the medication’s start and end date.

The template displays a calendar popup while selecting the start and end date.

The template uses checkboxes to mark if you took the medication throughout the week. Whenever you tick the checkbox, it turns a light green color.

It allows you to add medication descriptions, directions to take dosages, time, and notes for special instructions.

The template is pretty straightforward; anyone can use it without prior Google Sheets experience.

It can be printed for offline use.

Users can customize it without any limitations. They can change the headers, add more rows and columns, adjust the colors, include images, etc.

2. Medication Schedule Template

Click Here to Use This Template!

This is another medication tracker on this list with an attractive design.

It is an easy-to-use template that boasts drop-downs to make your life easier. You can download it for free.

There are three main spreadsheets in this template:

  • Medication Data Entry – This semi-automated spreadsheet holds various built-in functions to display the day and the remaining dosages. You can enter the date, select the medication, and decide when to take the dosage.
  • Printable Weekly Schedule – As the name suggests, the spreadsheets aim to allow users to record medications every week. You can select the medication for each weekday using dropdowns.
  • Medication Setup – This is the main spreadsheet which holds the data from the dropdowns in the previous two spreadsheets. You can enter the medication name, frequency, quantity, status, and whether the dosage should be taken daily. Make sure to add more rows and include medications as per your needs.

This is a comprehensive template with lots of formulas. You must avoid editing the cells which hold the formulas; otherwise, the template won’t work as expected.

3. Daily Medication Log Template by Spreadsheetpoint

Click Here to Use This Template!

It is a basic template for tracking daily medication with a minimalistic design by Spreadsheetpoint.

At the top of the template, you must enter the medication’s title, dosage, and patient name. Make sure to be specific while describing these details.

The template includes a huge table where you can add the name of each medication, dosage, time, and special instructions. Once the dose is taken, you can mark it as done using the checkbox.

This is a printable template. You can print it by going to the main menu, clicking the File tab, and selecting the Print option from the popup.

The template does not include any formulas of special Google Sheets features. You can customize it as per your needs.

You can add rows to include more medications and columns to specify the morning, afternoon, and evening frequency for each medication.

4. Medication Sheet Template

Click Here to Use This Template!

Do you have to manage a lot of medications from various doctors?

This is the template for you if you need to take lots of pills daily from various doctors.

The template is pretty straightforward. It includes multiple tables, as shown in the above image.

You can add the doctor’s name, speciality, and phone number to each table. Apart from the doctor’s details, you need to enter the medicine name, dose, frequency, quantity, and comment to specify special instructions.

Note that the table allows you to track morning, afternoon, and evening medication.

The template includes six tables by default to track medications from six different doctors. Also, feel free to duplicate the tables to include medications from more doctors.

There are two spreadsheets in this template. The second one holds the example data for your reference. Make sure to refer to it before you start using this template.

5. Medication Chart Template by

Click Here to Use This Template!

This is another daily medication tracker on this list. It has an attractive design and mainly focuses on healthcare facilities instead of personal use.

You can add your facility name and logo to this template. Also, make sure to enter the address and contact information.

The template is divided into three spreadsheets:

  • Medication Chart – This is the main spreadsheet to track your medications daily. It includes two sections where you can define the patient details and enter medications. Enter the patient’s name, age, gender, birth date, and condition. Then, the second section includes a table where you can enter the date, medication name, dosage, frequency, time, and refill date.
  • Medicine Time – In this spreadsheet, you can record all the medication details associated with the individual patient. It allows you to track the medication start date, special instructions, names, and time at which it is supposed to be taken.
  • Patient Information – Here, you can note down all of your patients’ names, genders, conditions, birth dates, and ages. It includes a huge table where you can enter the data immediately.

The template is pretty straightforward and aimed at healthcare organizations. But you can also use it for personal use with few modifications.

Note that it is a free-to-download template that can be customized per your requirements.

6. Daily Medication Schedule Template by TheGooDocs

Click Here to Use This Template!

This template is the right fit for people looking to manage medications daily.

It includes ten tables to let users keep track of medication for ten days.

Each table is divided into several columns to let you enter the medication name, dosage, special instructions, and side effects. It also uses checkboxes to mark if you took the dose at breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime, or any other time.

At the top of each table, the template allows you to define patient and doctor details. You can enter your name, diagnosis/condition, and the doctor’s name and phone number.

The template is pretty straightforward to use. If your medication extends beyond ten days, you can duplicate the tables.

Also, it allows you to specify up to 5 medications per table. If you have more daily medicines, please add and include more rows.

7. Medication Schedule by TheGooDocs

Click Here to Use This Template!

It is another masterpiece by TheGooDocs. Instead of tracking medications daily, it aims to record medications every week.

The design is identical to the previous template. 

It is divided into seven tables, which represent the weekdays. Each table allows you to enter the medication name, dose, dosage with or without food, reason, prescribing physician, and size/shape/color for identification.

Once the dose is taken in the morning, afternoon, evening, or bedtime, use the checkbox to mark it as done.

At the top of the table, you need to specify the patient’s name and allergies and the doctor’s details, including name and phone number.

The template can be downloaded for free. You can customize it as per your needs without any limitations. Make sure to play around with the default colors and replace the existing images to make the template more personal.

8. Medication Tracker Template by Etsy

Click Here to Use This Template!

This is our last pick on this list, for which you need to pay a one-time fee of $5.37.

It has an excellent design and offers a seamless experience on desktop and mobile devices.

It is divided into two main spreadsheets:

  • Medication Information
  • Medication Log Page

The Medication Information spreadsheet lets you specify details of the medication along with the instructions to take the dosages. You can add medication names, usage, instructions, frequency, time, dosage, and notes.

The second spreadsheet is used for keeping track of the medications and marking if you took them. It allows you to track the medicines by the date.

The template uses dropdowns to let you quickly enter the information.  


Google Sheets Medication Tracker is your go-to way of managing multiple doses and medications.

I hope you have found the best template for your needs through this article.

Feel free to comment below if we still need to include any fantastic Medication Log templates worth adding to this list.

Also, remember to explore our blog for more such templates to manage daily activities using Google Sheets.