October 2019

How to change text direction in Word [Rotate Text]

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Microsoft Word doesn’t permit changing the direction of normal paragraph text. However, it does permit you to change the direction of text in case of Tables, shapes or text boxes. Whether you want to change the text from Vertical to Horizontal or vice versa, it's [...]

How to add border in word (for Pages/Images/Text Boxes)

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What is a border in Word? A border in MS Word is a line, a set of lines, or designed shapes that appear around the boundaries of pages/images/shapes/textboxes. Page borders are mostly used to design flyers and brochures, and sometimes book covers. Borders can be [...]

September 2019

How to type a trademark [™] symbol using keyboard

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Trademark symbol keyboard shortcut in Word: Ctrl+Alt+T How to type ™ in MS Office To type a trademark symbol in MS Office (Word, Excel, Access or PowerPoint) using the keyboard: Open the document in which you want to type the symbol.Place the insertion pointer at [...]

how to type copyright symbol © (+ shortcut)

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The copyright symbol shortcut is: Ctrl+Alt+C NOTE: This shortcut works only in MS Word. If you want a copyright symbol shortcut that works in all the office apps including Excel and Access, please use the following option. To type a copyright symbol in Word using [...]