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Top 6 FREE Recipe Costing Template Google Sheets & How to Make One [2024]

Are you a professional chef or restaurant owner looking for the best recipe cost spreadsheet?

Google Sheets boasts robust tools to organize datasets and automate calculations. It is a budget-friendly spreadsheet program with powerful features such as real-time collaboration, conditional formatting, pivot tables, and more.

Many people are leveraging Google Sheets templates to efficiently handle their expenses, contacts, day-to-day tasks, etc.

Recipe Costing Templates discussed in this article offer a quick and effective solution to streamline dishes and boost productivity.

Let us discuss our top picks and a step-by-step guide to creating recipe costing template Google Sheets from scratch.

Why do I need a Recipe Costing Template?

If you ever wonder how chefs make delicious food while keeping an eye on how much it costs, then here’s the secret sauce.

Imagine you are making a cake.

You need to know how much the flour, sugar, milk, and other ingredients cost, right?

The solution is to use the recipe costing Google Sheets template that gets the job done.

You can list down all the necessary and complimentary ingredients along with their price. The program then uses built-in features to tell you the exact cost required to make the cake, depending upon the provided ingredient quantity.

Why are Google Sheets Recipe Costing Templates a must-try?

Google Sheets is an online cloud-based spreadsheet program. It allows users to organize massive datasets quickly and effectively.

When it comes to calculating the recipe cost, a number of templates are available online.

Here are a few of the benefits of Google Sheets Recipe Costing templates:

  • Ease of Use – Google Sheets boast an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. All of the most used and powerful features are quickly accessible through the main menu. You may hardly take a few minutes to learn to add and edit information.
  • Budget-friendly – In contrast to other spreadsheet programs, Google Sheets is totally free to use. Anyone with a free Google account can access it. Moreover, all of the tools and functions are available without any limitations.
  • Team Collaboration – You can share Google spreadsheets with unlimited users and assign specific roles to each of them. All of the edits made by the users are recorded in the Version History tool of the program.
  • Extensive Customization – Customizing Google Sheets templates is quick and easy with hundreds of tools and functions. It allows users to summarize datasets using pivot tables, highlights cells using conditional formatting, automatically calculates various things using mathematical functions, and more.
  • Integration – Google Sheets seamlessly integrates with other Google apps such as Docs, Forms, Slides, etc. You can display charts and tables dynamically across the most popular Google apps.

Apart from the above, Google Sheets is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. You can access Google spreadsheets from anywhere in the world with an active internet connection.

Top 6 FREE Google Sheets Recipe Costing Templates

You will find numerous Google Sheets recipes costing templates online. All of them are easy to use and designed for both beginners as well as advanced users.

Stay tuned for our top picks that are carefully selected by the experts.

1. Basic Recipe Costing Template by SoftwareAccountant

FREE Recipe Costing Template Google Sheets

Click Here To Use This Template!

This intuitive and professionally designed recipe costing template by SoftwareAccountant is worth giving a try. Anyone from beginners to advanced users can leverage this template to cook delicious food and stay organized.

You can download and customize this template for free.

At the top of the template, you need to start by entering the recipe name, expected number of servings, and total yield.

Depending on the ingredient list you provided, the template automatically calculates the total cost and price per serving at the top.

2. Recipe Cost Calculator by

Click Here To Use This Template!

This recipe cost calculator is a perfect tool for food businesses and restaurants. It will be a crucial tool for managing the expenses.

The template includes lots of formulas to automate various calculations related to food production and serving. Avoid editing such cells; otherwise, you will end up breaking the entire template.

An intuitive pie chart at the top gives you a quick idea of profit and loss through the given recipe and number of servings. It helps you plan pricing strategies for long-term success.

3. Recipe Calculator Spreadsheet Template by Spreadsheetpoint

Click Here To Use This Template!

Yet another simple and beginner-friendly recipe cost calculator on this list.

It aims to calculate the total ingredients cost and the recipe cost automatically.

There are two sheets in this template:

  • Ingredients Cost – Master Price: You can enter the package size found on the package, the amount you pay after the discounts, and the serving size per container. This is crucial data for calculating the total cost per unit.
  • Recipe Calculator – Recipe Calc: Here, you need to enter the number of ingredients for the recipe, and it will calculate the cost for each ingredient and the total recipe cost.

This template by Spreadsheetpoint is available for free. You can customize it as per the requirements without any limitations.

Make sure you do not mess up with the formulas, as it may disturb the calculation process.

4. Recipe Costing Template by Spreadsheetpoint

Click Here To Use This Template!

Meet this advanced recipe costing template by Spreadsheetpoint, which focuses on small businesses and restaurants. It enables them to keep track of the edible portion cost and overall recipe cost of a particular dish.

At the top, in the header, you can fill in the recipe name, restaurant name, and the chef’s name as well, making it easy to organize.

It also includes columns to precisely enter how much of each ingredient you need, whether it’s by weight, quantity, or volume. So, making it an essential tool to know how much each portion costs and make the most out of your restaurant business. 

Additionally, auto-calculated percentage yield and cost per unit make this template super simple to know precisely how much each recipe costs to make. 

In contrast to others, this template also lets you describe the procedure to make a particular recipe.

5. Advanced Recipe Cost Calculator by Spreadsheet123

Click Here To Use This Template!

This is another perfectly designed and intuitive recipe cost template for beginners.

It is created by the experts at Spreadsheet123.

Start by entering the recipe name, date, and estimated sale price at the top.

Then, there are three tables, as shown in the above image.

  • In the primary ingredients section, please enter the names of must-have items with their quantity and cost per unit to calculate the total price.
  • In the secondary ingredients section, also enter the same elements to find the total cost of complimentary items. 
  • You will also get a separate table to fill in the utility costs such as gas, electricity, water, etc.

Based on all data entered in the previous tables, the template automatically calculates the total cost, margin, and net profit obtained from the recipe.

This template can also be customized as per your preference. Make sure to add an image of your recipe and the procedure on the right side of the template. It will surely improve the aesthetics of your template.

6. Standardized Recipe Cost Card Template

Click Here To Use This Template!

If you are looking for the most straightforward recipe costing template, then this one’s for you.

Getting started is easy!

Enter the recipe name and number of portions at the top, followed by the ingredient details in the main table.

Make sure to customize the template as per your requirements by changing the font styles and cell background color and adding your brand elements like a log.

The template uses a formula to calculate the total cost of each required ingredient automatically based on the information provided by the users. It is the most effortless template for tracking and managing expenses for each item.

Step-by-step Guide to Creating Recipe Costing Template in Google Sheets

It seems like the above pre-made templates don’t meet your unique requirements.

Don’t worry because you can follow the steps below to create your recipe costing calculator within a few minutes.

Here’s the screenshot of the template we are about to create:

Of course, you can adjust the above template through the following steps as needed to include ingredient details and functionalities that will boost the outcomes.

Now, without any further ado, let’s begin.

STEP #1 – Creating the Header

Header plays a crucial role for all types of templates. It allows you to add brand names, logos, recipe details, and much more.

You can add the recipes’ names, total yield, number of expected servings, etc, to the table at the top.

To create a header, follow the steps below,

  • Open a new Google Sheet by clicking here
  • Select the entire first row
  • Increase the height of the first row
  • Click on the cell “A1
  • Type “Basic Recipe Costing Template
    (This will be our template name, so make sure to insert the recipe name to give it a personal taste)
  • Increase the font size to 23
  • Adjust the font alignment to the middle
  • Make the font bold
  • Change the font style to “Lexend
  • Select the entire row again
  • Change the cell background color to dark blue (Hex Code – #001149)
  • Change the font color to white

After following the above steps, our header should look like the one below,

STEP #2 – Creating Recipe Details Table

In this step, we will enter the recipe details like recipe name, unit of measurement, total yield, expected number of servings, and size per serving.

Let’s begin,

  • Select the cell “B3
  • Type “Recipe Name
  • Now, select “B4” and type “Unit of Measurement
  • Repeat the above steps and complete the table as shown below,
  • Select all the cells from “B3” to “B7
  • Change the cell background color to dark blue (Hex Code – #001149)
  • Change the font color to white
  • Increase the width of the column

Our recipe details table is ready, as shown below,

Now, let us create the summary table to find the total cost of the recipe.

  • Select the cell “G3
  • Enter “Total Price
  • Select cell “G4” and type “Price Per Serving
  • Select both the cells “G3” and “G4
  • Change the cell background color to dark blue (Hex Code – #001149)
  • Change the font color to white
  • Increase the width of the column

Once done, the template should like below,

STEP #3 – Creating Ingredient Details Table

The table will contain the details of the ingredients, including name, pricing, measurement unit, etc.

Let’s begin,

  • Select the cell “B9
  • Type “Ingredients
  • Select cell “C9” and type “Quantity
  • Next, repeat the above steps to complete the table header as shown below,
  • Bold all of them
  • Select the columns
  • Change the cell background color to dark blue (Hex Code – #001149)
  • Change the font color to white

Now, the template looks like this,

You can start entering the recipe details in this table. Make sure to enter the unit cost correctly.

STEP #4 – Adding Dropdown to Unit of Measurement Column

We need to automate the template using built-in tools and functions to make sure the recipe details get added quickly, and the total price is calculated instantly after adding ingredients.

Let us start with the dropdown that offers ease of access while selecting the measurement unit. 

Simply put, it will be a dropdown that lets you choose from the different measures.

  • Select the cell range “E10” to “E18
  • Hove to the main menu and click on the “Data” tab
  • Choose the “Data validation” option from the popup
  • A new popup window will appear on the right side of the screen
  • Click on the “Add Rule” button
  • Next, make sure the Dropdown is selected below the “Criteria” option. Refer to the following image,
  • Enter the measurements you prefer in the empty box
  • To add more items, we need to click the “Add another item” button present below the options
  • Click the “Done” button once the list is complete

You will see the dropdowns across the cells of column E, as shown below.

Similarly, we need to add such a dropdown in the recipe details table. Select the cell “C4” and repeat the above steps.

STEP #5 – Calculating the Total Price and Cost Per Serving 

This is the final step to make sure that when we enter the ingredient quantity, weight, and unit cost, the template should automatically calculate the total.

We are about to use the IF and ISBLANK functions in Google Sheets. Both of these are easy-to-use formulas in Google Sheets.

Let’s start with calculating the Total Cost of each ingredient.

Here is the formula to calculate the total cost of the first ingredient.

For the sake of demonstration, we have added some example data in the Recipe and Ingredients Details table.

Now, let’s use the above formula to calculate the total price of each ingredient required to make our delicious dish.

As shown in the above GIF, the formula needs to be entered in cell C10. You can apply this formula to the rest of the cells of the Total Cost column using the Fill Handle.

  • Select the cell “C10
  • Go to the lower-rightmost corner of the cell
  • You will see a Fill Handle icon as shown below,
  • Click on the Fill Handle and drag the formula to the end of the column G

Similarly, to calculate the size per serving, let us use the following formula in cell C7.

=IFERROR(C5/C6, "")

The total cost of preparing our delicious dish is displayed in cell H3, as shown in the following image.

Here’s the formula,


Finally, we need to calculate the price per serving in cell H4 using the following formula.

=IFERROR(H3/C6, "")

STEP #6 – Formatting the Template

It is an additional step to make sure we make our template aesthetically pleasing.

Google Sheets offers various tools to format cells and tables. All of them can be accessed through the toolbar section that sits below the main menu.

Here’s how we formatted the recipe costing calculator using our Google Sheets knowledge and expertise.

You can download the template we created through the following link.

Click Here To Make A Copy!