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How To Reorder Pages In Word

In Microsoft Word, there are certain tasks that are not as simple as it appears to be. Reordering pages is a perfect example.

Word deal with blog or paragraph of text and not pages making It easier for it to work with the individual paragraphs of texts than pages.

Thus, you can reorder the content on pages and not the pages itself. This way, the pages will remain the way they are, however, the content on them will be reordered.

Therefore, below are the available options one can use to reorder pages in Microsoft Word.

Option 1.

To reorder pages in Word:

  • Open your Word document whose pages you want to reorder.
  • Go to the page you want to move or reorder.
  • Select all the content on that page.
  • Press Ctrl+X to cut the selection.
  • Navigate the insertion pointer immediately before the page where you need to move the page.
  • Press Ctrl+V to paste the copied content.

This is how you may reorder pages in Word by rearranging the content on those pages.

Option 2

Another way to reorder pages in Word is to use heading styles in the navigation pane.

This option comes handy if you applied Heading styles to your document. This way, Microsoft Word will allow you to move an entire heading and the content that follows it to a location before or after another heading.

To perform this task, obey the instructions below:

  • Apply heading styles to your document’s headings. You can use Heading 1 styles for main headings and Heading 2 styles for subheadings.
  •  Go to the View tab, in the Show group, Enable the Navigation Pane checkbox.
reorder pages in Word
  • The Navigation Pane will appear. On the Navigation Pane, click to activate the Headings tab.
reorder pages in Word
  • Drag and rearrange the Headings and all the content under each heading will rearrange accordingly.

Option 3

This option will allow you to drag rearrange the pages as they are. For example, you can drag page 4 to swap with page 3, page 2 to swap with page 1, in that order.

However, it is not possible in Microsoft Word. Instead, you’ll have to convert your Word document into an Adobe Acrobat DC. Then rearrange the pages using this software. Save the document and convert it back into Microsoft Word.

These are the possible methods one can use to rearrange pages in Microsoft Word.