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Roman Numerals Converter for Dates (Excel Template)

Want an Excel template that allows you to convert normal dates into Roman numerals dates?

Look no further. Whether you want to know the roman numeral version of your birthday or you just need to find out for some other reasons, this template will help you a lot.

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This is an Excel-Based Roman numerals converter for dates as seen in the screenshot below:

Roman numerals converter for dates in Excel
Excel-Based Roman numerals converter for Dates

How to use this template:

This template is for converting normal English dates into Roman numeral dates

To use this template, kindly enter your date in the cells under the English date title:

  1. Day: Type the day part of the date in the Day cell.
  2. Month: Type the Month part of the date. Use numbers to represent the month. For example, if you are writing July, use 7 instead of the text “July”.
  3. Year: Type the Year part of the date in the year field.

This worksheet is protected, so you can only edit the English date cells. To unprotect this sheet, go to Review > Protect > Protect Sheet.

NOTE: the formula will return an error if you enter any value other than numbers.