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Quillbot vs Wordtune: The Top Paraphrasing Tools Compared

Both Quillbot and Wordtune will undoubtedly pop up in any search for the best paraphrase software available today.

In this Quillbot vs. Wordtune comparison, we’ll find out which rewriter tool or spinner program is best. We tested their quality output, functionality, and usability to the fullest extent possible.

By the end of this article, you’ll know which tool is superior and why.

  • Quillbot can be used for summarizing and paraphrasing articles, blogs, papers, and more. It will re-present the essential information with unique words while retaining the context and meaning of the original text.
  • Wordtune is also a very smart re-phrasing and writing tool known for its use of artificial intelligence to create high-quality content in a fraction of the time. Wordtune will help you achieve a level of quality in your content that will resonate with your readers. It employs artificial intelligence to suggest the best words and sentences while preserving your text’s original meaning and context.

The table below is a sneak peek of the strengths and weaknesses of these tools.

Strengths:– Low Pricing
– Very easy to Use
– Produces Quality Rewrites
– Forever free plan
– Includes many addon tools like grammar checker, citation generator, and more.
– Very easy to use
– Works on many websites
– Produces quality rewrites
Weaknesses:– You only get 2 writing modes with the free plan.
– The number of words per paraphrase is limited in the free plan.
– No Desktop App
– Its free plan doesn’t include some of the writing modes.
– Features are very limited as compared to Qullbot.
Promotion/Discount:Check Quillbot Promotion NowCheck Wordtune Discount
Free Trial:Unlimited Free PlanLimited Free Plan
Money Back:3-Day Money-Back GuaranteeNot Available
ExtensionsGoogle Chrome Google Docs Microsoft WordGoogle Chrome

Now that we know how both tools compare in general, let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

Do You Even Need an Article Rewriter Tools like Quillbot/Wordtune?

Most of the time, we need article rewriters to explain facts in a different tone.

We may be having a dull tone in our writing and want to add some depth of flavor to it. This is where article rewriters come in handy.

Additionally, an article rewriter makes replacing words within sentences and paragraphs easy.

An article rewriter is what you need if you need unique and compelling content in a short period or if you want to come up with new ways to represent old information

However, to rely solely on technology is not a good idea. When producing an essential paper, blog post, article, or news, you must proofread every word to make sure your content sounds correct.

What is QuillBot

QuillBot is an article rewriter tool that can be used on the web and as an extension in any web browser or a text editor such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs to rewrite, paraphrase, summarize, and change the structure of content.

The Quillbot Software can be used to summarize and paraphrase articles, blogs, papers, and documents into a brief paragraph or rewritten sentence. It will extract the most significant information while preserving the context of the original article.

If you’re a writer, you can’t afford to ignore a tool like QuillBot. It’s an all-in-one solution for writers.

If you don’t like a certain rewritten sentence, you can use the “Rephrase” option to rewrite another version of the same sentence that is somewhat different from the original and the rewritten text. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary until you obtain your desired result.

Here’s our detailed review of Quillbot. It contains everything you need to know to decide if it is right for you and your business. You’ll learn about its features, affordable pricing, Pros & Cons, and more. Read the review here.

What is Wordtune?

Wordtune is an AI-Powered editor that can assist you in editing your content to make it more understandable. It’s an easy-to-use tool for fast rewriting content and making it more digestible. All in one, you’ll get a grammar checker, a spelling tool, and an article rewriter. And, with different pricing plans to choose from, there’s something for everyone, including a free plan.

Founded in 2018 by AI21 Labs, Wordtune serves as a writing tool and Google Chrome plugin. They wanted to take writing and reading to a new level using the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

When it comes to expressing yourself in words, this tool can really be a game-changer since it leverages the power of artificial intelligence.

After you’ve written your text, imagine Wordtune as a writing assistant who walks behind you and cleans it up so that it sounds clearer, more compelling, and more authentic.

Wordtune Vs Quillbot: Pricing

Both Wordtune and Quillbot provide a yearly and a monthly subscription option.

In addition to the monthly and yearly plans, Wordtune also offers the Teams plan, which is excellent for high-volume users. There’s also the semi-annual subscription plan for Quillbot where you’ll be billed every six months.

As shown in the table below, Wordtune is the more expensive option.:

Yearly$39.95$ 199.88
TeamsN/ACustom Pricing
Price UpdatesCheck Price UpdatesCheck Price Updates

Quillbot offers an unlimited free plan in terms of the number of rewrites, while Wordtune offers a limited free plan that gives you only 20 rewrites per day.

QuillBot has lower pricing plans than Wordtune, as shown in the comparison table.

Wordtune Vs Quillbot: Tools Features

When comparing the features of paraphrasing tools, keep the following three factors in check:

  • Main Features: What are the important features of the tool?
  • Ease of UseHow easy is it to use the software?
  • Quality of Rewrites: What is the level of quality of spun articles.

Let’s take a look at each of these aspects one by one to see how these tools can compare.

Quillbot Main Features

Vocabulary enhancement feature: QuillBot’s vocabulary enhancement feature is one of its most useful functions. In addition to improving your writing, this feature is excellent for building a strong vocabulary. It allows you to replace more (or less) of your writing with synonyms. If you only want to edit a few words, this function can help you make sense of your sentences. However, it can also be used to modify the entire text.

Thesaurus powered by AI: QuillBot allows you to find the best synonym for each sentence as you try to rewrite it. With each altered word in the sentence, a list of AI-powered thesaurus is displayed. This, I feel, will be the most distinctive and enjoyable aspect of refining your work.

Integrations: You may use QuillBot with a variety of text editors, including Microsoft Word and Google Docs. This is a great solution for someone who writes on a regular basis. 

Grammar check: QuillBot is an all-in-one writing tool. It contains a Grammar check that improves your sentence structure even more. It employs Ai to correctly understand your sentences and paragraphs. Instead of manually checking each word for spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical mistakes, use QuillBot’s Grammar check. After you’ve finished your draft, the Grammar Checker polishes your work so that it stands out. It scans your writing with a single click and alerts you to any flaws in your write-ups, allowing you to discover what’s wrong and immediately fix it.

Summarizing tool: QuillBot’s rapid text summary tool, commonly referred to as the Summarizer, assists you in staying on top of your reading list. Allow QuillBot’s AI to comb through research papers, news articles, or long emails to uncover significant points and present you with a high-level overview of the subject.

Wordtune Main Features

Wordtune offers a wide range of writing tools that can help you improve the quality and relevance of your content.

Depending on which plan you choose, you’ll have access to different features. The most important features, however, are summarized here.

Rewrite: Using the Wordtune rewrite, you can express yourself in new words. Wordtune includes a few rewriting tips to help you do this. Afterward, you can select the best recommendation and use it in place of the original text.

Smart Paste: When you use this function, you can easily include text from other sources into your work. In other words, if you need to insert text from another source into your writing, Wordtune seamlessly integrates the transferred text to make it seem (and read) natural.

Suggestions: Instead of the words you’ve typed, this function suggests new ones that could be used in your phrase. This list of words and phrases might help you discover the proper words to describe yourself if you’re stuck for words.

Word finder: If you don’t speak English very well, you can use this tool to find the right word for your statement.

Examples: It will display relevant sentences from the internet that have the same sentence structure as the one you’ve written. This ensures that you employed the proper terminology in your content.

Quillbot vs Wordtune: Ease of Use

Both Quillbot and Wordtune are entirely web-based applications, and this means you don’t have to download and install them before using them. If you have a PC, an internet connection, and one of their subscription plans, you can start using these tools right away.

Both tools provide free trials, which means you will not be charged during the trial period.

They both accept all the major credit cards as payment methods.

After signing up, both tools will take you to their main dashboard, where you can initiate the paraphrasing process using their online editors.

However, each tool has an entirely different way they handle the rewriting process.

Wordtune User Interface

When it comes to Wordtune, the editor interface is really appealing and sleek.

Using this Wordtune editor, you simply need to type or paste your text in the text area, then click Rewrite and watch the tool craft several different versions of the same message.

If you are a paid user, you’ll have all the premium features which allow you to rewrite your text in different tones.

For instance, you choose to be casual or formal. You can also use the Shorten and Expand feature to summarize or stuff your text with more words.

Additionally, Wordtune has a Chrome extension that simplifies the rewriting process.

With this extension, the tool follows you across the web, including Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, WhatsApp web, Microsoft Word online, and anyplace else text may be typed.

Quillbot User Interface

Quillbot also has a very sleek user interface making the rewriting of text so much fun.

It has two text editors next to each other. You type or paste your text on one side while the tool rewrites it on the other.

This style is really smart and simple to use because it allows you to compare the original text with the modified one.

quillbot vs wordtune

Quillbot also has a lot of writing tones that allow you to sound any way you want.

There are also adjustment controls that allow you to specify the level of changes you want the tool to make to your text.

Quillbot will make the fewest changes to your text if you set this to a lower level. However, if you set this to a high level, the tool will completely rewrite your text in a different way while trying to describe the same idea.

The fewer modifications you make to the text, the more accurate the results will be, and the more changes you make to the text, the less accurate things will turn out.

As a result, you should set the Word flipper to a moderate level to strike a balance between the accuracy and distinctiveness of the rewritten text.

User Interface Winner: Both Wins

In terms of the user interface, it’s a no-brainer that both tools have very clear interfaces that make working with them enjoyable.

Both tools allow you to see the results before copying or exporting the rewritten content, which is a very useful feature to have in a paraphrasing tool.

Wordtune Vs Quillbot: Quality of Rewrites

When it comes to the quality of rewrites, both tools are fantastic. In this regard, I’m not sure whether one outperforms the other.

However, Quillbot offers a few rewrite tools and writing tones that Wordtune does not have.

For example, while Wordtune premium includes capabilities such as Casual tone, Formal tone, Shorten, and Expand, Quillbot includes all of these features and more.

Similar features that make both Quillbot and Wordtune produce better rewrites

  • Complete Sentence Restructuring: Both programs use artificial intelligence to analyze the meaning of the text and then rewrite it from scratch while optimizing for uniqueness and readability. This strategy allows these tools to entirely reorganize your sentences while keeping their overall meaning intact.
  • Enrich Text: Because the AI technology of these tools understands your content, they can correctly identify and add LSI keywords, making each result unique and poised to rank higher for more keywords.
  • Describe the same ideas differently: Both technologies make it simple to express the same concept through the use of new words and sentence structures. This not only avoids duplication of information but also presents fantastic copy alternatives, which can help you overcome writer’s block.
  • Improve Quality: Both of these applications correct spelling and grammar mistakes as they parse your writing, resulting in a finished text that is even better than the originals.
  • Improve Clarity: These tools can assist you to transform verbose information into clear and succinct rewrites that will aid in the effective communication of your thoughts.

Quillbot Vs Wordtune: Pros and Cons

This Quillbot vs. Wordtune comparison would be incomplete without addressing the advantages and disadvantages of these two paraphrase tools.

Below are the Pros and Cons of each tool.

Pros of QuillbotCons of Quillbot
Free Plan available.The premium plan is subject to a character restriction.
No sign-up is required to use the Quillbot.The free account has an extremely low one-word freezing limit. To put it another way, the free plan is restrictive.
Quillbot is very affordableCreative Quill-mode can cause errors. Please check the following screenshot.
Simple, intuitive user interface.Mobile App not available
A summarizer tool is included.No Desktop app is available
Quillbot als includes a grammar checker tool at no additional cost.It doesn’t support offline usage
Has extensions for MS Word, Google Docs, and Google Chrome.No API service.
Pros of WordtuneCons of Wordtune
Free plan availableNo Desktop or mobile app is available
Easy-to-use softwareIt doesn’t support offline usage
Helps you make your message clearerNo API service.
The AI rewriting editor is greatThe free plan is very limiting.
It has a Google Chrome extension.Wordtune is very expensive as compared to Quillbot.

Quillbot And Wordtune Alternatives

If neither Quillbot nor Wordtune wowed you, I’m delighted to tell you that a slew of alternative solutions is available.

Below are some article rewriter alternatives that you can try.


WordAi is an online text rewriter that uses artificial intelligence to transform previously written content into new, high-quality content while keeping the overall sense of the original.

This tool utilizes advanced machine learning models to completely rewrite text using new terminology and structure while optimizing for readability, distinctiveness, and overall meaning.

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is an online rewriting and content production tool that utilizes a technology called Emulated Natural Language to generate unique and high-quality content (ENL).

This program is well-known for rewriting entire articles or collections of articles into unique versions while retaining the original meaning and context. This will assist your work in passing any plagiarism check.

Since its birth a decade ago, this paraphrasing tool has gotten excellent user ratings.


Rytr is an artificial intelligence-powered content creation platform that works with all types of content. It is a free article writing and content generation tool that produces text with a human-like quality.

This tool is ideal for creating a range of content types, including captions, blog entries, product descriptions, and emails. If you’re unable to develop any of these forms of content on your own, Rytr is the appropriate solution. Speed and affordability are two of its major value offerings.

Jasper (formally Jarvis)

Jarvis is an artificial intelligence-powered software (formerly known as that can generate content in response to commands and keywords.

This all-in-one marketing and content creation platform is sweeping the marketing world, enabling people to automate their content generation in a fraction of the time.

A fantastic Article Rewriter tool is integrated into all of the software’s moving pieces, allowing you to rewrite articles in many tones.

Wordtune vs Quillbot FAQs

Is Quillbot better than Wordtune?

While both technologies produce content of similar quality, Quillbot exceeds Wordtune in terms of feature richness.

Is Quillbot Cheaper than Wordtune?

When comparing the pricing plans for these two tools, it’s evident that Quillbot’s pricing structure is more affordable than Wordtune’s.

Do Wordtune and Quillbot have free plans?

Both Wordtune and Quillbot provide a free plan to prospective clients. Wordtune offers a free plan that limits you to 20 rewrites per day and does not include access to premium features. Quillbot also offers a free account that includes unlimited rewrites but excludes certain premium features.

Do Quillbot and Wordtune have a money-back guarantee?

The majority of SaaS businesses offer a money-back guarantee to create confidence in potential clients by reducing the risk associated with investing in the software. Only Quillbot, as of this writing, gives a three-day money-back guarantee. Wordtune doesn’t have a money-back guarantee.


Quillbot, Wordtune, and their competitors are all incredible Ai rewriter tools that can help you crush your content creation goals.

However, we ranked Quillbot the winner of them all because of its reasonable prices and commendable features.

It’s now up to you now.

You can test them out for free. Following the trials, you’ll be able to choose which article rewriter tool best suit your needs and best compliment your content development approach.

Disclosure: This page may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you buy something through them, we may get a commission (without any extra cost to you).