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Navigation Pane in Word: Working with Headings, Pages and Search Results

The navigation pane can become very handy when your Word document has a lot of headings. It is a very quick way to move from heading to heading with just some mouse clicks.

In this article today, you are going to learn everything about the navigation pane in Word including how to open and use it for easy navigation and search. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to open navigation pane in word

To open the navigation pane in Word, open your Microsoft Word document and go to the View tab. In the Show group, click on the Navigation Pane check box to show the pane on the side.

Go to View>Navigation pane

How to use the Navigation Pane

Once you’ve open up the navigation pane in your Word document, here’s how to use it:

  • Move between headings: In the navigation pane, click to activate the Headings tab. If your document has heading styles applied to headings, a list of headings and subheadings will appear in the navigation pane. Clicking on a heading or sub heading will jump to that particular section of the document.
Navigation pane and headings
  • Move between pages: Just like working with the headings, click on the Pages tab. A thumbnail of each page in your document will be listed under the Pages tab. Scroll down and up the list of thumbnails and then click on the thumbnail of the page you want to navigate to.
Navigation pane and pages
  • Search the document and navigate between search results: The third tab of the navigation pane is the Results tab. This is where the results will be listed when you perform a search. When the search results are displayed, you can then navigate to the found matches.
Navigation pane and search results

This is how you may use the navigation pane in Word.

How do you close the navigation pane?

After working with the navigation pane, you can dismiss it to provide visible space to work on your project.

To dismiss the navigation pane from your Word document, go to the View tab and clear the Navigation Pane check box.

Alternatively, just click on the Pane’s close (X) button to dismiss it.