QuillBot Review: Is it the Best Article Rewriter Tool?


QuillBot in a Nutshell

Bottom Line: I’m a professional writer, and I’ve been using QuillBot for quite some time. It’s the most powerful paraphrasing tool I’ve found, and it’s incredibly simple to use. In this review, I’ll demonstrate how to use it and explain its key features.

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    What is QuillBot?

    QuillBot is an article rewriter tool that can be used on any Web Browser or Text Editors like Microsoft Word and Google docs as an extension to re-write, paraphrase, summarize, and change the structure of content.

    QuillBot is the best article rewriter tool because it doesn’t just replace your words with synonyms like other tools. It uses AI to keep the context intact while maintaining the grammar and appropriate structure of your sentences. 

    We will begin this article with a brief overview of the QuillBot tool. Then we will discuss why we need an article rewriter software and the reasons we are recommending QuillBot specifically. 

    Later in the article, we will show you the different ways you can use QuillBot, the cost that comes with this software, and what you can achieve with the free version. 

    In the end, we will go through the QuillBot Premium version features and decide whether it’s worth the price, and its comparison with its competitors. The conclusion will represent the final verdict. 

    Without any further ado, let’s get started.

    QuillBot Overview

    QuillBot logo

    The Quillbot Software can be used for summarizing and paraphrasing articles, blogs, papers, documents into a short paragraph or re-written sentence. It will grab the most important information while retaining the original context of the content.

    The main purpose of QuillBot is to remove plagiarism from the copied content. However, this is not recommended by QuillBot. 

    QuillBot offers a variety of features ranging from summarizing paragraphs to changing sentence structure and much more.

    If you are a writer, you can’t let a tool like QuillBot go unnoticed. It’s an all-in-one package for a writer and helps in saving unproductive hours spent doing nothing.

    It functions in such a way that if you don’t like a particular rephrased sentence, you can utilize the “Rephrase” option to rewrite another version of the same sentence that is slightly different from the original and the rephrased sentence.

    Not only this but you can continue doing this over and over again until your desired result is achieved. 

    Do You Even Need an Article Rewriter?

    Mostly, we require article rewriters to express information in a different way.

    We might be using a monotonous tone throughout our writing and want to add some spark to it. That’s where article rewriters come into play. 

    Not only this but replacing words in sentences and paragraphs are just one click away with an article rewriter. 

    When you need unique and engaging content in a short period, an article rewriter is exactly what you need.

    However, depending completely on technology is never recommended. So, reading every sentence is important especially when you’re writing an important paper, blog, article, or news.

    Most importantly, an article rewriter tool is used to help you with coming up with new ways to represent old information

    The 5 reasons why I always recommend QuillBot

    Here are a few reasons why I recommend using QuillBot over other paraphrasing tools:

    Vocabulary enhancement feature

    The vocabulary enhancement feature is one of the best features offered by QuillBot.

    In addition to improving my writing, this feature is excellent for building vocabulary. There’s an option to change more (or less) of your writing with synonyms.

    If you just want to change a word or two, this feature can be utilized to make proper sense of your sentences. But it can also be used to change the whole sentence. 

    Thesaurus powered by AI

    As you try to rephrase your sentences, QuillBot gives you the flexibility to choose the synonym that you like.

    There’s a list of AI-powered thesaurus listed with every changed word in the sentence.

    I believe this will be the most unique and satisfying feature to refine your work.


    You have the option to integrate QuillBot in different text editors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

    For someone who writes regularly, this is an excellent option. QuillBot also offers an API that can be integrated into different software where you may require the usage of the QuillBot technology. 

    Grammar check

    QuillBot is an all-in-one tool for writers.

    It has a Grammar check that further makes your sentence structure better. It uses NLP to make proper sense of your sentences and paragraphs.

    Instead of manually reading each and every word for spellings, punctuation, and other grammatical errors, you can simply run a Grammar check on QuillBot. 

    After you’ve finished your draft, the Grammar Checker gives your work the polish it needs to stand out. It scans your writing with a single click and alerts you to any issues in your write-ups so you can see what’s wrong and change it quickly.

    Summarizing tool

    QuillBot’s rapid text summary tool, often known as the Summarizer helps you stay on top of your reading list.

    Allow QuillBot’s AI to sift through research papers, news stories, or extensive emails to find the key pointers and provide you with a high-level overview of the subject.

    The 4 different ways to use QuillBot

    QuillBot is not just limited to one web interface or a desktop application. There are multiple ways to use QuillBot and you can utilize whatever option is suitable for you. 

    The QuillBot Website

    QuillBot Review Features

    The QuillBot website can be accessed by any Web Browser to refine your text.

    You can open the website here.

    Once it is opened, you just need to paste in your content to start paraphrase the text.

    You can either use it to summarize, paraphrase, change certain words, learn about synonyms, or explore different options offered by QuillBot. 

    QuillBot’s website is extremely helpful since it can be accessed from anywhere – whether you’re using a browser on your phone or you are using your laptop. 

    Most people use the QuillBot Website since they are not aware of the other options like extensions for Text editors.

    QuillBot for Microsoft Word

    Quill Microsoft Word Extension review

    In Microsoft word, you can add QuillBot’s Add-in to make it extremely convenient to use this software.

    If you don’t know how to add this in Word, follow the simple steps given below:

    • Open Word on your computer
    • Find the “Insert” option on the top left 
    • Now select the “Add-ins” option given on the top right
    • Next, select the “Office Store” button
    • Now you can easily access QuillBot Add-in by typing in “Quillbot” in the search bar. 
    • QuillBot Add-in is ready to be downloaded.

    QuillBot Browser extension

    QuillBot in Google Docs Review

    The QuillBot browser extension makes it’s extremely convenient to use for everyday tasks.

    Here are a few steps to guide you in case you’re not aware of how to use the QuillBot’s browser extension. 

    • Open your browser.
    • Go to the QuillBot Website.
    • From the Primary menu, Go to Extensions > Google Chrome. It’ll open in a new tab.
    • You’ll see Add to Chrome button. Click on it to install.
    • Confirm by clicking on the Add extension button on the pop-up box that appears.
    • Once it is installed, you can easily access this extension on your browser. 

    Once the installation is complete, you can simply inject the QuillBot sidebar by clicking the QuillBot icon on the extension bar.

    Google Docs extension 

    QuillBot has an option to add it to Google Docs so it may come in handy.

    If you want a Google Docs extension for QuillBot, you may follow the steps given below: 

    • Open your browser.
    • Go to the QuillBot Website.
    • From the Primary menu, Go to Extensions > Google Docs. It’ll open in a new tab.
    • Clck the Install button.
    • A “Get ready to install” prompt will appear. Click “Continue”.
    • You need to sign in to your Google account to have this extension.
    • Once you select an account, it will ask you to allow QuillBot to access your documents. Press “Allow”.
    • QuillBot is now installed in your Google Docs successfully. 

    How much does QuillBot cost?

    When we think about software like QuillBot, we think of the hefty prices that we might have to pay to get access.

    Unlike other premium software, QuillBot pricing is quite affordable and anyone can buy it.

    It has many different payment plans for everyone. Whether you want to use it for a month or want a yearly subscription, QuillBot has it covered for everyone. 

    Quillbot’s paid plans are as follows:

    • Monthly plan for $4.95/month
    • Semi-annual for $24.96 billed every 6-months
    • The annual plan charge you $39.95/year

    All though, for most of us, the Free plan will suffice, the features offered by Premium plans are really worth the investment. 

    Here’s the highlight of premium features: 

    • 25000 Summarizer character limit
    • 10000 Paraphraser character limit
    • 15 Sentences processed at once
    • 4 Synonyms options
    • 7 Writing modes
    • Unlimited Freeze Words and phrases
    • Compare Modes (only on Desktop)
    • See longest unchanged words
    • Google Chrome and Doc Extensions

    Free version: What do you get?

    You can utilize the free version without a trial.

    Here are the highlights of features in the free version:

    • 5000 Summarizer character limit
    • 700 Paraphraser character limit
    • 2 Sentences processed at once
    • 3 Synonyms options
    • 3 Writing modes
    • 1 Freeze Word or phrase
    • Google Chrome & Doc Extensions

    What are the immediate benefits of using QuillBot?

    QuillBot Free Version – Benefits

    You can simply create a free account or use QuillBot by directly opening it on your browser without logging in.

    QuillBot is not one of the tools that offer nothing in their free version. In fact, you can achieve so much with your free account. 

    Out of the seven modes, you can use three modes for free. 

    Additionally, you have access to: 

    • 3 different synonym settings
    • Up to 700 character paraphrasing in one go
    • Up to 5000 character summary
    • Extensions are free to use

    QuillBot Premium – Benefits

    Premium accounts have charges attached to them. We have already discussed the pricing associated with premium accounts in this article. 

    You can use all seven modes of paraphrasing for free. 

    The additional benefits that only come with premium membership include:

    • Up to 10,000 characters can be paraphrased in one go
    • Up to 25,000 characters can be summarized at once
    • Creative plus, shorten, expand, and formal modes can be used with a premium account
    • Faster than the free version
    • It has a compare mode associated with it
    • Other features like Freeze words and longest unchanged words.

    Detailed QuillBot Premium Review

    I’ve briefly covered the premium features in the previous section. However, before you can decide whether QuillBot is worth buying, you need a proper understanding of these premium features.

    Let’s get into it.

    • 25000 Summarizer character limit

    QuillBot Premium allows you to summarize 25000 characters at once. This feature is remarkably helpful when you are in a hurry or have loads of work to do in a short time.

    I used this feature more than once and found a huge difference in the processing time. 

    • 10,000 Paraphraser character limit

    The limit of character is increased to 10,000 so most of your work is done in one go. This feature is particularly helpful in case you need to write long articles and essays.

    • 15 Sentences processed at once

    This allows faster processing of sentences.

    As compared to the free version, the premium version allows much faster processing, and 15 sentences are processed at once which can makes your work a lot faster and easier. 

    • 4 Synonyms options

    You are not limited to just one synonym for a word in the premium version.

    In fact, it allows 4 synonym options for every word. The option to rephrase can also be utilized to make use of better synonyms. 

    • 7 Writing modes

    As mentioned before, there are seven distinct writing modes allowed in the premium version. Three of them can be utilized if you are using the free version.

    These seven modes make use of several different writing styles that ranges from formal mode to creative plus and much more. 

    • Unlimited Freeze Words and phrases

    Freeze word in QuillBot means that the user can specify certain words and phrases to prevent the paraphraser from changing them.

    In the free version, you have a limit of one Freeze word but the premium version allows unlimited Freeze words and phrases which makes your writing clearer and within the context. 

    • Compare Modes (only on Desktop)

    Compare mode can only be used when using QuilBot on the website.

    This feature allows premium users to paraphrase the sentence or paragraph and compare it in every mode available.

    Since premium users are allowed seven different modes, they can see results for each mode in one click and choose what goes best with their context.

    • See longest unchanged words

    This feature helps you to identify the part of your paragraph or sentence that has not been spun by QuillBot with a maximum length of words in a sequence. It’s highlighted in blue if the box is checked.

    This feature is particularly helpful in identifying which part will be caught by a plagiarism checker.

    • Google Chrome and Doc Extensions

    Google Chrome and Google Docs Extensions will make your tasks very easy and handy.

    Since these extensions allow you to edit within the text editor, you don’t even need to open a separate tab in your browser to rephrase the work. 

    Is QuillBot Premium worth it?

    We will look at QuillBot Premium from different perspectives to decide whether it’s worth buying or not. 

    We have already discussed the pricing of this software.

    Well, if you just need help for a day or two with a few writeups, you don’t need to buy a QuillBot subscription. Since some work can be managed with the Free version. 

    On the other hand, if you are a professional writer and require help with writing, you will definitely need a QuillBot Premium subscription plan. 

    It’s extremely helpful to come up with new words and sentence structures.

    It can summarize long paragraphs for you which makes it very easy to skim through the information and extract the key pointers.

    In the preliminary phase of writing, where we read long articles and research papers, the summary feature solves half of our problem. 

    We definitely recommend buying an annual subscription or whatever plan suits your needs the best. Spending a mere amount of $39.95 for a whole year of complete assistance or $4.95 per month is definitely worth it.

    Having QuillBot for a writer is like having an all-in-one toolbox. Whether you want to fix the grammar or play with the vocabulary and sentence structure, this software has it all. It’s very affordable and it’s a HUGE time saver! 

    I highly recommend QuillBot to anyone who’s working as a writer or has a passion for writing. This one tool makes your life 1000 times easier. 



    Make Writing Painless

    QuillBot Premium gives you the freedom and flexibility to take your writing to the next level. It gives your language the necessary clarity for a professional environment. Click the link below and learn how you can expand your vocabulary and save time while writing.

    How can QuillBot be improved?

    The software has almost all the features that a writer needs. In fact, it surpasses our expectations in most cases.

    Its features are excellent and provide an “all-in-one” tool for writers.

    However, for the future of QuillBot, we recommend having the following few features: 

    • Paraphrasing steps

    All though QuillBot is not lagging behind in anything as far as the functionality is concerned but if the steps of paraphrasing would be particularly helpful if we need to change something. 

    Synonyms should be listed down in a separate space where we can use the synonyms. 

    • Cite a paraphrase

    Citations should be added in long paragraphs especially when we are taking something from a research paper.

    It should have the ability to automatically detect and cite the sources to avoid plagiarism and cheating. 

    • Avoiding plagiarism

    There should be a percentage of plagiarism given or proper citations to avoid plagiarism. 

    • Linguistic Styles

    Functionality can be added that will allow users to paraphrase phrases in a variety of linguistic styles. If you have a standard statement, QuillBot may recreate it in Old English or slang, making it more complicated or simpler.

    How QuillBot compares to a human editor

    If you’re realistic about your expectations from a text generation tool, you would know it’s not as magical as people make it look.

    It’s not a cure-all for your writing issues, but it’s a valuable tool that can be integrated into your professional content creation team.

    We all know how we’ve come a long way in terms of technology from spell-check to grammar-check and now summarizers and Natural Language Processing. 

    If we compare QuillBot to humans, we are not even close to the efficiency of a human brain when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.

    But this varies from person to person. For example, if someone has been writing for ages, they will obviously be good from software that’s trained on data.

    On the other hand, if a person has just started writing or is not aware of a certain writing style, this software can be extremely helpful for such people. 

    QuillBot’s main functionality is to remove unnecessary words and making your paragraphs stronger. It can be used to enhance the structure, paragraphs, and using lots of synonyms to make it sound better. 

    QuillBot uses Natural Language Processing which makes your sentences sound like humans. NLP algorithms are excellent at replicating the efficiency of a human brain. 

     QuillBot vs the competition

    We’ll compare QuillBot with its 3 best alternatives:

    • Spin Rewriter

    Spin Rewriter is one of the most powerful article spinner and paraphrase tools available, since it rewrites text using ENL (Emulated Natural Language) and Convolutional Neural Network.

    This software has advanced AI functionalities which you can utilize to make your work easy. 

    A side-by-side comparison function is included in Spin Rewriter. You may compare your old text with the freshly created one by putting them side by side using this functionality.

    Although Spin Rewriter is an efficient software, it doesn’t have as many options for writers as QuillBot. QuillBot is an “all-in-one” tool however Spin Rewriter is only good for paraphrasing purposes. 

    If we talk about the pricing, it can’t be compared with QuillBot. Spin Rewriter is not an affordable software for everyone since it costs $47 per month and $77 per year which is much higher than QuillBot.

    • Word AI

    Word AI is an article rewriter that allows you to quickly rewrite articles. WordAi also includes a patented artificial intelligence engine that analyses the context of your content before paraphrasing it, as the name implies.

    This tool just like QuillBot, is very easy to use, supports different spin forms, and has a large user base of bloggers, researchers, and other professionals.

    When it comes to pricing, like the Spin Rewriter, it’s very expensive. The use cases are limited and not everyone can afford to pay for a premium subscription. 

    • Chimp Rewriter

    Chimp Rewriter paraphrases and rewrites your content using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies. These technologies also ensure that the created material is of the highest possible quality.

    Chimp Rewriter, like a few other QuillBot competitors, allows you to rewrite in a variety of languages, 12 to be exact. So, if you’re a blogger, and you’re serving the same post, they can effortlessly use Chimp Rewriter.

    There’s a slight difference in the price of both – QuillBot being cheap is the best but Chimp Rewriter isn’t bad either for the price.

    Is QuillBot safe and secure?

    It is regarded safe and dependable to generate plagiarism-free material since it alters the sentence structure.

    Furthermore, it protects you against the TURNITIN app by changing not just words but also the order in which they appear in a phrase.

    It’s nearly hard to identify Quillbot’s material via a plagiarism check most of the time, but it’s still a good idea to do it yourself before submitting your work.

    Even though Artificial Intelligence may help a little, it’s always a good idea to double-check your work and examine each sentence for the proper structure. 

    We don’t advocate using QuillBot to cheat because its primary goal is to help you improve your writing and save time.

    My verdict: Is QuillBot worth it?

    I personally find QuillBot extremely helpful for daily use.

    As a writer, I often go blank or can’t recall some words that I want to use. The expression doesn’t look complete without a few changes in the sentence structure and enhancement in the vocabulary. That’s why QuillBot is an amazing writing assistant for me. 

    In addition, it’s very affordable and I highly recommend the yearly subscription to save lots of time by spending a little amount.  

    I recommend re-reading the work before submitting or publishing your work since a software cannot replace a human brain. It’s far less efficient and it might take decades to be even close to the efficiency of human brain with Artificial Intelligence. 

    However, it’s an excellent writing assistant and every writer can save lots of time by just having this extension with their text editor.

    In my opinion, it’s a must have for the writers.


    Make Writing Painless

    QuillBot Premium gives you the freedom and flexibility to take your writing to the next level. It gives your language the necessary clarity for a professional environment. Click the link below and learn how you can expand your vocabulary and save time while writing.

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