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10+ Places to Get New Fonts to Download for Free

New Fonts to Download

Today, every medium is inevitable for personal or commercial use. You may need attractive typography, including fonts, to make your presence considerable.

The digital world is bursting with methods to sharpen your typography abilities and make dealing with fonts quicker and easier, whether you use iOS, Android, Windows, or web apps.

So, our pick of essential typography apps or websites helps typographers like you to get font-oriented life a little easygoing.

Below are some of the best places to get new fonts to download for free.

Let’s dive right into it.

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1. Google Fonts

In today’s era, Google and its products are unavoidable if you are a netizen. This search engine has reserved over 1,300 different web-ready fonts.

With that said, Google Fonts supports more than 135 language scripts, so you can broadly use it for multiple graphic projects or fun.

This reservoir of creative typography pursues to satisfy each graphic need of social media. You can select the best scripts by jumping on the category, including language, popularity, or attributes like thickness or width.

Many users have personalized this web tool because of its versatile font preview tool. Once you finish typing a word or sentence, you can preview the desired fonts immediately in this tool.

Besides, one of the cool features of Google Fonts is that you can also change the font size or switch to multiple versions of the font.

To use Google Fonts, you need to download the fonts once you select the ones you desire or copy and paste the font code to embed it on your website.

2. Behance

Behance is an incredible platform for graphic professionals who showcase their creative work. Many designers employ it as a portfolio website creating and sharing their work, be it design assets or fonts.

It is a shared design platform with lots of experiments in graphics, so you can generate and share your own fonts or use others’. Simply type “free fonts” in the search box and find the available fonts.

Powered by Adobe, Behance is a highly encouraging place to explore fonts if you have a graphic design project for social media. Or anything related to logos and posters will find a good yield from the platform. 

From a slab serif, script, and tattoo to handwriting font, Behance deposits all the creative scripts.

To download and use the Behance fonts, first, you need to select the fonts using the filters or search manually. Click on the font to preview it and jump over the download button if you have already signed in; otherwise, sign up.

The font will be in the compressed .ZIP format. Once downloaded, extract the files and install the files.

3. Dribbble

If you are a designer, Dribbble can help you save a couple of bucks by curating font bundles.

The equal companion or competitor of Dribbble is Behance, which serves graphic designing projects. Though not as popular as Behance, Dribbble is a favorite among UI designers.

However, you can discover a sizable selection of fonts on the website. Every day, users do experiments and generate multiple versions of unique fonts.

You can search for “free fonts” to get something for you. Though it is not as wide a collection as Behance, you can easily find plenty of modern, script, and serif fonts here.

With 14000+ designs, Dribble boasts beginners and professionals engaging the platform daily.

If the available fonts fascinate you, you have multiple options to respond with. You can like, save and direct down the fonts. For this, you need to have an account on Dribbble.

4. Fontspace

If you are here to find easy to use and free to use web for creating and sharing unique fonts, you should be aware of Fontspace.

A font directory with 99,000 plus fonts listed, Fontspace employs a visual approach to display fonts. Users on this website can discover the font image from the designers and edit and preview their desired texts.

By default, Fontspace has all fonts on display. You can get a preview of a font you like on display, a download button, and no pop-ups or unnecessary additional stuff.

For all the activities, the platform does not require an account.

If you wish only to see fonts available for unrestricted commercial use, you must jump onto the Gear icon and select the only show commercial-use fonts option.

Founded in 2006, Fontspace is free to join and to create fonts that are easy to copy and paste into your website, social media profiles, and more.

5. Urbanfonts

All font generator tools try to be unique in their service, and Urbanfonts also mark a line into this. You can perceive this tool as the modern, polished version of Dafont, which can make it one of the best free font sites.

This eye-pleasing site is more helpful in using and accessing font creation and usage. Users can find the list of fonts that you can filter on category, release date, and popularity.

Choose one of the font styles and get into it.

Once you finish typing custom texts, you can preview them on a black background.

You will hover over the preview and witness the entire alphabet in the preview box. The downloading option will be on the right side of the page.

UrbanFonts is an extensive reservoir of free fonts, premium fonts, and free dingbats. It deposits over 8,000 freeware fonts to download, and m fonts on this site are freeware, while others are shareware or linkware.

Some fonts on the site are on trial versions and may not allow embedding unless you have a commercial license.

There is also Font Forum for font enthusiasts to share thoughts. At the same time, the Font Blog offers news and articles about fonts and typography.

6. Font Squirrel

While other font-generating websites allow users to create and share fonts, Font Squirrels provides users with a wide array of fonts to download and use.

The tool collects the ready-to-use fonts from other sources and directly links out to users. All the fonts available on the website come in OTF or TTF format and are free for commercial use for everyone.

You can narrow your search by filters, including type, category, tags, and more. However, you will need a custom preview of the font. So, you need to click through the original source website.

Select one of the available fonts and get the downloading option and source. As soon as the downloading finishes, you can install them on your windows or mac easily and use them based on your need.

7. 1001 Fonts

The platform’s name is merely an identity as it deposits more than 23000 fonts with weekly increasing in numbers.

The available free fonts are free for personal and commercial use.

You can simply find the appropriate fonts by filtering the fonts through Font Categories or via available different tags. 

To download the fonts, click on the download button present on the right of the font. Once the download is complete, open the folder, double-click on the TTF file, and install it to your operating system.

8. FontBook

Another font-generating tool for iPhone and iPad users on the list is FontBook. Initially, FontBook, after its release, was a platform where users could discover and compare typefaces and fonts.

Besides, documenting the work of more than a hundred foundries was also done in this tool.

Then the tool was upgraded for the Retina display of the new iPad. This way, you can discover the font pool you could find on your smartphone.

Launch the Font Book app in your mac or iPhone from your Applications folder. Any fonts that are inactive or haven’t been downloaded from the Apple store are darkened in Font Book.

Choose a font available to download, select edit and go to download.

9. Font Bundles

Font Bundles is a reservoir of over hundreds of free and premium fonts you can download, share and use when you finish signing up for an account.

The surprising note is that the font collection on Font Bundles keeps changing dynamically. You can notice one premium font added on the Free Font of the Week page each week.

These premium fonts also come with a license that allows users to use them commercially for free.

Thus, budding typographers need to bookmark this page and visit it regularly every week.

Roam around the fonts applicable to your need, and you can do it with some filters.

Once done with full-stop research, enter the font you need. There you will find Add Cart option to proceed with your purchase. They will provide the font with a license once you complete the payment.

10. FontStruct

FontStruct is a web-based font-making platform and community website introduced by FontShop in 2008. It is online where users come together to create, download and share fonts.

The website offers over 64,000 fonts for free download under a Creative Commons license. 

Click on Browse Fonts and enter the fonts available on the list or the one you desire. There you will find all details about the fonts, including the download option in the little icon.

If the fonts come with a No Derivatives clause, you must learn about limitations that creators have imposed.

This website has easy-to-use tools with pre-built geometric forms grouped in a grid pattern resembling bricks or tiles. FontStruct produces TrueType fonts prepared for usage in apps on any platform once users create fonts.

11. DaFont

If you remember, DaFont is one of the best and oldest platforms for downloading fonts, where over 71,000 fonts are available on the site.

The platform features a category system through which you can quickly filter out your desired or needed fonts.

Also, users can categorize the fonts under themes, and there are about 72 themes available on the platform.

They can also sort through the collection employing themes like Rustic, Halloween, Horror, etc.

DaFont does not bother you to create an account to download fonts. You can start it right away. Once the download is completed, you can instantly install the font file on windows, IOS or mac.

12. Fontesk

If you are searching for high-quality fonts across various themes and styles, you must try Fontesk at least once.

Fontesk provides all the fonts for personal use, and over half of the available fonts are also free to use commercially.

You can download the fonts without any registration. Also, there is nothing like downloading limitation.

Fontesk collects a reservoir of quality fonts ranging from vintage to calligraphic fonts.

Besides, the platform has Features, Popular, and 7-Day Free Download Category along with Free Font of the Week to facilitate the font enthusiasts’ needs.

Enter the font you like and get the download button on the right. There you will also learn if the font is available for commercial use.

13. Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts is another reputable website where you can acquire free fonts. It boasts carefully curated font sets, most of which are freely usable for personal and professional use.

Before downloading and using a typeface, make sure to read the license, as many contain limitations.

The platform has a handy search option with categories, designers, and a search box. If you don’t bother it, you can scroll down alphabetically.

Or type the words or letters in the box and compare the fonts that best suit your text. With the on-stop desired font, there you may find the download option.


It is impossible to purchase all fonts and get a license for personal and commercial use.

You might search for a typeface that you can use commercially and preferably for free if you have started a new branding project, a poster, or a website.

Thankfully, the internet has an extensive reservoir of free font websites or font-downloading platforms. We have enlisted the best apps and websites for all devices where you can download and use fonts for free.

Besides, you will also get a free trial to get premium fonts to maximize your design appearance. If you don’t want to sign up, you can also find other platforms on the list.